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25 Jun 2022 13:38:55
If I'm Dallas I try my hardest to S&T Brunson unless can bring back at reasonable price (I wouldn't over pay)

They will basically lose Brunsons scoring and gain back Wood & THJ this year (injured last year) + still have a full season of Dinwiddie also.

I would try to get at least a perimeter defender.


Wizards - KCP + another player (Gafford?)

Celtics - White

Knicks - Fournier Reddish + 23 1st (maybe 1st since taking Fournier? 1st gets rid of Fournier)

Potential lineups




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25 Jun 2022 14:09:08
Orlando Magic situation

I'm upset

Ross isn't traded just for anything

I expect Bamba to be gone in free agency

I'm happy about Paolo coming to Orlando

Isaac is coming off the bench

My apology Pistons Fans y'all won the draft

Also Grizzlies won too

Kings took a Huge L in Draft they should've traded down get assets and draft Murray @ 6

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25 Jun 2022 10:43:01
Durant wants to prove a legacy he can come to sac. Win a championship and be right next to warriors..3 1st round picks, Holmes and Barnes for Durant trade

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25 Jun 2022 11:04:08
Add Mitchell and Murray.

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25 Jun 2022 13:17:53
Ain’t adding Murray or Mitchell, let me know when the nets gets a better offer than this.

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25 Jun 2022 09:03:18
Brunson is best, at floorgeneral. Maybe it is more important for him and he can do it in NY.

New York Brunson, Green, Bullock
Dallas Turner, Brogdon, Burks
Indiana Noel, Rose, Powell 2x1st (DAS & NY 2023)

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25 Jun 2022 09:39:36
Why would the Knicks trade two firsts?

I would consider trading Turner and Brogdon to Dallas for the unprotected 2025 and 2027 pick.

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25 Jun 2022 10:31:06
If NY is sending ANY firsts to Dallas it will be from the crappy picks that they just acquired during the Draft (2025 Milwaukee? ) .

Also you are basically saying that Brunson >> Brogdon+Turner which I do not agree with.

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25 Jun 2022 13:53:04
What a joke. Knicks hang up laughing.

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25 Jun 2022 08:52:10
Irving wanted to to play in NY or LA, so what's the most likely situation?

A) He sign's a max contract with the Nets
B) He opts in?

C)Traded to the Knicks for Randle and Fournier

D)Traded to the Clippers for Powell+ Morris

E)Traded to LA for Westbrook+ 1rnd pick LA 2026

F)traded to LA for Horton Tucker+ Nunn (3y X17 million)+ Stanley Johnson+ 1rnd pick La 2026 and 2028

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25 Jun 2022 10:32:03
Opts in.

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25 Jun 2022 12:47:12
G) opts in, continues to flood the media with leaks that he's going to play it out and leave for nothing next year, then signs an almost max but heavily incentivized contract which guarantees 2 years and leaves the last 2 as guaranteed only if he hits games played milestones in the first 2 years. use CP3's contract as a model

This assumes that there remains some sanity within his brain.

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25 Jun 2022 08:43:29
Indy: Toppin+ Fournier
Knicks: Brogdon

Suns: Turner
Indy: Ayton

Indy- Cle S&T
Indy: Sexton
Cle: Hield

Pf:Toppin/ I Jackson

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25 Jun 2022 08:32:25
Suns: Sabonis


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25 Jun 2022 06:33:34
celtic: kuzma (using trade exception)

knicks: heavily protected second round pick from wizards.

wizards: burks, 2023 lotery protected first round pick from celtic, wizards own first round pick from knicks

celtic get a good player with kuzma for a late first.

knicks clear more cap space. wizards pick is heavily protected so knicks not loosing too much value.

wizards do this if beal wants out of town. if beal stay they have to keep kuzma.

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25 Jun 2022 10:30:45
I've thought about Kuzma on Boston, think he's a pretty good fit.

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25 Jun 2022 10:31:52
Looks like 2 separate trades though.

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25 Jun 2022 11:12:59
I'd love Kuzma on the C's, but there's no way they are getting him for a first round pick.

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