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26 Nov 2019 22:27:04

Portland: Noel + Porter

- get defensive players to help save their season


Oklahoma City: Whiteside (exp) + Trent Jr + Felicio + 1st round pick Portland + 2nd round pick Chicago

get more assets


Chicago: Gallinari (exp) + Roberson (exp)

- get big relief in 2020 for a chase of AD without giving up too much



1.) 27 Nov 2019 16:59:11
I just don’t think okc will do it for Gary Trent jr I believe okc is going to want Anfernee Simons or Little instead of gary Trent j



20 Nov 2019 07:24:31

Sixers: Russell + McDermott


Warriors: Turner + Lamb


Pacers: Harris + Z.Smith



1.) 20 Nov 2019 09:13:12
This could work for all teams.



20 Nov 2019 06:53:07

Detroit: Gallinari + Satoransky

Pistons provide help to Griffin & Drummond, 2 players that will stretch the floor for them


Oklahoma City: Snell + Young + Gafford + Felicio + 1st round pick (top 5 protected) Pistons + 1st round pick Bulls (2022 lottery protected)

If you take a look on what they are getting, it seems like a lot but if we analyze this, they gave up about 32M in expiring and swallow around 34M additional for next year. The 2 1st they are getting is the compensation


Chicago: Jackson (exp) + Maker + Roberson (exp)

They don't need to be confident in acquiring AD but they should try a low risk move to somehow get in the sweepstakes. They get around 30M expiring here by giving up basically a protected pick



1.) 20 Nov 2019 10:29:59
Does thst extra 2 mil in salary put OKC over the luxury tax line?

2.) 20 Nov 2019 11:59:23
Fredman, I believe they already are. But they have til seasons end to rectify.



20 Nov 2019 06:32:58

Minnesota: Hield + Ariza + McDermott

Sacramento: Turner

Indiana: Culver + Dieng + Bates-Diop + 1st round pick Wolves (lottery protected) + 2nd round pick Kings


1.) 20 Nov 2019 09:17:56
I think we can get a better offer for Turner
And i can't see sacramento giving up Hield.

2.) 20 Nov 2019 10:32:27
Yup, Sac passes promptly. Now, Turner for Dedmond and a lottery protected first?

3.) 20 Nov 2019 12:54:35
Dedmon is 30 years old and scoring 5.2 points a game.
Turner is a young borderline all star on a good contract.
We're looking for a better offer, not a worse. :-)

Culver and 1rnd pick Wolves (two young prospects is a mimimun we would want for him)



18 Nov 2019 00:56:55

Detroit: J.Wall + R.Hachimura + T.Brown + 1st round pick

They need a rebuild. they swallow Wall's contract but they can develop young guys until he comes back


Washington: B.Griffin + D.Rose + T.Snell

Bradley Beal is alone carrying Wizards team, with this trade, 3 capable starter will be helping him reach the playoffs



1.) 18 Nov 2019 13:45:33
And then Griffin opts out leaving Washington with nothing to show for young talent (Hachimura) and lottery pick.

2.) 18 Nov 2019 15:46:17
Blake has one more year before he can opt out after this year.

3.) 18 Nov 2019 17:30:32
Does that do anything to disprove my point?

4.) 18 Nov 2019 18:16:29
Well, it gives them a chance to extend him this offseason or re-trade him. It reduces the chances of him walking substantially.

5.) 18 Nov 2019 18:16:48
Getting off Wall is a win enough.

6.) 18 Nov 2019 19:12:44
You can't rebuild with Wall's contract, that's the problem. Okc can rebuild with Paul's contract because of all the picks they accumulated trading George and Westbrook. Washington's only chance at a rebuild is to trade Beal for picks and/ or young talent.

7.) 18 Nov 2019 20:44:48
You know how you rebuild under Wall's contract? Talent on rookie deals. Plus, we have no idea what "condition" Wall will be in after rehab.

8.) 19 Nov 2019 03:15:15
You have to trade for the talent and/ or the picks. One pick a year leaves no leeway to improve because first rounders are 50/ 50 at best. Smart thing is to get as much young talent as possible which means tearing down the roster.




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18 Nov 2019 01:47:41
Can you rank these guys based on their play this season.



1.) 18 Nov 2019 11:44:14
I'd put Doncic and Siakam at the top.
Not sure about the others, but Booker is doing decent.

2.) 18 Nov 2019 13:56:33
Siakam and Doncic on top. J. Brown on the bottom and some mixture of the rest inbetween.

3.) 18 Nov 2019 15:51:24
That's tough, because there's a few guys (Ingram, Wiggins, Brown, Booker) that I don't trust the early season success (either individual or team) .

4.) 20 Nov 2019 20:55:41

5.) 26 Nov 2019 13:33:49
Ingram maybe 4th or even 3rd?



10 Sep 2018 02:59:54
Do you guys think Celtics have the best asset to trade for a superstar? Or who else?


1.) 10 Sep 2018 09:20:15
The problem for boston is capspace, they have to give up to much to get a superstar. And they have so many assets, teams would want al lot to trade their superstar. (Nobody wants to be the next team that's been hustled by Ainge)

Phoenix, NY, Indy, The spurs, LA and the Clippers have some assets.

2.) 10 Sep 2018 11:07:33
For salary sake it’s Hayward or Horford would have to be included but yes if Davis or KD is available Celtics are in a good spot to land them don’t really know who else they would want.

3.) 10 Sep 2018 19:27:01
The teams that were Hustled by Ainge made bad deals. Because they got the stuff they wanted in return and it worked out better for Boston means Ainge hustled them? Not following that logic. Anyone that gets a package they like will make a deal. Sometimes it doesn't go well in the end. Evan Turner, Deng, Dieng, Batum, Mozgov, Noah, parsons are all examples of the fickle player v. s. Contract value debate.

4.) 10 Sep 2018 20:02:44
The only team Ainge really hustled was the Cavs. Brooklyn’s owner basically forced a terrible trade and Ainge was the beneficiary. The Cavs agreed to a deal and then realized how broken IT was. Ainge most likely downplayed it leading to the extra 2nd round pick. Pulling out was almost impossible for Cleveland after it went public. If IT was atleast close to the player of the previous year (in capability, not statistically) and Crowder buys in that’s a great trade for the Cavs.

5.) 10 Sep 2018 23:34:53
Ainge didn't hustle anyone. Net's hustled themselves.

6.) 12 Sep 2018 17:25:44
Without a doubt they do. They have Tatum, Brown, Rozier, and like 6 firsts in the next couple years (including a likely top 5 pick from the Kings) . The problem is that they might not have any interest in moving some of their best assets (namely Tatum and Rozier), and they don't have many "filler" contracts to trade for a player on a big deal.

But a package of Hayward/ Horford, Brown/ Tatum, Rozier, and the Kings first could get just about anyone in the NBA.



03 Sep 2018 11:32:30
Best per natural position East vs West

1st team

Pg Irving
Sg Oladipo
Sf Giannis
Pf Porzingis
Ce Embiid

Pg Curry
Sg Harden
Sf James
Pf Davis
Ce Towns

2nd team

Pg Wall
Sg Beal
Sf Kawhi
Pf Love
Ce Drummond

Pg Westbrook
Sg Butler
Sf Durant
Pf Green
Ce Gobert

damn Western Conference still has Cousins, Aldridge, PG, Klay, Paul


1.) 04 Sep 2018 13:53:21
Yea the west is loaded with all stars. It will be interesting to see who makes the all star teams this year. If they do the draft for the teams like last year I'm sure they are, and still make it the same amount of players from the East and the West a lot of players from the West will get snubbed and players from the East will be lucky and happy.

2.) 06 Sep 2018 02:44:24



Cant get inside against east but the 3 game will get them destroyed.



03 Sep 2018 11:24:57
Who would you rather have? Assuming all are healthy, again all are healthy. Not by position but by their skillset

Embiid or B.Simmons

Gobert or Porzingis

Mitchell or Jokic

M.Turner or Ingram

Davis or Giannis

Beal or McCollum

Towns or Tatum

Klay or P.George

D.Booker or J.Brown

Kawhi or Kyrie


1.) 03 Sep 2018 15:59:10
Embiid (for now, I think Simmons overtakes him soon)
Gobert (not very close)
Turner (not a huge fan of either)
Davis (very close)
McCollum (I guess, they’re basically the same)
Towns (that most likely changes after this year)
Klay (very similar players)
Booker (and it’s not close. I like Brown, but he’s a solid role player. Booker is an elite scorer)
Kawhi (not very close if you look at Leonard’s peak. The problem is that Kawhi has only done that for two years)

2.) 03 Sep 2018 18:13:53
Simmons based on his ceiling

Porzingas, he’s not the defender Gobert is, but he’s so much better on offense. You can limit a defenders impact somewhat.

Mitchell, he can be a great 2 way player.

Turner by a hair. Neither has even scratched the surface on what they could be.

Giannis. He’s already gotten his team to the playoffs more times than Davis and in a smaller time frame. Plus, he realistically could be the best player of all time, if he continues to improve. It’s only a slight chance, but if you were building an athlete in a lab to play basketball, it wouldn’t be far off from GA.

Beal, he’s younger and like Bmiller said, they’re almost clones.

Towns, if he develops correctly, he could be unstoppable on offense and a force on defense. The only player that can do what he could do is Davis and maybe Porzingis.

George, because he’s better defender and more rounded offensive player, but Klay fits seemlessly on any team.

I’d take Brown. He’s not the offensive player Booker is, but given the situation of the points, I don’t think there is as big a gap as raw stats show and Brown was near elite on defense last year. Booker is awful.

Kawhi by a lot. As soon as Irving was told traded to Boston he somehow magically went from a top 20 player to a top 10. Weird how much better the market made him. He’s a great offensive player, but a bad defender. Kawhi is probably a step behind him offensively, but defensively Leonard is miles ahead.

3.) 04 Sep 2018 14:23:57
Simmons, he has a high ceiling and he is a lot more versatile he can play PG SF and PF once he gets a solid jump shot its over.

Porzingis, again higher ceiling when you have someone 7ft or taller than can hit 3’s and control the ball as good as he can you have to take him.

Mitchell, even though he is a lil small for his position he has a great shot at being an All-NBA two way player in the future.

Turner, but close. Turner has good potential to control the Paint at both ends of the floor while also having the ability to step out past the 3 point line. Most bigs now can either defend well or play offense well not many do both and he has potential to do both.

Davis, we saw what he can do at the end of last season and playoffs he was dominating in the West and swept Portland in the Playoffs. If he plays the 5 more than the 4 I think he could one day average 30 pts 15 Reb which would be amazing.

Beal, a lil younger and a lil taller but they are almost the same.

Tatum, with Mitchell and Simmons this year I feel he was really overlooked by a lot of people, but he has amazing potential. Once he gets a lil more of an NBA body and improves a lil on defense this guy is going to be a beast. I could see him being a better version of Paul George.

George, I love Thompson he is overlooked and underappreciated, but I take George. We have seen George be the #1 go to guy in Indiana and he played the role very well led them the the conference finals where they lost to LeBron but it wasn't easy for LeBron. I would love to see Thompson be on a team where he is used more.

Brown, Booker is great on offense, but Brown doesn't have near the offensive opportunities as Booker because he is on a team with other all stars and a winning team. Booker plays with 0 all stars and on a rebuilding team. And Brown is a lot better at defense than Booker.

Kawhi, this one's easy when healthy best 2 way player in the NBA. But I love Irving and he is very clutch especially in the playoffs and finals where it matters most.

4.) 04 Sep 2018 14:33:16
I think Irving is better offensive player by allot then Leonard and Leonard way better defensive player then Irving. Irving does play defense though. I think Leonard was coached better and has a better IQ shot selection then Irving. Being coached better helps that iq. but Irving improved when he got coached by Stevens can't wait till this season to see but Leonard the better player but not by miles in my opinion.

5.) 05 Sep 2018 14:37:02
B. Simmons
D. Booker




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26 Nov 2019 22:05:12
Why would the Kings want 5 point guards?




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20 Nov 2019 07:25:56
Too much for Iggy.




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20 Nov 2019 07:25:26
Bogdanovic playing well. I would love to keep him if i were the Kings or use him in a trade for a star.




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13 Nov 2019 04:16:46
How is Russell garbage? He led Brooklyn to playoffs while the Knicks are out for quite sometimes.




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12 Nov 2019 01:32:44
This only favors Utah.





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