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28 Jul 2021 20:35:08
Philadelphia 76ers Situation

Daryl Morey asking price is so high

Teams are offered for Ben Simmons

But Daryl Morey wanted the whole players in the teams roster

Seem like Ben Simmons ain't going to get traded

Ben Simmons value is low

Peoples give y'all opinion about Daryl Morey

Ben Simmons is not a superstar

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28 Jul 2021 21:26:21
Can’t blame Daryl for trying to get the most he possibly can in return but with his asking price, Ben will never get moved.

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28 Jul 2021 22:34:23
Also, free agency hasn’t even started yet. The Finals ended a few days ago. He shouldn’t be in a rush to give away a 24 year old all star. Either hold firm for those offers to get better, or hold on until the trade deadline when his value comes back up.

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28 Jul 2021 19:42:40
Kuzma and the Lakers’ 22nd pick was also discussed with the Pacers. The talks centered around acquiring the 13th overall pick from Indiana and needed salary filler but was turned down, HoopsHype has learned.

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28 Jul 2021 20:22:52
I saw this on hoopshype too. This is laughable actually. Not surprised that Indy turned that down.

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28 Jul 2021 20:55:20
Hield for Kuzma Harrell going down. KCP 22nd for a center. Do the lakers like Noel?

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28 Jul 2021 21:15:38
Sorry. The offer was #13 and TJ Warren that the Lakers wanted for #22 + Kuzma.

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28 Jul 2021 21:30:36
Kings are holding out for the #22 pick while adding #39. Especially if Harrell opts out and the Lakers are forces to add KCP to make salaries match.

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28 Jul 2021 22:35:19
13 and Warren for 22 and Kuzma?!? That’s Indy giving up the two best assets, right?

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28 Jul 2021 19:15:23

Sac: Gary Harris and #5

Orl: Hield, Bagley, #9, 2022 1st (top 3 protected, unprotected in 2023)

Sacramento gets cap relief (Harris expiring contract as opposed to Hield's remaining 3 years) and moves up in the draft, possibly taking Barnes or Kuminga to replace Bagley.

Orlando takes a shot at rehabbing Hield and Bagley's careers, moves slightly down in the draft, takes possibly 2 of Moody, Bouknight, Sengun, and Jalen Johnson, and picks up a protected 1st next year. The difference in cap fits into the trade exception Orlando has from the Fournier deal

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28 Jul 2021 20:56:37
Mannnn no! 😡 Magic definitely declined the deal.

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28 Jul 2021 20:57:30
Jesus is not available at 5, so you might want to tone it down on the value of the 5th pick. 🗑poster.

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28 Jul 2021 21:20:42
CLICK. Sound of a phone being hung up on Orlando.

Why does the Kings need "cap relief" when Bagley is also essentially an expiring contract. Hield's contact is essentially "cap relief" since salaries diminishes every year. Plus, Hield is reported into other and better trades than this.

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28 Jul 2021 21:28:01
You are one to talk Shizzee, this is fair value far and away. Sacramento wants to get rid of Hield and Bagley, they do that, get cap relief, and move up in the draft and get a much better player than they would if they stay where they are at.

This trade is exponentially better than anything you have ever posted on this site Shizzee.

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28 Jul 2021 22:39:29
Friedman, I just scoured the internet to find any rumors of trades involving Hield. All I found was this:

To the Lakers for Harrell, Kuzma and #22

To the 76ers with Bagley, either Fox or Haliburton, 3 1sts, and 3 swaps for Simmons

Are you trying to tell me either of those deals are better than what I proposed? Harrell and Kuzma are decent players but not really what the Kings need, and mortgaging the future and shipping off one of your best players for Simmons who has proven he can't be the guy?

In my proposal, the Kings get a much better player at 5 than they would at 9, get rid of 2 players they want to get rid of, get a decent bench piece in Harris, and open up cap space to chase a FA. What's not to like?

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28 Jul 2021 19:07:12
Kings - Achuiwa and Dragic(accept TO)
Heat - Hield

Pels - Robinson (s&t)
Heat - Ball (s&t)




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28 Jul 2021 20:58:06
Robinson > Ball.

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28 Jul 2021 20:58:49
Hield is overpaid worst defensive starting sg.

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28 Jul 2021 21:17:14
Defense won’t be an issue with Ball Butler and Bam on the floor. Robinson is also not better than Lonzo. Lonzo is a better passer and defender that you talk so much about.

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28 Jul 2021 21:22:24
Kings would rather have s&t Robinson in place of Dragic. Dragon has no real worth to the Kings.

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28 Jul 2021 21:28:41
@shizzee Robinson does 1 thing better than Ball.

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28 Jul 2021 22:27:03
Robinson and Achuiwa package has more value than Hield.

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28 Jul 2021 18:58:10
Lakers - Westbrook
Spurs - Kuzma and Smart
Celtics - Beal and Schroeder (3 yr 66mil)
Wizards - Murray R.Williams Horford THT (3yr 27mil) A.Neismith 3 1sts from Celtics and 22 from Lakers





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28 Jul 2021 21:01:17
Cba does work like that for sign and trades. Lakers and Celtics can't trade garbage for superstar talent.

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28 Jul 2021 21:17:42
If salaries add up it’ll work.

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28 Jul 2021 22:11:58
Kawhi, who's better than Beal netted just Derozan with 1 year left on his contract. Assuming Beal opts out and will also have just 1 year left, is there reason to believe he will net a better package?

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28 Jul 2021 22:12:49
And I wouldn't want Boston to do that anyway.

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28 Jul 2021 17:44:07
Cleveland receives: Davis Bertans and 15th pick

Washington receives: Larry Nance Jr and Lamar Stevens (unguaranteed)


Cleveland gets a sniper from downtown and the 15th pick in this years draft.

Washington gets an experienced player with point forward skills.

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28 Jul 2021 18:33:39
Why doesn't Washington just draft Kai Jones (if available), Jalen Johnson, or IsaiahJackson @#15?

You are seriously overvalueing Nance who I would put on par with Bertans.

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28 Jul 2021 18:40:46
Not bad and certainly a lot better than most here.

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28 Jul 2021 19:11:03
Washington might be selling soon so I wouldn’t give up the 15th pick just yet.

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28 Jul 2021 21:08:47
Jalen and Kai might not be available 15th. Jackson needs time to develop only to hope he be as good as Nance now. So instead

I trade Bertans Bryant Hutchinson for Love Wade Kabangele if I were keeping both Beal Westbrook looking to add a 3rd scorer. Love miraclelously go back to form when he leaves a lottery team.

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28 Jul 2021 13:13:47
Jordan Schultz: Per league sources, #Raptors wing Gary Trent Jr. – still just 22 – has an opportunity to secure over $20M annually w/ his new contract, as @Michael Scotto similarly noted. Two playoff teams from this season told me Trent (15.3 PPG) is firmly on their radar as a “priority” RFA signing – via Twitter Schultz_Report.

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28 Jul 2021 16:37:19
2 other teams or is Raptors included? What playoff teams have cap for him? Heat/ Knicks/ Mavs?

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28 Jul 2021 18:34:27
Raptors were not a playoff team last year.

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28 Jul 2021 21:10:23
I like Trent > Hield. Trent is playoff tested and able to hit big shots in big moments.

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28 Jul 2021 09:01:58
Mavs sign Holmes

LAL Westbrook, THJ via S&T
WIZ Brunson, Green, Richardson, Schroeder via S&T, HT, Kuzma, 3x1st

And y it is, CBA allows to have multiple players in a S&T.

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28 Jul 2021 10:16:28
Wizards need much more.

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28 Jul 2021 11:45:27
Teams can wait 1 year and sign Beal for free . btw. There will be no better package happen.

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28 Jul 2021 12:34:02
Boston can give Brown and that's already a better deal. Pelicans can offer Ingram and picks. And more can offer a better deal than Dallas unless you give Doncic lmao.

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28 Jul 2021 12:43:40
Lakers would get hard capped with salaries over the Hard Apron.

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28 Jul 2021 13:40:12
warriors can give 7. and 14 pick. two picks has more value than those garbage players and picks.

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28 Jul 2021 21:14:37
Stick with sarcasm ringring, the minute we think serious, we will start ignoring post. Learn cba rules on sign trade. You want Beal trade Luca.

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