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15 Jul 2019 15:49:27
Pacers: Porter Jr. Harris

Nuggets: Leaf, 2 1st, 2 2nds, Mcdermott, Sumner.

15 Jul 2019 17:49:15
Indy doesn't have the $10 mil in cap space for the additional salary for Harris + Porter, Jr.

15 Jul 2019 18:32:17
Denver is giving up the two best things in the deal. Seems like a big no from them. It seems like they're a bit obsessed with Porter, I don't see him being traded unless they can land a star.

15 Jul 2019 15:43:46
Pacers: Anunoby

Raptors: Leaf, Mcdermott, 2 2nds.

12 Jul 2019 19:54:34
Pacers - Crowder
Grizzlies - McDermott Leaf and 2

Pacers - Langford and G.Williams
Celtics - Sabonis




12 Jul 2019 20:10:11
And Pacers do that deal with Boston why?

13 Jul 2019 01:52:19
No way pacers make that trade with Celtics.

11 Jul 2019 18:10:41

Warriors: Leaf (Need more bigs)

Pacers: Poole


Celtics: Mcdermott, 2 2nd’s

Pacers: Edwards


Bulls: Holiday, Sabonis, 2 1st’s

Pacers Markkanen


Brogdon/ Edwards
Oladipo/ Lamb/ Poole
Warren/ A. Johnson
Markkanen/ Bowen
Turner/ Goga

Legitimate contender in East.

11 Jul 2019 19:29:13
That's a hell no from Boston. They're thinking Edwards will fill that bench scoring PG role that Rozier was filling.

11 Jul 2019 22:32:32
Tue Bulls aren’t trading Markannen.

08 Jul 2019 05:43:25
I would like to see the Pacers make 1 more move. Not a big fan of Doug McDermott's play. Sorry Doug but your defense is atrocious.
According to Yahoo Sports Minnesota may make Robert Covington Available in a trade. So....

Pacers receive Robert Covington
Minnesota Receives McDermott + 1 or 2 future second round picks.

When Victor returns you are looking at:


Covington would be the oldest player at 28 and these young men could be together for a few years.

08 Jul 2019 06:14:48
Minny will get better offers for Covington. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on Golden State as part of a package for Dangelo Russell. RoCo essentially becomes Iggy's replacement on the Warriors.

08 Jul 2019 16:33:41
You mat be right in that Minnesota may get better offers but I don't think one of them will be from Golden State. i believe they are "hard capped" so unless they can find a way to send more salary out then the salary due RoCo then it not in the cards. Still it would be nice to see him added to this Pacer team.

08 Jul 2019 18:53:47
Roco + Teague for Dlo + Jacob Evans keeos the Warriors under the hard cap.

09 Jul 2019 21:52:11
That would keep them under but why would they trade Russell after they jumped through hoops to get him?

07 Jul 2019 01:08:52

OKC gets Myles Turner, TJ Warren, IND 2020 1st rd pick,

ORL gets Mcdermott, 2nd rd pick via IND 2020, and cash considerations
* don’t want to waste Bamba on the bench so might as well get something out of him

IND get Westbrook, Mo Bamba
Sign Holiday

Westbrook/ Holiday
Brogdon/ Lamb
Oladipo/ Holiday
Sabonis/ TJ Leaf
Mo Bamba/ Bitadze

Fournier/ Ross
Gordon/ Issac


07 Jul 2019 06:35:32
Orlando passes hard. A worthless player and a 2nd for Mo Bamba? Hahahaha.

06 Jul 2019 16:07:31
If Thunder want to try to stay competitive they use the 1st round picks they just got to trade and make a solid competitor here are 2 trades to fix their roster.

WAS Adams, Ferguson, 3 1st round picks
OKC Beal

I know, I know WAS isn't trading Beal, but i feel like that deal would at least make them strongly consider it. A young SG with good 3&D potential and 3 1st round picks that would be a good return for Beal.

OKC gets a great offensive SG to be the #2 with Russ #1 and gallinari #3 their offense would be decent their defense would be a problem though.

Trade #2 IND OKC

IND Roberson Patterson and 2 1sts, add 2nd round picks if nesecary
OKC Turner

IND have a big man problem. Sabonis and Turner don't fit well together and they just drafted another big man. They get 2 expiring contracts so they have cap space next FA. And then 2 1st round picks and 2nds if needed.

OKC get a good young C who can protect the paint and shoot decent for a big man.

OKC then trade Schroder for the best salary dump offer they get just to get rid of him so they can save money and open up more playing time for G-Alexander. They add a PG for depth then leave 1 roster spot open for flexibility.

OKC Roster
Westbrook/ Alexander/ FA
Beal/ Diallo/ Burton
Gallinari/ Burks/ Nader
Grant/ Muscala/ Bazley
Turner/ Noel

This would be the best floor spacing team OKC has had in a long time, but their defense wouldn't be as strong as in the past. They may or may not contend but this team would for sure be a playoff team and depending on who they face could get out of the 1st round.

How good would this team be what would their ceiling be 2nd round, WCF, Finals? Let me know your thoughts.

06 Jul 2019 16:55:31
Indy doesn't have a big man problem.

Turner can should 3-pointers and block shots. And Sabonis can rebound and play offence.

We could trade Turner or sabonis is the price is right. Otherwise we keep them.
And two non lottery picks won't do it.

04 Jul 2019 23:00:43
Pacers: Markkanen, Porter

Bulls: Sabonis, Holiday, Leaf, 21 1st

Bulls get rid of bad contract and can re sign Sabonis.

05 Jul 2019 07:23:36
I take that Markannen-Turner woudl be a great fit.

05 Jul 2019 12:34:34
That’s awful for the Bulls. There are way easier ways to get off Porter than that and he’s an expiring contract.

04 Jul 2019 06:49:20

HOU: Igoudala


MEM: Adams, McDermott


IND: Crowder, Gordon, Ferguson, Hartenstein, 2022 lottery protected 1st from MEM, 2021 and 2022 2nd rd pick from OKC


OKC: Turner


04 Jul 2019 07:36:46
Why would Houston trade Gordon for Iguodala? Why would the Grizzlies trade for Adams after resigning JV to good money?

04 Jul 2019 07:58:47
Why wouldn't they? Iggy is a better fit with CP3 and Harden for sure.

Adams personificates the Grit and Grind concept of Memphis. He is a better fit with JJJ than JV. He can also be the pick and roll partner of Morant ala Westbrook in OKC. JV can be Kanter-like and destroy opponent's 2nd unit.

04 Jul 2019 10:18:00
Maybe, if those picks aren't lottery protected.
Turner is a borderline all star.

04 Jul 2019 11:30:27
Memphis hangs up as soon as they gear about goving up another 1st round pick fot a back up center to Valanciunas.

03 Jul 2019 21:08:07
Pacers: Edwards, Poole

Celtics: Holiday, Mcdermott

Warriors: Leaf, 2nd.

03 Jul 2019 20:45:57
Celtics - Sabonis
Pacers - Langford and R.Williams (maybe future 1st as well)



03 Jul 2019 02:30:08
Balance of Spurs offseason:

1) Build an Indy trade centered around Sabonis and Derrick White.

Spurs instantly upgrade at the C and trade from a depth position with Murray coming back. Pacers added Brogdon, but he’s more of a 2 guard and both Collison and Joseph are out the door. A three guard lineup with White, Oladipo and Brogdon could be really good.

2) Add Thabo Sefolosha

Won’t contribute much offensively, or play major minutes, but hits enough threes and offers the ability to guard 2 through 4 on defense.

3) Move Belinelli

Need to create an additional roster spot, and can likely get a 2nd from a contender looking for shooting (ie. Lakers if they miss out on Claw.

03 Jul 2019 15:49:50
I could definitely see this trade between the Pacers and Spurs happening. Especially around the trade deadline once the Spurs see how good (or not good) Dejounte Murray looks coming back from his injury.

03 Jul 2019 16:01:41
Spurs would rather move Derozan than White. They think they have the backcourt of the future between him and Murray. Then you can look for a front court piece by moving Derozan, who’s going into a contract year.

01 Jul 2019 06:41:30
Clippers: Holiday, Leaf, Mcdermott, 21 2nd

Pacers : Robinson, Shamet.

01 Jul 2019 12:57:11
I like this for Indy, but why would the clippers do this?

01 Jul 2019 14:15:34
Clippers laugh.

01 Jul 2019 06:35:35
Pacers: Edwards, Langford

Celtics: Holiday, Leaf, Mcdermott, 21 first.

30 Jun 2019 23:38:43
M. Brogdon has just been traded for the Bucks to the Pacers for 3 picks!! Will update later!

30 Jun 2019 23:51:15
Bucks traded Brogdon to the Pacers for 1 rd pick, and 2 rd picks. Brogdon will receive 4yrs, 84 mil. contract!

01 Jul 2019 01:23:44
Milwaukee has also just resigned G. Hill to 3 yrs. 29 Mil. Hill had only 1 yr guaranteed at 1 mil. of a 18 mil a yr. contract. He was waived, Then just resigned at 9+ mil a year. Better deal for Hill and the Bucks!

30 Jun 2019 19:43:39
Pacers offseason

Trade Sabonis for Lonnie Walker and future 1st

With available cap sign Ricky Rubio, Rudy Gay and resign Bogdanovic

Sign Mike Scott to vet min


- Top 4 team in East that can make a run

30 Jun 2019 09:54:55
Toronto if Kawhi leaves

Key veteran for bad contracts and young talents

Sign and trade Kawhi to Clippers for Gallinari and Landry Shamet

Marc Gasol to Boston for Gordon Hayward and Romeo Langford

Kyle Lowry to Indiana for Doug Mcdermott and Goga Bidatze

30 Jun 2019 16:22:17
Toronto isn't blowing it up. Even if Kawhi leaves, I think Toronto is going to have a honeymoon season where they keep all of their returning players and "try" to defend their title.

Trading players like Lowry and Gasol I think would just put a bitter taste in the Toronto fan's mouths and I don't think Toronto would get enough in return.

They should at least wait until the deadline.

30 Jun 2019 17:04:56
Clippers will never do that. S/ T Gallo only or sign Kawhi outright. Sham 2nd team All Rookie 2nd best 3 point shooting ever by a rookie. If the worst had to happen to dump Gallo for 2nd MAX and no trades are available stretch Gallo to open 2nd MAX.

There are several teams that already called the Clips wanting Gallo but only trading him if 2nd MAX is needed.

29 Jun 2019 14:00:53
Indiana gets Hayward, two 2nds
Boston gets Turner

Indiana gets a scorer while allowing Sabonis to start and play big minutes like he deserves.

Boston gets a 5 that they need who is locked up at a decent rate for 4 more seasons and fits the mold of their roster while providing a mild shakeup.

29 Jun 2019 14:54:29
Nope try 2 1sts and it still might not work. Turner is younger, healthier, currently more impactful all around, and on a better contract. Celtics will likely have to use a 1st just to offload Hayward if they want young talent back more than 1 1st. The only way they wouldn't have to use a 1st is if its just a player swap both with bad contracts.

29 Jun 2019 15:45:19
Turner is off the table even with multiple firsts and there is no way that the Pacers are going to eat that salary. T.

29 Jun 2019 15:53:48
Not sure if you all realize that Hayward can opt out of the contract after next season. So, his contract may be an expiring one.
Not that it's guaranteed that he will, but it's a possibility.

29 Jun 2019 16:38:15
Hayward isn’t option out unless he has a big year. The team who has him is in a bad position. If he’s good he can walk and you’ll have to pay him, if he’s bad.

29 Jun 2019 16:46:32
Right now, I’d say his chances of opting out are about 2%.

29 Jun 2019 11:56:56
Cavs get Myles Turner and T.J. Warren. Pacers sign Bogdanovic of course.

Pacers get Kevin Love.

29 Jun 2019 12:49:18
I wish, but there’s no way Turner would be on the table.

29 Jun 2019 15:33:44
Read Pacers want Love to pair with Oladipo (and Bogdanovic) . Up to now the Pacers have said no to Sabonis and Turner. Bitadze could change that. To get Love, Turner would have to be included to match salaries.

28 Jun 2019 03:22:11
Pacers/Spurs trade:

Pacers get- D. White and L. Walker
Spurs get- D. Sabonis

28 Jun 2019 14:39:10
Maybe if you trow in a first pick for Indy.

28 Jun 2019 19:16:56
spurs giving up way to much. Pass.

28 Jun 2019 21:15:46
yea, right!

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