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26 Sep 2019 12:36:43
OKC: J Wall+ 1rnd pick 2020+ 2020 2rnd pick Chicago+ 2023 second round pick Chicago

Was: Gallinari+schroder

OKC keep CP3 this year, his value will be higher next year, so they could trade him in 2020 or go for a buyout if they can't find a tradepartner.

Was retools around Beal

26 Sep 2019 13:14:15
Those need to be 1sts. Wall’s contract is dumb.

26 Sep 2019 15:47:04
You are gambling that Paul can actually stay healthy for a season. Not sure I would put all my eggs in that basket.

26 Sep 2019 21:41:28
OKC still has SGA, so they don't put there eggs in one basket. SGA can make enough minutes, so paul can stay healty

OKC get 3 picks for J Wall, who's still only 29.

26 Sep 2019 10:21:44

CHI get D'Angelo Russell & Tyrone Wallace
- get an allstar point guard who excelled in the east last year. Form a formidable young core who can develop and compete at the same time

Pg Russell/Dunn
Sg Lavine/Satoransky
Sf Porter/Wallace/Valentine
Pf Markannen/Gafford
Ce Carter/Kornet

GS get Thad Young, Robert Covington, Ryan Arcidiacono & 1st round pick CHI
- get players that will give them great fit and a small ball of Curry, Thompson, Covington, Young, Green would be deadly

Pg Curry/Arci/Poole
Sg Thompson/Burks
Sf covington/Robinson/McKinnie
Pf Green/Young/Smailagic
Ce Looney/WCS/Paschall

MIN get Coby White, Christiano Felicio & 1st round pick CHI (lottery protected)
- i know that they value Covington well but in this deal they get another young player to develop with Towns and Culver. Felicio there to match salaries

Pg Teague/White/Napier
Sg Culver/Okogie
Sf Wiggins/Bates/Graham
Pf Vonleh/Layman/Felicio
Ce Towns/Dieng/Bell

26 Sep 2019 14:19:09
horrible for wolves.

26 Sep 2019 09:59:24

CHI get Bradley Beal
- try to compete and make the playoffs with an allstar player

Pg White/Dunn/Arci
Sg Beal/Satoransky
Sf Porter/Valentine/Hutchison
Pf Young/Gafford
Ce Markannen/Felicio

OKC get Zach LaVine
- get a future partner for Shai. For now play a small ball with 3 back courts

Pg Paul/Shai
Sg Lavine/Diallo/Nader
Sf Shai/Roberson
Pf Gallinari/Bazley
Ce Adams/Noel

WAS get Wendell Carter Jr, Dennis Schroeder, Terrance Ferguson, OKC 1st round pick or DEN + HOU 1st, CHI 1st round pick

26 Sep 2019 14:20:06
might have to swap carter and Markannen.

27 Sep 2019 06:50:19
MIN desperately needs a PG of the future, and they still passed on Coby White in the draft, I think they liked Garland, and didn’t want White,

25 Sep 2019 13:53:36
Cavs Thunder Houston

Cavs receive

Thunder receive
Nance Jr

Rockets receive
2022 second round pick back from Cavs
2023 second round pick from Thunder

Trade two:
Cavs Wizards

Cavs receive
2020 second round pick from Chi or Memphis
2024 second round pick

Wizards receive

Trade one Thunder get out of Paul's contract and give up expandable players like Adams and Schroeder who they tested the market for this past of season. While they also add expiring contracts and a good young player in Nance Jr.
Houston gets their third star to play with Westbrook and Harden. Love knows how to be the third option on a championship caliber team and the rockets get 2 seconds to their depleted draft stock.

Trade two: I believe this is the best the Wizards could get for Wall and his contract., Two good role players on expiring contracts and a replacement for Wall with Clarkson who could match his offensive production and Thompson would become the best Center they have after this trade.

I already know what people will say. Why bring in 3 guards when you already have Sexton and Garland and it's going to stunt their development. I disagree big time. Sexton and Garland will only learn from Paul, Wall and Schroeder and while Walls out the Cavs could play Paul and Sexton as the starters with Garland and Schroeder as the back ups. Paul could mentor Sexton and Schroeder could do that for Garland while on and off the floor. Then add the leadership of Wall and giving his insight. Then the amount that someone like Garland especially could absorb is maxed out. Frees up space for Porter Jr and Windler behind Osman. Also you have two dominant defensive big men in Capela and Adams starting. This team may not be a top 5 east team this year but next year with the development of the young core and chemistry built up, this is has potential to be a contenting team in the east. Better than what the Cavs could have for the next 4 years.

Cavs depth Chart
Osman/Porter Jr/ Windler

25 Sep 2019 14:11:46
Why would the Cavs do this? They get one player of value in Capela and they give up their best player to get two god awful contracts at pg and they end up with 4 pgs that should be or will want to start next season and 2 starting centers that can’t play another position. You just made a bad team with a ton of long term money on the books. The wall deal in particular is ridiculous. 2 2nds to take on that contract? I’d want 3 1sts to even consider it. Paul isn’t a mentor. By all accounts his teammates don’t like him and he’s hard to play with. Schroeder has been a head case and forced himself off a bad team already. Both guys are going to want out. Delly and Knight are both guys that are just happy to be on nba rosters collecting big checks and both can be mentors. Delly seems like one of the ultimate team guys and Knight has been on record talking about how Sexton and him have similar skill sets and that he can help Sexton develop. By the time Love was back, the locker room seemed to be in a good shape. Not to mention the Cavs would be in the luxury over this nonsensical abomination of a team.

25 Sep 2019 21:42:58
Haha I knew you would love this trade Rkenne. I understand this isn’t believable but I think the Cavs should look at it. The Cavs need more playmakers. I know that Garland could develop into the play maker but he isn’t ready to start and if they have Garland develop with the second unit and have either Sexton Or Schroeder beside him. The pressure wouldn’t be on him to produce and they would let the game come naturally to him. Paul and Schroeder attitude shouldn’t be a problem. Both would be more motivated after this trade to prove everyone wrong. Wall is already motivated with his injury. Capela and Adams are both young and yes centers but defensively they would be able to control the key area themselves. Also any team trying to deal with the size of Capela and Adams would struggle. Having both would mean more rebounds and thus opportunity for the speed of the guards to run the break or pull up from deep. Try contending the size down low then also match the speed of the three guards. Would be difficult to do. Gives the rookies more playing time as well so they could develop. Do they go into luxury yes. But giving time for this team to build chemistry would only help them. Cavs keep all the young developmental pieces in this trade as well. With the draft lottery even being a bottom 3 team doesn’t guarantee a good draft pick as we know so why not go for is and give the fans a reason to be excited except wait another few years and we may be good. I honesty do believe this team could contend next year once Wall returns but got to take a risk in Cleveland for them to have a chance as we know.

25 Sep 2019 22:03:20
If they could keep Love and get Paul, Roberson and Gallinari, then maybe you consider it. Then you flip Sexton for something. Wall is guy who’s game is largely predicated on him being athletic and he blew out his Achilles. He has a 4 year super max contract. It’s easily the worst contract in the league.

26 Sep 2019 02:34:16
Cavs have nothing of value for the Thunder other than picks. Why would the Thunder trade Adams, Paul, Gallinari, etc. For players that are worse than the Thunder's bench players?

26 Sep 2019 11:14:14
Paul and Schroeder both have negative value. A trade that let's you get off of them and isn’t sending out young talent is a win.

24 Sep 2019 20:02:15
Thunder - Wizards

Thunder gets:
Mahinmi (expiring)
Miles (expiring)
Bertans (expiring)
2020 2nd rd pick (Chicago or Memphis)
2022 2nd rd pick (Lakers, Chicago or Detroit)
2023 2nd rd pick

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

24 Sep 2019 20:34:04
And this helps Washington how? They should be acquiring assets, not trading them away. That's why I think they should trade Beal.

24 Sep 2019 21:01:14
Washington wants to convince Beal to sign an extension.

21 Sep 2019 23:40:01
Dallas gets Paul, okc 1st, Chicago 2nd

Orlando gets Hardaway, okc 1st, Memphis 2nd

Okc gets Gordon, Lee

22 Sep 2019 14:07:46
I don’t see why Orlando would trade Gordon? I keep seeing it on here over and over, but they’re young and they look like a perennial playoff team. Plus they have a lot of upside on the roster. Gordon is pretty good and locked up on a reasonable deal.

22 Sep 2019 16:11:20
Because Gordon is more of a 4, and they have an abundance of bigs. He seems like the odd man out.

22 Sep 2019 17:07:03
Odd man out vs. player that can get best return (once teams stop trying to lowball the Magic) .

22 Sep 2019 20:45:16
It feels like Vucevic to me. Gordon can play some 3 and 5.

19 Sep 2019 12:17:40
Okc moves SGA and keeps Paul after failing to find a trade partner

Okc gets Porter, Markkanen, Hutchinson

Chi gets Gallinari, Roberson, Shai

For Chicago, they place themselves in good position for the playoffs. They add a defensive ace and a now upgrade at the 4. White and Shai are a great building combo for a backcourt that has been a mess for years.

For OKC, they downgrade now at the 4 but upgrade for the future. They have more control over these contracts moving forward and trim cap. This makes them a very interesting playoff team.

Paul, Schroeder, (Felton?)
Ferguson, Diallo, Burton
Porter, Hutchinson, Nader
Markkanen, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel, Patton

19 Sep 2019 13:14:37
Seriously doubt Bulls give up Markannen.

19 Sep 2019 17:51:25
No way thunder give up sga

19 Sep 2019 19:44:13
You're working under the impression that Gallo is better than Markkanen, which I don't believe to be true.

18 Sep 2019 02:58:34
Small, but realistic?

MIN GETS: Kris Dunn
CHI GETS: $2.3 mil in savings, Treveon Graham and Tyrone Wallace (with around $1.3M of his contract guaranteed)

Even if they simply dumped Graham and Wallace, they take $2.35 mil off the books and open a roster spot. However the Bulls could use some wing depth, so they could take a flier. I think Dunn is dead money in CHI, and expect him to get no minutes. They paid Satoransky to start, Boylen loves Arcidiacono, and Coby White was the #7 pick and needs whatever minutes that are left.

MIN is shallow at PG if Teague or Napier get injured, and Rosas likes 25 year olds on one year contracts. They could sign some guy on the borderline of the NBA for a minimum contract, or pay a little more and get Dunn.

It comes down to MIN may use Dunn and CHI probably will not.

18 Sep 2019 12:51:23
You can get someone after the training camp cuts that is probably just as good as Dunn for less than $2.3 mil.

17 Sep 2019 01:17:15
Bulls: Iguodala

Grizzlies: Felicio, Dunn, Kornet & lottery 1st (could be 2 2nd rounders)

16 Sep 2019 22:02:08
Bulls - Celtics - Thunder

Bulls gets:

Celtics gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Porter Jr.
2020 1st rd pick (Bucks via Celtics)

16 Sep 2019 22:22:46
Why is everyone trying to trade Hayward? I just don't get it.
He's not going to be traded. If he was, it would have happened already.

17 Sep 2019 01:50:09
JoeB -- Teams think that they can buy low on Hayward after last year's bad season. Celtics fans don't want to take 60 cents on the dollar, though. I would not take Schroeder and Gallinari for him.

17 Sep 2019 09:04:59
You are right supercolider, people are trying to get him on the cheap, which is why Ainge has shut those teams down. according to one GM, he tried to sell his owner on Hayward while getting him on the cheap. Shut down immediately by Ainge.

17 Sep 2019 15:31:57
"He's not going to be traded. If he was, it would have happened already. "

So if someone hasn't yet been traded, that's proof they won't be? lol.

14 Sep 2019 15:16:55
Another Paul trade idea

Thunder get Iguodala, Williams, Crowder, Monk
***Cut salary, check. Retain most of the picks, check. Create better roster balance, check. I like this as well as I believe that Okc is a low key landing spot for Giannis one day. They'll have picks, young players, cap space, and spacing.

Hornets get Paul, 2020 Denver 1st
***With Kemba gone, they double down on remanning the pg position. If Paul works out, great. If not, they still have Rozier. They add a first. This also sends Paul East which allows him a better shot at the playoffs this season.

Grizz get Biyombo, 2020 Chicago 2nd via okc, their 2024 2nd via okc
***They won't get a 1st for Iggy, but two seconds is not bad. Plus, Biyombo can help with shot blocking and is a nice alternative to Jonas.

14 Sep 2019 17:24:02
Grizzlies will pass until trade deadline on hopes for a better offer for Iggy + Crowder (Whiteside and 2020 first, perhaps? )

14 Sep 2019 20:25:13
Or LeBron and a 1st? Since Nuric (? ) is long term injuried Portland will start Whiteside .

14 Sep 2019 22:47:49
Hmmmm. Didn't I say trade deadline? I thought I said trade deadline. Let's see. Oh, what do you know? I did say trade deadline. Also, read 2 different report suggesting Nurkic could be back by the trade deadline as well. Or can change into Iggy + Plumlee for Whiteside + Skal + pick.

07 Sep 2019 00:12:29
Bulls trade hornets

Bulls get marvin williams and 2nd round pick

Hornets get K.dunn and C. Huchinson

07 Sep 2019 06:51:30
Salaries don't match for teams over the salary cap.

02 Sep 2019 13:43:49

OKC get Marvin Williams (exp)
CHA get Dennis Schroder, bulls 2020 2nd

CHA has to many players at SF they are a rebuilding team not a competing team so they get rid of the older player age 33 to open more time for their young developing players. Their PG position is a lil weak so they bring someone in to push Rozier for the starting spot so they both play their best not being guarnteed a starting spot. Which ever one of them doesn't start comes off the bench and they have a good back up PG. Schroder is in my opinion the better of the 2 players involved in this trade and he is 8 years younger, but since they take on the extra year of schroders contract they get a 2nd round pick.

OKC gets another expiring contract on top of Gallinari and Robersons to open salary for next year. They bring in some F depth, not knowing how well Roberson will return after his injury they could use some better SF depth, and they could use a lil more PF depth as well which Williams can play.

What do yall think is it fair for both sides?

02 Sep 2019 17:20:56
Why would Charlotte be interested in a draft pick that most likely not convey from Chicago to OKC (Protected from 31 to 55)? Might as well just say the 2 players straight up which means Charlotte has to take on Schroeder's future salary which I doubt they will for a backup PG.

Now if OKC added their own 2020 2nd or Denver's 2020 first, then I think they may get Charlotte's interest in doing this deal.

28 Aug 2019 08:35:10
Bulls - Thunder

Bulls gets:

Thunder gets:
Dunn (expiring)

28 Aug 2019 00:43:42

Eastern shake up

BOS: Bradley Beal & Thad Young


CHI: Jaylen Brown & Marcus Smart


WAS: Kris Dunn, Gordon Hayward, Memphis 1st round pick, Bulls 1st round pick & 2nd round pick from Bulls & Celtics

28 Aug 2019 11:08:16
That’s awful for the Wizards. You’d need the Memphis pick to move Hayward at this point. The Wizards get shafted. Especially given the recent trades we’ve seen.

28 Aug 2019 19:22:40
It’s actually not Wizards get two firsts and a decent amount of seconds.

20 Sep 2019 18:01:10
The bulls and grizz pucks will both be top 15. Plus wizards own pick. That's 3 top 3 people.

27 Aug 2019 16:02:38
CHI GETS: Gorgui Dieng + MIN 2021 2nd

MIN GETS: Felicio + Kris Dunn (+ Kornett if CHI wanted in December?)

Why for CHI? Felicio ($8.2, $7.5) is unplayable dead weight, and with the signing of Satoransky and drafting Coby White (and Arcidiacono in the wings), Dunn ($5.4) looks like a waste of minutes and dollars. Zach LaVine played especially well with Dieng, particularly in DHO's. Dieng is also a hard worker and would also be a good locker mentor for Wendell Carter Jr and the surprising Gafford. If CHI wanted to include Kornett ($2.2, $2.3) in the deal, I think that would be OK for MIN.

Why for MIN? Rosas seems to be stressing a "1-center-1-ballhandler-3-wings" approach, and that Covington would play more PF, so that might mean less time for Dieng ($16.2, $17.3). He also added Noah Vonleh and Jordan Bell as well, and Towns plays a lot of minutes and is ridiculously healthy. Dunn isn't worth much, but he could be PG insurance, behind Teague (who we just found out, was dinged up all last year), and then MIN only has Shabazz Napier. This saves MIN $10 mil next season - more if they end up stretching Felicio. This summer, Rosas' signings were basically giving opportunities to some uninspiring young players, and Dunn and Kornett might fit that.

23 Aug 2019 21:05:21

CHI gets Dragic, Schroeder, Winslow, ‘20 pick via MIA (draft day)

OKC gets Porter, Waiters, and 2nd rd pick via CHI ‘21

MIA gets Gallo, Lavine


Colby/ Dragic
Schroder/ Dunn
Winslow/ Hutchinson
Lauri/ Thad Young
Carter/ Felicio

Shai/ Bazley
Roberson/ Waiters

24 Aug 2019 00:48:41
Dragic and Gallo can't be traded on draft day 2020. Really, dude?

25 Aug 2019 22:50:00
Come on Fredman, you know they were talking about trading the players now and promising to give them their 1st Rnd player on the day of the draft.

The only way Miami has any kind of draft asset to offer anyone until 2025.

Just say you didn’t like the trade.

26 Aug 2019 08:25:21
So now we are "promising" draft pick trades to get around the Stepien Rule. Commissioner is not going to be cool with "draft pick to be named later" added to trades like Baseball does.

23 Aug 2019 13:53:28
Chicago bulls get: Bradley Beal

Washington wizards get: Zach Lavine, 2020 1st unprotected, 2022 top 10 protected.

23 Aug 2019 14:34:58
And how does Chicago take on the $7+ mil in salary when they are over the salary cap and have no trade exceptions?

23 Aug 2019 16:25:46
Add Felicio and a 2nd.

21 Aug 2019 14:40:45
OKC MIN after Dec 15

OKC get Wiggins, Dieng, Teague
MIN get Paul, Schroder, Roberson, 2020 CHI and 2021 OKC 2nd round picks, or Den 2020 1st instead of 2 2nds

Paul's contract is a lil worse than Wiggins but a year shorter. Paul is older than Wiggins but would fit with Towns better. This part is close but OKC is prob getting the better of this part.

Diengs contract is worse than Schroders. They have the same amount of years but Dieng is making a lil more and is a worse player. Schroder can come off the bench behind Paul be a good 6th man for them. I say Min gets the better of this part.

Teague and Roberson both expire after this season but Teague is the better player right now he is healthier. Teague does make more than Roberson and is over paid but OKC win this part of the trade.
I compaired them by contracts. Worse contract, 2 year contracts, and expiring contracts.
OKC won 2 of the 3 parts of the trade and this shold get them under the luxury tax so Min gets the picks to even it up.
What do yall think? Fair for both teams?

22 Aug 2019 00:23:08
Why wait until Dec 15th? 60 day wait on traded players, right? No one here was a FA signing.

22 Aug 2019 11:28:34
Yea my bad Fredman you're right. It can take place after September 14.

12 Aug 2019 15:19:52
Bulls trade blazers

Blazers get o.porter

Bulls get K.bazemore,A. Tolliver and N. Little

12 Aug 2019 16:37:02
From a Portland perspective, I think I'd take that. It still leaves them with the assets to swing another big deal, but is a big improvement at a position of perpetual weakness.

13 Aug 2019 19:53:24
no thanks.

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