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11 Oct 2019 11:37:17

SAC receives: Whiteside, Little

POR receives: Dedmon, Ariza, multiple 2nd's

Has to wait until players signed this offseason can be traded - but POR will have a transition at Center late in the season anyway, with Nurkic coming back. Ariza would help their weakness at SF this season (basically on a 1 yr deal) and Dedmon is solid + more willing to accept a backup role than Whiteside (expiring). SAC gets a chance to see if Whiteside would work there and gets a good fit in Little. SAC has a lot of 2nd rounders to spare.


SAC receives: Adams, Ferguson
OKC receives: Bogdanovic, Dedmon, Swanigan (waived)

Once OKC figures out how to dump CP3, SGA + Bogdanovic would make a great backcourt combination. Even if Bogdanovic is not quite young enough, a starting opportunity should increase his value as an asset. OKC gets under tax line. SAC improves their starting lineup, and Ferguson is interesting too. Both are on two year contracts, like a lot of SAC's non-core players. Adams would set monster screens for Fox, and I think Bagley will improve his shooting enough so that spacing will not be a big issue.

I think going into the season with Dedmon / Giles / Holmes is still a great scenario - I just think they are in a good position to pivot and react at the Center position as the season goes on. I love having Bogdanovic as a sixth man, but he deserves more minutes at SG. Paying him the contract $ he will demand next offseason looks a little different if he is a SF half the time, not being fully utilized to his strengths as a playmaker. If he would accept a 4yr/$52m extension (most the Kings can offer as an extension), the Kings should do it.

11 Oct 2019 12:04:48
Dedmon was brought into Sacramento to be a stretch 5 in order to open up the lane for Fox and Bagley. Neither Whiteside nor Adams currently have that ability. Additionally, Dedmond can run with the Kings new up tempo offense, that Adams can't do and Whiteside does less than Dedmond does. So basically, the Kings would not be interested in these trades as they are constructed.

I also get the Bogdanovich dilemna. I just think there will be better options latter in the year when the injury bug bites some teams.

11 Oct 2019 12:48:05
The Portland trade was more about Little + Whiteside's expiring contract.

With Adams, the fit isn't perfect, but it seems like a safe option. Better options might come up, but I have a hard time seeing it backfire. He just seems like such a professional, similar to Barnes.

11 Oct 2019 16:53:17
Adams is a just a poor fit for what Sacramento is doing. I like what he would bring on the defensive end of the court, but he takes away too much from the offensive end to really justify the move. Especially if I have to give up Bogdan as well.

10 Oct 2019 10:52:46
Mavs need this strong guy in the middle and a quick 3&D as we can see if they wanna become contender!

So best fit!

- Lee, 1st pick
- Jackson, 2 x 2nd pick
- C.Webber, A.Iverson

Voila ! : )

10 Oct 2019 14:39:50
Kings say no. Counter offer with Hall of Famer Vlade Divac.

11 Oct 2019 06:01:58
This more mobil and flexible force in the middle like C. Webber is good fit. But since Divac is from Serbia and can hit the 3, maybe. : ) In this way he may get finally a ring. ; )

08 Oct 2019 11:20:21
Sacramento-Orlando-Golden State

Sacramento get Nikola Vucevic & Alec Burks
Get an all star center that will absolutely fit in with their roster. I'm confused on why they didn't offer him some money this summer

PG Fox-Joseph-Ulis
SG Hield-Burks-Guy
SF Barnes-Bjelica-Williams
PF Bagley-Giles
CE Vucevic-Dedmon-Holmes

Orlando get D'Angelo Russell, Yogi Ferrell & 2nd from Kings
Trade an allstar for an allstar but get what they need the most

PG Russell-Augustin-Ferrell
SG Fournier-Carter-Williams
SF Isaac-Ross-Iwundu
PF Gordon-Aminu-Okeke
CE Bamba-Birch

Golden State get Markelle Fultz, Trevor Ariza, Bogdan Bogdanovic & 2nd from Kings
Ariza will replace Iggy. Bogdanovic is a sharp shooter who can take place of Klay as he heals from injury and while Markelle is a question mark, he could be a bonus if he comes back healthy

PG Curry-Poole-Fultz
SG Bogdanovic-Thompson
SF Ariza-McKinnie-Robinson
PF Green-Paschall-Chriss
CE Looney-WCS-Spellman

08 Oct 2019 15:41:08
Kings would probably pass because of their depth at big man and Bogdan is their primary offense for the 2nd unit. This trade also taxes the wing depth as Bjelica is not a SF. Plus, we are not in the market for helping the Warriors.

05 Oct 2019 20:15:44
Trade deadline

Portland trades Bazemore+Little
Sacramento trades Ariza+Bjelica.

06 Oct 2019 02:48:07
Blazers is not doing this deal.

05 Oct 2019 17:45:40
After Dec 15th and when KAT asks for a trade.

Minny trades KAT
Sacramento trades Dedmond, Bogdanovich, Farrell and 2 first rounders (both lottery protected) .

05 Oct 2019 18:19:41
It’d take more for KAT.

05 Oct 2019 18:25:22
MIN says no. Adding KAT to SAC would be great for them, but they would have to give up more. MIN is going to want at least an all star/ all star potential or a high pick probably a combination of those 2 things and they get neither in this trade.

05 Oct 2019 18:57:50
Wow! Fredman, your first trade proposal and such a good one.

05 Oct 2019 19:45:40
Just giving what everyone wants. Agreements and homer trades. 🤪🙈🙉🙊.

05 Oct 2019 20:20:31
Fredman, yesterday you compared yourself with a GM 😂😂😂 now giving up after a couple of bad comments. 🤗🤗🍾.

05 Oct 2019 22:10:56
This off-season, KAT has appeared extremely happy to be the leader of the Timberwolves, and new GM Gersson Rosas brought back none of the vets, and only signed players that match KAT’s timeline.

That said, even of KAT hated it in MIN, if he asks for a trade December 15th, the Wolves would say . ”you mean in 2022, right? ” Towns is just starting a five year deal, and he won’t have the “trade me or be prepared to lose me for nothing}-leverage for several years.

And even if he did, this offer would be outbid by practically every team in the NBA. He is the total package offensively, never gets hurt, only 23 years old, and locked up for five full years? Who knows what this kid will become?

06 Oct 2019 00:28:07
Rodman he could still b like a GM. GM's say one thing then do another all the time. You can never trust what a GM says.

06 Oct 2019 14:39:37
No comment.

23 Sep 2019 19:01:29
3 Kings in ESPNS top 51-100 and none of them named Fox. I can work with that.

Hield, Bogdanovich and Bagley.

Only 1 Laker (Kuzma) . 2 Clippers (Beverly and Williams)

23 Sep 2019 20:38:12
so what your excuse this yr for not making the playoffs.

24 Sep 2019 02:47:38
We don't play in the easy East like the Knicks?

And other teams in the west have more top 50 players?

Kings 1, Lakers 2, Clippers 2, Golden Stste 3.

23 Sep 2019 08:34:13

Just for fun...

Sacramento receives: Millsap, Barton, Beasley, Morris

Denver receives: Barnes, Joseph, Bogdanovic, Bjelica

SAC depth:
Fox / Morris / Ferrell
Hield / Beasley / James / Guy (2W)
Barton / Ariza / FA
Bagley / Millsap / Gabriel (2W)
Dedmon / Giles / Holmes / Swanigan

DEN Depth:
Murray / Joseph / Dozier
Harris / Bogdanovic
Barnes / Craig / Porter / Cancar
Grant / Bjelica / Hernangomez / JV
Jokic / Plumlee / Bol(2W) /Cook(2W)

Sacramento makes a long-term play that gives them younger players who fit their style and clears cap (Millsap expiring) for next off-season. Fox / Morris and Hield / Beasley would make for a consistent, overwhelming backcourt with the pace that the Kings play at. They would have to be sure that Morris and Beasley's stats from last season were not a fluke, though.

Denver unites the Serbian National Team members! Barnes / Grant at the SF / PF spots are a better, more modern fit going forward than Barton / Millsap. They can switch more often on defense with a more versatile starting lineup, and can go offense/defense based on matchups at every position (now that they have Joseph at PG).

23 Sep 2019 11:58:06
I don't think the Nuggets would do this.

23 Sep 2019 13:27:57
Nuggets pass. Millsap is the anchor to their defense.

21 Sep 2019 00:46:54

CHI receives: Bogdanovic, Giles, Holmes, Bembry, 2x 2nd's (ATL)

SAC receives: Carter Jr., Valentine, Felicio

ATL receives: Dunn

21 Sep 2019 02:11:12
Rather keep Bogdanovich, Holmes, and Giles if I am Sac

Trying to figure out how Dunn is worth 2 draft picks and a young player.

This has Bulls homer written all over it.

17 Sep 2019 03:48:41

Houston receives: Dedmon, Giles

Sacramento receives: Capela

Houston trades for fit / depth / flexible assets (Giles is a good prospect, Dedmon has 2 years guaranteed on contract vs. 4 years with Capela). Dedmon's 3PT shooting at the center position helps clear the lane for Westbrook + Harden.

Sacramento already has the depth (Holmes now becomes backup center), so they combine a couple assets to acquire a better starter. Capela is still young / fits the timeline and is a complementary piece who won't take away from developing young stars (similar to Harrison Barnes). His shot blocking will help create more fast break opportunities.

17 Sep 2019 12:57:00
Kings signed Dedmond for hos "stretch" capabilities that Capella doesn't have, so they will most likely pass on this.

13 Sep 2019 03:15:43

SAC receives: Horford, Thybulle, Milton
PHI receives: Morris, Ariza, Ferrell
NYK receives: Dedmon

Fox / Joseph / Milton
Hield / Bogdanovic / James
Barnes / Thybulle
Bagley / Bjelica
Horford / Giles / Holmes / Swanigan
Simmons / Ferrell / Neto
Richardson / Smith / Korkmaz
Harris / Ariza / Ennis
Morris / Scott / Bolden
Embiid / O'Quinn
Smith / Payton / Ntilikina
Barrett / Ellington / Trier /Dotson
Knox / Bullock / Brazdeikis
Randle / Portis / Gibson
Robinson / Dedmon

13 Sep 2019 03:50:07
Would probably have to swap in Ennis for Thybulle, unless Philly has a greater need to move Horford. I don't think Horford at PF will last very long though.

13 Sep 2019 10:11:09
Cause he’s primarily going to be back up center.

09 Sep 2019 03:48:07
Brooklyn trades Joe Harris
Brooklyn gets Bjelica

With Chandlers suspension and Kurus' DUI, Brooklyn only really have 2 bigs and could use Bjelica's strech 4 capabilities.

Indy trades Miles Turner
Indy gets Joe Harris and Bogdan Bojanovich and lottery protected 1st.

Adds wing depth while Oladipo recovers and frees minutes for Bitadze.

Sacramento trades Bogdan Bojanovich, Bjelica, and lottery protected 1st
Sacramento gets Miles Turner.

Consolidates roster and makes and interesting front lines of Turner and Bagley.

09 Sep 2019 16:41:47
I like it for Indy and Sac. Questionable for Brooklyn, but possible.

09 Sep 2019 18:27:01
BMiller, if Sac tosses in a 2nd rounder to Brooklyn would that move them from "Questionable" to "Lets do it"?

11 Sep 2019 15:37:05
Indiana says no to this. Without getting a stretch 4 in return to compliment Sabonis then the Pacers say no. Sub Giles for Bajonovich and then maybe.

08 Sep 2019 10:34:44

SAC get Horford

PHI get Bjelica, Bogdanovic, Ariza & 1st round pick

Maybe a 3rd team to take Bjelica because of the trouble they had in the past with Philly. This only happens if Horford doesn't work out well with Embiid (i doubt though). This gives Philly some depth while Kings consolidated some assets for an established vet

08 Sep 2019 11:05:00
It feels like to much for Horford imo.

08 Sep 2019 13:28:39
No way the 6ers are tradong Horford. They consider him the answer to bringing the team together and teaching them how to win.

07 Sep 2019 05:48:23

To Orl: Bogdanovic, Bjelica, Ferrell & 1st round pick

To Sac: Gordon

07 Sep 2019 10:15:18
I’m not really a fan of it for either team. Bagley and Gordon are really similar and I think this is a step back for Orlando. I think they’re more likely to be buyers than sellers with the exception of Vucevic depending on where Bamba is at.

07 Sep 2019 10:35:48
Gordon was one of the guys I was targetting with my other post, but Orlando's roster is kind of full so I don't know how they take on additional players.

26 Aug 2019 08:33:48
Sac: Bamba

Orl: Y Ferrel+ 1rnd pick Kings

26 Aug 2019 10:34:17
Not giving up an unprotected 1st for Bamba. Will do 2020 lottery protected and if not conveyed, Orlando gets two 2nd round picks (1 2020 and 1 2021)

26 Aug 2019 10:41:10
Fredman, I think you’re underselling Bamba. Last year was always going to be more of a development year, while he gets stronger and works on his skill set on offense. He has a chance to be really good.

26 Aug 2019 11:22:00
Fully understand. Just not sure how Bamba gets minutes behind Dedmond when the Kings are also trying to develop Giles and Bagley. Just not willing to give up a lottery pick for a guy who the Kings probably can not fully invest in at this moment.

If Orlando can get a better offer, they should probably take it. Not sure who has a backup PG in need of a backup center to develop? New Orleans (Ball for Bamba)?

26 Aug 2019 12:05:28
i agree, the pick could be top 5 protected, but i don't think it's necessary. That Kings team would make the playoffs

*let them sign J Lin

C: Bamba/ Dedmon
Pf:Bagley/ Giles
SF:Barnes/ Ariza
SG:Hield/ Bogdanovic
PG:Fox/ J Lin

Fox is going to be an all star, Bamba 's in the running for MIP and that's a deep bench Bagley will improve and Both Hield and Barnes can pull up all star numbers.

31 Jul 2019 17:15:49
Kings - Brooks and 2nd
Grizzlies - Giles

Kings add needed wing depth
Grizzlies add another young big to pair w Clarke off bench



31 Jul 2019 18:26:59
Both griz SF won't be on roster long.

31 Jul 2019 22:27:29
Kings not trading fan-favorite Giles.

22 Jul 2019 20:30:52
Knicks can end up any where from 30 to 40 wins. But I like to see a more balance team.

Kings get Trier
Bucks get Dotson
Knicks get Wilson Swanigan

Kings can use quality depth at sg behind bogdanovic hield
Bucks lack a 1 SG/SF who can shoot behind Middleton Mathews Dotson
Connaughton Korver Brown. Thanis goes to g league. Bucks 6 bigs without wilson


23 Jul 2019 02:03:56
How many power forwards do the Knicks need and that’s a lo closet to a 20 win team than 30.

23 Jul 2019 13:35:36
Yeah seriously, you plan on running out a lineup of Portis, Gibson, Morris, Swanigan and Wilson or Robinson?

Knicks need to keep the backcourt players, not add more to the frontcourt.

22 Jul 2019 19:21:03
Rockets - Bjencia

Kings - Shumpert (s&t) and trade exception (Chriss)

- Rockets add stretch 4
- Kings add wing depth



23 Jul 2019 02:15:10
You can't start 4 guards on a nba team and win.

23 Jul 2019 03:19:25
Kings can just sign Shumpert to a vet min deal. So why should they send Bjelica to Houston for free?

02 Jul 2019 22:31:21
To use their trade exception Mavs should force two sign and trades:

Mavs: S6T Wright 3y 30m and MCS 3y 30m each with a team option
Grizzlies: Burke 1y 3m, 2x future 2nd
Kings: future 2nd

It may to much money for Grizzlies to match, since they have Morant.

MCS, Powell, Ante, Mejri
Porzee, Maxi
xxx, FinneyS, Roby
Doncic, Hardaway
Wright, Brunson, Curry, Barea

03 Jul 2019 03:14:48
WCS signed with the Warriors for a little more than the minimum. Should have taken that $6 mil QO.

02 Jul 2019 14:11:04
How about this three team trade

Warriors get
C Dwight Howard
Pf / willie Cauly stein
Sf bobby Simmons

Sacramento get
Pf Bobby Portis sign and trade
C Ian Mahimi
Warriors future 2 nd pick

C Demarcus Cousin sign in trade
Pg S Livingston

02 Jul 2019 15:04:37
Um, Bobby Portis already agreed to a contract with the Knicks.

And Bobby Simmons hasn't played a game in the NBA since 2012.

02 Jul 2019 16:30:44
WCS is a unrestricted Free agent now. Kings pulled their QO.

01 Jul 2019 14:35:50
Okc gets Bogdanovic, Bjelica, Sexton, Ferrel

Cavs get Adams, Patterson, Ferguson, Chicago 2nd via OKC

Kings get Love, Schröder

Cavs offload Love and can buyout Smith and Patterson for big savings. They don't need Sexton after drafting Garland. Ferguson could be a nice fit next to Garland tho.

Kings didn't want to do a Bogdanovic for Adams swap, but I could see them doing a Bogdanovic for Love swap. They also grab Schröder to backup Fox.

Okc gets shooting, cap relief. They bring back Noel at the MLE and trade Dre to Washington for Simmons and Howard. Cut Nader.

Russ, Sexton, Felton
Bogdanovic, Ferrel, Burton
George, Simmons, Diallo
Grant, Bjelica, Bazley
Noel, Howard, Muscala

01 Jul 2019 14:47:59
the Cavs turn this down in a hurry.

01 Jul 2019 15:00:33
Kings laugh then leak it so others can giggle.

01 Jul 2019 19:29:41
Damn, Shiller. You beat me to it.

Kings just spent $37 mil on Fox's backup and Love is no better than Adams in the Kings eyes. We want MOBILE big men that can block and shoot. Whiteside would have been more interesting than Love or Adams.

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