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13 Jun 2024 18:38:33
This trade idea was posted on the SI Fan Nation Atlanta Hawks site:

Atlanta gets Karl-Anthony Towns and Marcus Smart
Minnesota gets Dejounte Murray and Bodgan Bogdanovic
Memphis gets Clint Capela and Sacramento's 2025 1st round pick (top 12 protected in 2025, top 10 protected in 2026, else 2026 & 2027 2nd round pick) .

15 Jun 2024 12:56:10
A hawks fan posted that. I would have never guessed in a million years.

05 Jun 2024 17:42:17
Some lowkey moves from teams in the offseason if they cant pull a blockbuster trade.

Nuggets - sign Gordon Hayward
Pelicans/Magic - sign Tyus Jones
Lakers - find way to get Caruso & KCP back
Thunder - add Isaiah Hartenstein
Kings - trade away Huerter for a 3 and D wing like Caruso, Bruce Brown, etc. or PF who plays D like Vanderbilt etc.
Warriors - grab an available not so expensive big like Holmes, Capela or anyone

02 Jun 2024 17:51:53
Kings / Hawks / Pelicans

Kings - DeAndre Hunter & 1st round pick from Pelicans
- sign Taurean Prince

D Fox - K Ellis
K Huerter - M Monk
K Murray - T Prince - C Duarte
D Hunter - T Lyles - S Vazenkov
D Sabonis - A Len

Hawks - Brandon Ingram, Davion Mitchell, 2nd round pick Sacramento

T Young - D Mitchell
B Bogdanovic - A Griffin - K Bufkin
B Ingram - S Bey
J Johnson - O Okongwu
C Capela - A Sarr

Pelicans - Dejounte Murray, Harrison Barnes

D Murray - J Alvarado
C McCollum - D Daniels - J Hawkins
T Murphy - H Jones
Z Williamson - H Barnes - N Marshall
J Valanciunas - L Nance Jr

02 Jun 2024 21:07:09
Doesn't make sense from the Hawks perspective. Davion Mitchell can't fill Murrays shoes defensively. While Hunter for Ingram is a upgrade the report of Murray and young not playing well together is simply not true.

07 Jun 2024 13:05:16
Nope from Pels.

15 May 2024 23:56:16
Kings / Pelicans / Cavaliers

Kings get Mobley & Strus


Pelicans get Garland


Cavaliers get Mitchell, Ingram & Murray


18 May 2024 02:14:25
Cavs fan? 5ey end up with Murray Ingram and Davion Mitchell? Last thing kings need is another shooting guard especially if resign monk.

15 May 2024 13:43:40
1) Atl-Wolves

Wolves:Bogdanovic+Capela+ 1st pick 24


Orl: Murray
Nets: 1rnd pick Orl 24-25+ 1rnd pick sac (from atl) 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25

PG:T Young
sixth: Hunter

15 May 2024 14:41:31
Wolves are going to want more for KAT.

16 May 2024 07:57:31
Bogdanovic and Capela are on expiring contracts.
The Wolves get a first overall and capspace back so they have the flexibility to sign other players.
That's a good deal for the Wolves.

16 May 2024 13:37:02
A 1st overall in the weakest draft in decades lol stars are going for a lot more than expiring and a 1 in a week draft the wolves are going to want a few more 1sts before they think pecan think about it.

17 May 2024 14:18:54
Sarr and capspace so you can sign some good rollplayers is a good deal.
KAT is only the third best player on the team and they have to pay him over 50 million. He's a great offensive player, but this is Edwards team, 50 million for a second option that can't play defense is to much.

14 May 2024 01:09:36
Sac Ingram
NO. Huerter , Barnes 2024 1st 2026 1st

Sounds like they don't want to give a max deal to Ingram so will they get better than 2 1st round picks with him only on a 1 year deal ?

Kings shed Barnes and huerter still can offer monk 17.5 year deal

15 May 2024 01:14:19
Absolute opposite direction for Pels.

09 May 2024 18:06:17
Ok, explain if I'm wrong. Trades don't need to match salaries if acquiring team is below the salary cap.

Kings trade huerter and Barnes to 76ers after 76ers relinquish cap holds on hield and Harris..effectively replace those two with cheaper options (and probably not worse).

This trade can happen with kings taking nothing back ? Can lose these salaries this way if both parties wanted this ?

09 May 2024 18:14:08
Yes that's legal.

09 May 2024 22:51:51
If that’s legal and 76ers would actually do it, would even throw in a second round pick to shed the salary…then kings can offer a max deal to siakam or OG correct?

Fox/ Mitchell
OG or siakam
Sabonis/ Len

Short story get rid of huerter, barnes and don’t resign monk if can get a legit max level wing…. OG, siakam or maybe even derozan.

Obviously not sure 76ers would want to take on those contracts but do think there is a team who needs shooting that would take huerter contract.

10 May 2024 15:48:23
Why would the Sixers use their cap space for those bums instead of offering Jimmy George or Derozan?

05 May 2024 07:56:15
Kings / Sixers / Clippers

Kings acquire: Tobias Harris

Sixers acquire: Paul George & Kevin Huerter

Clippers acquire: Harrison Barnes, 1st round pick Sacramento Kings

Could this work under cba rules? Given that all party agrees.

07 May 2024 09:17:06
Why would the Kings do this.
They better cut Philly out and keep Paul George

Kings: PG13
Clippers: Barnes+Huerter+1rnd pick Sac

C: Sabonis


08 May 2024 20:59:04
Harris is a free agent.

29 Apr 2024 07:32:09

Sacramento receives: Walker, McConnell

Indiana receives: Barnes, rights to SAC '24 1st (#13), POR '25 pick

SAC depth:
Fox / McConnell / Mitchell
Huerter / Ellis / Jones
Murray / Duarte /
Walker / Lyles / Vezenkhov
Sabonis /

IND depth:
Haliburton / Nembhard /
Mathurin / Sheppard / Brown
Nesmith / Barnes /
Siakam (FA) / Toppin (RFA) /
Turner / Smith (PO) / Jackson

29 Apr 2024 13:00:37
I think it's a fair trade, but i rather keep McConnell and develop Wallace.

29 Apr 2024 01:37:26
Chi derozan (s&t)

Kings Barnes, huerter and 2024 1st

08 Apr 2024 06:07:27

Sacramento receives: Bridges, Finney-Smith, Bates-Diop

Brooklyn receives: Huerter, Barnes, Vezenkhov, Jones, '25 1st, '26 1st swap, '27 1st, '28 1st swap, '29 1st, '25 POR 2nd

SAC depth:

Fox / Mitchell / FA
Bridges / Monk (re-sign) / Ellis
Murray / Duarte / Edwards (re-sign)
Finney-Smith / Lyles / Bates-Diop
Sabonis / FA / Len (re-sign)

BKN depth:

Simmons / Schroeder / FA
Thomas / Huerter / Jones
Barnes / Wilson / Whitehead
Johnson / Vezenkhov / Clowney
Claxton (re-sign) / Sharpe / FA

08 Apr 2024 07:41:56
I like Bridges going to Sacramento

3 1st and 2 swaps is an overpay, but the Nets can ask a lot for him.

27 Mar 2024 13:11:08
Kings: Randle
Nets:D Mitchell+ Barnes+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Was 25 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Kings 25+ 1rnd pick Knicks 26



29 Mar 2024 21:45:09
From the Nets perspective, Mitchell and Barnes have no value, the Dallas pick is garbage, the Washington pick is a fake 1st that won't convey, the Kings pick is mediocre, and the Knicks pick is garbage.

It will take premium assets for Brooklyn to give up Bridges.

10 Apr 2024 01:12:42
Randle to Kings is Horrible.

24 Mar 2024 19:06:05
Does a Harrison Barnes for Jonathan Isaac trade make any sense for both teams? Sac gets a PF playable next to Sabonis and Orl gets a veteran known for his leadership.

24 Mar 2024 20:42:31
I can’t see any way Orlando would do that.

25 Mar 2024 06:08:02
So who is mentoring/ leading this team in the locker room?

25 Mar 2024 13:03:23
Magic should sign Bruce Brown instead. Isaac is a defensive monster.

25 Mar 2024 15:57:24
THey can get someone in the Garrett Temple/ Thad Young mold. No need to give up Isaac for a substantially worse player.

25 Mar 2024 23:35:04
I get the idea of it. But Mentoring doesn’t carry that price tag. Orlando needs to keep their core intact.

29 Mar 2024 20:37:36
Isaac was going to be a key member for the Magic before he got hurt (several times) . They decided to keep him and pay him even though he didn't play for 3 years or so. Since then, he was replaced by Banchero and Franz, but he is still a key contributor off the bench. Orlando has a good young team that is starting to come together. No need to bring in anyone in a "mentor" role.

17 Mar 2024 19:50:51
Nets/Raptors/Kings Offseason Moves

Raptors receive Ben Simmons 2026 1st (Kings) lottery protected 2026 2nd (Pistons or Magic or Bucks) 2026 2nd (Nets)

Nets receive Kevin Huerter & Chris Boucher

Kings receive Bruce Brown

18 Mar 2024 00:35:05
Kings say no I think, Nets are getting a lot of value. I think they have to give a first.

19 Feb 2024 12:23:18
Kings: Markannen
Jaz:Barnes+ 1rnd pick 26-28+ 1rnd pick 30 (top 10 protected)+swap option 25-27

20 Feb 2024 04:08:24
I can’t see the Kings getting Markkanen without giving up Murray.

07 Feb 2024 19:44:22

Sacramento receives: Caruso, Carter, Taylor

Chicago receives: Huerter, Mitchell, '26 first, '25 2nd via POR

Sacramento depth:
Fox / Carter
Caruso / Monk / Jones
Barnes / Duarte / Edwards / Taylor
Murray / Lyles / Vezenkhov
Sabonis / McGee / Len

Chicago depth:
White / Mitchell / Ball
Huerter / Dosunmu / Terry / LaVine
DeRozan / Phillips
Williams / Craig
Vucevic / Drummond

Sacramento may end up adding more in a bidding war, but I think taking Carter's contract off Chicago's hands helps their case. SAC has shown willingness to overpay for the right player in the past.

08 Feb 2024 19:40:55
King's most recent GM doesn't overpay. Now, when Vlade Divac was the GM there was a ton of overpaying.

11 Feb 2024 11:23:48
Kings GM do not pay - and - do not win. :: ) ) ) LOL.

11 Feb 2024 15:36:14
@Dalcon. looking at the current standings. Kings > Mavs.

Looking at last season's playoff bracket. What seed were the Mavs? Oh that's right, their GM TOLD them to loose games.

11 Feb 2024 16:01:51
Look where they are - and imagin where they will be ; )

07 Feb 2024 03:18:56

Sacramento receives: Shamet, Wright, Grimes

New York receives: Huerter, Mitchell

Washington receives: Fournier, Flynn, 2 future 2nds from New York

07 Feb 2024 08:54:59
Why would sacramento do this?

07 Feb 2024 15:42:50
More guards is the last thing the Kings need.

07 Feb 2024 19:06:34
Wright and Shamet are essentially expiring unless the Kings want to keep their bird rights. For this season they would just need to produce more than Davion Mitchell, which is not difficult. Grimes would be a more defensive minded replacement for Huerter. Without Huerter's contract on the books for next season, they may have a better chance of re-signing Monk in the offseason.

08 Feb 2024 19:01:16
The issue with resigning Monk is nothing to do with cap space. It has to do with Bird Rights on a two-year deal which Capps the Kings offer at around $17 mil per year.

30 Jan 2024 14:23:05
Nets - murray, huerter

Murray/Smith Jr

Atl - dinwiddie, 2 1st from nets, pick swap from kings, a 1st or 2 2nds from Kings


Kings - dfs, walker


31 Jan 2024 03:35:38
How is Lonnie Walker on DHOs?

31 Jan 2024 14:23:28
Why does Sacramento do this?

21 Jan 2024 20:19:57

Sacramento receives: Herb Jones, Jeff Green

New Orleans receives: Sasha Vezenkhov, Ja'Sean Tate, '26 SAC 1st, '28 SAC 1st, '25 POR 2nd via SAC

Houston receives: Harrison Barnes

SAC depth:
Fox / Mitchell
Huerter / Monk / C. Jones
H. Jones / Duarte / Edwards
Murray / Lyles / Je. Green
Sabonis / Len / McGee

NOP depth:
McCollum / Daniels / Alvarado
Ingram / Hawkins
Murphy / Marshall / Tate
Williamson / Vezenkhov / Liddell
Valunciunas / Nance / Zeller

HOU depth:
VanVleet / Holiday
Ja. Green / Thompson / Bullock / Oladipo
Brooks / Barnes / Whitmore
Smith / Eason
Sengun / Landale / Marjanovic

21 Jan 2024 21:54:53
That is an easy easy no from Pels.

23 Jan 2024 01:50:16
That is an even easier no from Sacramento.

17 Jan 2024 10:29:15

BKN get Davion Mitchell, Davis Bertans & 1st round pick from OKC, protected 1st from SAC (2 2nds if not conveyed)
- gets a young point guard & picks

SAC get Dorean Finney-Smith & Royce Oneale
- 2 defensive players that they need

OKC get Harrison Barnes
- get a vet leader

17 Jan 2024 13:38:07
Don't know why Sacramento does this. They give up the best player in this trade and a 1st round pick.

18 Jan 2024 17:43:19
I have to ask. Are you referring to Barnes or Mitchell as the best player?

19 Jan 2024 14:53:40
Why would OKC do that, for Harrison Barnes.

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