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14 Jul 2019 01:24:24
Atl: B Simmons

Philly:Sexton+Hunter+ 1rnd pick Atlanta 2020+1rnd pick Brooklyn (top 12 protected)+1rnd pick OKC 2022 (top 20 protected)

C: Collins/Len
PF:B Simmons/Fernando
SF:J Parker/S Hill
PG:T Young/E Turner

14 Jul 2019 14:27:54
Where does Sexton come into play here he plays for CLE not ATL.

14 Jul 2019 20:09:06
I am trying to figure out how Simmons became worth 2 lottery pick talents + 3 future first rounders.

13 Jul 2019 20:12:23
Trailblazers - Williams
Hornets - Bazemore



13 Jul 2019 10:50:24
okc fire sale

okc : N Batum,B Biyombo, 1 first round pick

Hornets: C Paul,P Patterson.

Okc save money for next years and take a pick. hornets fans can watch some good players.

Okc: T Hardaway jr, 1 first round pick or 2 second round

Dallas : D Gallinari

Okc: H whiteside , J Nurkic,1 first round pick
Por: S Adams, D Schroder

I don't like whiteside and I don't know how Nurkic will come back. Adams can be very good in portland system.

13 Jul 2019 09:11:23
Bulls trade hornets

Hornets get felicio, dunn and carter jr

Bulls get cody zeller and 2 2nd round picks

13 Jul 2019 09:16:52
Horrible for the Bulls.

11 Jul 2019 09:59:37
Hornets - Thunder

Hornets gets:

Thunder gets:
Biyombo (expiring)
Williams (expiring)

Hornets tries to make the playoffs while the thunder save money.

11 Jul 2019 17:10:03
Hornets can make the playoffs with that trade.

10 Jul 2019 14:13:31
If the Thunder wait til December, this is my dream deal for Russ. Before I start, no one would've said predicted the haul Presti got for George. So.

Atlanta gets Randle, Portis
***Randle could start at the 5 and give them a very complete lineup. Both are two year deals. Fits their timeline. Could see them make noise in the playoffs.

Knicks get Russel Westbrook, Patterson, Chicago 2020 2nd via Okc
***Russ in New York just seems like a match made in heaven. Plus, imagine the crosstown rivalry games vs the nets when KD comes back?

Thunder get Parsons, RJ Barrett, 2020 1st, 2021 1st (Dallas), 2023 1st (Dallas)
***Parsons expires with about $25M. Barrett and Shai could be great down the road. Add in all the picks, and they have the best treasure trove of assets in the entire league.

10 Jul 2019 14:40:45
Atlanta doesn't have the $10 mil avalable cap space to take on Randle + Portis new salaries. $35 mil vs. $25 mil for chandler.

10 Jul 2019 14:52:55
I would have predicted the haul they got for Paul George. He's a great player that can play with others, is a great defender, and is incredible versatile. All the things Westbrook isn't.

Also, Westbrook being locked in long term isn't great, for George it was a huge positive.

All that said, if anyone is going to massively overpay for Westbrook, it's the Knicks.

10 Jul 2019 17:17:37
Why does everyone keep bragging about what okc got? They got sga and some late first round picks that more than likely will amount to nothing. Okc could have prob got more. Clippers had to get George or Kawhi wasnt coming.

10 Jul 2019 17:30:02
The two Miami picks aren't guaranteed to be late. The Clippers picks at the end are after the George and Leonard contracts end, so who knows how good the Clippers will be. Look at how quickly teams fall apart.

Also, future firsts just have value. A couple years out firsts without protections are incredibly valuable.

10 Jul 2019 18:47:59
Best example of late picks. the Nets picks that Boston got for Pierce and Garnett.

10 Jul 2019 12:54:04
Heat - Hornets - Thunder

Heat gets:

Hornets gets:
Dragic (Expiring)
Roberson (Expiring)

Thunder gets:
2020 1st Hornets (Top 7 protected)
2025 1st Heat (Unprotected)

10 Jul 2019 13:36:41
If I am the Hornets, I would rather keep Batum and my 1st round pick.

09 Jul 2019 15:50:04
PISTONS - Westbrook + Biyombo + P. Patterson

THUNDER - Drummond + R. Jackson + L. Galloway + Marvin Williams

HORNETS - S. Admas + T. Maker

* Sign J. Noah

Westbrook - Rose - Frazier

Kennard - Brown - Thomas

Doumbouya - Snell - Mykhailiuk

Griffin - Morris - Patterson

Biyombo - Noah

09 Jul 2019 12:22:45
Okc gets Biyombo, Williams, Minny 2020 first, Charlotte 2020 first, Charlotte 2022 first

Hornets get Russ, Wiggins

Minnesota gets Batum, 2020 Chicago 2nd via OKC

Okc gets expiring money next summer, cut ~$6M now which ducks them under the luxury, and add 3 firsts. Bring on the rebuild.

Hornets go for a big splash. They take on major money moving forward to bring some relevance to the team after losing Kemba. The Rozier/Westbrook backcourt might work out.

Minnesota trims two years of salary by taking on Batum who could be a better fit anyways. Lose a first. Might be worth it.


09 Jul 2019 14:05:36
Minnesota shouldn't give up a 1st to swap Wiggins for Batum.

08 Jul 2019 02:40:58
Hear me out. I'm a Thunder fan and very little of what I'm hearing for Russ trades. I want cap relief and/or picks. I don't want a swap of garbage salaries. Is Russ overpaid? Sure. Is he volatile and make questionable calls? Sure. Is he a superstar? Yes. We won't get a Paul George haul for Russ, but stop with the bad deals.

I've been on the trade machine like crazy trying to figure out what deal could work. What about this?

Hawks get Beal
***They lose Turner and picks, but Beal would elevate the Hawks into a dark horse in the east. Small price to pay for a great fit and a great talent. Young squad that could legitimately make a run in the East in the next few seasons.

Wizards get Westbrook, Turner
***Beal is a tough loss, but they get a massive win in moving Wall. The sweetener comes with a reunion of Russ and Scott Brooks along with a clean slate for the Wizards.

Thunder get Wall, four 1sts (Wiz 2020, Wiz 2022, Cavs 2020 via ATL, OKC 2022 via ATL)
***Wall won't play, and that's to OKC's advantage. Embrace the rebuild! This nets another 4 first round picks. That's a huge nest egg for the Thunder as they rebuild. They can continue to tear down OR run it back with those changes and could compete for the 8th seed while adding in those firsts.


08 Jul 2019 05:41:12
Sooooo. Wizards are giving up Wall, Beal and 2 firsts for Westbrook and Evan Turner. Seriously?

You understand that in a Beal Westbook swap OKC would be the team giving up firsts, right?

For the most part, Wall for Westbrook is a push. Not a 4 LOTTERY PICK advantage for OKC.

08 Jul 2019 08:27:06
Atlanta not giving enough.
Okc :wall 3 first from hawks

Hawks: beal

Wizards: westbrook turner first from hawks.

01 Jul 2019 02:57:58

BKN get Kuzma

Pg Irving/Dinwiddie
Sg Levert/Temple
Sf Harris (Durant)
Pf Kuzma/
Ce Jordan

LAL get Allen

Pg Rondo
SG fa
Sf Lebron
Pf Davis
Ce Allen

01 Jul 2019 05:16:54
You forgot about Prince on Nets. Allen starter or backup to Jordan?

30 Jun 2019 23:04:53
That Nets!!

Let`s jump in Mavs! If it is true Russell wants to go Wolfes and Nets need beside Irving, Durant money for Jorand, Mavs could be help and win on a trade also involving Houston if they really offer Capela for a 1st, if not sign Bryant 3y 30m, Wiz cannot match.

Wolves: Russell
Mavs: Covington, Teague (reroute 1st), Capela (or sign Bryant)
Nets: S&T Russell (13m exception to get Jordan)
Rockets: 1st (Wolves)

Capela, Powell, Mejri
Porzee, Maxi, Ante
Covington, Finney,Roby
Doncic, Hardaway, Harris
Teague, Brunson, Barea

01 Jul 2019 00:47:17
What are the Mavs giving up to get 2 talented players and an expiring contract?

30 Jun 2019 22:32:59
This is how Nets can get a 2nd superstar to join
-> super-max S&T
Nets get Butler(5y super-max), Patton, future 1st
76ers get DLo(4y max)

Nets still had cap space to take more salary
76ers secured their 2nd max player signing next to Harris' this off-season, although it isn't Butler. This would prevent the 1st significant back step of the Process, at least for now


DLo, Redick, Simmons, Harris, Embiid
- resign Harris, Redick, Scott

30 Jun 2019 22:48:38
Sixers don’t have Patton anymore and they should be getting the future 1st. You implied yourself that Butler is better.

30 Jun 2019 22:49:49
Try to stay informed. KD already 2nd max player.

01 Jul 2019 02:31:20
Butler to heat.

30 Jun 2019 22:31:53
Final 2 Blazers moves

Blazers - Mills and Walker
Spurs - Harkless(exp) and Collins

- Blazers have needed a stable backup PG for awhile and Mills also offers defense on the perimeter and could play offball to ether Dame or CJ. Walker adds SG depth
- Spurs add much needed forward depth and exp contract. Spurs have Forbes and Johnson now so Walker is expendable. Add another big which they need.

Blazers - MKG
Hornets - Leonard(exp) and Trent

- Blazers might lose Aminu but get another excellent lockdown defender at the forward position
- Hornets get a exp contract and a shooting prospect


30 Jun 2019 22:36:49
Hard pass on the first. Simons is being given the keys to the backup guard position per local reporters. And I like Collins upside way too much to give away.

30 Jun 2019 22:53:49
Simons definitely isn’t ready for a ton of minutes yet.

30 Jun 2019 23:22:06
These moves seem like lateral moves to me. Acquiring Mills, MKG, and Walker (who basically plays like Nassir Little (whom they just drafted) ) won't push the Blazers into the contender category. I feel like they should try to acquire another star to go along with Dame and C. J.

Kevin Love Deal?

Cavs get Meyers Leonard, Moe Harkless, and a 1st (or 2)

Blazers get Kevin Love


01 Jul 2019 00:18:21
He might not be ready, but he’s getting those minutes.

30 Jun 2019 22:24:44
Rumored:.. Kyrie and now K Durand are signing with the Brooklyn Nets.
Also Milwaukee is retaining B. Lopez!!

30 Jun 2019 22:01:05
Woj bomb. Kd to nets with Kyrie and Deandre Jordan.

Let the tears flow, shizzee.

30 Jun 2019 22:10:23
Thanos balanced the nba lol.

30 Jun 2019 22:13:00
So do the Nets trade Allen for a forward?

30 Jun 2019 22:17:29
It’s ok. The Knicks are the new ‘young core. ’.

30 Jun 2019 22:52:47
The Knicks are 2 years away from being 2 years away.

30 Jun 2019 22:53:59
Nba does kind of have a point. Paint a little crowded on offense with Allen and Jordan.

30 Jun 2019 18:32:05
Hornets rest of offseason moves

-Sign Terry Rozier 3yr MLE (player option on 3rd year)

-Trade Bismack Biyombo, Cody Zeller, and MKG to Miami for Hassan Whiteside and James Johnson

2019/ 20 Lineup:
Pg. Rozier, Graham, Martin
Sg. Bacon, Monk, Macura
Sf. Bridges, Batum, McDaniels
Pf. Williams, Washington, Johnson
C. Whiteside, Hernangomez.

30 Jun 2019 18:41:15
Miami says no thanks.

29 Jun 2019 16:01:21
Suns trade Jackson to Nets to get RFA, Russel, sign`&`trade. Also sign Oubre and Randale, waive Johnson.

29 Jun 2019 16:30:47
Why would Brooklyn do that? They need the cap space for 2 max free agents.

29 Jun 2019 16:36:30
Do the Nets want Jackson? I could see a lot of teams passing with all the rubbish going on with him.

29 Jun 2019 13:15:03
If Nets land Kyrie and KD, they'll need a little extra cap to fill out the roster while they wait for KD to return.

Okc gets Harris, Bogdanovic
Nets get Johnson, okc future 1st
Kings get Roberson, Patterson, Ferguson

Kings have cap and take on Roberson and Patterson for the sake of Ferguson who could fit nicely with their core.

Okc gets their shooters they desperately need.

Okc gets Williams and Zeller
Hornets get Adams

Hornets get pick and roll buddy for Kemba. Okc adds depth and stretch bigs.

Okc gets Augustin
Magic get Schröder

Okc cuts salary and Augustin is a better shooter than Dennis. Schröder is a nice stopgap for Fultz and have the cap to absorb the extra salary.

Wizards get Nader, Chicago 2nd via Okc
Okc gets Wagner

Okc resigns Noel for MLE.

Russ, Augustin, Felton
Harris, Diallo, Burton
George, Bogdanovic, Bazley
Grant, Williams, Green
Zeller, Noel, Wagner

This lineup has the shooting necessary while cutting salary and adding depth. For those who doubt Presti, remember that he traded a washed up Melo for Schröder while cutting MILLIONS in luxury taxes. He traded for Paul George without dealing a first round pick. When Durant bolted, he got Russ to stay long term. The guy can deal.

29 Jun 2019 15:17:09
Why would the Kings take on Patterson and Roberson for the sake of Ferguson when Bogdanovich is already a better player than Ferguson?

Just stop trying to use the Kings in any of your trade ideas because you simply can't use common sense in understanding the teams roster.

29 Jun 2019 18:09:31
Also, you understand that the if the Nets needed to dump more salary that they could deal directly with the Kings who would take Harris, dinwiddle or Prince off their hands in a heartbeat without having to includie OKC.

I know your an OKC fan, but please wake up from the dream.

27 Jun 2019 21:48:45
Thunder get Zeller, Gordon
Rockets get Roberson, Charlotte 1st
Hornets get Adams

Thunder cut $10M and add shooting.

Rockets get a first for Gordon which was their asking price in their Jimmy Butler pursuit.

Hornets get a pick and roll buddy for Kemba.

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