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14 Oct 2019 23:01:30
Orlando- San Antonio

Derrick White and Marco Belinelli


Jonathan Issac, Melvin Frazier, and a 2nd rounder (or even protected first).

Better roster balance for both teams with high level prospects going both ways?

14 Oct 2019 10:33:58
Heat: Aldridge, Mills


Spurs: Dragic, Johnson, Adebayo & 2025 1st round pick


14 Oct 2019 12:12:03
I don't think Miami would give up Adebayo and a pick for Aldridge.

11 Oct 2019 14:33:58
Boston gets Adams, Schroeder, Denver 2020 first, Miami 2021 first

Spurs get Paul and Brown

Okc gets Hayward, Derozan, Mills

11 Oct 2019 15:29:38
Why should the Spurs do that? Paul has negative value and Brown almost none because he wants a max.
OKC might not do it because Hayward has the same value than Paul (maybe even less) . But DeRozan and Mills won't make them better than Adams, Paul and Schröder. So why giving up Picks? Boston does this in a heartbeat.

11 Oct 2019 16:45:31
I doubt Paul + Brown gets you Derozen. Let alone Derozen + Mills.

12 Oct 2019 02:24:15
Fredman, Mills may be a negative asset. He’s a mediocre back up pg making 10 million and signed for 3 more years.

12 Oct 2019 13:48:01
If you say so. He looked pretty good during the World Championship and can shoot. Every team values shooting. Much rather have Mills than Schroeder.

07 Oct 2019 14:24:52
1) Washington-spurs
Was: LMA+ P Mills

Spurs: J Wall+ 1rnd pick Was+ 1rnd pick Was 2022 (lottery protected)

2) spurs-Tor

tor: Derozan
spurs: Ibaka+ Anunoby+ 1rnd pick tor 2021

07 Oct 2019 16:24:48
Thats laughable. Why would Popovi h take Wall and his ridiculous contract?
In my mind, there would have to be multiple unprotected picks and not a non-protected pick.
I love how everyone says that the Celtics need to add first round picks to trade Hayward. Yet you want to trade Wall for something good AND a protected pick, when his contract is far worse than Haywards. At least Hayward will be playing while Wall is out the entire season.

07 Oct 2019 16:33:12
Boston shouldn't trade Hayward for picks, the guy still has value.

Two picks for a bad contract isn't a bad deal and the Spurs can take it, if they go in rebuilt mode. and Wall is only 29, He can sit out this year, play next year and getting traded in 2021.

07 Oct 2019 17:17:51
Guys that shouldn't be traded this year: Hayward, Wall, Nurkic.

Never sell at the absolute lowest value.

07 Oct 2019 20:40:09
Never sell? Depends on what you got coming in to fill their cap space.

Was the price "low" on AD when NO traded him with Zion inbound?

07 Oct 2019 22:04:58
That definitely wasn't AD's absolute lowest value.

To clarify, don't trade guys when their value has cratered or even gone into the negative, when you know it can't go lower and that it more than likely will go up.

08 Oct 2019 18:56:14
In fairness, Hayward’s value was probably higher last year at this time than this year. You don’t really know what their value is going to be in the future. What if Wall isn’t even a starting caliber guy when he comes back? It’s not impossible.

26 Sep 2019 09:32:02
Spurs: Nurkic+Bazemore

Portl: LMA+Bellinelli

The spurs get a great asset in Nurkic and the West is open this year, so Portland would have a great hance winning it all with a big three and a good bench.

C: Whiteside/ Collins/Gasol
SF:R hood/Little/Hezonja
Pg:Lillard/McCollum/Perrantes or caupain

26 Sep 2019 11:08:19
They need Bazemore and Nurkic’s defense to much to do this.

26 Sep 2019 12:19:38
But what team could stop this offense?

26 Sep 2019 12:46:06
Clippers, Gasupo.

26 Sep 2019 14:02:22
That offense plays to the Lakers strengths. The Clippers would be fine. The Jazz would make them work. The bucks would be fine. Philly might smother them. Hood is a complete enigma and LMA wouldn’t get a ton of touches.

26 Sep 2019 16:47:16
I think I'd only do this if they could then swing a trade for another big time guy. Maybe Whiteside, Simons, Little, and a first for Griffin and filler.

Overall, I trust Whiteside to be the fill in for Nurkic during the regular season, but I don't at all trust him to be the full time permanent starter.

A starting lineup of Lillard, McCollum, Hood, Griffin, and Aldridge would be scary offensively. And they'd have enough defense to get by.

23 Sep 2019 02:21:21
Portland Trade Kent Bazemore Rodney Hood 2020 first round pick & 2022 first round pick

Spurs Trade DeMar DeRozan

January 15 Or February 8

23 Sep 2019 05:12:13
Think POR need more of a role player than a ball dominant one.

23 Sep 2019 12:00:26
POR might ask or make an offer for Aldridge first i think.

23 Sep 2019 13:58:33
I would ike to see LMA in Portland again.

23 Sep 2019 18:29:47
Swap Hood for Whiteside and add in Aldridge and Little (maybe Simons too? ) .

23 Sep 2019 02:14:29
Wolves Trade Andrew Wiggins 2020 first round pick

Spurs Trade Demar Derozen

23 Sep 2019 11:14:51
I think both teams may say no.

For SAS, they may want more if they are taking on Wiggins deal, especially at the cost of DeRozan.

For MIN, it is very tough for them to give up any pick, even in a good deal. Turning future Wiggins salary into cap space is nice, but they are no free agent destination. DeRozan is good, but doesn’t fit their timeline, They want to be a contender in 3 years, when KAT starts to get the leverage to demand a trade.

23 Sep 2019 13:30:44
Spurs definitely say no. Wiggins and Pop do not make a good combo.

20 Sep 2019 14:54:02
Hornets get Schroder, Nader, 2020 Denver 1st via okc
***They need a contingency plan if Rozier doesn't pan out and a good backup in the meantime. Schroeder can be a sixth man of the year candidate, off the ball, or a nice stopgap. The first helps too.

Spurs get Gallinari, Roberson
***I don't believe that Derozan has worked. And I believe that to make Aldridge most effective, put him at the 5 and give him space. This can help all the way around. Gallinari gives crazy good spacing for Aldridge. He also feels like a spurs guy. Selfishly I'd love to see what pop could make of Dre.

Thunder get Derozan, Bellineli, Williams, Graham
***I think Derozan could be a great fit in okc. He can be relieved of pressure and feel wanted here. Bellineli gives them a good shooter at the 2. Williams can space at the 4. Graham could be the third pg. Also trims salary. They burn a first but it's their worst one.

Paul, SGA, Graham
Bellineli, Diallo, Burton
Derozan, Ferguson
Williams, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel, Patton

20 Sep 2019 15:13:33
Spurs sre going want more than 2 expiring deals for Derozen. Definately want a first round pick + players.

Plus, they would rather keep bellineli than take roberson.

19 Sep 2019 06:07:41
SAS- booker/ baynes
PHX- derozan/ white/ 2020 sas 1st rd pick/ 2021 sas 2nd rd pick

SAS- adams
OKC- gay/ poeltl/ mills/ 2020 sas 2nd rd pick

SAS- crowder
MEM- belinelli/ metu

C. adams/ baynes
PF. aldridge/ lyles/ samanic
SF. crowder/ carroll/ johnson
SG. booker/ walker
PG. murray/ forbes.

18 Sep 2019 09:23:44
DeRozan to Heat with Belinelli

Winslow, Olynyk and 1st pick to Spurs

DeRozan pairing with Butler plus a sharphooter Belinelli on the bench.
Spurs shed 7million on the trade, plus getting a 1st pick, Winslow is a more SF player than DeRozan and Aldridge will play PF with Olynyk or Poeltl playing center

18 Sep 2019 12:47:23
How does Miami take on $7 mil in salary when they only $1.3 mil below the HARD apron cap?

18 Sep 2019 13:48:04
^trade exemption from Ryan Anderson trade.

18 Sep 2019 21:18:08
First, can't add trade exemptions to other players in a deal. You can only accept a player for that exemption.

Also, trade exemptions do not allow teams to exceed a HARD salary cap that was put into place when Miami accepted Butler in a S&T.

16 Sep 2019 18:21:06

PHX gets Derozan, White, SAS ‘22 1st rd

ORL gets Aldridge, Lonnie Walker, and ‘20. SAS 1st rounder

SAS gets AG, Augustin, and Mo Bamba

Murray/ Augustin
Forbes/ Marco B
Booker/ Keldon Johnson
AG/ Gay/ Samanic
Poeltl/ Mo Bamba

Rubio/ Derrick White
Derozan/ Ty Johnson
Oubre/ Bridges
Saric/ Kaminsky/ Cam Johnson
Ayton/ Baynes

Walker/ Fultz
Fournier/ Frazier
Aminu/ Ross
Aldridge/ Issac
Vuc/ Birch.

16 Sep 2019 19:56:45
What is Phoenix contributong to this deal? Cap space they don't have?

17 Sep 2019 04:52:10
Salary cap works for all teams. i checked lol.

18 Sep 2019 17:05:55
The fact that you have Booker on the spurs and not in the trade show how clueless you are.

16 Sep 2019 14:23:25
Spurs - Thunder

Spurs gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Muscala (expiring)

Thunder gets:
2020 1st rd pick (swap right)

16 Sep 2019 14:22:03
Spurs - Thunder - Trail Blazers

Spurs gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Noel (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Whiteside (expiring)

Trail Blazers gets:

16 Sep 2019 15:34:56
I wouldn't give up Collins for Aldridge. Rather do a first or Little.

Also, why would the Spurs do this?

16 Sep 2019 19:59:53
Aldrige doesn't want to play center and Paul will limit Murray/ White/ Walker/ Forbes on Dan Antonio.

16 Sep 2019 09:51:49
Should CP3 consider a buy out?

And what would be a fair offer for both CP3 and the Thunder?

I would offer a 38 million buy out.

CP3 can sign for the vet minimum with LA Lakers or even the LA clippers, the spurs, Indiana or Miami and explore the free agent market next year.

16 Sep 2019 10:17:41
He has 3 years left on the deal.

16 Sep 2019 11:15:08
120 mil or 38mil 🤣, read before u post. 80 mil would be the least and still I take the final 44 mil over a ring.

16 Sep 2019 11:56:27
can't a player agree a buyout when he has a three year contract?

16 Sep 2019 12:10:37
No owner is giving him 38 to leave. He is stuck.

16 Sep 2019 13:34:27
I think the Thunder would be ecstatic if he took 38 mil. I don’t see any way he just gives away 80 million though. Why in the world would he? I think he’d want closer to 80-100, which seems unlikely from the Thunder.

As the president of the players union, it makes him even less likely to give much away, it doesn’t set a good example.

16 Sep 2019 20:18:23
The real problem is that buyouts do not remove the 3 years worth of salary from OKC'S salary cap. It essentially becomes dead cap space which could be spread over the next 9 years ($13 mil in dead cap space for the next nine years? Yikes! ) .

16 Sep 2019 21:14:48
It would be 7 years if they stretched his salary.

(Years x2) + 1

Right now he is owed $124 mil, ($39, $41, $44), so stretched it would be an $18 mil/ yr cap hit for a staggering 7 years.

As the president of the NBA Players Association, and a guy that got rid of the rule that prevented big paychecks to older players, I think it would set a bad example if he took a buy out and left money on the table. But even if he does, I would think OKC would prefer not to stretch him, and eat the cap hit over the next three years, when they are unlikely to be a contender anyway. In 4-7 years, who knows how much they’d need the extra cap space?

16 Sep 2019 22:35:51
Thanks for the correct Shrink. Wasnt able to do the proper research before posting. On average, rebuilding teams get a first round draft pick for using $18 mil of their cap space based on past salary dump deals. So stretching Paul comes at a cost of $120 mil (or whatever the buyout is) AND 7 first round picks. YIKES!

13 Sep 2019 13:16:47
Wolves - Derozan and Mills

Spurs - Wiggins Covington and Bates Diop



13 Sep 2019 13:21:46
IF MIN trades Covington, (and I doubt this happens so he can teach the kids some defense), it will be for win-later, upside talent that matches KAT’s timeline.

13 Sep 2019 15:39:33
Not sure i'm Spurs would agree to such a trade. But the lineup would not be so bad but different!

Walker IV

13 Sep 2019 18:17:53
Not sure Pop is interested in coaching Wiggins. Especially when he has a few young wings already on the roster who may be just as good as Wiggins is.

09 Sep 2019 01:01:29
Phoenix: Aldridge

Spurs: Saric, Tyler Johnson exp, Cam Johnson, 2 2nd rd picks

09 Sep 2019 00:46:03
Heat: Derozan, Poeltl

Spurs: Winslow, Adebayo, Johnson

08 Sep 2019 16:06:08
Its a trade btw spurs, heat and mavericks after the rumors that says derozan on his way through miami

İn || derozan and aldridge
Out || olynyk, winslow, herro, dragic and 2026 first

İn || Dragic
Out || Hardaway jr, justin jackson and a second rounder

İn || Herro, olynyk, winslow, hardaway jr., justin jackson, 2026 first rounder of heat and second rounder of mavericks
Out || Aldridge and derozan

After trades the main rosters are here

Bam, aldridge, butler, derozan, wade (according to rumors wade will keep his body ready for a return)

Boban, porzingis, luka, seth, dragic


08 Sep 2019 18:56:57
This trade has Miami taking on salary, which is hard to do since they are already up against the hard apron cap set by Butler's S&T. Plus, got to add the salary of the 2 new vacant roster spots (4 players out with 2 players coming in) that will be filled.

04 Sep 2019 01:24:56

MIA gets Derozan, Schroeder

SAS gets Dragic, Winslow, MIA ‘20 ( Draft day), Jaylen Brown, Langford, Grant Williams

BOS gets Patty Mills, Forbes, KJ, SAS ‘20 2nd rd

OKC gets JJ and 2026 1st rd pick MIA

Kemba/ Mills
Forbes/ Smart
Hayward/ KJ
Tatum/ Ojele
Kanter/ Williams/ Fall

Murray/ Dragic
White/ Langford/ Walker
Brown/ Marco B
Gay/ Carroll/ Grant Williams
Aldridge/ Poeltl

Schroder/ Shaun Livingston
Derozan/ Herro
Butler/ Waiters
Kelly O/ DJJ
Bam/ Leonard.

04 Sep 2019 10:32:59
Who are KJ and JJ? Brett Kavanaugh's high school drinking buddies?

04 Sep 2019 13:08:35
Schroeder is a negative assets and Derozan isn’t netting’s you half of that.

04 Sep 2019 14:59:43
KJ= Keldon Johnson
JJ= James Johnson.

04 Sep 2019 15:47:38
You can't use two letter shortenings for players that aren't household names. No one knows who Keldon Johnson is, especially when shortened to KJ.

04 Sep 2019 17:44:11
Not to mention that there are probably a ton of dudes with those initials.

26 Aug 2019 22:11:13
Magic - White and Belinelli

Spurs - Bamba



28 Aug 2019 00:00:11
Sure. Why not?

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