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20 May 2017 10:50:31

76ers trade 3rd pick, 36th pick, 39th pick, 50th pick, Okafor, Luwawu, Bayless and Long for 7th pick, LaVine, Dieng and Dunn.

Draft Monk 7th, Lessort 46th.

76ers sign George Hill 4 year max, sign Tavares 2 year 3 million.


20 May 2017 14:25:53
I like the trade for both teams, but dislike the Hill signing for the sixers. Even with lavine and mono, i'd still go after redick in free agency ( 2 year deal) . Saves a ton of money over signing Hill for 4 year max deal, and the more pure shooters surrounding simmons and embiid the better.

20 May 2017 15:12:56
Bad for Minnesota. Give up way too much value for junk to move up to draft who? Ball? Pass. Jackson? Wolves have Wiggins. Monk? Wolves have LaVine, so no need to trade up.

18 May 2017 08:36:15

76ers get Avery Bradley, Tyler Zeller, and #7 pick (via MIN)
-Draft Malik Monk
PG: Simmons, McConnell, Baylee
SG: Bradley, Monk, Luwawu
SF: Covington, Anderson
PF: Saric, (Veteran)
C: Embiid, Holmes, Zeller

Celtics get Gorgui Dieng
-Sign Gordon Hayward
-Draft Markelle Fultz
PG: Thomas, Fultz, Rozier
SG: Hayward, Smart
SF: Crowder, Brown
PF: Dieng, Yabusele, Mickey
C: Horford, (Olynyk or Johnson)

Twolves get #3 pick and Jahlil Okafor
-Trade Andrew Wiggins to Orlando for Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja, and #33 pick
-Draft Josh Jackson
PG: Rubio, Dunn, Jones
SG: LaVine, Hezonja
SF: Jackson, (veteran)
PF: Gordon, Bjelica
C: Towns, Okafor, Aldrich.

18 May 2017 10:27:53
That Orlando trade us soooooooooo terrible for Minnesota it's funny. Aaron Gordan is grossly overrated and Mario Hezonja has practically done nothing in the league. Wiggins is a star if Minnesota were to even think about that trade it would have to include the 6th pick. I still wouldn't do it if I'm Minnesota. Take out Wiggins and put in Lavine.

18 May 2017 14:43:36
I think Minnesota would need to give more in the three way deal. But it's close.

18 May 2017 17:49:08
Dieng is a nice player and frankly better than anyone else on Boston's front line, but seems like the Celts have bigger fish to fry -- especially if Bradley is in the deal.

17 May 2017 02:56:06
Philadelphia drafts Jackson at 3. Then, to get a PG, trade Covington and worst of 76ers/ Lakers 2018 1st to Minnesota for the 7th pick and draft best PG available.

I think it is a win win for both teams. The 2018 draft is not supposed to be as strong as this year, so Philly gets 2 top 10 prospects from a supposedly loaded draft. Minnesota gets a player to help now, while also getting a future asset.

17 May 2017 06:38:27
I think philly should make a play for d. russell.
Maybe okafor and mcconnell and a few 2nd rounders for russell and mozgov.

I see the lakers taking ball in the draft. This trade allows them to avoid a backcourt logjam, while also getting mozgovs contract off their books which philly can easily absorb and getting some insurance for embiid at the same time. I think russell would thrive alongside simmons and embiid.


17 May 2017 06:57:34
Although Minnesota is a prime candidate to trade since with Rubio and Dunn they don't really need another pg I don't think this offer would do it due to the risk of young, untested teams over performing. The Lakers could easily make a move for George and other win now moves that could vault them out of the lottery making their pick considerably less valuable. I also think Minnesota will get a lot more offers.

Maybe Minnesota would take an offer like this for Dunn who looked disappointing and is already 23. I think he could still become a solid pro but I'd much rather roll the dice with Fox or Smith.

If I'm the 76ers I wouldn't be focused on getting a traditional point guard but a combo guard who could play off ball in order to let Simmons thrive in a point forward role. If Philly goes Jackson at #3 (as they should) its imperative they get a guard who could shoot. If they did get #7 I'd think Monk (if available) would be the perfect fit.

16 May 2017 14:29:24
Hypothetical trade if Minnesota moves up to 2 and Lakers stay at 3.

LA gets no 2 pick
Chicago gets no 3 pick and D'Angelo Russell
Minnesota gets Jimmy Butler.

16 May 2017 14:36:07
Minnesota would have to give up more and Russel is a pretty steep price just to move up one spot.

16 May 2017 16:16:04
Minny shouldn't rush, draft Ball with the second pick and trade Dunn for a future 1rnd pick.

16 May 2017 20:28:59
If they get a top 3, Ball would be a pretty good fit, but I'd keep Dunn and move Rubio. Dunn could still wind up being a solid defensive guard like Bradley or Smart in Boston. He might not ever get the offensive versatility Bradley has, but Smart has shown you don't need it to make a big contribution. If that was where they wound up, Rubio to the Knicks in a Melo package could work.

Ball/ Jones
LaVine/ Dunn
Wiggins/ Muhammad
Melo/ Dieng/ Hill
Towns/ Aldrich

I'd try to make some other moves involving Hill/ Aldrich and Muhammad for better depth at the 3, but this starting 5 with that guard rotation is a fun one.

16 May 2017 21:08:28
Why would Minnesota want any part of Melo?

15 May 2017 21:30:01
(Assuming Knicks land #3 pick, Twolves fall to #7)

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony, Kyle O'Quinn, and #44 pick (via NYK)

Knicks get Enes Kanter, Cole Aldrich, Doug McDermott, #7 pick (via MIN), and #21 pick (via OKC)

Twolves get Joakim Noah, Lance Thomas, Kyle Singler, and #3 pick (via NYK)

15 May 2017 22:51:48
Knicks getting to much to Melo and unloading Noah's contract.

15 May 2017 18:57:12
A Chicago and Minnesota trade that I think makes sense.

Chicago gets Andrew Wiggins and no 5 pick (draft Fox or Smith)

Minnesota gets Jimmy Butler and no 16 pick (draft TJ Leaf).

Chicago gets a budding superstar and a top 6 pick to build for the future.

Minnesota gets a superstar to help them now, while reuniting him with his old coach and a young player who can develop into a stretch 4 that MN needs.

What do you think?

15 May 2017 21:21:43
Minny are 6th.

20 May 2017 00:00:56
Minny is 7th.

15 May 2017 18:11:38
Wolves trade Rubio, LaVine
Knicks trade Noah, 7th pick

Dunn/Jones/vet FA
#6Monk/Rush/vet FA
- Draft Monk and Isaac. Monk will thrive off the ball and give Wolves needed 3pt shooting, Isaac can develop behind all that talent to become perfect fit next to Towns and Wiggins and frontcourt

- all Knicks players especially Anthony and Porzingis will profit from playing with Rubio
- talented LaVine brings needed athletic/speed. he can learn from Anthony and develop meanwhile
- let talented Hernangomez start at C. Lee, O'Quinn, Thomas, Holiday and maybe Rose (6th man) would be a good bench mob
- sign Rose to 1y 20m contract

15 May 2017 18:52:13
Why does Minnesota do this? They already have the 6th pick, why trade 2 starters and take on Noah's albatross of a contract?

15 May 2017 18:56:41
That's bad for the Timberwolves. I doubt they do Lavine for the pick let alone Rubio and take on Noah's contract.

15 May 2017 19:34:08
Remove lavine and it could make some sense. It would hinge on minny finding a new PG though, Dunn and Jones are not starters right now.

15 May 2017 13:59:35
Minnesota's dream off season

Pek gets medically waived

They let all of their free agents walk and decline all options

3 way trade

Knicks get Rubio ( They had interest during the season, but can be replaced by anyone with cap space)

Timberwolves get Butler

Bulls get Aldrich, Dunn, Dieng, Minn 17 1st, 19 1st, a NY lottery protected 18 1st, and Muhammad.

They end up with roughly 60 million in cap space.

Sign Paul to the max

Millsap to 4 year 80 to 100 million

Find a cheap back up big

sign Korver or another shooter for 2 years at the MLE

Fill out the roster with cheap veterans

Pg Paul/Jones or Lavine

Sg Wiggins/ Lavine or Korver/Bjelica

Sf Butler/ Korver/Bjelica

Pf Millsap/ Hill

C Towns/ fa

If they could get Butler selling Millsap and Paul on this being a team that could beat the Warriors wouldn't be hard.

15 May 2017 14:42:44
Accept lavine, Towns, and Wiggins options* all others decline.

15 May 2017 14:48:08
If Twolves could swing these moves they'd be a scary team for awhile by adding 3 all-stars and not completely mortgaging their future.

Rubio to the Knicks for a lotto protected 2018 pick isn't bad value for Rubio in fact some may argue its a bit low for a guy that is only 26, on a reasonable contract and who had a very strong final 2 months.

Bulls would probably want Wiggins in a deal for Butler however, this offer isn't terrible. Dunn although he didn't show much this past season and is already 23 still has some upside, Dieng and Muhammad are both youngish but can provide solid production already, Minnesota's 2017 will enable them to add a high level prospect (although may be another point guard), Knicks pick probably wouldn't convey for a few years but still a first and Minnesota's pick would likely be very late but still a first. Aldrich doesn't add much but his contract isn't terrible.

Overall, don't think its quite enough to convince Bulls to move Butler but think its getting close. Probably makes sense to include LaVine and take out Dunn from a value and salary cap point of view.

Adding Paul and Millsap for most teams would be a double-edged sword due to their age but since Minnesota has some of the best young players in the league and would have Butler in his prime in this scenario so it kinda makes it worth it They'd be able to compete heavily now (as Thibs wants) and still likely be able to contend through the final years of their contracts and could refuel through FA once their deals expire. Twolves would encounter some cap issues for 3 years however with Butler, Wiggins and LaVine (if it was Dunn instead he'd be on rookie deal still) all free agents due the max (Wiggins and LaVine would make significantly less due to their years in league) in 2018-19 and Towns would be due max in 2019-2020. Twolves would be able to retain them all since they'd have their Bird rights but they'd be in luxury until Paul and Millsaps deals expire in 2021-2022. 3 seasons of luxury cap would be tough to stomach for a small market team like Twolves but with that lineup they'd be basically guaranteed multiple titles and Warriors wouldn't be the same team and Lebron wouldn't be as dominant.

In 2021-22 Twolves would still have Wiggins, Towns, LaVine (if he isn't traded, Dunn otherwise) and Butler all still under contract. They probably still wouldn't have much cap space but with Wiggins, Towns and LaVine entering their primes and Butler only 31 that lineup would still be able to compete for titles.

15 May 2017 16:45:23
Depending on where knicks land after lotto I would consider Rubio. Because NY is a Lance Thomas or O'Quinn away from landingtop tier maxed out contract for PG. I rather trade Noah and Pick for Rondo and sign Milsap.

15 May 2017 17:48:30
Shizze with current state of the Knicks and the way they've treated Melo, why would any max level player want to go there?

14 May 2017 20:10:13
Minnesota Twolves offseason

-Nikola Pekovic medically retires

-Waive Jordan Hill

-Lottery: land in the top 3

-Trade top 3 pick and Andrew Wiggins to Chicago for Jimmy Butler

-Trade Ricky Rubio to Orlando for Mario Hezonja and #25 pick

•Draft Moritz Wagner (Michigan)

•Free Agency:
-Sign Kyle Lowry 3yr 76m (takes less for a chance at ring)
-Sign Arron Afflalo 2yr MLE

PG: Lowry, Dunn, Jones
SG: LaVine, Afflalo
SF: Butler, Hezonja
PF: Dieng, Bjelica, Wagner
C: Towns, Aldrich.

14 May 2017 21:09:56
I don't think they should trade for Butler, but no way should they give up more than Wiggins for him. Also, if you trade for Wiggins, why trade Rubio for a pick and a young player rather than an estsblished veteran?

14 May 2017 21:26:41
Minny shouldn't rush
They better keep the young talent, If they get the 3rd pick in the lottery and they can draft Ball, Fullz or Jackson.

And i believe Wiggins will have a break out year next season.

14 May 2017 21:53:52
Jimmy Butler is really good but he's not worth Wiggins and a top 3 pick. O guarantee if Minnesota offered that Chicago would take that in a heartbeat.

14 May 2017 22:23:59
If Bulls can land De'Aaron Fox with wolves #6 pick I'm fine with Butler deal.

14 May 2017 23:15:24
U think lowry could get more then 25 mill a year?

14 May 2017 23:19:11
Overpay for Butler. I would offer Wiggins and not much else.

13 May 2017 19:17:07
The Cavs get Turner, Ellis, and Jeffereson

The Pacers get Love, Felder, and the Cavs lottery protected 21 1st

The Cavs end up with a young center who fits perfectly with what the Cavs want out of a big man and his ability to shoot let's Tristan play pf without having to worry about clogging the lane. If the Cavs let Korver walk, Monta can take his minutes and be a solid scoring threat. Jefferson probably isn't in the rotation, but would be a quality guy to have in case of injuries. The Cavs could also look to move Jefferson and Ellis to save money.

The Pacers get a second star to convince George to stay. Love wouldn't have to play on the outside as much as he does in Cleveland and would get more touches. He would probably end up with production closer to what we saw in Minnesota. They also have enough assets to make some smaller moves to improve the team. Turner is a huge loss, but if it helps them keep George it's worth it. I think the Pacers would give up the other two guys for capspace if someone would take them.

13 May 2017 23:21:05
Love would be good in Indy especially with a bigger role however I still don't think he alone is enough to convince George to stay since I don't think he turns them into a contender. I think Indy would be better off keeping Turner since he is on a cheap rookie deal and a solid two-way contributor that is young enough to build around if George does leave. They should try and free up cap space (move Ellis and Jefferson) to go after a top FA like Hayward (all indy really has going for them is that Hayward is from Indiana) .

Ultimately, I think Indy's wisest move would be to deal George away to the highest bidder since I don't think its likely he resigns and I don't think they have enough pieces to build an attractive team around him.

14 May 2017 01:48:31
It would be a big risk for sure Jaw, but they seem committed to trying to keep George. I think adding Love along with a few smaller moves could get them to the 2nd round of the plays and possibly the ecfs if they can avoid the Cavs in the 2nd round.

13 May 2017 18:51:41
Dallas Mavericks offseason

-Trade Wesley Matthews and AJ Hammons to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio

9- Zach Collins (Gonzaga)

-Waive Devin Harris (non-guaranteed)

•Free Agency:
-Sign Ben McLemore 2yr 20m
-Re-sign Dirk Nowitzki 1yr 10m
-Re-sign Nerlens Noel 4yr 84m
-Sign Thabo Sefolosha 1yr 8m (MLE)
-Sign Christian Wood 1yr minimum

PG: Rubio, Ferrell, Barea
SG: McLemore, Curry, Liggins
SF: Barnes, Sefolosha, Brussino
PF: Nowitzki, Powell, Wood
C: Noel, Collins, Mejri.

13 May 2017 21:54:25
Why would Minnesota do that?

13 May 2017 23:28:28
I like the fit of Rubio in Dallas as a youngish guy who can be a solid contributor on both sides and they have a fair number of shooters. I know Minnesota's been shopping Rubio for sometime but with Dunn floundering in his first year when some expected him to take the job outright and factoring in he is already 23 Minny may not be so keen to move Rubio. Matthews is a very solid pickup and could help not rush LaVine back but not having a reliable point guard I think is a bigger issue.

I'd personally prefer Markkanen over Collins but I don't think he'd be a bad pick. I think McLemore is a sneaky pickup since he is young. The money looks a little high but its off-set a bit by only 2 year deal.

13 May 2017 02:24:27
Bulls trade Minnesota

Bulls get Wiggins and #6 pick

Minnesota gets Butler

13 May 2017 14:14:40
This is actually something I could see getting done. I think Chicago actually comes out ahead in the deal, but Thibs loved Butler in Chicago, so he might be willing to do the slight overpay.

13 May 2017 23:49:43
I don't like this trade for a team like Minnesota. If they can get Issac at #6 that would be a scary young team. Getting Butler wouldn't be an awful move for Twolves but I'd try to keep Wiggins and instead give up 2 of 3 out of LaVine (his shooting is valuable for this team) , Dunn (looked disappointing last season and already 23) and #6 pick.

I think Chicago would be wise to hit restart button.

14 May 2017 04:36:00
Wiggins alone seems like enough. In a few years, Wiggins may be the better player.

11 May 2017 22:48:13

76ers get #6 pick and Zach LaVine

Twolves get #4 pick, Jahlil Okafor, and Justin Anderson.

11 May 2017 23:37:36
Lavine even coming off a major injury has a lot more value than Okafor and anderson. I don't think 2 spots in the draft come any where near bridging that gap.

12 May 2017 00:07:12
Sixers say yes. Twolves say no.

12 May 2017 03:01:28
I think the wolves would consider this., draft Tatum. Try to get jj reddick.

Rubio - Dunn
Reddick - shabazz
Tatum - die get
Kat - okafor.

12 May 2017 04:46:34
What if 76ers add future 2nds.

12 May 2017 13:23:33
Why would Minnesota trade their starting SG for a backup C just to move up 2 spots in the draft?

09 May 2017 12:54:25
Clippers - Knicks - Timberwolves

Clippers gets: Anthony

Knicks gets: Rivers, 2018 and 2020 2nd rd picks (Clippers)

Timberwolves: Noah, 2021 1st rd pick (Clippers), 2020 2nd rd pick (Cavs via Clippers)

Clippers have cap space before signing Blake, CP3 and Reddick to huge contracts and make a championship run.

Minnesota also have cap space to take on Noah's contract and gets 3 picks for doing so.

Knicks free up cap space but lose Anthony for only 2 2nd rounders. Now they can rebuild around Porzingis moving forward

09 May 2017 13:17:16
The Clips really don't have space as all of those players carry cap holds, which pushes their theoretical space out the window. It's going to have to be equal dollars.

Wolves won't want Noah, even with the picks.

09 May 2017 13:41:06
That's about the right value for Anthony, but at some point don't the Clippers have to STOP trading away draft choices? I get that Doc doesn't have the stomach for rebuilds and that the Clippers are in no-man's land with high-priced vets who have plateaued, but at some point you have to invest in the team's future.

09 May 2017 14:14:45
I hate it for the Timberwolves. They are about to be competitive and could add to their roster. If they take on Noah, by the time he's off thr books they will have had to resign their other guys and won't have a chance to add to the roster.

09 May 2017 15:07:48
Beside Melo is better than any Celtic player currently says Supercollider. Clippers can only trade picks every other year. 2 facts.

09 May 2017 16:14:20
Nobody is going to eat $54 mil worth of Noah - $18 mil in cap space too! - for a distant Clippers pick and two second rounders.

09 May 2017 17:19:55
Anthony is not better than any Celtics player. To say that is laughable. And the restriction on trading of draft picks applies only to first-rounders, and that does not prevent a team from trading down in the first round.

09 May 2017 19:21:52
Really supercollider? Amir Johnson is better? How about olynik? How about one time not speaking in hyperboles. Only clearly better player is thomas. That's it.

09 May 2017 09:44:00
Minnesota Championship Push

- Andrew Wiggins, Kris Dunn, Bjelica and 2017 1st for Jimmy Butler
- Ricky Rubio, Jordan Hill, 2017 2nd for Ish Smith and Marcus Morris

- Kyle Lowry - 4yrs/Max
- Paul Millsap - 4yrs/Max
- Thabo Sefolosha - 1yr/5Mill
- Justin Holiday - 2yrs/3Mill

PG - Lowry/Smith/Jones
SG - Lavine/Sefolosha/Holiday
SF - Butler/Morris
PF - Millsap/Dieng/Casspi
C - Towns/Aldrich

TWolves build a contending squad. Waive Pekovic, and let Shabaaz walk. Wolves bring in 3 allstars from the East who move West to avoid Lebron. Wolves can also explore a trade for Dieng to get more cap space

09 May 2017 10:50:34
Why would you trade all of that for Butler maybe LaVine Dunn + pick is enough. You can keep Wiggins there.

09 May 2017 10:50:50
I wouldn't give up that much for Butler if I were Twolves, even in this win-now scenario. I don't think Dunn has that much value any longer after a disappointing rookie year and him already being 23. Wiggins and the 2017 1st (projected #6) I think is still a bit on the high end for a team like Twolves. LaVine, the 1st and some other pieces is closer in my opinion.

Not really a fan of this scenario. Twolves are in a great place for the future. I think making some of these moves like trading for Butler could be justified at the right price. However, I'm not a fan of signing two 30+ guys to 4 year max contracts which would start at ~30 mill per year. Those contracts would be very tough to swallow in the backend when guys like Towns and LaVine will be further along in development, getting extensions and Twolves want to add talent around them.

09 May 2017 16:21:21
The concept is good, but .

1. That's an overpay for Jimmy Butler. MIN has six years of team control on Wiggins (probably more) and eight years for Dunn, nine years for the pick vs 2 years for Butler. Bjelica is not a throw in.

2. Rubio has been a critical piece for the Wolves in the second half, and like all his coaches before, Thibs was won over by watching Rubio up close. I understand that you're trying to get him off the team to make room for Lowry though I think he'd be fantastic in the second unit, and has said he would accept that role if it led the team winning.

3. Lowry and Milsap are old, so that fits your win-now approach. I agree with you that MIN can probably get both because those free agent deals will become very bad fast. Milsap is an excellent fit with Towns.

Interesting trade!

07 May 2017 19:39:33

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony and Kyle O'Quinn

Knicks get Enes Kanter, Cole Aldrich, Doug McDermott, and #21 pick (via Thunder)

Twolves get Joakim Noah, Kyle Singler, Lance Thomas, and #7 pick (via Knicks)

07 May 2017 20:46:37
Melo basketball wise would be a great fit in OKC but doubt he'd want to go there. No idea why Twolves are getting so much for taking on Noah's contract. If Knicks moved on from Melo it would be to rebuild around Porzingis and they'd likely look to add a pg to pair with him with that #7 pick. For a rebuilding team Noah's contract isn't as problematic so I don't understand why'd they give up so much to get rid of it.

07 May 2017 23:35:52
I think the Knicks need to just eat Noah's contract for at least a year, rather than give up the assets it would take to move him.

Noah costs $18.5 mil per year for three years, but in a rebuild, the #7 is just too valuable to use to move that bad deal.

08 May 2017 00:39:34
Agree with both of you. Just wait out his contract unless they can move him in a deal with Melo. The chances they land any big time free agents is pretty low and they need all the young talent they can get. I'm not sure Phil is really commiting to a rebuild though.

04 May 2017 22:06:59
Just want to see what you guys think about this trade.

BOS- Porzingis

NYK- 2017 Nets Pick (Guaranteed Top Four, Best Odds for #1), Terry Rozier, MEM 2019 First Round, LAC 2019 First Round, Minnesota Second Round Pick 2017 (37th)

04 May 2017 22:21:09
Way too much. Nets pick, Rozier and Minnesota pick should be enough. IMO both LAC and Memphis could easily be lottery picks because bith teams are stuck where they are and rebuilding is the most logical choice.

04 May 2017 22:38:30
I'd say add Avery Bradley to then Knicks or to a 3rd team then Boston can sign Hayward.

04 May 2017 23:06:35
As a Knicks fan, I could live with this. I don't know that Phil would do it, but I wouldn't throw my controller through my TV if this was announced on Sports Center.

05 May 2017 15:52:02
If they're even thinking about moving Porzingis, DA should be all over it this year. He would be the perfect compliment to Horford and would fit Stevens' system to a T. I think Rozier has been opening some eyes the last couple of games with Washington, but I don't know if he'd be the player in the middle of the trade. The obvious big get is the Nets pick (although I'd try to make it the 2018 pick first, get denied, then lower the rest of the cost to replace it with the 2017), but I think the player coming back would be a 2 or 3. I think I might be willing to put Crowder in the trade instead.

Crowder, both the nets and Celtics 2018 as well as two 2019 picks for Porzingis. Then, if they balk at that, I replace the '18 Nets pick with the '17, and I take both '19s off the table, knowing I might have to put one of them back into the deal. You then sign Hayward.

As the Celtics, you wind up with:

Thomas/ Smart/ Jackson
Bradley/ Rozier
Hayward/ Brown
Porzingis/ Yabusele/ Mickey
Horford/ Zizic

You also have 3 second round picks in this draft to either stash or move.

The Knicks would wind up getting their PG in the top 4. Let's say they wind up picking 1st and get Fultz, and that they don't get any help from the lotto on their own pick.

I then make a move with the Nets since you're flush with picks. The Nets are going absolutely nowhere, and have no way to get better. I trade the #7, two more 1st rounders and Noah for Lopez.

They'd shake out with:

Fultz/ 2nd Rounder/ Free Agent
Lee/ Free gent
Thomas/ Kuzminskas/ Ndour
Melo/ Plumlee
Lopez/ Hernangomez/ O'Quinn

That's a team that should be able to win a bit, gets a top caliber talent in Fultz, and brings in a shorter, albeit slightly more expensive contract at Center, except Lopez is actually good. It also moves Melo over to the 4 which is where he really should be playing. They still only have one top young building block, but it makes them much better in the meantime, and it gives them more flexibility going forward.

04 May 2017 17:11:45
After the playoff run, there are speculations that bulls are looking to trade Butler if they get some good considerations. *Sources: nba, espn and yahoo*


J.Okafor, S.Muhammad(sign&trade), MN 6th pick, PHI 33 and 36th pick
Draft: Jayson Tatum 6th pick and Kobi Simmons on 2nd round if available.


Draft: Josh Jackson or Malik Monk on 4th pick
Why would PHI do it? Rumors before that PHI was looking to trade for Rubio but apparently ended up with Bayless. They were looking for pass first PG since their bigs are already in place. Now they will push through for Rubio who is doing great recently with his offensive skills. He averaged 16.6 points and 10.3 assists at the end of the season. Now since they have lots of PG, all they need to do is trade some for bench.

T.Thibodeau was looking to trade for Butler but failed. Now is the time for the trade to happen that will benefit the wolves and also Butler was previously under Thibodeau in CHI.


Lavine will be coming off the bench and if maybe... he can start sa PG if possible.

04 May 2017 17:39:55
I don't think this gets butler. Swap Lavine in for Mohammed and I think it's possible.

04 May 2017 19:28:40
People disagree that okafor Mohammed and the 6th pick doesn't get butler? . how.

06 May 2017 18:52:09
Dunn is not ready to run an offense, and MIN desperately wants to make the playoffs. If Garpax is willing to deal with Thibs, I think LaVine and #6 is the price. Neither would hurt a nice pick in 2018. However, I expect CHI to sign Rondo and keep Jimmy Butler.

04 May 2017 07:15:02
Clips get Melo, C. Lee, Wolves 18 1st

Wolves get DJ, Wes Johnson

Knicks get Redick (s&t), Rubio, Muhhamed.

04 May 2017 14:47:32
And why would Minnesota do this?

04 May 2017 17:58:58

DJ = deandre Jordam. i assume you didn't see that part.

06 May 2017 18:55:59
Wolves would need to provide a different asset than their 2018 1st, which is headed to ATL.

I didn't get who DJ was either xx - for some reason I was think DJ Augustine! Maybe that's a blind spot for me though. Someone called him "Jordan" last week, and I had to pause at that too - even after all these years!

02 May 2017 20:28:56
Timberwolves - Thunder

Timberwolves gets: Kanter, McDermott, 21st pick, 2 future 2nd round picks

Thunder gets: Aldrich, 6th pick

02 May 2017 20:34:15
Take out at least one of the 2nd round picks and I like it.

02 May 2017 21:03:21
Timberwolves would not do this.

02 May 2017 21:33:28
pointless for the timberwolves to take on kanter's contract.

02 May 2017 22:39:48
How the heck do kanter and McDermott get you a top 10 pick?

06 May 2017 19:10:48
Nobody trades a pick that high for that package. Moreover, Kanter does not have the qualities MIN needs to compliment KAT (a PF with defense)

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