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03 Oct 2023 08:05:48
HEAT get James Harden

SIXERS get Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin, 2027 first round pick and 2028 swap

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03 Oct 2023 03:00:22

Heat get James Harden, PJ Tucker, Furkan Korkmaz


Sixers get Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry & 1st round pick, pick swap


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02 Oct 2023 07:58:37

Malcolm Brogdon

Mike Conley

Nicolas Batum
Robert Covington
Amir Coffey
2024 2nd.via Raptors from Clippers
2024 2nd.via Pacers swap with Jazz or Cavaliers from Clippers

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02 Oct 2023 12:44:14
i like this trade

Conley would be a great fit for the clippers

Minny loses a great leader, but they get a younger player back

And Portland is getting two future assets.

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02 Oct 2023 18:43:04
No idea why Minnesota would consider this. Brogdon is not nearly as reliable as Conley and he's not a good PG. He's a scorer.

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02 Oct 2023 00:18:39
By December 15


POR get Hardaway, Kleber, Prosper, 1st round pick, pick swap

DAL get Grant

DAL could be a low key dangerous team

Pg Irving/Curry
Sg Doncic/Hardy
Sf Grant/Green
Pf Williams/Powell
Ce Holmes/Lively

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02 Oct 2023 06:35:23
we'll have to see what Prosper looks like, but Portland certainly doesn't want Hardaway and Kleber on their rebuild. If Prosper looks really good, or the potential to be good, then maybe these dudes for salary filler. Otherwise Portland can do much better.

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01 Oct 2023 23:42:33

PHI get Buddy Hield, Norman Powell, Marcus Morris, Bones Hyland, Jalen Smith, 1st round pick via LAC

Pg Maxey/Hyland
Sg Hield/Powell/Melton
Sf Tucker/Korkmaz
Pf Morris/Harrell/Smith
Ce Embiid/Reed/Bamba

IND get Tobias Harris, Amir Coffey & pick swap from LAC

Pg Haliburton/McConnell
Sg Mathurin/Nembhard
Sf Brown/Nesmith/Nwora
Pf Harris/Toppin/Coffey
Ce Turner/Jackson/Walker

LAC get James Harden & Daniel Theis

Pg Harden/Westbrook
Sg Leonard/Mann
Sf George/Martin
Pf Batum/Covington
Ce Zubac/Theis

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02 Oct 2023 12:48:40
i like this for Indy.

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02 Oct 2023 17:21:39
Good trade for all teams imo.

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01 Oct 2023 22:31:39

GS- R Williams, 2nd rd pick
Por- J Kuminga, B Podziemski, protected 1st round pick

Warriors get the big they need. Portland continue to gain assets for the rebuild

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01 Oct 2023 23:55:23
Blazers says they gonna keep RW3.

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02 Oct 2023 12:49:33
i would gamble and take Kuminga.

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01 Oct 2023 18:56:01
Just do we are keeping track so far

Lillard+Nurkic for Ayton+Brogdon+Rob Williams+3 firsts+swaps to go with all the guards/ wings Portland already have.

And Brogdon will probably be flipped as well.

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01 Oct 2023 19:05:29
Think Brogdon is a good fit for Houston for KPJ and assets.

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02 Oct 2023 04:51:26
KPJ is on a 4 year deal. Good luck moving him.

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02 Oct 2023 10:22:58
The majority of KPJs money is non guaranteed.

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02 Oct 2023 13:47:34
How are people disagreeing with the fact that Porter’s contract is mostly non guaranteed? It’s just a fact. He has 23/ 24 fully guaranteed, then only 1 million next season, and 0 after that.

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01 Oct 2023 18:49:57
The Celtics are sending center Robert Williams III, guard Malcolm Brogdon, a 2024 first-round pick via Golden State and a 2029 first-round pick to the Blazers, sources said.

I pretty much nailed this one in previous comments.

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01 Oct 2023 19:04:40
He's hurt a lot but it's tough losing Williams. He's an absolute beast.

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01 Oct 2023 21:23:36
Willams @ PF? Grant @ SF Ayton @ C.

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02 Oct 2023 04:52:44
I think timelird is backing up Ayton & Grant. until Grant is moved.

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02 Oct 2023 13:48:52
Hell no MD. That would be terrible. Grant isn’t a full time SF. Ayton shouldn’t be a full time PF.

Local media expects the starters to be Scoot, Simons, Thybulle, Grant, Ayton.

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01 Oct 2023 18:38:20
With Portlands "Blaze of Glory" goin on I almost think Malcolm should stay til at least trade deadline and would be a better fit/veteran presence do to his size and defence than Afernee therefore I would propose the following

Raptors trade Chris B, Thad, Precious and one FRP for Simmons

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01 Oct 2023 10:09:00

RJ Barrett
Khem Birch
2030 1st.via Knicks

Evan Fournier
2024 1st.via Mavericks from Knicks

Jrue Holiday
Cedi Osman (OBI Toppin TPE)

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01 Oct 2023 13:56:52
Blazers will get more than this for Holiday, and why is San Antonio even in this trade?

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01 Oct 2023 14:52:03
Agree with Shaq, boot the Spurs.

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01 Oct 2023 09:31:07
Clippers: J Harden+ Scott+ 1rnd pick Heat 28

Philly: K Lowry+ T Herro

Heat: P George+ Tucker

Harden is a better fit in LA and they get a first to swap PG13 for Harden

Philly get a good shooter, that can play next to Maxey

The Heat form a new big three With PG-Butler and Adebayo

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