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05 Jun 2024 17:42:17
Some lowkey moves from teams in the offseason if they cant pull a blockbuster trade.

Nuggets - sign Gordon Hayward
Pelicans/Magic - sign Tyus Jones
Lakers - find way to get Caruso & KCP back
Thunder - add Isaiah Hartenstein
Kings - trade away Huerter for a 3 and D wing like Caruso, Bruce Brown, etc. or PF who plays D like Vanderbilt etc.
Warriors - grab an available not so expensive big like Holmes, Capela or anyone

03 Jun 2024 07:03:22
Magic: T Young
Orl: Black+Isaac+#18+1rnd pick Denver or orl 25+ 1rnd pick Phoe or orl 26+ 1rnd pick Orl 27

C: Carter
PF: Banchero
SF: Wagner
SG: Suggs
PG: T Young

03 Jun 2024 12:46:47
I'm not crazy about Young for Orlando because Banchero and Wagner have some promise as initiators. They need a pg, but maybe one who isn't quite so ball dominant. A better shooter as well.

03 Jun 2024 14:09:02
And what if Atlanta replace T Young for Murray?

03 Jun 2024 19:31:33
I like Murray better.

02 Jun 2024 17:34:54
Proud of the Wolves:

But some shake up is needed. Towns need to go as we need a more reliable star in big games

Edwards has proven he can be a good leader on a contending team with Mike Conley on his side.

Timberwolves - Clippers

Timberwolves - Kawhi Leonard
- Kawhi can rest, and be ready for the playoffs. Edwards can carry this team

- when playing the Nuggets, they can insert Reid in the starting line up in place of Conley or McDaniels

Clippers - Karl Anthony Towns
- Clips add a young big and move on from Leonard/George experiment


21 May 2024 08:29:21
OKC:M Bridges

Nets:Giddey+ 1rnd pick Miami 25 (top 14 protected)+ 1rnd pick Philly (top 6 protected+ 1rnd pick Denver 27 (top 5 protected)


21 May 2024 10:42:44
I don't think Bridges solves OKC height/ rebounding issues.

21 May 2024 12:36:50
None of those picks are anything great and how valuable is Giddey when he can't get minutes in the playoffs and is due a new contract?

15 May 2024 13:43:40
1) Atl-Wolves

Wolves:Bogdanovic+Capela+ 1st pick 24


Orl: Murray
Nets: 1rnd pick Orl 24-25+ 1rnd pick sac (from atl) 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25

PG:T Young
sixth: Hunter

15 May 2024 14:41:31
Wolves are going to want more for KAT.

16 May 2024 07:57:31
Bogdanovic and Capela are on expiring contracts.
The Wolves get a first overall and capspace back so they have the flexibility to sign other players.
That's a good deal for the Wolves.

16 May 2024 13:37:02
A 1st overall in the weakest draft in decades lol stars are going for a lot more than expiring and a 1 in a week draft the wolves are going to want a few more 1sts before they think pecan think about it.

17 May 2024 14:18:54
Sarr and capspace so you can sign some good rollplayers is a good deal.
KAT is only the third best player on the team and they have to pay him over 50 million. He's a great offensive player, but this is Edwards team, 50 million for a second option that can't play defense is to much.

10 May 2024 23:37:53
NUGGETS get LaVine

BULLS get MPJ, Nnaji and 2024 pick (after draft)

11 May 2024 12:54:51
Nuggets wont trade MPJ for Lavine let alone adding a pick.

11 May 2024 14:00:06
Both are overpaid, but LaVine is better player overall. He is better shot creator and playmaker. Nuggets don't have good backcourt creator when Murray is hurt. With this trade they wouldn't need to pay 20 million to KCP and could insert Braun or Watson in starting five as wing defender.

14 May 2024 11:51:58
Lavine has zero defense. Might even be a negative on defense, and coming off another injury they would have to give a pick before the season starts to get rid of him. If he plays well before the deadline, then the Bulls may be able to trade him for something.

27 Apr 2024 14:22:13
West 2nd round preview:

Okc vs Mavs- Shai vs Luka
Nuggets vs Twolves- Joker vs the Twin towers

23 Mar 2024 13:55:08
OKC: Bridges+ Embiid

Nets: Giddey+Dort+ 1rnd pick Clippers 24

Philly: K Williams+ 1rnd pick Hou 24+1rnd pick Utah 24 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Miami 25+ 1rnd pick Hou/OKC/Clipp 25+ return 1rnd pick Philly 25+ 1rnd pick Denver 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 28+ 1rnd pick Denver 29

23 Mar 2024 18:49:52
Nets and Philly both say no.

23 Mar 2024 20:51:26
Chet is the minimum for Embiid. JDub is the minimum for Bridges. Stop living in fantasy land.

24 Mar 2024 09:49:10
8 draft picks is a good return for a superstar.

24 Mar 2024 18:32:02
It depends on the quality of the picks.

28 Jan 2024 08:56:13
Magic/Wizards/Spurs Trade Deadline Moves

Magic receive Tyus Jones & Corey Kispert & Doug McDermott

Wizards receive Markelle Fultz 2025 1st (Nuggets) Top 5 Protected

Spurs receive Gary Harris 2024 2nd (Magic) 30-42 Protected

Second Trade

Grizzlies receive Chuma Okeke (TPE)

Magic receive 2026 2nd (Clippers) & Cash Considerations

29 Jan 2024 03:06:32
Orlando says hell no to both these ideas.

26 Jan 2024 04:24:30

Magic receive Dejounte Murray

Spurs receive Markelle Fultz 2024 1st round pick.via Mavericks from Knicks (Top 10 Protected) 2024 2nd round pick.via Jazz or Cavaliers from Knicks

Hawks receive Doug McDermott & Blake Wesley 2024 1st round pick.via Magic (unprotected) 2025 1st round pick.via Nuggets from Magic (Top 5 Protected)

Raptors receive Evan Fournier & Chuma Okeke 2024 1st round pick.via Raptors

Knicks receive Bruce Brown

Raptors buyout or waive Otto Porter Jr

17 Oct 2023 16:57:21
Atl: J Brown+Isaac
Bost:T Young+C Capela+1rnd pick Sac 24+1rnd pick Denver 24
Magic:D White

PG:T Young


18 Oct 2023 10:53:35
Brown can't be traded until after next years draft.

11 Oct 2023 16:19:56
Orl: LaVine
Bulls: KAT
Wolves: Isaac+Fultz+Harris+ 1rnd pick Orl 24+ 1rnd pick Por 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25+ 1rnd pick Bulls 26+ 1rnd pick Was or Suns 26

=> Orlando receive the shootingguard they need.
=> The bulls receive a star
=> The Wolves get 5 draft picks so the Wolves can built arround Edwards

11 Oct 2023 17:20:15
Wolves getting a bunch of meh pieces for their second-best player.

11 Oct 2023 19:41:25
As a Wolves fan, I don't hate this. But they don't have the roster spots to take on 3 players while only giving up 1.

Honestly, If Isaac could stay healthy, I would love him at PF next to KAT at center. Having strong defenders in Conley, Edwards McDaniels, and Isaac would go a long way to offset the average to below average D from KAT.

12 Oct 2023 05:30:42
KAT & Vooch together?

09 Oct 2023 18:08:40
Philly:F Wagner+Okeke/CarterJr+Isaac+1rnd pick Orl 24-27+ 1rnd pick 25 Denver+ 1rnd pick 26 Was

PG:c anthony

09 Oct 2023 19:23:44
I wouldn't do this for Orlando. They give up their second-best prospect as well as their depth. That starting line-up aside from Embiid & Banchero is pretty bad. Also, not sure if Embiid & Banchero are a good fit.

10 Oct 2023 21:16:17
Orlando needs a really good SG I think. We have pretty good bigs, have at least 2 building blocks with Paolo and Franz, and some decent guards. If they make any trades, I think it will be for a SG.

27 Sep 2023 13:06:39

Gary Harris
Marcus Morris Sr

Wendell Carter Jr
Gordon Hayward
Nicolas Batum
Cole Anthony
2024 1st (Magic)
2025 1st (Nuggets) from Magic
2026 1st (Suns or Wizards) from Magic
2028 1st (Least Favorable with Magic)
2030 1st (Least Favorable with Clippers)

Damian Lillard
Ivica Zubac
Robert Covington
2028 1st (More Favorable with Blazers)

Markelle Fultz
Jonathan Isaac
Jusuf Nurkic
2030 1st (More Favorable with Blazers)

27 Sep 2023 18:40:24
Lillard got traded to Milwaukee.

20 Aug 2023 08:26:51
Cleveland gets: Gary Harris, Chuma Okeke & 2025 Denver first.
Orlando gets: Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade & Ricky Rubio

Cleveland adds a quality back-up SG in Harris & they take a closer look at Okeke to see if he can have a bounce back season.
Orlando gets a defensive minded prospect in Okoro & a big man who can stretch the floor in Dean Wade. It is not known if Rubio will play next season or retire.

20 Aug 2023 13:11:10
Yeah, no. Orlando gives up the best player in the deal and a 1st Rd pick? No thanks. Okoro might be good in a few years, Wade won't be better than a backup at best, and Rubio is retiring, he's also old and doesn't fit the team if he didn't retire. Harris stepped up big for us last year, and Okeke is just as good as Okoro.

18 Aug 2023 21:04:33
Orlando receives: Pascal Siakam, Malachi Flynn & Precious Achiuwa
Toronto receives: Anthony Black, Markelle Fultz, Jonathan Isaac & 3 firsts (2024 top 5 protected first, 2025 Denver & 2026 Phoenix or Washington)

Orlando gets a guy who could potentially fit well next to Paolo in the frontcourt.
Toronto gets a nice rebuilding package & still have OG on the roster while also getting under the tax.

18 Aug 2023 22:43:01
Orlando passes. Black and 3 1sts are too much for Siakim.

19 Aug 2023 00:57:13
Spicy p is a rental. No way Orlando trades three pucks and a lottery pick player. That’s a win now move for a team three years away.

19 Aug 2023 09:14:08
This trade is ridiculous.

21 Jul 2023 21:21:20
Atl: J Harden+ 1rnd pick Orl 24-26-28

Orl: T Young

Philly: D Mitchell

Cle: Griffin+Isaac+ Fultz+ 1rnd pick Denver 24+ 1rnd pick Phoe/was26+1rnd pick Philly 29

22 Jul 2023 10:58:15
Awful for Cleveland.

22 Jul 2023 18:22:01
Griffin would be a good fit in Cleveland and they can use te picks to get another good player.

22 Jul 2023 21:21:51
This "they can use the picks to get another good player" freaks me out. How about "do not trade your best player" for those picks?

20 Jun 2023 21:11:46

Pascal Siakam
#13 pick
#33 pick
#44 pick

Anfernee Simons

Cole Anthony
Jonathan Isaac
#3 pick
2025 1st Round Pick.via Nuggets from Magic (Top 5 Protected)

Jusuf Nurkic
#23 pick

20 Jun 2023 22:42:08
This is something i could see the raptors doing. with gtj opting in today i expect that fred and jacob will be resigned and siakam will go on the trading block for some salary relief and futures. not sure why the spurs would want nurkic though. I think I'd even let the Spurs or Portland have the 25 Denver pick if that's what it took to get it done.

20 Jun 2023 23:41:42
Spurs take Nurkic as a salary dump.

20 Jun 2023 03:37:04
draft day TOR-CHA-GSW

Toronto sends Siakam to CHA, 13th pick and Otto Porter Jr to GSW and gets back Hayward and 2nd pick from CHA

CHA sends 2 pick and Hayward to TOR and 27 pick (from Denver) to GSW and gets back Siakam and Kuminga

GSW sends Kuminga to CHA and gets back Otto Porter Jr, 13 pick and 27 pick

If it's true that Charlotte wants BI instead of Zion and NOP won't make that deal then Siakam should fits CHA's desires. GSW gets OPJ back for another run and 2 1st rounders to save some money at the end of the bench and develop.

20 Jun 2023 04:33:11
Not bad, I don’t think Kuminga nets 2 1sts tho. I’d let Hornets keep 27.

28 May 2023 07:16:52
Memphis:I saac+Fultz+Suggs+ #6+#11+ 1rnd pick 24-26+ 1rnd pick Denver 25

Orl: J Morant

SG:G Harris

28 May 2023 16:43:50

28 May 2023 19:02:38
the value is about right WITHOUT the gun-toting antics.

29 May 2023 00:19:11
this is a bargain for Orlando
Morant is still a great talent, so he will come back.

28 May 2023 23:21:34
With the gun toting antics, I'd give:

Isaac, Fultz, 1st Rd 2024 Orlando, 1st Rd 2025 Denver

2 1sts and 2 players (when healthy) should be enough for Ja and his gun.

29 May 2023 08:51:41
Is this pre-suspension or post-suspension?

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