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08 Dec 2019 12:09:07


-Raps '20 1st
-MIN '20 1st




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08 Dec 2019 04:38:00

Gallinari for Randall straight up. If necessary OKC throws in Denver 2020 first. Knicks get more offense and go to player capable of a consistent 25 points a night or cap space if they don't sign him. OKC gets young player to develop with SGA. Win-win for both teams.

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07 Dec 2019 23:10:57

POR get Redick & Moore

NOLA get Bazemore & Little

With Hood out they could use some shooting from Redick

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07 Dec 2019 16:35:01
Pelicans get Barrett DSJ Knox Trier
Knicks get CP3 Adams Walker Hart Ferguson
OKC get Reddick Portis Gibson Ellington Payton

Without giving up any picks they moved CP3 contract at cost Adams & Ferguson while sharp shooter


Knicks are able add a leader and better talent without giving up their picks.


Adding Barrett without loosing Ball or Ingram set their futurel led by Holiday


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07 Dec 2019 20:05:36
Don’t hate it for okc but I’d rather see this lineup.

SGA, Schroeder, Payton
Reddick, Diallo, Burton
Bazley, Ellington, Nader
Gallo, Portis, Muscala
Noel, Gibson, Patton.

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07 Dec 2019 22:23:41
Adding roberson won't work salary wise Churchpugh. Either Muscala or Patton?

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08 Dec 2019 03:32:12
Shizzee didn’t add him to deal. Sorry for confusion. Just left him off the lineup entirely as I believe he’s done for the year.

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07 Dec 2019 15:42:59

DET get Kevin Love, Dennis Schroeder & 2nd round pick OKC

CLE get Steven Adams, Reggie Jackson (exp), 1st from DEN via OKC, 1st from DET

OKC get Blake Griffin & Jordan Clarkson

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07 Dec 2019 17:52:06
I don’t hate it, but finding a 4th team for Adams that would give up something for him (maybe they shed some bad contracts in it to Cleveland) would make it significantly better for the Cavs.

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08 Dec 2019 03:54:23
Okc I don’t think want to go older

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07 Dec 2019 14:41:21
Simple trades work. Mavs need 3 and D players to achieve "stops" on time. If Kristaps Porzingis becomes better he probably wants to take some shoots. And the chemistry is important. Drummond? No, keep Hardaway and go with Adams, Ferguson and Ntilikina in my point of view.

NYK will send Ntilikina to Dallas on request, let`s say free up the 1st 2023 top 10 protection and add a 2nd when Payton is back. The goal of NYK is to get the last seat this season.

MAVS: Ntilikina
NYK: Pick consideration

OKC is a losing team and after rebuild Adams will be 30 years old, this is why they will agree to trade him - and this is why they say so "loudly" they wanna keep him and describe his value. Ferguson is a talent but doesn`t fit well as a 3 and D. They need scorer and when CP3 is gone another player maker. Mavs have Jackson and Brunson!

MAVS: Adams, Ferguson
OKC: Lee, J.Jackson, Brunson, a pick (Marjanovic to a team that wants him).

Unique starters:

Great bench:

And Barea arround.


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07 Dec 2019 20:05:06
There's only 1 Magic and that's Magic Johnson.

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07 Dec 2019 21:33:58
But LucaMagic is only 20 years and puts already much better numbers having also behind the arc skills and makes like the Magic`s his team better. If he will win a handfull of rings we will see. Cheers.

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07 Dec 2019 22:20:29
Its not even a race thing. But the way he shoots, passes and understands the game. I believe he the 2nd coming of Larry Bird.

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08 Dec 2019 01:31:30
No chance OKC agrees. They're only a game out of playoffs now with a new team. They don't have to do anything unless a great offer comes along. They'll trade Gallinari of course to the highest bidder but they don't have to do anything else. With all those picks, they'll just get better and better.

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07 Dec 2019 00:49:40
Chicago trade warriors

Warriors get chandler hutchinson, felicio and bulls 1rsr round pick 2020

Bulls get green

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07 Dec 2019 00:19:59

TOR get Gallinari, Hood & Noel

Pg Lowry/Vanvleet
Sg Hood/Davis
Sf Gallinari/Powell
Pf Siakam/RHJ
Ce Gasol/Noel/Boucher

OKC get Whiteside (exp), M.Thomas, Johnson, 1st round pick TOR, 2nd round pick POR & TOR

Pg Paul/Schroeder
Sg Shai/Diallo/Thomas
Sf Ferguson/Johnson/Burton
Pf Bazley/Patton
Ce Adams/Whiteside

POR get Ibaka, McCaw & Muscala
- waive or trade Hezonja

Pg Lillard/Simons
Sg McCollum/McCaw/Trent
Sf Bazemore/Little
Pf Anthony/Tolliver/Muscala/Collins
Ce Ibaka/Skal/Nurkic

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07 Dec 2019 15:51:51
Now with Hood out for the season.

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