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20 Jun 2018 03:21:17
Pelicans do a sign and trade with Washington ( D. Cousins for Otto Porter and Ian Mahinmi )

Pelicans trade first round draft pick, Solomon Hill and Alexus Ajinca to Houston for restricted free agent Clint Capello so that Houston has cap space to make a run at Lebron or Paul George or Kawhi Leonard.

Pelicans then sign restricted free agent Dante Exum and if Utah wants something in return we give them our 4 million dollar cash MLE, Eton Moore and second round
pick for a sign and trade.

Pelicans roster then is!

PG Rondo/Exum
SG Holiday/Frank Jackson/Jordan Crawford
SF Otto Porter/ Darrius Miller/Deandre Liggins
PF Davis/ Nikola Mirotic
C Clint Capello/ Cheick Diallo

And the Pelicans then have cap room to sign more reserve players.

20 Jun 2018 13:13:43
The deal with Houston actually hurts their cap space, as Capela’s cap hold is less than Hill’s and Ajinca’s salaries. Makes no sense for the Rockets.

20 Jun 2018 13:40:28
I don't think that Capela thing is going to come to fruition, but I really like that Cousins idea! I think the one thing Washington has been lacking is a dominant center, even though I really like what Gortat brings. Cousins would also get to play with Wall, which both would love, and they do have Oubre who should be able to step up into the starting lineup.

For New Orleans, I think it was a good experiment, but Davis is better off as the lone tower. Mahinmi will be a guy who can come in and either play next to him for a little bit or provide that defensive presence when Davis is on the bench. Porter will give them another scorer, giving Rondo a plethora of targets on the offensive end.

18 Jun 2018 08:38:17
Suns: Irving+ Leonard

Boston: T Chandler+ 1st pick

Spurs:J Jackson+ Warren+Chriss+ 1rnd pick Miami+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2019

Offer Cousins a 58M 2year deal, with a team option for a third year. (force NO to give him a big contract)
Offer C Capella a 80M 4y deal (force Houston to match this)
Offer D Jordan a 75M 3 year deal and sign him.
Offer Ilyasova a 30M 2y deal

C: D Jordan
PF: Ilyasova/ Bender
Sf: Leonard
SG: Booker
PG: Irving

18 Jun 2018 14:25:52
This one is actually very interesting. It completely re-shapes the Suns into a win now group with some serious pieces. You mix some crazy scoring in the backcourt with solid defense on the interior.

The Spurs are going full rebuild here, but they get back a lot of interesting pieces. I think they would push for one of the other picks from Boston instead of the Clippers pick though. That one has a really good chance of just becoming a couple of second rounders. I don't think they get Sacramento out of this, but they should be able to get the Memphis pick here.

For Boston, it really all depends on three things. Do they have someone they're in love with at the top again this year? Do they think Kyrie is planning on leaving? Do they think Rozier in the playoffs is sustainable?

In this case, I would think that they would draft Ayton at the top, and allow him to backup right away. You wouldn't be able to bring back Baynes, but Chandler should be able to do most of what he brought.

I feel like you're left with:

Rozier/ Smart/ Draft?
Hayward/ Brown/ Nader
Tatum/ Morris/ Semi
Horford/ Theiss/ Yabusele
Chandler/ Ayton

If you're thinking Kyrie is gone and that Rozier is capable of being the full time guy, this is a stacked, young roster that can compete for a long time. Horford and Chandler are also the perfect guys to teach a kid like Ayton. Between the two of them, he can learn every possible aspect of styles on the offensive and defensive end, and the work ethic of Tatum and Brown will hopefully be infectious.

18 Jun 2018 15:32:52
They should trow in the Memphis pick indeed, if Irving wants out.

19 Jun 2018 15:47:04
No one, especially Kyrie, says he wants “out”. You’re not paying attention or reading with comprehension. The concern is for after NEXT year and signing long-term.

17 Jun 2018 19:40:25
Rockets get Leonard

Spurs get Gordon, Tucker, Qi, and two first round picks

18 Jun 2018 11:18:55
Rockets played eight guys in playoffs. You want them to trade two for a one year rental?

14 Jun 2018 22:08:41
I want to take a look at the 76er's current situation and how to get past the Celtics to the finals.

Magic Receive Jarryd Bayless and #26 OVR 2018 draft pick.

76ers receive #41 OVR 2018 draft pick.

Thinking: Sixers are able to unload 8.576 million from their salary cap situation to be able to accommodate a max contract. Meanwhile the Magic are able to add a shooter that is still only 29. He's expensive for this year, but only has one year on his contract. He's better than Fournier and only half the price. In return for the extra salary, they're moving up 15 spots in the draft.

Cavaliers Receive Picks 10, 38, and 41
76ers Receive Pick 8

Thinking: Cavaliers begin to realize Dan Gilbert doesn't have the best relations with LBJ. It seems like a low ball offer, but mind yourself that the Cavs and Sixers are looking for two separate Archetypes. The Cavs should not worry about the Sixers or Knicks taking their big man they have their eyes on (with Porzingis and Embiid). In return for dropping two spots, they're put back into round 2 with options for cheap role players. **If this trade can't be completed than that's ok. I was trying to get the Sixers into the top 7 for Doncic, MPJ, Bamba, or Trae Young.**

Free Agency: ~39.5 million
Picking Up Team Options on McConnell and Holmes (1.6 mil each)

Plan A: Lebron James: I'd throw money at LBJ in hopes he'd teach the team how to win and perform in crunch time. The shortcoming of the Sixers was having a player they could turn to in the last 5 minutes in the game to take over. The weakest part of the team was the final quarter and this would work to solve it.

Plan B: Avery Bradley and Aaron Gordon: With around 36 million dollars to play with, I'd first throw money towards Avery Bradley. I think he's a much better fit. I'd be perfectly fine throwing 18-22 million towards Avery. He is the elite perimeter defender that they can use to put on the opposing guards on the Celtics, Warriors, and Rockets. He's a HUGE upgrade over JJ Reddick for this reason. Notice the athletic/strong guards dictated the playoff series with Boston. My other move would be trying to pry away Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle (if you can't pry them away, at least make the Lakers and Magic pay a pretty penny). That's the other element I think the Sixers are missing. Aaron Gordon can slide right in with Dario as backup power forward. I'd be willing to throw the remaining money at him. If I can't come up with the cap space to sign Aaron, I'd flirt the market for the package of Covington and the #8 pick (looking to move into 3-6 range).

Possible Starting Line Up:
PG: Markelle Fultz
SG: Avery Bradley
SF: Ben Simmons/Robert Covington
PF: Ben Simmons/Dario Saric
C: Joel Embiid

6th Man: Aaron Gordon
7th Man: TJ McConnell

My final analysis is that this team would have the shooting in Markelle and Avery to offset the inside game of Embiid and Simmons. The defense would be versatile with Bradley, Covington, Simmons, and Embiid. The height and athleticism on the inside wouldn't be changing much, so rebounding is still near the top of the NBA (Aaron Gordon doesn't hurt either).

Let me know what you guys think (if you like it I might try to fix another team)!

15 Jun 2018 00:50:12
Okay a few things
1. Aaron Gordon would start
2. Avery Bradley is nowhere near worth 18-22 million a year! If it’s a 1yr 15m deal then that would be okay. But if it’s a multi-year deal, it should be about 3yr 30m.

15 Jun 2018 00:56:50
You max off gordon to bench him? Lol.

15 Jun 2018 03:34:06
My philosophy is to have him lead the second team. You can experiment with putting him in the first lineup, but medically I didn't want to push him. Let him get comfortable (and use that Philly medical system) to ensure he's healthy long term.

Also, talking contracts, I would be looking to front load them. Avery Bradley in my eyes is worth every penny of 18 million. See if he'd bite for a contract where we take half his total salary this year and spread the rest over the next two years for flexibility when resigning Simmons and Fultz.

14 Jun 2018 19:13:52
LAL: K Leanord & P Gasol

SAS: B Ingram, K Kuzma, L Deng, '18 1st (via CLE), '18 2nd (via DEN), '19 2nd (via CHI)

Lakers Sign P George to Max and still have cap holds to resign IT & Randle if they want. Or, they can renounce the rights of those 2 guys and have about $20M in cap space still and maybe try and offer Capela something the Rockets won't match.




14 Jun 2018 21:14:11
Ball and Kuz aren't worth a star.

14 Jun 2018 22:38:23
That package will get you Leanord, but not Kawhi Leonard.

14 Jun 2018 16:00:19
Clippers - Knicks

Clippers gets:
9th pick
2019 2nd rd pick (Cavs, Magic or Rockets)
2020 2nd rd pick (Hornets)

Knicks gets:
12th pick (Pistons)
13th pick

14 Jun 2018 18:46:07
The Clippers are not trading 2 lottery picks to move up 3 spots. It's pointless.

13 Jun 2018 03:18:53
Thunder get Ryan Anderson, PJ Tucker

Rockets get Melo, Terrance Ferguson, 2nd

Thunder get a player that really fits what they wanted from Melo, and they get another defender for the playoffs.

Rockets can either play or pay Melo. They wanted him before and this would be there shot. That sheds Anderson's contract as well. Orrrr they work a buyout after the trade. Plus they add Ferguson who has some potential.


12 Jun 2018 16:08:32
The Rockets get Lebron

The 76ers get Gordon, Korver, Aminu, and Nance

The Blazers get Love and the 39th pick via Philly l

The Cavs get Anderson, Leonard, Collins, the 10th pick via Philly, the 24th pick via Portland, the Houston 19, 21, and 23 1sts

12 Jun 2018 17:51:39
Remove Collins, there's no way Portland includes him unless it's for a superstar. Go with Swanigan instead, and move 39 to Cleveland.

12 Jun 2018 18:55:51
So the Sixers are going to help facilitate an LBJ trade to Houston? And give up the #10 pick in the draft for a bunch of role players? C'mon man. Philly is not going for this . Really?

09 Jun 2018 19:00:40
Paul sign and trade Max

Houston get love and korver..

George opts in to cavs
Thunder get pick 8, Hood rights, Osman, and hill..


09 Jun 2018 20:48:04
pure poetry.

09 Jun 2018 21:44:30
Pure poetry indeed, except he's missing the line where James signs with another team.

09 Jun 2018 22:33:01
iR has to go.

10 Jun 2018 00:25:36
Shiller, he needs to not play 30+ minutes a game in the playoffs. It doesn't really matter if he's on the roster or not.

10 Jun 2018 03:00:26
That starting five iswhat 90% of the cap?

05 Jun 2018 20:32:55
Houston Offseason

Houston sign and trade Clint Capella to Chicago. The Bulls are contemplating whether to pick a center or a wing in the draft. Getting Capella allows them to get their big and use their pick to get the best wing available (Porter/ Miles/ Mikal etc).The Bulls send Justin Holiday, Jerian Grant, pick 22.

Houston then send pick 22, Qi, Onuaku and Ryan Anderson to Atlanta for Dedmon.

- Chirs Paul - 5yrs/Max
- Lebron James - 5yrs/Max
- Trevor Ariza - 1yr/MLE
- Gerald Green - 1yr/Vet Min
- Amir Johnson - 1yr/Vet Min
- Channing Frye - 1yr/Vet Min


PG: Paul, Gordon, Grant
SG: Harden, Holiday,
SF: Ariza, Moute, Green
PF: Lebron, Tucker, Frye
C: Dedmon, Nene, Johnson

05 Jun 2018 21:36:25
It's pretty good, but if you're the Bulls there's no way you can let Houston know you'd be interested in a S&T beforehand. You have to just make the Max offersheet and see if Houston matches.

05 Jun 2018 22:52:54
chi could just sign him theirselves, no trade necessary.

02 Jun 2018 20:00:27
Houston did so good how can they get better. Resign team. Trade Anderson for nothing give up whatever picks to dump him.
James opts in. Houston get him. I think with james instead harden Houston can win especially if Paul stay healthy. I think with james instead of harden and a hurt sidelined Paul Houston would beat golden state in game 7.

Cavs get jackson, criss and number one pick plus 2 future unprotected first round picks from Houston. Cavs fire Lou. Resign hood. Buyout Smith and hill. Draft ayton and sexton.

Suns get harden and love. Harden and Booker will dominate with love.
Sign Noel

02 Jun 2018 21:08:44
no way in the universe harden moves this summer.

03 Jun 2018 00:58:01
No, just no way any of these team do anything like this. So, there used to be a saying and it applies here : Just Say No.

03 Jun 2018 02:14:03
Harden isn’t moving any where if your trade went through harden and booker would be the worst defensive backcourt in the nba.

01 Jun 2018 16:59:16
The Blazers get Gordon, Tucker, and a Houston 1st

The Rockets get Mcollum

01 Jun 2018 17:47:28
Not going to happen 😂.

01 Jun 2018 18:58:54
i kinda like it for portland but it feels like an underpay for mccollum. and harden, cp + cj sounds messy.

01 Jun 2018 19:56:46
Dona, they make it work with the 3 they have, Mccollumm is just a better version of Gordon. They would need to find another bigger defender.

01 Jun 2018 00:05:51
Potential opt in and trade packages for Lebron


-Gordon,Tucker,Nene, Onuaku, and Houston's 2019 1st

-Anderson, Tucker, the 19 , 21, 23, and 25 1st

-Anderson, Gordon, the 19, 21, 23

-Anderson,, Tucker, Gordon, Nene, Onuaku, Qi, and the 19 for Lebron and Thompson


Most likely signed out right, but there are a few situations.

- Deng the 25th pick, Hart and the 2020

If Lebron wants Ball out

- Deng,, Ball for Lebron, Nance, and Korver

-Deng, Ball, 25th, and the 2020 for Lebron

Probably sign outright, but might want to
Clear space for a 2nd singing

-Bayless and the 26th

-Bayless and Covington

-Bayless and Fultz for Lebron, Osman and Nance

-Bayless, Fultz, Covington, and the 26th, 38,39 for Lebron and the 8th

-Bayless, Fultz, Covington, Korkmaz, TLC , the 10th pick for Lebron, Love, Korver, Osman, and Nance

The Spurs

-Gasol, Green, Murray and the 15

- Mills Gasol, the 15, 2020, and 21

-Aldridge, Mills, Gay, Luavergn, White and 2019 1st


01 Jun 2018 00:37:14
I think Miami could make a case. Not that its going to happen or its likely but they need to redo the roster and have some pieces to trade with enough leftover to showcase a decent team with lbj. Lbj can rest on D in Miami more than he is with cavs.

01 Jun 2018 06:13:02
Btec they're well over the cap, they aren't very good, they don't have a tradable pick until 22 I believe and most of the players on their roster are over paid. While Miami might be able to slip 1 bad contract into a trade for Lebron, Atleast 2 of Winslow, Richardson and Bam would need to be included in any trade for Cavs to make it worth the luxury tax they would pay. Off the top of my head the only thing that would work for the Cavs is TJohnsom, Richardson Bam and Winslow for Lebron and Korver.

01 Jun 2018 16:58:21
i think lebron would want to play with lonzo, he is a pretty well rounded pg (or atleast potentially)

01 Jun 2018 22:47:11
What's the point in lonzo if lbj is there? The first trade piece I'd offer in a S&T for lbj as Laker gm.

30 May 2018 21:13:06
1) NY- Houston

NY: J Harden

Houston: Porzingis+ Ntilikina+ Noah+ 1rnd pick 9

2)NY- OKC (S&T)

NY: P George

OKC:: T Hardaway+ Mudiay+ 2rnd pick

30 May 2018 22:13:24
Harden is untouchable and i think the Thunder let George walk rather than pay the luxury tax that deal would make .

30 May 2018 22:34:55
Harden is probably 100% untouchable. Definitely not happening for that package. Even if the Knicks offered their next 5 firsts (with every other being a swap) I don't think Houston would do it.

I'm not sure OKC wouldn't rather just have nothing and let George walk. Hardaway is a bad contract. Mudiay is JR Smith 2.0.

30 May 2018 05:02:22
Lebron opts in and demands trade to Houston.

Hou send: Gordon, Tucker, Nene, Anderson, '20 top 5 protected 1st, '21 1st pick swap, '22 1st lottery protected, pick 46
Receive: Lebron

Cavs send: Lebron
Receive: Gordon, Henson, Snell, Aldrich (Exp), Brown, '20 top 5 protected 1st, '21 1st pick swap, '22 1st lottery protected

Minny send: Aldrich, pick 48
Receive: Tucker

Bucks send: Henson, Snell, Brown
Receive: Anderson, Nene, pick 46 & 48

Hou resigns CP3 1+1po @ 20/y
Resign Ariza, Luc & Green
Use cap space to sign B.Lopez and Redick
Then match Cappella (Maybe 4/80m)
Sign Hezonja, McDermott or W.Chandler if possible

PG: CP3, Redick
SG: Harden, Green
SF: LBJ, Chandler
PF: Ariza, Luc
C: Capella, Lopez

30 May 2018 11:41:12
Why would he opts in to demand a trade? The trade would have to be on the table to get him to opt in. Of course, that's assuming he wants to go to Houston.

31 May 2018 04:29:50
i like everything except bucks role, no point in them taking on older players with less potential than those they are giving. but i think figuring only the trade and signing cp leaves u 12 mil under cap so that’s not enough for all those guys even with mle, most of those guys wouldn't take mins. and i think someone will offer clint asap, so hou won't be able to match in time if they are trying to work out other signings.

29 May 2018 21:50:22
Rockets trade - Anderson, Qi, Onuaku, & future 1st
Bulls trade - Lopez and Holiday

Sign & trade Capela for Lebron James
Resign Ariza MLE
Sign Dedmon

James/Mbah a Moute

30 May 2018 00:22:07
Rockets will keep Capella.

30 May 2018 03:13:20
Bulls package is crap.

29 May 2018 19:05:02
Cavs offseason if Lebron leaves

S&T Lebron to Houston for ryan Anderson,Zhou qi,chinou Onuaku,nene,pick 46,2019 1st,2020 2nd,2021 1st,2023 1st top 15 protected,2024 2nd

Kevin love to bucks for Malcolm Brogdon,dj Wilson,sterling brown,pick 17,John Henson,2021 1st lottery protected

Tristan thompson , 2 2nds to Dallas for cash considerations

Trade jr smith to Atlanta for mike musicala(waive)

Trade George hill to Phoenix for 2019 bucks 1st,Jared Dudley(buy out)

8-micheal porter jr

17-Anfernee simons

46-josh Okogie

29 May 2018 19:43:27
I believe the Bucks would pass on it.

31 May 2018 01:25:47
Ya we know you do torque why give up players that will never amount to anything for a guy who can actually play! Giannis in Miami in a few years.

29 May 2018 18:59:20
Cleveland Cavaliers masterplan if LeBron leaves next season.

Move #1:
Move up in the draft for Marvin Bagley. Package the #8 pick + Kevin Love. I think that package can move us about four spots, in the Bagley range. Only do it if he's available.

Move #2:
LeBron S&T to Houston along with Thompson in exchange for Capela, Gordon, Tucker, Nene and 46th pick. I don't know if this is even possible, but worth exploring. I think Capela gets 4 years, 80 million.

Move #3:
Coaching change. Tyronn Lue is not a bad coach, but if LeBron leaves, what's the point of keeping him around? I think it would be good for both sides to move on. As for coaching candidates, hire someone good at developing. Dwane Casey is a coach I'd be interested in.

Move #4:
Tank for R. J. Barrett. I don't think the cavs will be good next season, so tanking for Barrett seems like a good option. He's the guy I would target in next years draft.

Move #5:
With bad contracts coming off the books in 2019, go after Terry Rozier. I don't think the Celtics will match given their salary situation. Something like 4 years, 65 million.

With all these moves, you have Bagley, Barrett, Rozier and Capela to build around, with Gordon, Clarkson, Nance and Tucker as role players. Cedi Osman is another young prospect worth monitoring. Zizic looks promising as well.

As for Rodney Hood, make him a RFA. Only match if the offer is in the 8 million range annually. Anything over that is an overpay imo.

29 May 2018 17:18:52
The Clippers get Ryan Anderson, the 10th pick, the 38th, the 39th pick via, the 19 21 23 1sts from Houston and 2 Houston 2nds

Philly gets the Gordon, Beverly and 13 pick via LA

The Rockets get Williams and Harris

The rebuilding Clippers get a ton of draft assets. The team will be bad enough to keep the pick as well.

Philly get 2 role players that can fit their core fairly well, if they strike out in free agency.

The Rockets replace Gordon with a cheaper version of him and gain a forward that fits what they're doing perfectly. He's long, athletic, can guard multiple positions, and he's a really good shooter. The biggest thing is they save 10 milllion, which will help them keep Capela.

29 May 2018 17:56:05
I can easily speak on the ex-Pels in this proposal. Gordon definitely improved his trade value since going to Houston. He's stayed healthy and his scoring ability masks a lot of his defensive deficiencies

Anderson on the other hand, has hurt what value he has left

I like the idea of Gordon to Philly.

29 May 2018 18:04:07
So clippers give up two 15 point scorers and get ruan anderson and picks?

29 May 2018 19:07:56
terrible for the clippers. they get rid of their top 2 scorers, starting pg, and a 1st this year to take on a terrible contract, move up a couple picks, and get 1st that are most likely worthless?

29 May 2018 19:09:54
What are the 15 point scorers doing for their team long term? If those two and Jordan are your best players, what's your ceiling? Cash out on those assets when they're at their high. Those are a lot of picks for some role players. Look at what has happened to a team like Denver with Chandler and Faried or the SUns with Dudley and Chandler or the Heat with Whiteside or a million other examples of teams keeping role players that can't take them over the top but have value instead of trading them away for young talent.

29 May 2018 23:57:22
Rkenne. Beverly missed whole season. Harris was added mid season. Clips barely missed the playoffs. The guys you mentioned are bench players. This trade has clippers teading three starters with two pick coming. They are better off trading the two pucks to move up and get porter jr.

29 May 2018 03:07:57
Opt in and trade if Lebron wants to go to Houston

The Cavs get Anderson, Tucker, Nene, Onuako, Qi and the 2019,21,23,25, and 27 1st round picks with swaps in between.

29 May 2018 05:25:19
If I was rockets I wouldn't give up 9 years of picks for 5 years max of lbj. I like lbj and westbrick to Miami. Lbj gets defensive help to give him some relief, westbrick is a workhorse and ridiculous athlete who could learn a lot about strategy and fundamentals of offense/ defense from lbj, riley spoelstra. Those 2 would be very tough I think. Westbrick would be 2nd option, and learn from one of the best how to be a 1st option. Add some of the current heat players. That's a good team I think.

29 May 2018 05:25:29
Billy King approves this.

29 May 2018 14:42:57
Thats a ridiculous amount of a teams future to give up for a team who was a game away from the Finals and would have won it without Paul's injury.

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