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08 Jul 2019 13:03:45
The Warriors would consider trading current fan-favorite Stephen Curry to another team. Kerr wants Curry to Lakers. Others want him to Suns, Timberwolves or Pelicans.

08 Jul 2019 14:50:00
Not sure why would consider it. They have 4 all stars on their team. They have the most talent of any team in the NBA, and are set to compete for championships for the next few years so long as they can retain Green.

Also, why in the world would they want to trade him to the Lakers? And what do the Laker have to trade? (the answer is nothing unless they're including AD) .

08 Jul 2019 15:11:24
I think the GS run is over, but they still have one off the best teams in the league. So why break up a team that could make it to the finals, sells jerseys and seats?

I do believe they should trade a player, because i don't like a backourt with Curry and Russell. but they should only trade Curry if he wants out and for a steep price.

08 Jul 2019 00:12:25
Thunder trade Westbrook
Magic trade Bamba, Fultz, Mozgov, 2020 & 2022 1st round pick, 2nd round pick Lakers 2020

- huge upgrade at PG with Westbrook and Aminu is a solid replacement for Gordon, so Orlando is at least a playoff team for years to come
- strong starting 5 and also bench

- first, if Thunder keep Westbrook, they will not get deep into lottery and there is a chance that he will get injured taking all the load (4th triple double season), not mentioned he's in his 30's now
- rebuild around young players (Shai, Bamba, Grant, Ferguson, Bazley, Diallo) and all(!!!) the draft picks
- keep Adams for a while to mentor Bamba and trade him before trade deadline

07 Jul 2019 06:37:36
Mid season shock

Lal: Russell Westbrook

Boston:kcp, green two future seconds

Okc Kyle kuzma swap to first they have left, Hayward, 1st rnd boston

Clear salary to fit deal sign vets korver and smith.

07 Jul 2019 10:09:45
#1 lakers homer maybe. No way lakers get Westbrook for kuzma pope and 2 2nd round pick.

06 Jul 2019 19:20:15
Lakers sign cousins melo Anderson korver Iguodala (if bought out)

Resign rondo chandler

Rondo cook Horton-tucker
Green KCP korver
James Iguodala melo
Davis Kuzma Anderson
Cousins McGee chandler.

07 Jul 2019 00:26:28
Iggy getting teaded. Grizz know enough teams want him.

06 Jul 2019 12:35:22
Lakers sign cousins carter melo Bradley korver

Resign rondo chandler McGee KCP

Rondo Bradley Horton-tucker
Green KCP korver
James melo carter
Davis Kuzma Dudley
Cousins McGee chandler.

06 Jul 2019 02:40:59
If LAL fails on Kawhi acquisition


MIA get 2nd & save money

LAL get Dragic

Dragic will be a good addition to fill the starting guard position

04 Jul 2019 13:06:20
Since Grizzlies want to trade Iguodala and he would fit in Dallas but also in Houston, the Mavs should hurry up, because I think Kawhi will resign 3y max with and ETO in Toronto and hence Green will stay. Ergo Lakers will go elsewhere after the Kawhi decision:

- Jackson, 2nd Mavs
- Burke (Sign)

- Iguodala, 1st Mavs
- Cousins (Sign)

- Capela
- Wright (Sign)
- C.J.Miles (if Grizz want)

Rockets improve, Grizzlies create CAP and a wing, Mavs get the defending PG and C and go from there.

Jackson, Crowder
Morant, Burke


Cousins, Faried
Harden, Gordon

Capela, Powell
Porzee, Maxi
Finney/Roby, Hardaway
Doncic, Curry
Wright, Brunson

04 Jul 2019 08:53:34
Lakers moves going forward

Kawhi Leonard - 4 year Max deal
Quinn Cook - 2 year minimum deal
Danny Green - Room Exception

Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, Tyson Chandler, Alex Caruso and Johnathan Williams to min deals

If they're bought out:
Sign Andre Iguodala and Kyle Korver to vet minimum.


PG: Rajon Rondo/Quinn Cook/Alex Caruso
SG: Kawhi Leonard/Danny Green/Troy Daniels
SF: LeBron James/Andre Iguodala/Kyle Korver
PF: Kyle Kuzma/Jared Dudley/Johnathan Williams
C: Anthony Davis/JaVale McGee/Tyson Chandler
TW Players: SG Talen Horton-Tucker, SG Zach Norvell Jr.

Very solid playoff lineup of:
Rondo, Cook, Kawhi, Danny Green, LBJ, IGGY, Kuzma, AD, McGee

I see this as best case and by no means am i suggesting this is how it will go.

04 Jul 2019 14:46:52
Trade for CP3 in addition ; ) Dream on.

04 Jul 2019 01:51:18
Okay, Lakers might not get Kawhi as well as Danny Green, so here's the moves they can make

sign Marcus Morris 2yr/15mil (t.o)
sign Justin Holiday 1yr/6mil
sign Trey Lyles 1yr/min
sign Quinn Cook 2yr/6mil

resign: KCP, Rondo, McGee, Caruso

Pg Rondo/Cook/Caruso
Sg KCP/Holiday/Tucker
Sf James/Daniels/Dudley
Pf Kuzma/Morris
Ce Davis/McGee/Lyles

04 Jul 2019 12:14:26
45 wins max unless AD plays 82 games.

03 Jul 2019 02:30:08
Balance of Spurs offseason:

1) Build an Indy trade centered around Sabonis and Derrick White.

Spurs instantly upgrade at the C and trade from a depth position with Murray coming back. Pacers added Brogdon, but he’s more of a 2 guard and both Collison and Joseph are out the door. A three guard lineup with White, Oladipo and Brogdon could be really good.

2) Add Thabo Sefolosha

Won’t contribute much offensively, or play major minutes, but hits enough threes and offers the ability to guard 2 through 4 on defense.

3) Move Belinelli

Need to create an additional roster spot, and can likely get a 2nd from a contender looking for shooting (ie. Lakers if they miss out on Claw.

03 Jul 2019 15:49:50
I could definitely see this trade between the Pacers and Spurs happening. Especially around the trade deadline once the Spurs see how good (or not good) Dejounte Murray looks coming back from his injury.

03 Jul 2019 16:01:41
Spurs would rather move Derozan than White. They think they have the backcourt of the future between him and Murray. Then you can look for a front court piece by moving Derozan, who’s going into a contract year.

02 Jul 2019 22:35:39

If he would have a clear idea he would have agreed already.

Lakers may be a dream, but their he is a guy that play with LeBron and AD. He has other stars but is only one of them.

At Clippers he would be the star, like on Toronto, but not another star and would he be able to win again?

Mavs have MagicLuca and Porzee and a large supporting casts. So he would have potential 3 starts but he would be the GoToGuy, Kawhi`s Mavericks! And Cuban could provide him a learjet so he can live in LA with 50min to workplace. : )

Since Green would probably get a lot of money at Lakers in this case, Mavs could force a S&T with Toronto to provide cheep players for a year.

- Jackson, Lee, 1st
- S&T Kawhi 5y 190m

xxx = Kawhi !

03 Jul 2019 01:27:18
Claw is not going to the Mavs, period.

03 Jul 2019 01:28:27
I'm not sure what's worse, your trades, or your grammar? Both make everyone say wtf?

03 Jul 2019 03:13:06
Kind of curious if there is descension in Kawhi's camp. Kawhi wants to stay in Toronto while his uncle is still trying to convince him to go to LA?

03 Jul 2019 13:51:51
When did the Mavs get in the mix? Did I miss something?

02 Jul 2019 07:27:29
Lakers Sign Leonard to max. Green with bi annual exception. Melo rondo Chandler to minimum


02 Jul 2019 12:41:17
Leonard is not going to the Lakers. Clips or Raptors, just giving the Lakers a courtesy call in case the other two offers are underwhelming (unlikely) .

02 Jul 2019 13:11:51
I thought the meeting with the Lakers was more about a "fan" taking advantage of an opportunity to meet Magic and to find out what happened to the team of his youth, than to actually join the Lakers. Kawhi likes being #1, not #2 or #3.

02 Jul 2019 15:20:33
I thought that too, but it seems like he's taking the option of the Lakers really seriously.

02 Jul 2019 16:14:02
KAWHI seems more like a team player that doesn't like the limelight. He is a #1 but if he can be in LA, be left alone, win and don't have to worry about things not basketball, Laker Nation is his best option.

02 Jul 2019 17:25:07
He also seems like a low drama guy. And a Lakers team with Lebron seems like peak amounts of drama.

He's also nearly impossible to read. I have no idea what he's thinking or planning on doing.

02 Jul 2019 19:02:10
I just see Kawhi resigning for 2 years with Toronto. At the end, Kawhi, hits 10 years of service making him eligible for the $40mil/ year max. Lebron's deal expires in LA, and Kawhi walks right into that max salary slot. fits like a glove (over a claw) .

02 Jul 2019 21:27:37
If leonard joins lakers, I got 3 free agents wrong where they will land in butler Durant and Walker. Can't believe butler with Miami heat. They made it happen though.

02 Jul 2019 05:10:18
I think it can’t be over emphasized how important it is for the Clippers to beat the Lakers to Kawai. Getting a Lebron stopper would really be an on the court symbol for the Clippers standing up to the Lakers and it would continue to engrain an identity in the Clippers franchise. Having said that, Kawai’s Laker interest and apparent call to KD pre-FA has illustrated that Kawai does significantly value having a co-star. If that’s the case the Clippers HAVE to get one. Therefore.

Clippers send: SGA and the 2021 Heat 1st round pick, Danillo Gallinari
Clippers receive: Bradley Beal

Wizards send: Bradley Beal
Wizards receive: SGA and the 2021 Heat 1st round pick, Andrew Wiggins, Josh Okogie, 2021 Timberwolves pick Top 4 protected.

Timberwolves send: Andrew Wiggins, Josh Okogie, 2021 1st round pick top 4 protected
Timberwolves receive: Danillo Gallinari

Basically, I’m sure the Clippers have already investigated this but were probably hoping to hold out either SGA or the pick and plug Shamet in instead. But now it’s crunch time, the Clippers got to make a move and concede to giving both pieces. Then the Wizards know they are going to suck and pass Gallinari on to Minnie to get the young pieces that come with taking on Wiggins deal. Wizards get an absolute hall for this deal.

All the spacing Plus the elite bench

Jabari Parker

Jeff Teague

02 Jul 2019 07:20:10
I like it, excellent and creative idea. It’s a tough pill for the clippers to swallow, but if it means you’re getting kawhi then you have to do it.

02 Jul 2019 10:05:59
There’s no way the wizards are taking on Wiggins in a Beal deal and the T wolves aren’t giving up enough to get off him.

02 Jul 2019 15:09:12
Clippers aren't giving up Shai. They will give up Gallinari, Shamet, Thornwell, Wallace, both Miami picks, and one of their future 1sts. If Robinson needs to be thrown in, they would do that too.

02 Jul 2019 16:35:44
I understand the wolves want to get rid of Wiggins’ contract, but at the cost of Josh Okogie and two firsts? No thank you.

02 Jul 2019 16:36:07
1 first. My point stands.

02 Jul 2019 16:52:41
One guy says that’s too high of a cost to get rid of Wiggins, another says it’s not enough. Maybe splitting the difference is an appropriate price.

And GPack, none of that gets the Beal deal done, SGA is the centerpiece, the Wizards can’t make a deal and not even get the best young asset on the team they are trading with.

02 Jul 2019 02:11:25
Lakers sign Leonard, Danny green, Jeff green, Isaiah Thomas, melo carter nene

Resign chandler McGee rondo Stephenson

Rondo Thomas Daniels
Green Stephenson carter
Leonard melo green
James Kuzma nene
Davis McGee chandler.

02 Jul 2019 02:29:06
Cant resign guys and get kawhi. Damn learn the rules.

02 Jul 2019 02:32:14
With what?

02 Jul 2019 07:05:55
Shiller: are you assuming those guys don’t just get min? Or are you arguing semantics of resign vs renounce and sign?

02 Jul 2019 10:07:27
The only guy I could see needing more than the minimum would be Danny Green.

02 Jul 2019 13:21:35
IT signed with the Wizards. Seems like he wants no part of playing with Lebron. again.

02 Jul 2019 14:15:45
These all seem like players the Lakers would sign (stupidly)

But I think LeBron should play point guard next year if Kawhi comes.

If you have Rondo with Lebron, Davis, and Kawhi, someone will have to take a backseat. And with Rondo not being effective without the ball and LBJ, AD, and Kawhi not taking one either, this starting lineup will be a disaster.

Lakers should try to have a roster that looks more like this if they acquire Kawhi.

PG: LeBron - Thomas
SG: Green - Daniels
SF: Kawhi - M. Morris
PF: Kuzma - M. Morris
C: AD - J. Noah/ T. Chandler

- Good bench shooting
- Good Vet Players

Maybe I'm being a little overzealous with the Morris twins coming on vet min deals, but I definitely don't see Rondo being in the LA Lakers starting 5 if Kawhi comes.

02 Jul 2019 16:35:55
Kinda agree Tub. If Kawhi comes are you moving Lebron to the point and pushing Kuzma's shooting to the bench?

02 Jul 2019 19:18:27
To Shiller's point. From the CBA.

A renounced player no longer counts toward team salary, so teams use renouncement to gain additional cap room.   After renouncing a player, the team is still permitted to re-sign that player (the previous CBA prevented teams from re-signing a renounced player until 55 days into the regular season), but they must either have enough cap room to fit the salary, or sign the player without using one of the three "Bird" exceptions.

So they can be resigbed using MLEs, BLEs, REs, or vet mins to exceed salary caps.

01 Jul 2019 22:35:17
Warriers and Lakers moves to come?

Will Kawhi go to Lakers? I am not convinced, to be a second fidle beside LeBron? Or to team up at Clippers, to win Nothing? At Mavs he could sign and maybe win rings but it is in the outlaw of Texas. : ) So he may stay in Toronto and try a repeat.

Hence I expect an LA GS trade:
- Lakers: Russell
- Warriers: Kuzma, 1st and 25m exception to sign Cousins.

Kuzma may take the role of KD and go to SF. With the inactive Player exception the could take Lee for a year from Mavs.


That Team could try to go for another Championship.

01 Jul 2019 22:55:36
What’s the Lakers motivation to do this? Kuzma is on a cheaper deal, no?

01 Jul 2019 23:05:57
Russell can't be traded until December 15th. I assume Cousins doesn't want to wait that long. Nor do the Lakers want to wait that long to use their cap space.

01 Jul 2019 23:21:33
No chance Kawhi goes to Mavs.

01 Jul 2019 23:36:42
Lakers still have a first round pick to trade after the Davis Deal and the Stepien Rule?

02 Jul 2019 10:09:43
I think they have 1 and possibly 2 tradable picks, but I could be wrong with all the weird protections.

01 Jul 2019 08:55:02
Lakers signings if they miss out on Kawhi

-Demarcus Cousins 1yr 12m
-Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 1yr 8m
-Austin Rivers 1yr 6m
-Rajon Rondo 1yr 3m
-Wayne Ellington 1yr 3m
-Andre Iguodala (bought out) 1yr minimum
-Carmelo Anthony 1yr minimum

Pg. Rivers, Rondo, Caruso
Sg. KCP, Ellington, THT
Sf. LeBron, Iggy
Pf. Kuzma, Melo
C. AD, Cousins.

01 Jul 2019 14:13:20
Cousins to Boston?

01 Jul 2019 14:59:36
I don't think Boston can afford Cousins.

28 Jun 2019 14:33:43
LA Lakers: B simmons+ C Paul

Hou: J Butler

Philly: Kuzma+Beal+ 1rnd pick LA 2024+ 1rnd pick Hou 2024

Was: 1rnd pick LA 2020 and 2022+ 1rnd pick Hou 2020 and 2022

LA get a big four

Hou replace CP's big contract for a younger Butler.

Kuzma-Beal-Embiid is a great fit. And Philly gets two draft picks that could be good.

Was saves money and get assests for a rebuilt.

28 Jun 2019 16:06:54
How are the Lakers trading their firsts again?

Also, wouldn't Ben Simmons be a horrible fit with Lebron and Paul?

28 Jun 2019 16:30:42
Why would the Sixers give up BEN SIMMONS.

28 Jun 2019 16:31:32
I need you to read up on the Stepien Rule in the NBA CBA.

28 Jun 2019 16:53:49
Why would all teams but Rockets do that?

28 Jun 2019 18:55:12
You wouldn't trade Simmons for Beal, Kuzma and two firsts? I would. If anything, Phili is getting too much here.

28 Jun 2019 19:15:38
@ Gasupo Do you remember the 2004 Lakers? They had O'Neal, Bryant, Payton, and Malone. Also called the "Super Team! " Lost to Detroit in 5 games (4-1) Injuries! Now, look at your proposal, James, Paul, Simmons, and Davis, ALL have had injuries last year! The 04 Lakers were a one hit wonder! (They actually lost to the Bucks that year? ) As far as Having the 4 players you mentioned, Which one, if not all of them is NOT going to be injured this year?

29 Jun 2019 01:00:27
I think Payton and Malone were viewed as past their prime ring chasers, not part of a superteam.

29 Jun 2019 01:29:51
I’m confused. Lakers get Chris Paul and Ben Simmons for Kuzma and then some picks that don’t exist?

Also. They opened up a max slot. Isn’t oil earning over 40 million a year? You’d be over the cap with like 4 players on the roster. No future firsts. Past their prime and injury prone core. This is literally the worst idea I’ve seen on here from a lakers fan. Just awful.

02 Jul 2019 14:13:55
Stop beal or wall trade talks they said it many times there not trading them . This not money thing, and there not looking to rebuild so please stop.

27 Jun 2019 20:38:54
Lakers 2019

Cousins 1y 10m

Green 1y 10m

Beverly 3y 30m

27 Jun 2019 20:57:50
I can't imagine how disappointed Laker fans would be at this (fairly likely) outcome.

27 Jun 2019 21:02:50
I don’t see the point of Boogie on that roster. There are cheaper options that are far better fits.

27 Jun 2019 21:50:33
Agree rkenne much rather have Dedmon not a better player but could give a good fit.

27 Jun 2019 22:47:08
Bmiller most would but I wouldn’t. Green and Beverley are perfect fits for Lebron. Great spot up shooters and can lock down on the perimeter. I don’t Cousins tho. Davis is best at center imo and we should use the remaining cap for depth.

28 Jun 2019 02:25:59
Jeff green? Wasnt he a cav and didn't do get with lebron.

28 Jun 2019 05:12:09
Danny Green.

28 Jun 2019 12:37:52
Ad waived his kicker because that third star coming so ad set for the rest his career.

27 Jun 2019 16:15:37
Lakers and 76ers

Rajon rondo and Kent Caldwell Pope and Jemerrio Jones and Mortiz Wagner for Jimmy Butler.

27 Jun 2019 17:40:34
Why trade two free agents when there’s cap space? I don’t get it.

27 Jun 2019 18:19:57
I think CleveMan needs the sarcasm don't. Has to be a joke Bmiller.

27 Jun 2019 20:40:02
I don't trust Laker or Knicks trade posts, it's usually not sarcasm, but should be. Case in point: II and Shizzee.

26 Jun 2019 17:53:50
Compiling some Okc deals I'd like to see that I think are doable.

Okc gets Howard, Simmons
Wizards get Schröder
***Wiz get a stop gap point guard. This was a potential deal proposed on Bleacher report.


Okc gets Wagner, Jones, Bonga
Lakers get Nader
***Lakers waive Nader and get their coveted third max slot.

Okc gets Bogdanovic, Giles
Kings get Roberson, Patterson, two 2nds
***Kings get a defensive ace and pick up two second rounders for their trouble. This one may be a bit more wishful thinking but oh well.

Okc ends up with this lineup and cut about $11M in salary after waiving Simmons.

Russ, Bonga, Felton (minimum)
Bogdanovic, Ferguson, Diallo
George, Jones, Bazley
Grant, Giles
Adams, Howard, (Noel)

They could then flip Adams for Waiters and Olynyk or to the Celtics.

Potential Boston deal.

Okc get Smith, Henson
Boston gets Adams
Cavs get Hayward
***Boston gets more cap space and get Adams who they have interest in. Cavs take a swing at reviving Hayward and pairing Love with another star.

Okc then waives Smith for an additional $14M in cap space. Total from these deals they would have about $25M in relief.

Maybe that's enough to entice some free agent ring chasers? I'd love to see them pull off Mirotic and Ariza.

So finally...

Russ, Bonga, Felton (minimum)
Bogdanovic, Ferguson, Diallo
George, Ariza, Jones
Grant, Mirotic, Bazley
Henson, Howard, Giles

26 Jun 2019 18:06:02
The Cavs would need picks to take inn hayward.

26 Jun 2019 19:08:01
That Kings trade is extreme wishful thinking.

The Kings might do a straight salary dump of patterson+roberson+picks going to Sac and nothing going to OKC. But, I would hold out to get Bazley+Patterson+Roberson and no picks.

26 Jun 2019 22:37:50
As a thunder fan i will say now way that Kings trade would even come close to happening.

27 Jun 2019 05:41:15
No problem. Kings will get a cut of the luxury tax money that OKC will be paying. Its a win-win situation for the Kings.

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