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15 Oct 2019 22:00:26
I wouldn't do this if I was the Knicks. But Detroit is willing to make this package available, I would strongly consider it. I like Frank better than Payton and Smith.

Ntilikina Trier Dotson
Thomas Makhailliuk Brown Det 2020 1st 10 protected



If I was Knicks I would follow that with this

Grizzlies get SMithjr Payton Biyombo NY 2020 1st
Knicks get Morant T.Jones
Hornets get Valanciunas Anderson
Detriot 2020 1st



15 Oct 2019 22:04:29
But why would the Grizzlies do that?

15 Oct 2019 01:25:47
4 team trade










15 Oct 2019 20:41:23
And what draft picks are Dallas giving up to make this happen?

11 Oct 2019 13:59:41
Celtics - Thunder

Celtics gets:
2020 1st (the worst of Thunder, Nuggets and Celtics)
2020 2nd rd pick (Thunder)
2021 2nd rd pick (Thunder)

Thunder gets:
2020 1st (Grizzlies via Celtics)
2020 1st (the two most favorable of Thunder, Nuggets and Celtics)

11 Oct 2019 15:33:11
Hayward is trash until he proves everyone wrong. You need at least 2 1st rounders to unload him. Adams has some value so you need more than Williams here. Schröder has close to no value. He's a little overpaid, but still is one of the best backup PGs.

So maybe Hayward, Williams and 3 1st rounders (or 2 1st rounders and 2nd rounders) for Adams and Schröder.

11 Oct 2019 22:09:05
I kind of like this deal. I agree that Hayward is negative value, but since OKC is not a free agent destination, I don’t mind the gamble if the compensation is right. Where is Adams going to take OKC, anyway? Schröeder is decidedly a negative contract.

Here, OKC gets the better of the BOS and DEN picks, which is not much, but nice to move up. The two Thunder seconds have a little value in the 35-40 range, but they are still just second rounders, and could be omitted.

The jewel of this trade is the MEM pick, which is Top 6 protected this year, and fully unprotected in 2021. OKC has to love that one.

For BOS, I can see how this trade does some good, and I’m not against them using it. Exchanging Hayward for Adams certainly removes risk, as they still try to contend, and his screens would help. But is Steven Adams the player you use up the MEM pick on?

11 Oct 2019 23:43:41
To your question Shrink, my answer is a strong no. That pick is for a star. Anything else is a mistake. Boston just doesn’t get any better with this trade.

It’s just like the plethora of Blazer trades involving expiring deals and picks. If it’s not for a star, what’s the point? Both Boston and Portland are in very similar situations. They can’t swap around role players. They’re both a star from true contention. Don’t waste assets.

12 Oct 2019 04:20:49
That's stupid for OKC.
They just get the Grizzlies Pick and! maybe! a upgrade of a few spots because they can choose between the Celtics pick or the Nuggets pick (which has protection! ) while getting a 66 million contract and sending out Adams and 2 2nd rounders.

And who says the Memphis Pick is for sure in the top 10? I can remember everyone saying the same about the Kings pick from Boston the last 3 years.

Why not waiting until next offseason or the trade deadline. There are a lot of contenders looking for upgrades at Center (Lakers, Clippers, Nets, . ) . And why not looking for cap flexibility instead of taking on Hayward? Memphis did well with that.

12 Oct 2019 11:58:23
The Celtics are not trading Hayward, especially if they think he has negative trade value. They will let it ride with him. He has only this year and next. After this season he will have an expiring contract and will have more value than a player like Wall who really won't have played for 2 seasons.

07 Oct 2019 09:17:34
The next days Mavs play OKC and Detroit.

Dealing for Adams and Iggy would add some defense to Dallas!

- Adams, Ferguson, Iguodala
- Hardaway, Jackson, 1st pick
- Lee, 3x2nd pick

07 Oct 2019 14:00:02
Dallas is not getting enough for Lee.

07 Oct 2019 18:17:25
We gratefully acknowledge, a Fredman post that is not nonsense!

03 Oct 2019 19:54:36
Hayward, brown, memphis pick and milwaukee pick with atlanta second rounder
Blake griffin and luke kennard
Kemba, wanamaker
Smart, langford
Enes, tako fall
Rose, reggie
Svi, brown
Jaylen, sekou
Hayward, morris
Drummond, maker
What do you think?

03 Oct 2019 20:04:09
Have to assume this is a joke.

03 Oct 2019 20:44:38
Too many players on Boston's roster that need the bsll in their hands to be effective. Walker, Tatum, Griffin, Kanter, which one is taking a step back and playing off the ball?

03 Oct 2019 21:02:42
I like it. The Celtics fans on here are all Hayward stans though.

04 Oct 2019 15:34:22
Why would this be a joke Supercollider? This puts Boston in the top 3 of the east without a doubt. If you think this is too much for Griffin, then you are severely underrating Griffin (who was third team all NBA last year) . He would probably be the best player on that team.

03 Oct 2019 14:32:24
Detroit: G Hayward+ 1rnd pick Denver

Boston: M Turner+ TJ Warren

Indy: B Griffin+ 1rnd pick Memphis

Drummond is a double double beast, but he need shooters arround him, Hayward would be a good scoring option in that team.
C: Drummond
PG:D Rose

C:M turner/ Kanter

PF:B Griffin/Leaf
SF:McDermott/J Holiday/Lamb
PF:Brogdon/A Holiday

03 Oct 2019 14:49:35
The only first not owned by Denver is owned by OKC so I do not understand why there is a Denver first involved in this trade.

03 Oct 2019 21:37:57
* milwaukee pick.

03 Oct 2019 07:23:55
If Milwaukee takes a bad start and they feel Giannis wants out.

Milwaukee; J Brown+ Tatum+ Smart+ 1rnd pick Memphis.

Boston: Giannis Antetokounmpo

03 Oct 2019 15:30:20
your going to trade best player in basketball and maybe the only star willing to play in Milwaukee for those bums. accept for AD and Curry and Thompson camob no combination is worth the greek freak.

03 Oct 2019 16:52:50
Probably need at least two more firsts.

04 Oct 2019 01:45:30
Giannis isn't going anywhere. As soon as possible, The Bucks are going to max him out at 249 Mil for 5 yrs. Giannis also stated he prefers the small market, Not a big market. As stated above, You don't trade the best player in the league.

15 Oct 2019 05:38:47
If it’s not a trade to the warriors or Trail Blazers or going to link up with another star Giannis not resigning and miles well stay on his team.

02 Oct 2019 14:21:13
Boston: KAT+covington

Minny: Tatum+G Hayward+ 1rnd pick Memphis+ 1rnd pick+1rnd pick Milwaukee

02 Oct 2019 15:09:44
Boston fans will hate it, but it makes a lot of sense for both sides. And it feels pretty even.

02 Oct 2019 16:20:18
It seems fair, but i ho back to Ainge not wanting to include Tatum in a deal for AD, not sure he would do it for Towns.

02 Oct 2019 16:32:06
I don't believe for a second that Ainge wouldn't have included Tatum in a deal for Davis. That's just a bad lie. He might not have been willing to match what the Lakers traded, but if it were something like Tatum, Hayward, and a first, Ainge would have taken that without hesitation.

02 Oct 2019 16:55:12
Kind of feel like this doesn't help Minny that much. Kind of crowded between Wiggins, Tatum, Hayward and Culver.

02 Oct 2019 16:55:32
The media was saying that Tatum was made available. I don’t see why they would be lying about that. I see why the Celtics would say he wasn’t though.

02 Oct 2019 18:55:49
Covington is beast, but Towns is soft.

29 Sep 2019 18:23:55
Toronto / Dallas / Oklahoma City

Dallas Gets

$44 Million Cash to buy out Chris Paul's Contract - Final Year from Thunder.
Chris Paul
T. Ferguson

2nd Round Pick 2024 Thunder
2nd Round Pick 2024 Grizzlies
2nd Round Pick 2025 Thunder

Toronto Gets

Steve Adams

Thunder Gets

Serge Ibaka (Expiring)
Lee (Expiring)
Hardaway Jr.

29 Sep 2019 19:13:06
Is that a $44 mil payment now to opt out of his final year? So Dallas is still going to pay him $124 mil.

Also OKC can not trade their 2024 and 2025 second rounders because they are tied to the 2022 first rounder if it does not convey to ATL (lottery protected) . Probably do better swapping with Denver's 2020 first rounder instead.

29 Sep 2019 19:39:39
You can’t give that much cash, it’s against the rules.

29 Sep 2019 21:38:49
Max cash that can be traded is about 5.5 million.

29 Sep 2019 21:42:34
BMiller, I don't think this a traditional buyout as they are not waiving Paul. Seems like a simple payment to opt out of the final year. Could not find any in the CBA disapproving this.

30 Sep 2019 02:46:31
It’s one team giving another team cash in a trade. That falls under cash considerations, which is capped at 5.5m per year.

30 Sep 2019 11:56:50
Okay, I must have misread it. I was thinking Dallas was giving Paul the money not OKC. couldn't they easily work around that by having OKC give Paul the money to opt out now and then trade him to Dallas?

30 Sep 2019 15:38:03
Pretty sure the only way they could give him money to opt out would be in a waiving situation. You can't just give a guy cash to opt out, it would have to be considered payment outside of his contract, which would go against the cap and exceed his max salary.

03 Oct 2019 20:33:07
I'm pretty sure Ibaka is better than Adams.

25 Sep 2019 13:53:36
Cavs Thunder Houston

Cavs receive

Thunder receive
Nance Jr

Rockets receive
2022 second round pick back from Cavs
2023 second round pick from Thunder

Trade two:
Cavs Wizards

Cavs receive
2020 second round pick from Chi or Memphis
2024 second round pick

Wizards receive

Trade one Thunder get out of Paul's contract and give up expandable players like Adams and Schroeder who they tested the market for this past of season. While they also add expiring contracts and a good young player in Nance Jr.
Houston gets their third star to play with Westbrook and Harden. Love knows how to be the third option on a championship caliber team and the rockets get 2 seconds to their depleted draft stock.

Trade two: I believe this is the best the Wizards could get for Wall and his contract., Two good role players on expiring contracts and a replacement for Wall with Clarkson who could match his offensive production and Thompson would become the best Center they have after this trade.

I already know what people will say. Why bring in 3 guards when you already have Sexton and Garland and it's going to stunt their development. I disagree big time. Sexton and Garland will only learn from Paul, Wall and Schroeder and while Walls out the Cavs could play Paul and Sexton as the starters with Garland and Schroeder as the back ups. Paul could mentor Sexton and Schroeder could do that for Garland while on and off the floor. Then add the leadership of Wall and giving his insight. Then the amount that someone like Garland especially could absorb is maxed out. Frees up space for Porter Jr and Windler behind Osman. Also you have two dominant defensive big men in Capela and Adams starting. This team may not be a top 5 east team this year but next year with the development of the young core and chemistry built up, this is has potential to be a contenting team in the east. Better than what the Cavs could have for the next 4 years.

Cavs depth Chart
Osman/Porter Jr/ Windler

25 Sep 2019 14:11:46
Why would the Cavs do this? They get one player of value in Capela and they give up their best player to get two god awful contracts at pg and they end up with 4 pgs that should be or will want to start next season and 2 starting centers that can’t play another position. You just made a bad team with a ton of long term money on the books. The wall deal in particular is ridiculous. 2 2nds to take on that contract? I’d want 3 1sts to even consider it. Paul isn’t a mentor. By all accounts his teammates don’t like him and he’s hard to play with. Schroeder has been a head case and forced himself off a bad team already. Both guys are going to want out. Delly and Knight are both guys that are just happy to be on nba rosters collecting big checks and both can be mentors. Delly seems like one of the ultimate team guys and Knight has been on record talking about how Sexton and him have similar skill sets and that he can help Sexton develop. By the time Love was back, the locker room seemed to be in a good shape. Not to mention the Cavs would be in the luxury over this nonsensical abomination of a team.

25 Sep 2019 21:42:58
Haha I knew you would love this trade Rkenne. I understand this isn’t believable but I think the Cavs should look at it. The Cavs need more playmakers. I know that Garland could develop into the play maker but he isn’t ready to start and if they have Garland develop with the second unit and have either Sexton Or Schroeder beside him. The pressure wouldn’t be on him to produce and they would let the game come naturally to him. Paul and Schroeder attitude shouldn’t be a problem. Both would be more motivated after this trade to prove everyone wrong. Wall is already motivated with his injury. Capela and Adams are both young and yes centers but defensively they would be able to control the key area themselves. Also any team trying to deal with the size of Capela and Adams would struggle. Having both would mean more rebounds and thus opportunity for the speed of the guards to run the break or pull up from deep. Try contending the size down low then also match the speed of the three guards. Would be difficult to do. Gives the rookies more playing time as well so they could develop. Do they go into luxury yes. But giving time for this team to build chemistry would only help them. Cavs keep all the young developmental pieces in this trade as well. With the draft lottery even being a bottom 3 team doesn’t guarantee a good draft pick as we know so why not go for is and give the fans a reason to be excited except wait another few years and we may be good. I honesty do believe this team could contend next year once Wall returns but got to take a risk in Cleveland for them to have a chance as we know.

25 Sep 2019 22:03:20
If they could keep Love and get Paul, Roberson and Gallinari, then maybe you consider it. Then you flip Sexton for something. Wall is guy who’s game is largely predicated on him being athletic and he blew out his Achilles. He has a 4 year super max contract. It’s easily the worst contract in the league.

26 Sep 2019 02:34:16
Cavs have nothing of value for the Thunder other than picks. Why would the Thunder trade Adams, Paul, Gallinari, etc. For players that are worse than the Thunder's bench players?

26 Sep 2019 11:14:14
Paul and Schroeder both have negative value. A trade that let's you get off of them and isn’t sending out young talent is a win.

25 Sep 2019 01:09:59

MEM: G.Dieng, K.Bates-Diop & 1st round pick with protection (maybe another 2nd round pick for taking extra year of Dieng)

MIN: A.Iguodala & D.Melton

MIN get a locker room leader to help develop their guys for this year and they swap Diop for Melton too so that they get some point guard depth.

25 Sep 2019 13:27:30
I like this one. I think Covington and Iggy would be great for Culver and possibly Wiggins.

25 Sep 2019 14:48:10
I like the KBD-Melton swap for both teams.

MIN isn’t a free agent destination, so they are more likely to find talent with picks than cap space. That means they can’t give up picks to move Dieng’s second year.

Iguodala is a good fit for several desperate contenders who lack a starting swingman. They can find a better fit than MIN.

25 Sep 2019 19:20:15
I don’t think you could get much more than that for Iggy. We’re talking about an injury prone guy that might only have a year left before retiring.

24 Sep 2019 20:02:15
Thunder - Wizards

Thunder gets:
Mahinmi (expiring)
Miles (expiring)
Bertans (expiring)
2020 2nd rd pick (Chicago or Memphis)
2022 2nd rd pick (Lakers, Chicago or Detroit)
2023 2nd rd pick

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

24 Sep 2019 20:34:04
And this helps Washington how? They should be acquiring assets, not trading them away. That's why I think they should trade Beal.

24 Sep 2019 21:01:14
Washington wants to convince Beal to sign an extension.

24 Sep 2019 13:31:01
Iggy doesn`t intend to Memphis training and only Mavs have the assat and the need for a trade (Houston, L.A. and so on do not have the CAP / assat) right now:

- Lee
- 3x 2nd pick
- full 5,2m cash consideration

- Iguodala

24 Sep 2019 15:38:02
Clippers can't do Harkless+McGruder+2020first for Iggy?

Spurs can't do Gay+2020first for Iggy?

Portland could also put a package together as well.

so the "only Mavs have the assat and need" is probably not very accurate.

25 Sep 2019 20:05:34
Couldnt memphis trade iggy to Denver, portland who actually have first round pick to offer. I do agree houston Lakers clippers don't have anything to offer. I don't think mavs do either.

21 Sep 2019 23:40:01
Dallas gets Paul, okc 1st, Chicago 2nd

Orlando gets Hardaway, okc 1st, Memphis 2nd

Okc gets Gordon, Lee

22 Sep 2019 14:07:46
I don’t see why Orlando would trade Gordon? I keep seeing it on here over and over, but they’re young and they look like a perennial playoff team. Plus they have a lot of upside on the roster. Gordon is pretty good and locked up on a reasonable deal.

22 Sep 2019 16:11:20
Because Gordon is more of a 4, and they have an abundance of bigs. He seems like the odd man out.

22 Sep 2019 17:07:03
Odd man out vs. player that can get best return (once teams stop trying to lowball the Magic) .

22 Sep 2019 20:45:16
It feels like Vucevic to me. Gordon can play some 3 and 5.

19 Sep 2019 03:59:07

19 Sep 2019 08:05:19
Yeah, that’s not happening.

19 Sep 2019 09:02:05
Hahahaha if the Celtics wouldn't trade Tatum in a deal for AD, they would never trade him for Turner, nevermind having to add the Memphis pick. Lol.

19 Sep 2019 11:33:01
Brown and pick for Turner, maybe.

19 Sep 2019 17:03:32
I guess indy calling boston and saying "tatum+pick for turner" with Boston saying "no way" qualifies as "talking".

20 Sep 2019 13:57:32
That the teams are talking is pretty likely.
Boston doesn't want to overpay players, so Turner would be the perfect target.

That the Pacers want Tatum also might be right.
At the end I see it more realistic that the Pacers get maybe Brown, Smart and the Memphis pick. Especially if Boston doesn't want to pay Brown about 25 million a year. So why not trade him.
A core of Tatum, Turner and Walker sounds really good.

17 Sep 2019 01:17:15
Bulls: Iguodala

Grizzlies: Felicio, Dunn, Kornet & lottery 1st (could be 2 2nd rounders)

13 Sep 2019 07:39:44
Since it works moneywise, it may forseen to happen! : ) Toronto has contracts to Restart in 2020, Detroit is focused for 2021 when the most contracts without Griffin end up.

- Detroit is stack in average and Toronto as well.

(1st) Dallas:
- Iguodala
- Lee and 3x 2nd picks

(2nd) Dallas:
- Ibaka
- Miller
- Iguodala
- Justin Jackson

(3th) Dallas:
- Drummond
- Thomas
- Ibaka
- Miller
- 1st picks

- Memphis finally get a 1st and 3x 2nd by dealing Iggy.

- Toronto get a veteran and a young shooter and have all the CAP in 2020.

- Detroit get strong Defender in the paint that may fit with Griffin well and 1st and have CAP in 2020/2021 since they may not max out Drummond in any case.

- Dallas gets the missing strong force in the paint and will have a lot of flexibility by using Hardaway, Curry, Thomas on demand.

Drummond, Powell, Boban
KPorzee, Maxi, Roby
LucaMagic, FinneyS, Broekhoff/Cleveland
Curry/Thomas, Hardaway
Wright, Brunson, Barea

13 Sep 2019 10:26:18
How is Memphis getting s first for Ighy?

13 Sep 2019 15:38:09
Nobody will send a 1st for Iggy, he ist 35++ years. But 3x 2nd may be the best offer received from Grizzlies.

13 Sep 2019 18:19:51
"Memphis finally get a 1st and 3x 2nd by dealing Iggy. "

Your words, not mine.

13 Sep 2019 20:05:43
Yeap. Memphis would have received a 1st from Golden State and 3x 2nd from Dallas by transfering Iggy. So as often, you think very one dimensional and hence you do not understand deeper impact - or at least you do not want. Cheers.

13 Sep 2019 21:52:05
Okay, so the Golden State 1st is actually NOT "for Iggy". Its actually for renting $17 mil of Memphis's cap space. Now repeated reports are that Memphis wants (an additional? ) first rounder "for Iggy". The only time someone (Portland/ Utah/ Houston/ Toronto? ) might pay that price will be at the trade deadline, so Memphis is going to hold him (and probably not play him) until then.

14 Sep 2019 00:10:45
Oh you are a wiseheimer as well, it is not for Iggy, it is for CAP renting, crystal clear. How do Rockets, Jazz or Trailblasers or Toronto create the CAP to trade for him? Houston would like him for sure but neithder have CAP or a trade chip. Only minimum. And Toronto doesn`t need a elite defender, they need a mass scorer on the wing so they would always take Hardaway over Iggy right now. Do you understand this? Yeah man, think twice or as often it needs to - click.

14 Sep 2019 13:10:20
You don't need cap if you trade similar salary. For example, Houston trades Nene+House+trade exception+2020first rounder for Iggy seems very possible to me considering that Houston has Chandler to fill in for Nene and then still has their mid-level exception to sign someone to fill the vacant roster spot.

I can do simialr scenarios with the other teams as well. Iggy + for whiteside once Nurkic comes back is another scenario.

14 Sep 2019 14:06:16
Assumed you have reached out the 5th year and following in the school and maybe some main school graduation you should be able to do some math with figures above 1 to 10! House have 3,5 million, Nene has no contract, maybe he will sign for minimum of approx. 1,5 million. Trade exceptions you CANNOT add to the volume of a trade you can only use one trade exception to trade for one player. E. g. you have 11 million exception, you can sign any player with 11m per year or less by this trade exception. So many details. But Whiteside has a 2y with 28m each year contract. The math with Iggy that has 1year and 17 million does alos not work and why would Memphis take Whiteside at 28m for 2y? To block their CAP situation next summer and to block their rebuild?

So your comment is nonsense! Sry but it is. And by the way, you replay of all of my proposal. And have never read something different - than nonsense. It looks only like negative minded and sry again, clueless hater, Only to say it one time. Maybe you try your own proposals if you want to chat. And if you a really an NBA fan. But sorry, you look very unfriendly, your have first of all negative replies and you do not show skilled and your past posts are all nonsense.

My 2 cents.

14 Sep 2019 14:09:42
This proposals was nice, but I read some news and I have already another great idea! That will become posted soon! So stay tuned! Maybe you will become first time a fan of the next amazing proposal and you may post something senseful? Or not but maybe you stay out.

14 Sep 2019 16:39:40
You must be unaware thst Nene just resigned with Houston for 2 years $20 mil ($6 mil guarenteed) which makes his cap figure $10 mil for this upcoming year.

You were right about the trade exception. I often forget that they cannot be added to other players. So Houston would have to add Ben MacLemore to close the deal. Hard to verify at the moment because Nene's deal isn't showing on trade checkers yet (is on Spotrac thou) .

As for Whiteside, he is in the final year of his deal according to Spotrac. Also I said "Iggy+" for Whiteside. I guess that was not clear to you that I meant "Iggy + salary filler". Say Miles Plumlee with Portland tossing in Skal labrissiere to balance the salaries a little bit

So Portland deals goes Whiteside+Labrissiere+2020 first for Iggy+Plumlee.

So outside of the trade ecxeption, your rant falls on deaf ears. As for my "negativity", its only to bring balance to the fantastical, amazing proposals that you present.

14 Sep 2019 18:57:51
Indeed. Not Portland and only after 15 of December, but such a tricky contract with Nene may be only signed to trade for Iggy and I think Houston has 1 st 2025++ left.

14 Sep 2019 20:29:21
Actually Houston's 2020 first is available for trade or the worse of Houston/ Miami/ OKC 2021 first rounder is available for trade now according to RealGM.

11 Sep 2019 09:12:21
The Grizzlies get Rondo(buyout), Cousins(release), Caldwell-Pope, Horton-Tucker, and 2 2nds.

The Lakers Get Iguodala

11 Sep 2019 09:33:02
Caldwell-Pope vetoes?

11 Sep 2019 10:45:54
Right up until Rich Paul and Lebron tell him to stfu and go to Memphis.

11 Sep 2019 16:00:58
At which time he fires Rich Paul and gives Lebron the bird. And then become a cancer in the Lakers locker room so that they don't win the championship this year.

That works for me.

13 Sep 2019 23:58:20
Or they can just release him if that happens.

10 Sep 2019 15:46:28
Some ultimative proposals beyond all the shidd that becomes posted. ; )

76 have a lot of young guards like Z.Smith or Thybulle and may agree to get a skilled scoring wing Rookie instead. At Mavs Smith or Thybulle can share the SG spot with Curry more minded on defense:

- J.Jackson
- Thybulle or Z.Smith

Hardaway is a skilled scrorer above average and also an above averarge Defender, the only thing is his large contract. I would immediatelly Keep him but his contract has volume and value to trade it!

- Hardaway
- Ibaka

Memphis want you player to rebuild and there is no no 1 pick in the offer:

- Lee and 3x 2nd round pick
- Iguodala

Finally there is the thing arround Drummond and Detroits CAP. They may fight for an play off spot but not and never more. On the other hand, not much Teams will have a MAX spot for Drummond, each team would take him but for less money. For Dallas he could a missing peace a strong guy in the middle that dominates the paint and let the main scorer on Porzee and Magic and will still get a lot of 2nd Chance points or alley oop passes. With some Young guards that can shoot and defend Mavs have the money to spend for:

- Ibaka
(- Iguodala or a future 1st)
- Drummond
(- Snell if they choose Iggy over a 1st)

Drummond, Powell, Boban
KPorzee, Maxi, Roby
Doncic, FinneyS, Broekhoff
Curry, Z.Smith/Thybulle, Snell
Wright, Brunson, Barea

10 Sep 2019 17:01:56
All homer deals for Dallas.

10 Sep 2019 17:28:59
Refresh my memory. What was Hardway Jrs FG% last year? 38% with Knicks, 40% with Mavs? His FG% has significantly dropped the last 2 seasons. So calling him an "above average, skilled scorer", may not be exactly accurate. And at $20 mil a year, his trade value is probably pretty low.

11 Sep 2019 00:58:27
Sixers aren’t trading either of those guys any time soon especially not for josh Jackson.

06 Sep 2019 12:51:32
Celtics - Timberwolves - Thunder

Celtics gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

Timberwolves gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Nuggets)
2020 2nd rd pick (Thunder)

Thunder gets:
Teague (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (Grizzlies)

06 Sep 2019 15:18:21
Hayward stays in Boston, as does the Memphis pick.

06 Sep 2019 15:56:51
Would rather have Covington and Teague than Hayward and Schroeder. Draft picks don't entice me enough to change my mind.

07 Sep 2019 01:13:57
Yes, this is pretty rough for the Wolves.

If Dieng and Schroeder have similar value, Teague’s expiring >> Hayward’s $30 mil deal, and Covington is worth more than DEN’s late 1st and a 2nd.

07 Sep 2019 23:14:40
Dieng isn’t worth close to Schroeder.

08 Sep 2019 07:46:31
Magsnusarn, I’m legitimately asking you this question.
Are the Thunder involved in this trade simply to get a potentially better 2020 1st Rnd draft pick than the Denver protected?
Because otherwise, the players are almost the same contracts and amount of time, except Okc is trading for worse players.
Seems like a lot of work to maybe move up a couple of spots in the draft.

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