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26 May 2024 17:22:41
Nets: Z LaVine
Bulls: C Thomas+B Simmons

PF:C Johnson

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24 May 2024 07:57:23
Celtics:Garland+J Allen+ 1rnd pick Cle

Cle:J Brown+Brissett

C:J Allen

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24 May 2024 10:10:49
Not legal and what happened to Jrue?

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24 May 2024 16:29:45
Not a fan of Brown, I'd rather look elsewhere. The fit with Mitchell isn't great either.

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24 May 2024 02:57:00
Cleveland receives: Lauri Markkanen, Walker Kessler, Collin Sexton and 10th pick in this draft.
Utah receives: Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen

Cleveland fixes their frontcourt by putting Markkanen next to Mobley, Kessler would be a great back-up, Sexton is a great bench player and with the 10th pick, we can draft someone like Devin Carter.
Utah moves on from Markkanen as they try to become relevant again. Garland and Allen give them two foundational pieces to build a winner.

This trade only goes through if Markkanen accepts a contract extension as part of the transaction.

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24 May 2024 15:09:04
Why is the team giving up easily the best player in the trade also giving up a lottery pick? Seems backwards.

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24 May 2024 16:28:11
Markkanen > Garland > Allen > Sexton > Kessler > 10th pick

I think it's a fair deal.

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26 May 2024 16:25:24
There’s a massive gap between Markkanen and Garland. And star value is just way higher than good starter value. Two good starters don’t really equal a star.

I think the value is closer if Markkanen isn’t in the trade. Two moderate upgrades at the cost of the 10th pick. I don’t think it’s the path either team would want to go, but I think value makes more sense.

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23 May 2024 16:32:26

Win the championship.


NET Prosper, Green, Powell, 2x1st
DAL Bridges, Bates-Diop


MLE 3y Melton

Win championships. :)

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24 May 2024 10:11:59
Unless you think Dallas will be bad, those picks have little value, just like the players Dallas is sending out.

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23 May 2024 12:29:03

NOP get Jarrett Allen, Chris Paul & 1st round pick GS

Pg Paul/Alvarado
Sg McCollum/Daniels
Sf Murphy/Jones
Pf Williamson/Marshall
Ce Allen/Nance Jr

GS get Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valanciunas & Georges Niang

Pg Curry/Podziemski
Sg Thompson/Payton
Sf Ingram/Moody/Niang
Pf Green/Jackson-Davis
Ce Valanciunas/Looney

CLE get Jonathan Kuminga & Andrew Wiggins

Pg Garland/Porter
Sg Mitchell/Levert
Sf Wiggins/Strus/Okoro
Pf Kuminga/Morris
Ce Mobley/Wade

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23 May 2024 16:32:41
Golden State is in the 2nd apron and cannot combine contracts for trade-unless they don't pick up Paul and Looney, in which case they can't trade Paul.

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24 May 2024 03:56:40
Hard pass from Cleveland. Wiggins is one of the worst contracts in the league.

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23 May 2024 07:12:00

LAL get Jarrett Allen

Pg Vincent
Sg Reaves
Sf Lebron
Pf Davis
Ce Allen

CLE get Rui Hachimura, Jalen Hood-Schifino & pick 17

Pg Garland
Sg Mitchell
Sf Strus
Pf Hachimura
Ce Mobley

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23 May 2024 11:18:52
Cavs can do much better.

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23 May 2024 00:35:39


Bucks: T. Herro
C. Martin
C. Anthony

Magic: D. Robinson

Heat: D. Lillard
M. Beuchamp
j. Howard

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23 May 2024 04:00:19
i'd say it's a pretty big no from both the bucks and the magic.

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23 May 2024 11:30:09
If that's all it took to get Lillard then Miami would already have him.

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24 May 2024 15:11:25
Add in Jaquez, Jovic, and 2-3 firsts from Miami and maybe the Bucks consider it. But I don’t think the Bucks are wanting to move Dame.

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23 May 2024 00:30:34


Gs: J. Johnson
Bojan Bogdonavic
Tre Murphy
Pels 1st rd (LA)
Pels 1st rd (Mil)

Pels: A. Wiggins
D. Murray
G. Santos

Atl: B. Ingram
B. Podiemski
M. Moody

Pels get two veterans needed, Atlanta gets two young players and BI, while GS moves on with some younger players and draft picks.

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23 May 2024 01:08:13
Cant explain how bad this is for pelicans.

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23 May 2024 11:31:14
Golden State straight up robbing people.

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24 May 2024 02:29:12
That’s absolutely a horrible offer.

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22 May 2024 13:03:08
Okc - j collins

Uta - j giddey, k williams, 2 2nd rd picks

Okc adds size

Shai wallace
Dort wiggins joe
Williams dieng
Collins pick fa
Holmgren Jaylin

Uta takes on giddey who could have his freewill to work

Giddey george
Sexton clarkson
Markkanen tht
Hendricks bazley
Kessler yurtseven

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22 May 2024 19:19:28
The Jazz got him for Rudy Gay and a 2nd. He has no value.

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23 May 2024 04:01:25
Nightcap, does Giddey have particularly high value either?
I don't hate this for OKC, Collins can fix some of their rebounding issues as well as bringing a little bit of experience.

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23 May 2024 11:32:09
Giddey probably has mid to latter first value, more than Collins.

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24 May 2024 15:12:36
I can’t see anyone giving up a first for Giddy. Maybe a second or two.

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21 May 2024 13:41:49

OKC - Julius Randle
- adds size and a big who can create

SGA / Wallace
Dort / Wiggins
Williams / Joe / Dieng
Randle / Williams
Holmgren / Williams

NY - Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance Jr & 1st round pick from OKC
- adds additional threat to help Brunson

Brunson / McBride
Hart / Divincenzo
Ingram / Burks
Anunoby / Achiuwa
Hartenstein / Nance Jr / Sims

NOP - Josh Giddey, Mitchell Robinson & 2nd round pick from OKC & NY
- adds a tall playmaking guard and a center who can protect the rim

Giddey / Alvarado / Hawkins
McCollum / Daniels
Murphy / Jones
Williamson / Marshall
Robinson / free agent / pick

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21 May 2024 19:55:58
Easiest no from Pelicans.

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21 May 2024 08:29:21
OKC:M Bridges

Nets:Giddey+ 1rnd pick Miami 25 (top 14 protected)+ 1rnd pick Philly (top 6 protected+ 1rnd pick Denver 27 (top 5 protected)


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21 May 2024 10:42:44
I don't think Bridges solves OKC height/ rebounding issues.

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21 May 2024 12:36:50
None of those picks are anything great and how valuable is Giddey when he can't get minutes in the playoffs and is due a new contract?

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