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18 Jun 2019 06:02:55
Remaining Pels offseason

20 mill in cap space


Pels - Bradley Beal

Wizards - Picks #8, #10, #37 from Pels, Solomon Hill (Expiring) E’twann Moore (Expiring) Frank Jackson

Hawks - Pick #4

Free Agents

Brook Lopez 3 yr Deal
Patrick Beverly 2 yr deal


PG - Ball / Beverly
SG - Holiday / Hart
SF - Beal / Ingram
PF - Williamson / Wood
C - Lopez / Okefor

4th quarter lineup


18 Jun 2019 01:55:33
Ok I have even better trade Houston , Milwaukee , Memphis and wizards

Houston salary cap before trade $125,474578
Houston gets
Sg. Avery Bradley -$12,996,000
Sg Danta Divencenzo -$2,909,640
Pg Mike Conley -$32,511,622
C Ian Mahimi -$16,000,000
After trade salary cap is $125,152,720

Milwaukee before the trade salary cap is $100,461,422
Bucks get
Pg chris Paul-$38,506,403
C Dwight Howard $5,603,850
Pf sign and trade Bobby Portis $ 15,000,000
After trade 123,037,030

Memphis before salary cap is $85,817,524
Memphis gets
Sf Pj tucker- $8,349,039
Pg greg hill- $18,000,000
Pf Jabari Parker - $20,000,000

After trade salary cap would $87,659,750

Wizards salary cap $90,070,548

Wizards get
Pg Eric Bledsoe -$15,625,500
Sg Eric Gordon. - $14,057,720
C/f nene - $3,825,360

After trade wizards cap would be $80,480,973

18 Jun 2019 02:44:06
Don’t see Grizz doing that.

18 Jun 2019 03:06:29
Or the bucks. Howard and Paul are horrible teammates.

18 Jun 2019 03:15:03
Your cap numbers are way off. For example here is Milwaukee's cap situation going into next year.

Active Roster Cap. $100,269,044
Dead Money. $3,872,604
Cap Holds. $30,861,042

Now Milwaukee can waive all the cap holds to the bird rights for their RFAs and UFAs. But I doubt they will waive Brogdon which is a little over $3 mil and B. Lopez which is a little over $4 mil. So if you lower the cap holds to $7 mil, then the total salary until Brogdon and Lopez are resigned is $110 mil which will put them over the salary cap. So if they are going to be over the salary cap, how is Milwaukee suppose to be in a trade that has them taking on an additional $20 mil in salary?

Spotrac. com is probably one of the best sites to deal with tesms salary cap situations.

18 Jun 2019 03:25:36
And the trade is too complicated.

18 Jun 2019 01:53:34
I wish everyone would stop the beal talk there not going to trade him, I don't get how everyone thinks the wizards going rebuild there not . Yes walk out now but he will be back and they will make the playoffs next year . Here is idea of a trade

Wizards and Cavs

Wiazard get
Pf Kevin Love
Pg Jordan Clarkson to play point guard ( who they originally drafted )

Cavs get
Pf Parker
C Mahimi
Wizards get second star this year and get third star player

Cavs would have chance get young power forward and have two guys who would be out of contacts after this year that trade make a lot of since .

18 Jun 2019 11:19:56
The Cavs aren’t just trying to dump Love.

17 Jun 2019 10:20:36

Pistons: Chris Paul, Malik Monk, 1st round pick Hornets (#12), 2nd round pick Houston & Bismack Biyombo (exp)
- took the horrible contract of Chris Paul but gain a lottery pick and decent back ups

draft picks #12 Bol Bol, #15 PJ Washington


Rockets: Reggie Jackson (exp) & Nic Batum
- get rid of Paul by taking Batum who has a smaller and shorter contract


Hornets: Andre Drummond & Langston Galloway
- get a strong center finally and gets rid of Batum


17 Jun 2019 16:09:01
i like drummond to cha for batum+12.

17 Jun 2019 09:11:34

Wolves: Bradley Beal
- get a star to pair with Towns
- sign Elfrid Payton via MLE
- sign Jamychal Green via MLE
- resign Derrick Rose

Beal/Rose/2nd round pick

Wizards: TJ Warren, Tyler Johnson (exp), PHX 2019 1st round pick (#6), Josh Okogie & MIN 2021 protected
- get good stuff for Beal and start rebuilding
- tank again next season
- draft Jarret Culver & Jaxson Hayes


Suns: Jeff Teague (exp), Dario Saric, MIN 2019 1st round pick (#11)
- get a vet Point guard and a PF that will fit in with their style and still get a lottery pick
- draft a PF


17 Jun 2019 11:33:44
Where is Covington?

17 Jun 2019 15:59:40
Sorry, I didn't think anyone was dumb enough to put Covington behind Wiggins on a depth chart.

17 Jun 2019 05:43:19
Knicks trade Rj Barret and Frank Ntilikina to Wizards for Brad Beal

Sign Demarcus Cousins

17 Jun 2019 06:43:21
Cousins is hurt or doesn't win.

17 Jun 2019 10:07:10
Not nearly enough for an established star like Beal.
Cousins needs to be on a really good team, where fits in. You cannot build around him.

17 Jun 2019 10:40:44
Knicks don't need to trade for Beal when cap space to sign 2 max free agents. Middleton, Durant, Thompson and Butler.

17 Jun 2019 13:40:31
Shiller, sounds like you are describing the Knicks as well.

18 Jun 2019 01:54:53
Wizards not trading beal so stop it they told everyone 3 days ago.

16 Jun 2019 00:52:27

NO receives Beal

Washington receives #4, #6, Hart, Jackson
#4 - Garland
#6 - Hunter or Culver
#9 - Hayes

Phoenix receives Ball

16 Jun 2019 02:52:59
It came out this Washington isn’t moving Beal.

16 Jun 2019 03:45:18
Jackson for ball is fair. Adding the 6th pick is just ridiculous.

15 Jun 2019 17:01:56
If GS starts a rebuilt

1) GS-NO
NO: S Curry
GS: 1rnd pick + S hill+ Moore

2)GS-Clippers S&T
GS: Gallinari+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2020+ Shamet
clippers: K Thompson

Miami: K Durant
GS:Olynyk+Waiters+J Johnson+1rnd pick Miami

Was:D green
GS:Mahinmi+1rnd pick Was

GS draft:
NO pick:Z Williamson
WAS pick:Hashimura
Miami pick:T Herro
GS pick:C Edwards

PF:Z williamson/ J Johnson/Gallinari
SG:Waiters/Herro/ Moore
PG:Shamet/C Edwards/ S Livingston

15 Jun 2019 18:36:15
In what world are you rebuilding when you have 4 all stars on your team?

15 Jun 2019 19:22:36
Durant is gone, but those trades are horrible.

15 Jun 2019 20:34:10
Especially the Miami one 🤨.

16 Jun 2019 11:52:07
Curry is very valuable player jrue holiday plus 3 first round pick maybe 4.

14 Jun 2019 00:46:13
Okc Heat and wizards

Heat get Beal,MAHINMI, Roberson and Ferguson.

Wizards get Adams,Grant,Winslow,Ryan Anderson Heats 1st and a 2nd.

Okc get
Josh Richardson J.Johson and Dwight Howard.

13 Jun 2019 21:39:53
Just for fun!

Pacers Receive - Beal, Bryant (sign and trade), A. Len
Hawks Receive - Sabonis
Wizards Receive - Turner, McDermott, #10, and #18 Picks

Pacers sign: Vonleh, R.Gay, Jus.Holiday, Bogdanovich

2019-2020 Pacers:


14 Jun 2019 04:52:55
Fun idea, but can't send multiple players out in a S&T deal. Good value for Beal though.

15 Jun 2019 00:36:05
Afraid of that. Don't really want to get rid of both bigs but it looked like the only way they could offer a fair deal for Beal who i think the Wizards said they are going to keep anyway. I would also need to have T. Bryant some way. Didn't think he would amount to much coming out of IU but he changed my mind last year.

13 Jun 2019 21:32:47
Lakers - B. Beal

Wizards - #4 Pick, B. Ingram

What ya think?

13 Jun 2019 22:41:27
Dont think it is enough for Beal. Might get you Conley however.

13 Jun 2019 23:00:31
Not enough.

13 Jun 2019 17:56:52
Wizards Cavs

Cavs receive
Wizards 2022 first round
wizards 2024 first round

Wizards receive

Wizards pay the price for getting out of Walls contract and start completely fresh.
All contract expire and of course Jr contract this year.

Cavs risk it all. Absorb Walls and Beals contract but get two future first out of the deal. Adding Beal to Sexton and Love gives the Cavs a competitive team and next year they will figure it out when Walls comes back. Maybe trade Beal more more picks and young talent and could do the same with Love if they want to go in the young direction.

13 Jun 2019 18:05:54
I can’t see the Wizards being willing to do all of that to get off Wall. It’s honestly the kind of deal it would take though.

13 Jun 2019 17:56:18
Pelicans' way

1st trade:
Pelicans get Beal, Kuzma, future LA 1st
Lakers get AD, Moore
Wizards get Ingram, 4th pick

2nd trade:
Pelicans get Plumlee
Nuggets get future 1st for cap relief/flexibility (could cut Milsap and sign FA like Butler)

3rd trade (s&t):
Pelicans get Justin Holiday
Grizzlies get Hill, 2nd round pick

Resign Payton, Diallo, Okafor & Miller


13 Jun 2019 18:19:40
I don’t think the Lakers will want to take anyone back except for Davis.

13 Jun 2019 18:55:56
Beal>Ingram + #4 pick.

13 Jun 2019 15:55:46
Okc gets Bradley Beal, Tyler Johnson, Dwight Howard, Washington 1st, Washington 2nd
***Buys out Johnson. Brings in Jeff Green on a minimum contract. Drafts Reddish. Cuts salary, brings in shooting, catapults them to contender status.

Schröder, Felton, FA
Beal, Ferguson, Diallo
George, Reddish, Schofield
Grant, Patterson, Green
Adams, Noel, Howard

Wizards get Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson
***A fresh start for the Wiz who gain a top 10 guy in Russ who reunites with Brooks and rids themselves of Wall's contract.

Suns get John Wall, OKC 1st
***Suns take a little gamble on Wall for a first. If he comes back healthy down the road, he gives a legit floor general. If he doesn't, they add a first and are young enough to not need the cap room for a few more years.

13 Jun 2019 16:29:20
My only gripe is that OKC team isn’t a contender, makes sense for everyone involved though.

13 Jun 2019 16:37:07
That’s not enough to get rid of wall. That’s not a risk that’s a death sentence.

13 Jun 2019 18:42:51
Can okc pay that roster with cap?

13 Jun 2019 11:52:42

Sixers out: B.Simmons, J.Simmons, 24th pick, 33rd pick
Sixers in: Beal, Ball


Pelicans out: Davis, Moore
Pelicans in: B.Simmons, B.Ingram, 24th pick, 33rd pick, future 1st Lakers


Wizards out: Beal
Wizards in: 4th pick, Hart, Simmons, Moore


Lakers out: 4th pick, Ingram, Hart, Ball, future 1st
Lakers in: Davis


13 Jun 2019 13:36:28
That’s not enough for Beal.

13 Jun 2019 14:03:24
Too much for Davis. Not enough for Beal.

13 Jun 2019 14:58:52
Move the 24th pick to WAS. Does that fix it?

13 Jun 2019 15:35:45
No Washington probably needs at least two high end assets and something else for him.

13 Jun 2019 17:32:29
For me Ben Simmons value isn't too far off Davis with him already being an all star under team control through his next contract since he's restricted after next year.

Maybe move Ingram to washington?

13 Jun 2019 18:24:33
Simmons, it was probably fairly close before the playoffs. I don’t think anyone’s stock fell more than Ben’s did. Though, Tatum gave him a run for his money.

13 Jun 2019 11:39:58

Wizards out: Beal, Mahinmi
Wizards in: Batum, Robinson, Shamet, 12th pick, Sixers 1st, 2 2nd from Clippers

draft Jaxson Hayes & Rui Hachimura


Clippers out: Thornwell, Robinson, Shamet, Sixers 1st, future 1st, 2nd round picks
Clippers in: Beal

* sign Kawhi to max


Hornets out: Batum, 12th pick
Hornets in: Mahinmi (exp), future 1st Clippers

13 Jun 2019 13:38:28
The Hornets might not be able to get off Batum with just the 12th pick. They shouldn’t get a pick pack. The clippers need to give up SGA, if they want Beal.

13 Jun 2019 06:19:50
A silly idea

The Hornets send: Nick Batum, Malik Monk, 12th pick, and 2020 first rounder
Hornets receive: Gary Harris and M. Plumlee

Nuggets send: Gary Harris and M. Plumlee
Nuggets receive: Picks 9, 12, Hornets 2020 first rounder, Malik Monk, and John Wall.

Wizards send: John Wall and the 9th pick
Wizards receive: Nick Batum

Hornets get off one of the worse contracts in the NBA and get back a good starter on a fine salary who’a size and skillset is perfect fit next to Kemba. He also brings scoring that’s desperately needed for the team. I figured it would cost 2 first just to bribe someone to take Batum and another to get Gary.

Washington cuts 15 mil off of both of the next 2 years. Then there off Batum while Walk is still cost 42-44 mil a year. Batum’s also more of an offball guy who could settle better into a complimentary role.

This started by me wondering what move the Nuggets could make to get into the draft so they could take Brandon Clarke, who would be the perfect compliment for Jokic due to his ability to guard literally every position and his need for a Center who can stretch the floor (Clark’s game close to the bucket is actually worth the trouble of a floor stretching 5). The Nuggets get 2 lottery picks this year, another next year, and a former first rounder in Monk just to take on Wall’s money and lose Gary. Nuggets will have the space after declining Millsap’s option and Wall might actually have some upside left in there to harness, and if he doesn’t you still got 4 young assets for him. The Nuggets at this point would have a bit of a jam of upcoming players and could try to package some of those guys including Monk for another deal.

15 Jun 2019 19:28:00
Why would anyone, forget about the nuggets, take on Wall? Absolutely not. Washington has to eat that for the life of the contract and so does Houston with Paul.

12 Jun 2019 22:15:15
Lakers get Anthony Davis

Wizards get Ball and Kuzma

Pelicans get Beal, #4, and Ingram.

13 Jun 2019 01:40:34
Wizards got screwed.

13 Jun 2019 03:24:21
Lakers not giving up kuzma.

12 Jun 2019 17:02:01
Suns get Beal
Wizards get Jackson, Johnson, 6th pick, future 1st

- sign Randle
- resign Oubre, Daniels, Bender

12 Jun 2019 16:07:03
Pels - Bradley Beal, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Pick #6 (From Suns), 2020 unprotected Lakers Pick

Lakers - Anthony Davis, Solomon Hill

Wizards - Brandon Ingram, Frank Jackson, #4 pick (From LAL)

Suns - Lonzo Ball.

12 Jun 2019 17:05:25
Wizards have said that Beal isn't available.

12 Jun 2019 18:19:52
If ball is worth a player and 6th puck what the heck is Mitchell, Tatum, or heck Rubio worth.

12 Jun 2019 18:58:38
Mitchell might be worth an AD level package. AD has the hype, but I'm not sure there's a huge difference in winning between the two.

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