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15 Dec 2018 03:20:48
Three team trade

Ariza to Lakers
KCP and 1st rd pick from Mil (via Phx) to Miami
Dragic and Wagner to Suns

Lakers want a veteran 3 and D player..

Providing another shooting, salary cap relief, and 1st pick for Miami..

Suns get an allstar PG and a youngster Wagner..

Or Minny instead of Miami..
Jones, Tolliver and Bayless going to Suns
Ariza to Lakers
KCP and Wagner to Wolves

15 Dec 2018 03:59:41
Why Goran going back be to Suns?

15 Dec 2018 05:07:01
Suns didn't want to pay him when he was young but now? Lol.

10 Dec 2018 16:35:06

Lakers get Trevor Ariza

Suns get Tyus Jones and Jerryd Bayless

Twolves get Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

10 Dec 2018 17:39:06
Minnesota passes. While he doesn't play as much as he should, Jones is an important part of Minnesota's bench and defense. Plus, Minnesota can match any offer for him.

10 Dec 2018 18:48:13
Carl- minnesota has to flip one of 3 pgs.

10 Dec 2018 21:17:35
No, they don't. Given Teague's and Rose's injury history, they need to keep 3 PGs. Plus, Rose is playing SG most of the time right now.

09 Dec 2018 00:24:56

Milwaukee get Bayless
Minnesota get Snell, WAS 2020 and 2021 2nds

Bucks complete cleaning the house. They will have KD max money available in 2019, while keeping Middleton and Brogdon cap holds and signing their 1st.

Wolves get one more wing - well known to Thibs - at the expence of Bayless, who is out of the rotation. They also grab two nice 2nds. This doesn't hurt their FA chances, since they don't have any with 90 mil committed salaries both in 2019 and 2020.

09 Dec 2018 01:00:39
The Bucks had Bayless before, and traded him away. Plus, There's no way Bayless is worth Snell and 2-2nd rd picks.

09 Dec 2018 05:05:13
Bayless is an expiring. Snell is not. That is why Milwaukee would be interested in this. Not sure Minnesota would be interested.

02 Dec 2018 03:14:39
What would it cost the Wolves to unload Wiggins? And who could possibly be a taker?

I'm thinking SAC?


SAC acquire Andrew Wiggins, 1st round pick

MIN acquire Iman Shumpert (exp), Zach Randolph (exp)

What do you think guys?

02 Dec 2018 06:30:55
Cavs should trade love for him.

02 Dec 2018 15:20:58
Wiggins for Bogdanovich and Shumpert.

02 Dec 2018 16:12:51
Rad, why? The guy is having a historically bad season. Love is still a really good player. Wiggins is terrible.

03 Dec 2018 00:32:11
Knicks? Is solid 40 games a year he suits up.

29 Nov 2018 02:45:11
Kings get Wiggens Thomas Kornet
Wolves Hardaway Lee
Knicks get Shumpert Randolph Koufos C.Williams Wolves and Kings 2nd

Knicks clear all non rookie contracts behind 2018.


Kings improve at SF depth to make playoff run


Wolves get the shooting they need.


29 Nov 2018 03:18:37
Wiggins isn't too hot but i'd def rather have him over . THJ i think wiggins has a way higher ceiling.

29 Nov 2018 06:59:53
Ok so we are only talking offense when it comes hardaway and wiggens. Hardaway can shoot much better and is a better fit at sg than Wiggens. Lee and Hardaway production for same price as wiggens. You are out of your mind if u think wolves loose on that deal. Kings might be your only team willing to take Wiggens.

28 Nov 2018 22:34:47
Lakers get - Beal, Ariza(exp), and Jones
- Get 3pt shooting, defense and 2nd star
Suns get - Ball and Gibson(exp)
- Get pass first defensive pg
Twolves get - Daniels and KCP(exp)
- 2 3pt shooters on exp deals
Wizards get - Ingram, Hart, Wagner, and Beasley
- 3 great prospects while still able to compete





28 Nov 2018 23:36:43
Why is Minnesota even involved with this?

30 Nov 2018 12:30:03
Hart is good but Wagner and ingram are not great prospects.

25 Nov 2018 11:32:19
Spurs get: D Rose

Minnesota get: Bryn Forbes; 1 rd pick (2019 Toronto)

05 Dec 2018 19:35:35
I'd say yes as Twolves. I'd try to offer Teague for same deal first.

13 Nov 2018 14:10:50
Orlando is looking like a borderline playoff team and could use an upgrade at PG.

Orlando gets Teague and Rose.

They get the upgrade they need in Teague and a bench scorer Rose.

Minnesota gets Augustin, Ross, and a Cleveland's 2nd round pick (New York owns it, but Orlando can swap with it) .

Minnesota gets an expiring and saves almost $12 million for next year if Teague were to opt in.

17 Nov 2018 21:02:12
I like the idea because I think Tyus is a capable starter, but with the way rose has been playing I don’t think it’s enough in return.

12 Nov 2018 15:45:12

Suns get teague

Twolves get one of bender, Warren or jackson and a 2nd round

Suns get a vet PG that can help while they find their future PG

Twolves can get a young player(or in Warren's case a vet) n draft pick for the future

12 Nov 2018 16:03:11
Salaries have to match. Teague would be fine in PHX but they are the worst in the west and there are 10-11 good looking PG/ G in the top 25 in the draft this season. If it was a swap involving Ryan Anderson, the suns would be interested.

11 Nov 2018 17:00:54
Magic Send: Vucevic and T. Ross
Wolves Send: Teague, Dieng, Tyus, and Okogie

The Wolves Send away a lot of money and get back 2 expiring contracts and send back 2 young guards to get the deal done. This is important for the Wolves because KAT starts his Max next year and they could use the flexibility.

The Magic aren’t going anywhere short-term despite the fast start. This gets them 3 guards that can shoot, and 2 of which that fit their longterm timeline.

11 Nov 2018 17:30:44
Um, no from Minnesota. With new trade, they are at about the cap for next year and well under the tax line (even if Teague opts in) . More than enough to re-up Tyus Jones and add a player via MLE. Plus, they have their own 1st round pick.

No need to trade two young talents for expiring deals.

11 Nov 2018 17:35:09
Why would the Wolves give up young talent and guys that can help them make a playoff push for a player they can’t play very much in Vucevic and a player that is essentially worthless in Ross. They saved money in the Butler trade, won't have to give Butler a max, and Gibson comes off the books for them. They won’t be in the luxury next year. They really don’t need to save money.

11 Nov 2018 19:35:17
Magic say no. They need cap space.

09 Nov 2018 09:06:43
Pistons trade with Timberwolves

Pistons trade
Reggie Jackson, Stanley Johnson, Jon Leuer, and Langston Galloway as well as a 1st round pick

Timberwolves trade
Jimmy Butler and Gorgui Dieng

09 Nov 2018 11:23:08
Garbage package Pistons fan.

09 Nov 2018 13:30:58
Jackson and Johnson have negative trade value at this point. Leuer is just kind of a body, and Galloway is a nice bench piece. That's not getting you Butler, even if you take on Dieng.

07 Nov 2018 14:22:05
Piston Trade With Minnesota

Minn: Jimmy Butler

Det: Reggie Jackson, Jon Luer, Stanley Johnson, and 2nd Round Draft Pick

07 Nov 2018 15:15:46
I'd take 4 1st round draft picks from my own conference over this offer, which I also think with Richardson involved, the heat offer was better too.

07 Nov 2018 15:17:04
Pretty hard pass from Minnesota. They don’t need another pg that doesn’t defend and the rest is junk.

07 Nov 2018 15:44:41
never ceases to amaze me, that when a poster has a team in his name, he will always post a ridiculously homer post and actually be shocked when literally everyone calls him out on how awful it is. that's all.

07 Nov 2018 20:59:26
Even if this was a good trade for Minnesota (it is very bad for Minnesota), it doesn't work under the salary cap. Minnesota is sending out 20 million while taking in more than 30 million.

05 Nov 2018 16:37:04
Rockets/ Twolves/ Kings

Rockets get Butler

Twolves get Randolph, Shumpert, Chriss, 2021 and 2023 Rockets 1st

Kings get Knight, Dieng, 2019 Rockets 1st and 2x Rockets 2nd.

05 Nov 2018 14:45:02
Minnesota-Houston-Sacramento three team deal (but, with Sacramento playing well, not sure they want to do this) .

Houston gets Butler
Sacramento gets Dieng and Houston's 2019 and 2021 1st round picks
Minnesota gets Knight, Chriss, Koufas, and Houston's 2023 and 2025 1st round picks.

Houston gets the superstar
Sacramento gets 2 1st round picks for taking on a backup center
Minnesota can waive and stretch Knight, therefor giving them a lot of cap space for next summer (which should please the owner, even if they don't use it) . They can also easily re-sign Jones, and have their own 1st round pick, which should be high.

05 Nov 2018 15:18:40
I’m not sure what purpose Sacramento is really serving here or why they get 2 1sts. Minnesota wants talent back and they still get none.

05 Nov 2018 15:19:44
This will attract the win-now Thibs crowd!

03 Nov 2018 21:39:45
Twolves Send: Wiggins
Spurs Send: Pau Gasol, Lonnie Walker, and D. White.

Twolves get to get off a huge contract. I’d love to see what Pop can do with Wiggins.

02 Nov 2018 22:14:25
Lakers get - Butler and Bagley
Twolves get - Kcp kuzma and Svi
Kings get - Ingram




02 Nov 2018 22:25:47
Kings say heck no.

02 Nov 2018 22:34:33
Wolves are asking for that and a pick or 2 I thought.

31 Oct 2018 22:14:58

Bucks in Butler, Dieng
(out Bledsoe, Henson, Wilson, 2019 1st)
Minnesota in Bledsoe, Warren, Henson, MIL 2019 1st unprotected
(out Butler, Dieng)
Phoenix in Teague, Wilson, change owed MIL 1st to unprotected 2021
(out Warren)

Bucks do it for obvious reasons.

Minny gets a better pg and a similar backup C, both on cheaper and shorter contracts. They replace Butler with Warren and get a 1st.

Phoenix can spare a wing for a starting pg. They take one more young PF to work with. They get that MIL pick one year later, but this might turn out even better for them.

01 Nov 2018 15:49:04
What are the obvious reasons? Milwaukee's doing ok without Butler. The Wolves wanted a Middleton for Butler trade headup. The Bucks declined. Butler would be a 1 year rental, And nothing more. he seems to be a "me, me, me, " type of player. I don't think new Coach Bud would want to deal with him, Plus Diengs contract. The Bucks would pass. Butler is showing to be the Diva everyone said he was. the Wolvefor their mistake, Then he can walk to any team who would want him next year.

01 Nov 2018 15:55:07
Phoenix gets too much Minny gets too little Bucks get too much.

01 Nov 2018 16:14:06
The obvious reason is to add a third star type player to actually compete with the high end teams in the league. The Bucks are a nice early season story, but do you actually believe they can compete for a championship? I sure don't.

01 Nov 2018 16:16:38
The bucks salary arc wasn't calculated for Dieng guaranteed!

01 Nov 2018 16:31:50
@Bmiller66, What happens when Butler throws another "Hissy Fit? " At best he would be a 1 year rental. I just don't think he is worth the risk, knowing he wants to sign elsewhere next year. Milwaukee has other options on signing another player. Someone who actually want to play in Milwaukee. Butler has made it clear about his choices, and the Bucks are not one of them. Bledsoe, Brogdan, Henson, Maker, Snell and Brown are all available for a trade, along with picks. There is no need to trade for Butler, as a rental. Agreed, they do need another "Star" type of player. I just don't think Butler is it. Find someone who wants to stay long term, Not just to get out of Minnesota!

01 Nov 2018 17:29:58
Even if it is for one year rental, Bucks should be all in for this trade if the cost is also exp Bledsoe and a 1st. Being in 7-0 doesn't mean you can't improve your team. This is ridiculous.

There are red flags for Butler, but you can't tell he won't play his best to win. His work ethic fits with Giannis and along with Midds it won't be a pipe dream for the Bucks to make the NBA finals. Do that Jimmy and then go to New York. No problem! Although I'm pretty sure that the team will keep together after such a success.

01 Nov 2018 20:30:44
There are a lot of Red Flags for Butler. How can you say his work ethic would work well with Giannis when it doesn't even work in Minnesota? He quit on their team, And has told the coach he plans on sitting out until he's trade? Really? Coach Bud wouldn't put up with it. Now, Just how many teams are currently looking to trade for Butler? most have stopped trying after his attitude, me, me, me! no, Milwaukee would do best to avoid Butler. let him become someone else's rental headache and problem. like you say, a LOT of Red Flags!

02 Nov 2018 00:15:16
Giannis, Middleton, and Brogdon all seem like hard working professional 2 way guys that Butler would appreciate. The problem with Butler’s current situation seems to be that he doesn’t respect KAT and Wiggins because of their lack of drive/ taking things seriously. That doesn’t seem like a problem for the Bucks or Budenholzer. They’d have a pretty good chance of keeping him since they could offer more, if things go well. If they could get him without giving up Brogdon, Wiggins, Bledsoe, and Brogdon, I think it’s worth the risk. Small market teams have to take risks to build real contenders. The Bucks have looked great, but they don’t have enough to get out of the East and they might have the opportunity to get that talent.

02 Nov 2018 01:28:00
Hello rkeene_16, Who is Brogdan, Wiggins, Bledsoe, and Brogdan?

02 Nov 2018 04:52:27
Haha Brogdon, Antetkoumpo, Bledsoe, and Brogdon. My bad.

02 Nov 2018 13:18:07
rkeene, Brogdan, Antetkounmpo, Bledsoe and Brogdan again? HA HA HA! I knew what you meant!, Just yanking your chain a bit! :) But, The Bucks do need to do something!, Bledsoe, Brogdan, Snell, Henson, Dellvedova, Wilson and Brown are all tradable.

31 Oct 2018 14:17:34
Three team deal.

Philadelphia gets Jimmy Butler and Troy Daniels
Phoenix gets Markelle Fultz
Minnesota gets Robert Covington and Miami's 2021 1st round pick from Philadelphia, and Miles Bridges and Milwaukee's 2019 1st from Phoenix.

31 Oct 2018 14:56:37
Edit. Should be Mikal Bridges, not Miles.

31 Oct 2018 16:28:58
4 1st round picks is so much better for the wolves. Having to go back into rebuild around Towns and Wiggins? That would outweigh my desire to not assist Hou with winning. Covington and Wiggins together would take a while to figure out, neither are good small ball PF's or SG's. The other Bridges would be a lot better!

31 Oct 2018 16:49:02
Why don't you think Covington can play some PF?

And Wiggins is a natural SG. I don't know why he is playing SF instead of Butler right now.

31 Oct 2018 17:05:09
Wiggns is 6'8" 205-210. It's just a size matchup for offensive purposes. Wiggins is nearly the size of Jeff Green, just doesn't play defense. Green plays small ball center for the wiz. Covington might be able to matchup defensively on a PF, but on offense I'd prefer Wiggins small or regular ball.

31 Oct 2018 17:14:39
Covington can play 2 through 4 depending on tjenlinenup around him. He can guard anyone 1 through 3 well, most 4/ and some 5s. His performance in the playoffs has him underrated as a shooter. He isn’t Steph Curry, but he is a solid shooter that you can’t leave open. He isn’t really a 2nd ball handler, but with KAT, Wiggins, Teague, and Rose in the rotation, he doesn’t need to be. They can all get their own shot and help others get shots to different degrees.

Minnesota gets a solid return. The problem I see is that I don’t think Philly is willing to deal Fultz for whatever reason.

31 Oct 2018 17:36:57
I would be shocked that Fultz was a sticking point. He is not good and way overpaid. His value is in a promise some day he'll show what some think he can do, yet has done none of it so far or shown. (bruno caboclo, thanasis antetokounmpo, anthony Bennet, greg oden, many, many more) . He's doing good for where he was at last season but he is nowhere near ready for a guy like thibs.

31 Oct 2018 03:40:25
Twolves- Gordan, Chriss, 4 1st Round Picks (19, 21, 23, 25)

Rockets- Butler

31 Oct 2018 13:36:10
It’s the deal that Minny would take, at 1-5, the Rockets May be feeling the pinch enough to add Gordon, but I just wouldn’t mortgage that much of my future for Butler right now. The depth is gone in Houston, and while Butler makes them better at both ends, I don’t see this thin roster competing with the Warriors.

31 Oct 2018 14:49:09
I think the wolves are bent on trading him to the east. Philly looks on par with Detroit so far and the heat won't be in the playoffs at the rate they are going. One of them is likely to come closer than before to a deal.

30 Oct 2018 20:42:53
I know this won't happen but I have 3 team block buster trade - Minnesota, pelicans and wizards

New Orleans get
Pf Marreff Morris
Sf/sg Kelly Oubre
Sg Jimmy Butler
C/f Taj Gibson

Minnesota get
C Ian Mahimi
4 -1round picks from wizards
Future 1 round pick from the pelicans

Wizards get
Pf Anthony Davis
2 future 2nd picks from Minnesota

30 Oct 2018 21:24:21
So the Pelicans trade a guys that seems fairly content in NOs, has 2 years remaining on his deal, is 25, and is unarguably a 5 top 5 player for a 30 year old malcontent top 20 player in the final year of his deal?

30 Oct 2018 21:36:39
Pelicans get worse.

30 Oct 2018 21:39:19
If there’s anything, pelicans should be getting the 4 1st round picks for giving up Davis.

30 Oct 2018 21:41:57
Wow. That’s rather awful for the pelicans. An expiring and 3 rotational players. Lovely.

30 Oct 2018 23:25:52
Pelicans get a rental of Butler and lose not just AD but a future 1st also. Maybe if we run this through the Fantasy Island Trade Machine it makes sense. . Gibson, Oubre and Morris are role Players at best


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