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15 Apr 2019 16:48:26
Wizards / Thunder Trade

Wizards gets
Steven Adams and Dennis Schroder
Plus 3 2nd Round Picks
-4 Wins in the Trade Machine

Thunder gets
Bradley Beal and Ian Mahinmi
No Change on the Trade Machine

Thunder needs Beal . I will miss Adams Interior Defense and the Thunder needs to waive Roberson and get rid of his $10 Million Salary . I'm a bit worry about Paul George's shoulder and that's why I want Beal badly and he is a good friend with Russell Westbrook and I know that this trade will not happen and this is my last one until NBA Draft Day.

15 Apr 2019 17:01:06
Not even close for Beal.

15 Apr 2019 17:27:04
Waiving Roberson doesn't remove his salary from the salary cap for next year.

Also OKC doesn't have 3 2nd rounders to trade at the moment (unless you are counting the 2020 from Chicago that will most likely not be conveyed because of protections) . OKC'S 2022-2025 2nd rounders may be conveyed (due to protections) instead of the 2 first rounders that OKC owes, thus making them untradeable at the moment.

This is one of the major reasons OKC is not going to be able to upgrade their roster next year.

15 Apr 2019 18:05:44
Adams has far more value to OKC than he does in a trade. He's not going to improve much more, and he can't be a top 2 offensive option. He doesn't have much/ any value to a rebuilding team, which is what I assume Washington would be if they move Beal.

13 Apr 2019 21:02:04
Possible 2019 offseason moves that the Hawks could make with Miles Plumlee at their base.

1) Hawks receive Ian Mahinmi and a 2024 2nd round pick (protection 31-44 if falls in protected range then obligation is extinguished)
Wizards receives Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Wiz receive some cap relief

2) Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov, a 2020 2nd rounder, (possibility to add a protetcted (31-44) 2021 2nd with protection since Mozgov was hurt all last
Magic receive Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Magic receive cap relief

3) Hawks receive Ryan Anderson and a 2022 2nd rounder
Heat receive Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Heat receive much needed cap relief and help avoid the luxury tax

10 Apr 2019 18:12:18
Think i will try Fredman's plug any team into an Anthony Davis trade then sign Durant

Pels win Lottery, draft Zion

Pels trade AD and Hill to Celtics for Tatum,Brown,Horford, 2019 1sts from LAC Sacramento and Bos

Pels trade Randle,Moore,Diallo Miller 2019 1st Sac and 2021 1st to Wizards for Beal

Pels sign Durant

Draft Cameron Johnson Darius Garland

PG Holiday Jackson
SG Beal Brown
SF Tatum, Johnson
PF Durant Zion
C Horford Okafor

Ok Haters, dive in !! LOL

10 Apr 2019 21:21:17
I’m just not sure why gms haven’t figured out that they just need to draft Zion and sign Durant.

11 Apr 2019 00:43:31
No way the Celtics pay that much for Davis. That said, Davis will be in Boston. ;)

10 Apr 2019 18:18:21


LAL acquire B.Beal

WAS acquire B.Ingram, J.Hart, M.Wagner, 2019 1st round pick, 2021 1st round pick, 2020 2nd round pick

I'm not sure if the salaries have to match but i think this can happen since Lakers have the cap space

tough for the Lakers to sign a top tier FA in summer so they need to trade for one all star. If the package is not enough, they could add more maybe 2nd round picks and Bonga. Ball and Rondo are perfect for Beal

LAL sign DeAndre Jordan 2yr 36mil
sign Tyreke Evans 1yr/8mil
sign Jabari Parker 1yr/5mil (if let go by Wizards)
sign Jeremy Lamb 2yr/16mil
resign Rondo, McGee

Pg Ball-Rondo-Caruso
Sg Beal-Lamb
Sf James-Evans
Pf Kuzma-Parker
Ce Jordan-McGee-Williams

I want to know what do you guys think are not realistic with this?

10 Apr 2019 18:49:10
Think Beal won't get traded until next summer.

10 Apr 2019 21:10:48
I like it but not the parker signing.
Might get you the 6th seed in the west unless injuries happen again.

10 Apr 2019 21:25:21
Ingram is damaged goods. I don’t see a gm risking him being the center piece for a star. Also, Jordan was pretty bad this year. I wouldn’t give him more than a 1 year mle.

11 Apr 2019 00:44:19
LA needs to find a GM first.

10 Apr 2019 12:55:00
Boston- Brown,Smart,Hayward,kings pick

Washington- Beal,Mahinmi

More picks?

10 Apr 2019 15:58:07
Boston would not make that deal unless Anthony Davis is on the roster first. If Irving goes back on his word and leaves for NY, the Celtics will be back in scrappy mode, and will need Brown, Smart and Hayward going forward. Only Davis could change that narrative.

11 Apr 2019 14:56:53
Your not getting anthony Davis with that package.

13 Apr 2019 01:27:26
Absolutely agree Supercollider.
Not sure why nobody else understands that Boston won't be doing anything until the AD business is addressed, one way or the other.

13 Apr 2019 01:39:37
Shizzee. who said they were getting AD for "that package "?
Apparently, you didn't really read the post. Lmao.

09 Apr 2019 23:24:07
Celtics- pick 2
Suns- pick 12 (Kings), pick 15 (Clippers), 2020 Celtics pick

Celtics- Karl Anthony Towns
T Wolves- Brown, Yabusele, Ojeleye, pick 24 (Celtics), Grizzlies 2020 pick

Celtics- Beal
Wizards- Hayward, Jackson, Brunson, Robert Williams, 2020 mavericks or rockets second rounder, 2021 Celtics second rounder, 2021 Mavericks second rounder
Marvericks- Horford

Celtics Draft Morant, sign Julius Randle, Terry Rozier,

Celtics lineup
Morant/ Rozier

10 Apr 2019 01:33:44
Suns say no, not a deep enough draft to give up a dynamic player like Morant for mid-round picks.

Wolves laugh at that offer.

10 Apr 2019 01:49:10
There is no way Phoenix trades #2 for that package with Ja Morant still on the board.

10 Apr 2019 05:20:18
Not enough for kat.

10 Apr 2019 09:21:18
is this a joke?

10 Apr 2019 12:32:22
Another wonder bread Celtic fan idea 🤣🤣🤣.

10 Apr 2019 15:50:48
You get two all stars and the #2 overall pick, and don’t give up your most valuable asset? Nope, not happening.

None of the trades are incredibly close to fair. But the Beal one seems worst.

10 Apr 2019 17:32:30
I'm a die hard Celtics fan for 50 years, and I can't stop laughing.

The funniest thing for me is, that people are making these proposals that have draft picks like they know where the pick is slotted, which obviously we won't know until June.

05 Apr 2019 05:12:22
MEM 1st
BOS 1st



SAC 1st
BOS 2nd


Re-sign Irving, Morris

05 Apr 2019 11:20:30
When all the dust settles late this summer, Morris (and Rozier) will be gone and Hayward will stay. Nothing else is certain.

05 Apr 2019 12:14:45
I'm not sure what dust your sniffing. Rozier Morris staying irving is gone.

05 Apr 2019 14:40:41
***You're, not your.

05 Apr 2019 15:01:16
Replace Boston 2nd rounder with Clippers 1st.

Then watch Boston try to fill out the roster with worthless vet mins.

05 Apr 2019 17:15:20
The first thing the Celtics do is finalize a deal for Davis. Everything else will happen after that. By that, I mean filling out the roster as they see fit.
No way that Beal deal will ever happen.
Can't wait u till the Knicks lose the lottery and Knick fans throw up in their mouths. Lmao.

05 Apr 2019 18:46:05
I don't think the Pels will take Horford, or Hayward, so that means Smart has to be in the deal, which to me explains why Ainge hasn't traded Rozier. Several mentions of BOS not being afraid to spend money, Tatum is a given, and the SAC pick, unless the MEM pick does something odds defying.

Irving, Rozier
Hayward, Brown
Horford/ Davis/ Morris/ Hayward
Davis/ Horford/ Baynes

Only need reserve players at the 2,3 because Brown can play some 3 too. Maybe a PG also for back-up, back-up. Tim Frazier would be easily obtainable. This is bad for the celtics? Picky, picky.

06 Apr 2019 22:00:37
JoeB, Knicks lose lottery, but gain Irving from your C’s, I am good with that. Knicks still get a high pick, C’s get to scramble to re-sign Rozier and Kiss AD goodbye knowing he wouldn’t re-sign with the C’s without Kyrie.

01 Apr 2019 19:24:36
If PHX gets #1


LAL get Beal
Sign Deandre Jordan 2yr/30mil
Sign DRose 1yr/7mil
Resign Rondo, McGee, Lance

Pg Rondo/Rose/Caruso
Sg Beal/Hart
Sf James/Stephenson
Pf Kuzma/Wagner
Ce Jordan/McGee

PHX get Ball & Bonga
Draft Zion

Pg Ball
Sg Booker
Sf Warren
Pf Zion
Ce Ayton

WSH get Ingram, Jackson, 2019 1st from LAL, 2021 1st from LAL & Deanthony Melton

Pg Melton
Sg Jackson
Sf Ingram
Pf Parker
Ce Porter

Note: only if Ingram is cleared

26 Mar 2019 07:54:34

Clippers: Beal

Was: Gallinari+ Robinson+ 1rnd pick Philly 2020+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021

Clippers sign:
K Leonard to a max deal
sign P Beverly 16M for 2 years
sign: D Jordan 1Y 5M
sign:P Millsap 1y 5M
sign W Matthews 1y 5M
Sign J McGee vet min
Sign Taco Fall

C: D Jordan/ McGee/Taco Fall
PF: Harrell/ Millsap
SF: K Leonard/ W Matthews
SG:Beal/ L williams

26 Mar 2019 08:08:56
Oladipo to clippers make more sense.

26 Mar 2019 09:32:18
comme on shizzee
Two draft picks, a young asset (Robinson) and an expiring contract is a good deal for Beal.
Washington can trade Gallinari for a bad contract and another pick or they can save money.

26 Mar 2019 11:33:34
DJ and milsap for 5 million each is a crazy thought.

26 Mar 2019 11:38:01
I don't think it's enough for Beal.

26 Mar 2019 13:08:18
Beal is a all star two non lottery picks and Robinson not enough for him. Beal worth a lottery pick or at least a player with all star potential.

26 Mar 2019 23:13:44
That miami pick could be verry good.

26 Mar 2019 05:18:38
If spurs want to rebuild

Spurs - Batum, Bridges, Allen Hernangomez, Favors(exp), Hornets 1st and Jazz 1st
Hornets - LA and Belleneli
Jazz - Derozan

- Spurs: Gets 3 young players, exp contract and 2 more picks
- Hornets: Gets a big man to pair with Kemba
- Finally gets another top option to pair with Mitchell

Spurs draft - Bol Bol, Washington, Okpala, and Schofield

Peoltl/Bol Bol/Hernangomez



26 Mar 2019 05:23:47
Protected future Hornets 1st, and the Derozan deal looks lite too.

26 Mar 2019 09:33:21
I don't think Charlotte can keep Walker. the franchise should tank a few years and develop young talents.

26 Mar 2019 20:05:03
Gasupo no one can pay as much as the Hornets, and more often than not, cash wins. Hornets will pay him, how much is the only unknown.

24 Mar 2019 06:58:51

UTA get Beal, Mahinmi
They can absorb larger salaries with their remaining cap space. Start Mitchell at the point

Pg Mitchell
Sg Beal
Sf Crowder
Pf Ingles
Ce Gobert

WSH get Exum, Favors, Allen, 2019 1st, 2021 1st, swap 2022
They rebuild. With the way stars are traded the past few years, this package could be enough for beal along with cap relief

Pg Exum
Sg Allen
Sf Parker
Pf Portis
Ce Favors

23 Mar 2019 23:12:05
Celtics get Beal Mudiay Wall
Knicks get Irving Davis
Washington get DSJ Hayward Moore Hill Jenkins Dotson dal & ny 2021 & 2023 1st
Pelican get Zion Knox Ojeleye Trier Ntilikina Thomas

Deeper than this yr




24 Mar 2019 00:45:01
Knicks players don't have much value.

24 Mar 2019 02:18:39
Super, you keep saying that. How do you know that, when they are tanking. Most of the games they play great and than they tank. Zion DSJ Knox are very good and young. Trier could be solid bench player. Ntilikina Dotson Jenkins are descent role players. You add 4 more 1st, they give up fair value for those 2. Zion >>Tatum. Your just a bitter Celtics fan. This much jealousy can't be for your hemmoroids 🤣🤣.

24 Mar 2019 10:42:18
Comme on, NY gives up a lot for getting those two players.

I don't think Beal would like this trade, when J Wall is also comming to Boston.

But i think it's fair value for all of them.

24 Mar 2019 12:13:40
Boston doesn't like this deal unless Davis is in Boston. Nothing will stop Ainge from giving his best shot to get AD.
I still believe, who ever gets Williamson, should build around him. He is really looking like the realdeal. I think trading him for Davis is crazy if you are not in position. To win it all the next year or two.

24 Mar 2019 12:14:11
Wall is out 8 months he could be trade trade bait later for Teague type player in his final season. Magic and Suns would jump on it without landing Morant or Garland.

25 Mar 2019 11:23:58
Wall and Conley will be hard to move.

25 Mar 2019 16:19:39
Y Conley he still being productive for a team who can't sign free agents. Like Detroit did with Griffin.

25 Mar 2019 19:09:13
Contract, Age. Look at Lowry, he's still good, really good, when he's healthy. CP3 too, the last few seasons. Someone will do a trade but not for significant value return.

23 Mar 2019 21:18:34
BKN if they can't get KD and Kyrie


WSH get Caris Levert, Allen Crabbe (exp), Dzanan Musa, 2019 1st round pick own, 2021 1st round pick (top 5 protected) & 2nd round pick

BKN get Bradley Beal

sign Demarcus Cousins 4yr/100mil
sign Isaiah Thomas 1yr/5mil

BKN resign D'Angelo Russell, RHJ & Demarre Carroll

Pg Russell/Thomas/Napier
Sg Beal/Dinwiddie
Sf Harris/Carroll
Pf Cousins/RHJ
Ce Allen/Kurucs/DEN pick

If Cousins and Allen doesn't work, they could deal Allen midseason for picks or players of needs.

24 Mar 2019 02:21:27
Cousins is a cancer, he is the only reason, why warrior could possibly lose a title.

25 Mar 2019 16:33:34
It's a good offer for Beal, he has 2 seasons left. I'd pay a little more for him than AD because of the extra season, 2 years younger.

23 Mar 2019 02:56:19
Lakers get beal. Have about 22 mil left.

Atl get mahinmi,bonga and lakers 2020 first unprotected

Washington get cap relief rights to lakers 2019 first, 2022 first lakers, Ingram and hart.

23 Mar 2019 04:36:42
I mean rights to lakers 2019 pick. So this enables them to trade 2020 and 2022 firsts.

23 Mar 2019 10:27:26
Washington should do this if LA would offer all of that for Beal.
Ingram is a risk, but that's a lot of assets for a rebuilding team.

23 Mar 2019 12:02:53
Best offer for Beal I have seen so far.

Just doubt that Lakers will give up 3 picks and Ingram + Hart. That 2022 pick will be owed after Lebron and Beal have both left LA at the end of their deals.

23 Mar 2019 13:19:17
Just thought lbj would play beyond 2022 and Beal would resign.

23 Mar 2019 17:29:12
If next season is the same as last season, does Lebron opt out and leave the Lakers? I say YUP.

23 Mar 2019 23:52:19
Heyward. Lakers trade lebron. I hope it's right before deadline with no rumors so he is blindsided and since he is a professional he won't bitch or loose focus right?

22 Mar 2019 23:05:08
If Suns get 1st pick

Suns - D.White
Spurs - J.Jackson

Suns draft Zion
Spurs draft Washington and Gafford



22 Mar 2019 00:32:23
Wizards get: Davis, 2021 1st round pick

Pels get: Beal, 2019 1st round pick.

22 Mar 2019 04:23:50
Beal doesn’t have much time on his deal and has no where near the value that Davis does. You’d need to add a 3rd team for Beal, drop the first that the Pelicans give up and add more from Washington to make it competitive.

22 Mar 2019 14:43:13
Thi9s trade idea is beyond ridiculous. Basically a straight up trade with a pick delayed two years. Beal is not remotely close in value to Davis.

22 Mar 2019 16:22:49
Y would wizards want Davis with wall hurt.

Its actually good base if pelicans can get Beal to commit to an extension. Beal and holiday will be a good back court. Plus pelicans know there getting a star for losing theres. Even if its a downgrade but it's just the way it is davis not happy there so pelicans should did better to keep him happy.

20 Mar 2019 15:12:39

SAC get Bradley Beal
-sign max Tobias Harris
-resign WCS

Pg Fox/Ferrell
Sg Beal/Bogdanovic
Sf Harris/
Pf Bagley/Bjelica

WSH get Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes & 2020 lottery protected 1st

Pg Satoransky
Sg Hield
Sf Barnes
Pf Portis
Ce Bryant

20 Mar 2019 18:40:18
By offering WCS a QO, it creates a cap hold that makes signing Tobias Harris a near impossibility. Would rather let WCS go, let Giles be the starter next season and draft Azubuike in the 2nd round.

18 Mar 2019 19:24:00
Updated mock

1. Knicks - Williamson PF
2. Suns - Morant PG
3. Cavs - Barrett SG
4. Bulls - Garland PG
5. Hawks - Hunter SF
6. Grizz - Reddish SF
7. Hawks - Bol Bol C
8. Pelicans - Langford SG
9. Wizards - Hayes C
10. Lakers - Culver SG
11. Hornets - Porter C
12. Wolves - White G
13. Magic - Johnson SG
14. Celtics - Hachimura PF
15. Heat - Little SF
16. Nets - Doumboya F
17. Pistons - Porter Jr SG
18. Celtics - Jones PG
19. Jazz - Grimes SG
20. Spurs - Okpala SF
21. Thunder - Horton Tucker SG
22. Blazers - Nickeil Alexander G
23. Celtics - Fernando C
24. Pacers - Wilkes SF
25. Cavs - Schofield SF
26. 76ers - Washington F
27. Nets - Dort SG
28. Warriors - Clarke C
29. Spurs - Williams PF
30. Bucks - Gafford C

19 Mar 2019 00:23:26
Too High Garland Bol Grimes and Hayes

Too Low White Little Fernando and Alexander

Or else it's perfect 😁.

19 Mar 2019 08:07:32
Spurs trade up for Little? Package their 2 1st rounders to move up?

19 Mar 2019 09:12:17
God, I so hope the Knicks end up out of the Williamson sweepstakes. Just to pick off all Knicks fans. Lol.

19 Mar 2019 11:19:49
Still irving is leaving to the knicks. And Davis won't join either. Puke green is done 🤣.

19 Mar 2019 14:04:24
Hahaha. laugh it up now Shizzee. You'll be puking in your mouth when the Celts trade for Davis and resign Kyrie. L.

19 Mar 2019 18:04:41
You’ll both be upset when the Cavs get Zion!

19 Mar 2019 22:04:04
I would be upset if cavs get him, not Phoenix though.

18 Mar 2019 17:11:55
Celtics get Davis,moore,Pels 2020 1st

Wizards get Smart,Brown

Pels get Tatum,Beal, 2019 1st Sac pick

18 Mar 2019 17:29:28
Maybe, but only if Davis agrees to a long-term deal. No John Hancock, no trade. If he walks in 2020, Celtics would have nothing left.

18 Mar 2019 17:48:47
I should have noted that, pending Davis agrees to re-sign.

18 Mar 2019 18:04:00
Beal>>>Brown+Smart. Probably need to add a couple of 1sts.

19 Mar 2019 00:24:56
Yes to Davis trade only if he leaves.

19 Mar 2019 02:26:49
How does anyone disagree with Fredman here? Beal is much better than a Brown/ Smart package.

19 Mar 2019 12:52:07
Triangle, a few Celtics fans overvaluing their own players. Just like Lakers fans overvaluing Ball and Ingram.

19 Mar 2019 13:09:03
A few C’s fans overvalue their players? I think it’s most of them.

Enjoy not having a home playoff series and bowing out in the second round Shamrocks.

18 Mar 2019 02:50:58
Lakers get - Beal
Wizards get - Ball Ingram Bonga and 2 1st

Wizards draft - Culver and Bol Bol
Lakers sign - G.Hill, P.Bev, N.Noel

Bol Bol


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