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11 Jun 2024 08:58:41
Keeping Kyrie option. : )

Miami Green, Hardaway, Kleber, Powell, 2nd
Dallas Butler, Love

Envision the finales game 1 and game 2 having Butler in the starting 5 and Love as a backup instead of Kleber for some minutes. LOL

11 Jun 2024 09:45:03
I like Butler going to the Mavs, but it will cost you more than this.

11 Jun 2024 10:42:20
Dallas might be able to salary dump those players if they give up enough draft compensation.

11 Jun 2024 21:59:44
Butler will become 35 and has health issues. But it may worth the risk - he would give the Mavs 2025 and maybe 2026 a pitch to win it all - so Harrison may offer a top 3 protected 1st in addition.

10 Jun 2024 07:31:12
As I told y, Mavs need to use Kyrie to trade him to LA to finally stengthen the TEAM. LAL will try for some final runs, before the rebuild:

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Russell, Reaves, Hachimura, Vanderbild, 2x1st (2024 & 2029)

Mavs will have 4x1st and asset to trade for Murray and a good SF:

ATL Reaves, Green, 2x1st
DAL Murray

Nets or Hornets:

NET Russell, Prosper, 2x1st
DAL Bridges

Mavs sign Melton MLE 3y

10 Jun 2024 09:19:22
NOH Russell, Prosper, 2x1st
DAL Ingram.

10 Jun 2024 21:20:37
Don’t drink and post.

11 Jun 2024 06:56:46
Y mean, there are great ideas coming out? :) Yeap!

11 Jun 2024 07:00:13
The physicallity of the Lakers will create even more space for Kyrie and Kyrie will give the Lakers the missing peace as a fast scoring tread.

Murray and Bridges are not the super stars but both a very good and fast defenders and both can make plays and score.

Lakers and Mavs will be a better team finally. Nets or NOL keep building.

11 Jun 2024 13:18:31
Don’t drink and reply twice ?.

02 Jun 2024 09:01:37
LAL need to win now. Kyrie is better as Donovan Mitchell.

Think when DAL gets the ring, Kyrie could stay but I think he would also love to finally join Lakers for a last run. DAL may be THE team of the next years. But Lakers are the Lakers.

For LA and DAL and Kyrie it could be a win-win-win.

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL 1st, Russell, Hachimura, Reaves, Vanderbilt

DAL build a core to compete the next five years with great defense and Luca : )

ATL Reaves, Green, 1st LAL
DAL Murray

WIZ Russell, 1st DAL
DAL Avdija
NET Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Bridges
NOL Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Ingram

DAL signs Melton MLE

Lively, Gafford
Washington, Hahimura
Avdija, Jones
Doncic, Hary
Murray, Melton

02 Jun 2024 10:17:32
Lakers say hell yes.

03 Jun 2024 17:55:24
Reaves won't get you Murray. We already have Bogdanavic why add Reaves? They are both over paid bench players.

30 May 2024 08:35:54
An opportunistic Mavs GM could Kyrie send to Lakers in the summer - since he may have the higher value. You could ask the desperated Lakers for a lot. : ) I like that idea. ; )

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Murray, Hunter, Russell, Hachimura
ATL Reaves, Hood-Schifino, Green, Propser, Vanderbit, 1st LAL

Mavs win 2024 and 2025 again : )

Lively - Gafford
Washington, Hachimura
Hunter, Jones
Luca, Hardy
Murray, Russell

30 May 2024 17:47:03
The value is bad for Atlanta. That said, I wouldn't trade Kyrie if I'm the Mavs. He's way too important for them.

31 May 2024 11:55:19
I agree terrible for Atlanta.

31 May 2024 12:27:00
So after Kyrie helped Luka to be with his first finals appearance, you will trade him. Lmao.

28 May 2024 18:23:02
Mavs are in the finals. And if we are honest, Mavs are build to beat the Celtics as well.

Would be boring.

No trades needed anymore. No chats for proposals anymore.

Mavs get the rings.

So keep it easy for next season:

ATL Hardaway, 1st
DAL Hunter

28 May 2024 22:05:03
I like Hunter, but his rep is that he's not worth his contract. Why not keep Jones Jr who'll be much cheaper and keep the 1st?

29 May 2024 07:53:11
Mavs keep Jones Jr. anyways.

Hunter has a stronger body can play sf/ pf. He could be a sleeper like Washington. In any case he is an athletic defender and inside/ outside scorer that Mavs can use in any case. Having Hardy you do not need Hardaway anymore.

29 May 2024 11:52:17
Hunter would look a lot better away from Trae young.

29 May 2024 11:42:02
Not sure Washington is a sleeper, he's no better now than he was before.

30 May 2024 05:16:14
They got Washington for cheap meaning he didn't have a lot of perceived value league wide. His defense has improved significantly and he's playing a role on a winning team very different than putting up numbers on a rubbish team.

30 May 2024 08:21:49
Would you take Brooklyns Bridges over Hunter? Propably yes. : ) But Mavs are already in the Finals (at least those days : ) and Hunter would improve the team. Y do not need more, than to win. Even if Mavs could affords the asset to trade for Bridges it may be an option to keep assets for trades in the future - Kyrie will not play for ever.

30 May 2024 12:55:28
They did not get Washington for cheap, and in fact overpaid for him when factoring in what they had just given up to get Grant Williams. Horrible asset management, which they have a history of (Brunson) .

30 May 2024 16:29:32
As a Hawks fan I like the deal but it wouldn't work because of Bogdanavic. Hardaway would have to be a 6th man for us.

01 Jun 2024 02:12:49
Yeah Washington actually wasn't cheap but sunken cost on Williams. If they can keep Luka the pick will be trash anyway . Kyrie better fit than brunson.

13 May 2024 10:56:38
Mavs are good.

Brooklin may ask for to much to get Bridges. Ingram has only 1year left, is 26 years only and has size.

DAL Ingram
NOR Green, Hardaway, 2x1st

Mavs are ready to compete for years to come.

In 2028 when Kyrie retires, SGA is available. To keep the Mavs winning. : )

13 May 2024 14:16:44
Pelicans need center and point guard in return for Ingram, not wings.

13 May 2024 21:21:14
They get 2x1st for and Josh Green is more a SG, making plays (replacing McCollum)

13 May 2024 21:35:23
Lousy 1sts and useless players.

13 May 2024 23:18:01
Clueless evaluation.

14 May 2024 11:46:29
Not a single starter, no young promising talent (Green will not be a starter level player), and 2 late firsts. Even if the Spurs offered just one of their first round picks this year would be better than this.

14 May 2024 13:28:29
Guys, this is just the next account for DDrainr_r, Ringing, etc. whatever you want to call him. He is still just as delusional as ever.

15 May 2024 00:30:47
Different name. Same Homer.

10 May 2024 08:36:26
Knicks: Embiid

Sixers:Ingram+M Robinson+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28

Hawks: J Randle+1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25+ 1rnd pick Was 25(top 10 protected)


10 May 2024 14:29:52
I’m not trading Ingram for Murray.

10 May 2024 15:46:59
Horrible for Nola.

11 May 2024 10:20:35
If I'm New Orleans, and I have Zion, Trey, and Herb, and I need a PG, I prefer Murray over BI, especially with Murray locked up on a reasonable deal. I don't think BI is viewed the same way he was a couple of years ago.

29 Apr 2024 12:59:22
Knicks: Giannis Antentokounmpo
Bucks: Randle+ Bogdanovic+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28-30+swap option25-27+
1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Det 24 (top 18 protected)+ 1rnd pick Was 24 (top 12 protected)+ return 1rnd pick Bucks 25


C: B Lopez
PG:D Lillard

30 Apr 2024 15:18:23
None of the picks are high level.

01 May 2024 18:30:22
they control NY's future untill 2030 and they get their own pick back
They have two first rounders they can use to get some prospects they can develop. The Washington pick is top 8 protected in 2026 and the detroit pick is top 11 protected in 2027.
And NY is also giving up an All star

I don't think this is a bad package if Giannis wants out.
The bucks still stay competitive or they can trade Lillard, Randle and Middleton for more picks.

27 Apr 2024 14:22:13
West 2nd round preview:

Okc vs Mavs- Shai vs Luka
Nuggets vs Twolves- Joker vs the Twin towers

24 Apr 2024 14:05:09
Nets: T Young
Atl: KAT
Wolves: B Simmons + 1rnd pick Phoe 27-29+1rnd pick Dal 27-29+ 1rnd pick Nets 28

26 Apr 2024 15:40:23
Nets are laughing them off the phone young isn’t worth that many 1sts and with Simmons being on an expiring deal won’t need to attach significant assets to move him.

31 Mar 2024 15:31:44
Mavs trade THJ, OMax, and 2 2nds

Raptors trade Bruce Brown and Jalen McDaniels

01 Apr 2024 13:23:08
Is this a sign and trade?
Isn't B Brown a free agent?

I like brown going to dallas.

15 Apr 2024 19:28:44
Brown is on a TO that has a pick up deadline of June 29.

27 Mar 2024 13:11:08
Kings: Randle
Nets:D Mitchell+ Barnes+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Was 25 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Kings 25+ 1rnd pick Knicks 26



29 Mar 2024 21:45:09
From the Nets perspective, Mitchell and Barnes have no value, the Dallas pick is garbage, the Washington pick is a fake 1st that won't convey, the Kings pick is mediocre, and the Knicks pick is garbage.

It will take premium assets for Brooklyn to give up Bridges.

10 Apr 2024 01:12:42
Randle to Kings is Horrible.

26 Mar 2024 21:21:11
Mavs wet dream get to start to become true. : )

Mavs will end at 4th or 5th sead and have any chance to make a very deep playoff run. Like any good team, they could also win it all.

Since Nets need to rebuild Mavs may be able to improve the 2024/2025 grid again:

NETS: Josh Green, Prosper, 1st pick
MAVS: Mikel Bridges

Mavs will be even better next season and Bridges will become an all star, by nailing 5x3th and over 20 points a game and be a all defense player. The will Mavs make contenders for years - like in wet dreams.

27 Mar 2024 13:00:29
25 teams in the league can make a better offer for Bridges.
Indy would offer Nembhard, Nesmith and 3 picks for Bridges.

28 Mar 2024 08:51:07
Maybe 28 teams?

Mikel Bridges will only have 1y left on his contract. At Mavs he could sign for rings. : ) Indy is good, but not a contender. Mavs are.

29 Mar 2024 21:46:01
Garbage offer.

23 Mar 2024 13:55:08
OKC: Bridges+ Embiid

Nets: Giddey+Dort+ 1rnd pick Clippers 24

Philly: K Williams+ 1rnd pick Hou 24+1rnd pick Utah 24 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Miami 25+ 1rnd pick Hou/OKC/Clipp 25+ return 1rnd pick Philly 25+ 1rnd pick Denver 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 28+ 1rnd pick Denver 29

23 Mar 2024 18:49:52
Nets and Philly both say no.

23 Mar 2024 20:51:26
Chet is the minimum for Embiid. JDub is the minimum for Bridges. Stop living in fantasy land.

24 Mar 2024 09:49:10
8 draft picks is a good return for a superstar.

24 Mar 2024 18:32:02
It depends on the quality of the picks.

16 Mar 2024 16:27:16
Spurs - Mavs

Spurs get Kyrie Irving


Mavs get 7th pick in 2024, Devontae Graham & Keldon Johnson


16 Mar 2024 09:34:53

Dal:A Davis+Reaves+Bridges

Nets:T Hardaway+ 1rnd pick LA 29-31+pick swap LA 2026


09 Mar 2024 09:25:40
Dal:M Bridges+ Reaves+Vincent

Lakers:K Irving+Hardaway

Nets:Russell+ 1rnd pick LA 29-31+1rnd pick Dal 31+swap option 25 Dal



Aiming for the 2025 free agency and keep stashing draft picks

09 Mar 2024 23:57:17
Dallas getting too much. Lakers must aim Bridges on that deal.

30 Jan 2024 20:10:23
PHX Kleber, Carter (TE)
CHI Prosper, Little, 1st Mavs
DAL Patrick Williams, Bitadze, Diop ORL Metu ,2nd Suns, 2nd Mavs

28 Jan 2024 14:11:57
Can Mavs improve without sending a first but offering their young guys and take some dead cap?

CHA Hardaway, Holmes, 2nd + Hardy
CHI Hayward, 2nd + Prosper
DAL Patrick Williams, Richards and take Ball

28 Jan 2024 23:35:20
Why would Charlotte do that?

29 Jan 2024 14:45:29
Carl all his posts are troll posts.

27 Jan 2024 20:10:56
Bulls try to win now, Mavs build winning, Wiz process rebuilding:

CHI Kuzma, Hardaway
DAL Gafford, Patrick Williams, Dosunmu
WIZ Prosper, Holmes, Ball, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd

28 Jan 2024 12:27:24
How are the bulls trying to win now they are a complete mess.

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