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14 Mar 2019 16:33:53

June 30th - Oklahoma gets Snell, 2022 SRP, 5.5 mil cash with Melo exception and Connaughton with Luwawu-Cabarrot exception.

July 1st - Ilyasova for Patterson

Oklahoma adds three role players that will help their shooting and depth issues. They will be taking on 14.5 mil from this deal, but it will be for three players over one and they get some cash to lighten their tax bill. They also take a SRP as a sweetener to draft a high school player in 2022.

Milwaukee opens money to bring back their FAs and even avoid the tax. With Lopez taking the full MLE (9,2 mil) and Middleton, Mirotic, Brogdon starting at 25, 16, 15 they will be just at the tax line. They will have some more money till the apron to spend if needed.


1.) 14 Mar 2019 22:05:17
Ilyasova for Patterson I wouldn't do. Snell might become necessarily expendable.

2.) 15 Mar 2019 01:11:16
@jorgawood, Agreed! Brogdon also might become expendable. I would look to trade Brogdon to the L. A. Lakers for B. Ingram. Then Move Middleton back to SG.
Giannis A.


3.) 15 Mar 2019 05:57:56
The news front dropped a bomb, and then went pretty quiet on Ingram. That usually means this is serious as can be. 2 months we'll know for sure, and if Brogdan would sign a friendly deal for at least 3 seasons to make the S&T possible, then it sounds pretty good. Also, couldn't interfere with any Laker FA plans. Ingram is going to be even more expensive than Brogdan for the Bucks to keep if he plays well, after next season.

4.) 15 Mar 2019 15:06:49
I don’t see Brogdan taking a team friendly S&T deal to go to the Lakers. I think he’s going to want to hit the market, and someone is going to give him some cash.

5.) 15 Mar 2019 21:41:29
@ Triangle O and jorgewood, . From what is being said in Wisconsin, Brogdon is becoming a little to "political" for some peoples taste. Including management. Its said, "Now I have a platform to speak about all the segregation here in Milwaukee! I was "warned before I got here, Now I can see it for myself! " Not a good way to let people (And management) know you want to stay in Milwaukee!


6.) 15 Mar 2019 22:12:19
Not a good way to let them know? Or letting them know he wants to be part of the change to make Milwaukee "better".

7.) 15 Mar 2019 23:16:01
Everyone has the right to free speech. I would say not 2 inches from my face, but yes that right is real, and important to America. If Brogdan is laying false claim, or bringing problems where none exist, my line with him would firm up significantly as an owner.

8.) 16 Mar 2019 22:02:05
Ingram had some good news today. His condition was structural and not blood related. Dodged a huge bullet it appears. Glad to hear it.

9.) 17 Mar 2019 10:13:42
@Fredman and jorgawood. My thoughts are, If Milwaukee is so segregated and racist as Brogdon and actually the President of the Bucks stated, #1, Why not ask for a trade? #2 Then why did the Pres. take the job? Agreed, Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But, I don't think using the "Job" forum is the way to go. Go to your jobs, and try using it to promote, or discuss your private political thoughts in any meeting, Or in public, While representing the Co. You work for. Again, my thoughts




23 Feb 2019 11:56:53

Milwaukee get Holiday

Pelicans get Snell, Wilson, DiVincenzo, Brown and the player Bucks draft with their FRP

Memphis get Ilyasova with Temple exception

The Bucks bring back first all their FAs. Lopez with the tax-MLE and the others as less expensive they can. This team will probably cost up to 150 mil, which means that owners will have to pay big taxes.


The Pelicans cash in Holiday with three young players that have shown flashes in limited time, a FRP and Snell as salary filler.

The Grizzles get Ilyasova to backup/mentor JJJ for a year. If not interested, I think there could be here 3-4 other interested teams to get Ilyasova for free.


1.) 23 Feb 2019 14:46:37
Not enough.

2.) 23 Feb 2019 15:19:37
Too much for Holiday!

3.) 23 Feb 2019 20:12:30
@ Milpso, Just a fyi. Ersan Ilyasova is signed with the Bucks thru 2020-2021. He signed a 3 year 21 mil. back in 2018. What is Memphis giving up?

4.) 24 Feb 2019 00:07:10
@torque Nothing. They take him with the Temple exception they own. Maybe for a top 55 SRP if needed just to be legal.

5.) 24 Feb 2019 01:16:10
@Milpso, I believe the Bucks will keep Ilyasova. They need his shooting, and defense.



11 Feb 2019 16:12:26
Milwaukee offseason

Use Bird rights and give 8% rises to keep their FAs and dip a little in the tax

- Middleton 4y/100mil (starting at 22 mil)
- Bledsoe 3y/60mil (starting at 18.5 mil)
- Mirotic 4y/72mil (starting at 16 mil)
- Brogdon 4y/60mil (starting at 13 mil)

- keep Lopez with the MLE

trade Snell, Ilyasova, Wilson, DiVincenzo, Brown, 2019 FRP for Beal


Bucks upgrade their starting 5 with Beal and will have Brogdon and Mirotic coming from the bench with big minutes.


1.) 11 Feb 2019 16:47:11
I don't think Beal is in the future for the Bucks at all. WAS has shown no interest in trading him. I think the Bucks are in for one interesting off season if this experiment goes awry. They could easily go from hero to zero if certain guys don't re-sign.

2.) 11 Feb 2019 18:14:59
@ jorgawood Agreed! I think The Bucks should start with Middleton, Then worry about the rest. (Bledsoe, Brogdan, Lopez)

3.) 11 Feb 2019 22:59:35
If beldsie no shows un playoffs again let him go.

4.) 12 Feb 2019 02:22:50
I think the plan will be Middleton, Brogdon, Mirotic getting priority. Bledsoe, Lopez they will keep if they can stay around the 135-140 total salary. (Mirotic, Middleton, Lopez could wreak havoc in the playoffs if they're hot, then add Giannis)

5.) 12 Feb 2019 19:01:32
@ jorgawood, I would move Middleton back to SG, Start Mirotic at PF and Giannis at SF. So, Lopez @C Mirotic @PF, Giannis @SF, Middleton @SG, and Bledsoe @PG. Let Brogdan run the 2nd Unit.


6.) 12 Feb 2019 19:41:17
I like their flexibility to play big:

Or small


Even their small is athletic and big. The Bucks are going to be handful for any team in the NBA. Philly too. Harris was exactly what they needed. Markief Morris to HOU changes the western landscape. Be good in Utah too.



01 Feb 2019 17:43:07

Milwaukee get Holiday + fillers
New Orleans get Brown, DiVincenzo, Maker, Snell, Ilyasova, WAS 2020 and 2021 SRPs, MIL 2023 FRP (top 5 protected)

The Bucks get another elite SG and move Brogdon to the bench to lead with Wilson the second unit. Holiday provides them safety in case they lose in summer one of their FAs.

The Pelicans get three prospects and future picks for Holiday, who doesn't fit to their new timeline. Snell's contract shouldn't be considered as dealbreaker here, since New Orleans were reported to like him as a player. The FRP is a long shot, but NOP will have earlier ton of picks dealing AD, Mirotic and Randle.


1.) 01 Feb 2019 18:06:10
Milwaukee I believe would pass! Holiday simply isn't worth it!

2.) 01 Feb 2019 18:20:22
Dosn't fit in timeline? Exactly ho did you rriv at that conclusion?

3.) 01 Feb 2019 18:41:37
He is better defender passer and shooter than any guard on bucks roster.

4.) 01 Feb 2019 18:26:13
@milpso, Holiday is due $25-$26 Mil a year, for the next 4 year. (Giannis only make $25 mil a year) ) So, Why would the Bucks give up 2 Young SG's 1 Vet SG, 1 Young PF/ C and a Vet PF/ C PLUS Picks for Another SG in Holiday? Unless, The filler (s) you talk about is A. Davis! Pels fan?

5.) 01 Feb 2019 19:19:59
Comparing contracts in the NBA today is pretty stupid. Giannis is very underpaid because he is on his second contract (without Rose Rules) and he resigned before he became what he is today. When his contract comes up, he'll make 45-50 per year.

The Bucks would trade a bunch of semi-young semi-talented players for a borderline all star. Just like money, you can't compare "Give up 3 players for 1". You do it because elite talent wins in the NBA. Role players don't.

Fit is incredibly overrated and doesn't matter nearly as much as talent. Look at Phili. People say "The experiment isn't working" as they have the 5th best record in the league. Fit is wonky, but wins are still happening. (Also, a PG and 4 wings have won the last couple NBA championships)

6.) 01 Feb 2019 19:57:37
Look at the Standings! Where is Milwaukee? And where are the Pelicans? I'm sorry and do apologize! I don't take a bunch of names, throw them into some kind of "Trade Machine" and see what pops out? I actually research Teams, Players, Fits, Need's, And Contracts! . I still believe the bucks would pass on Holiday. Maybe the Mavericks?

7.) 01 Feb 2019 20:34:55
@torque Holiday's contract is good and will be looking even better in the years to come when one year older Jimmy Butler will be paid with 35 mil to do less - since you compare contracts. It also ends when he will be 31, so you have him for all his prime. Jrue is a better player than Brogdon and with that you take him without losing Brogdon.

It also doesn't hurt Milwaukee's money to bring back their FAs. Having Bledsoe, Holiday, Middleton, Giannis, Lopez and Brogdon (6th), Wilson (7th) you can afford losing some young assets.

8.) 01 Feb 2019 21:57:40
@ Milpso, You're probably right! here's a thought, Give Giannis $45-50 Mil. Give Middleton $40 Mil, Bledsoe $30 Mil. Lopez $30 Mil. keep Holiday at $25-$26 Mil. Brogdan, $20 Mil. and Wilson $20 Mil. That should work right? That's a total of $216 Mil a year for 7 players! So, No need for any more right? (P. S. Just where is ALL this money coming from?, And just who will you get for the bench. Everyone wants to get paid!1.

9.) 03 Feb 2019 14:42:36
@Bmiller, Giannis could have signed for more (A Max deal at the time) But told the Bucks he only wanted his current contract, So hopefully they could use the extra money to pay others to come to Milwaukee (Fact) And Yes, No doubt he will be making more later. Its apparent Giannis just is more about team than himself. look at teams that are now Stuck with players with max contracts that they are trying to dump onto other teams. I Hope A Davis gets the 5 year 240 Mil. he wants, Then watch tickets go for $500 each to watch him play. Bottom line, Players are getting too "me, me, me" and how much money can "I" make? I for one don't think Holiday is worth $100 Mil. for the next 4 years!



23 Jan 2019 20:52:31
Simple trade Iguoadala for ZBO

GSW cut costs now that Cousins is playing for this year and the next

SAC get a SF need and vet leadership for their group. This doesn't affect their max spot next year


1.) 24 Jan 2019 00:37:45
I see what you’re working here, but I just don’t see the Warriors doing it. They rely on Iggy much more in the playoffs than the regular season, and their bench is already thin. Z-Bo won’t give them much if anything.

2.) 24 Jan 2019 01:02:13
Iggy is the locker room peace keeper on this team. They ain't trading him.

3.) 24 Jan 2019 08:54:42
They will have the same team with last year replacing the peace maker Iggy with the better player Boogie. They will still get the championship. This will help them bring back Klay and KD without having to pay enormous tax.

4.) 24 Jan 2019 18:42:02
Or they can send him in summer after they won chip. They can find at least 15 20 teams that want him.




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03 Sep 2018 21:15:49

Phoenix get Teague, Henson
Phoenix give Chandler, Bender, Canaan, Bucks 1st

Suns get a reliable starting pg. They loose a 1st for that, but they already have much talent to develop


Minnesota get Bledsoe, Snell, Brogdon, Bender, Chandler, Bucks 1st
Minnesota give Teague, Butler, Dieng

Wolves commit with KAT and Wiggins and clear a ton of money. They can still make a run for the playoffs with Bledsoe, Brogdon combo.


Milawukee get Butler, Dieng, Canaan
Milwaukee give Bledsoe, Brogdon, Snell, Henson

Bucks get the best player in the deal. Butler will be better off with Giannis IMO. Milwaukee will have to start Delly, but this can be fixed at the deadline and Bud can use Giannis as pg.





18 Jun 2018 11:51:49
Lebron opt in and trade scenarios. They are not ideal for Cavs of course since he can walk for nothing. I cut out GSW, Houston, Miami, Boston as i find it extremely unlikely for a trade

1. Lakers
Cavs get Deng, Ball, 25th, 47th

This is tricky because the Cavs can push for Kuzma also, assuming Lebron wants to recruit bot Paul and George

2. Knicks
Cavs get Noah, Thomas, 9th

It's not so bad for the Cavs since they get back to back 8th and 9th. Noah helps the two years tanking which gives two more lottery picks. Cavs can also trade something like Love for Parsons and 4th maybe. Knicks can trade Porzignis, Ntilkina for Leonard

3. Clippers
Cavs get Gallinari, 12th, 13th

Better for the Cavs. Two high picks and a servicable player. Beverly, Lou, Harris, Lebron, Jordan is a team that allows the King to compete

4. Spurs
Cavs get Aldridge, White, 24th

These are the only pieces that would interest the Cavs, but still not enough to be in the tax zone

5. Washington
Cavs get Gortat, Morris, Oubre, 15th

Oubre and 15th might interest the Cavs, since they only take two servicable expiring contracts

6. Milwaukee
Cavs get Snell, Henson, Maker, Brogdon, 17th

Something alike to the Wizards but with not expiring Snell and Henson


1.) 18 Jun 2018 13:57:07
The Cavs aren't going to take on that kind of salary in any Lebron trade. There first goal if Lebron leaves for the Cavs is to get under the luxury.

2.) 18 Jun 2018 17:43:54
After each one of these they go around 135 mil. They can unload then one contract for a 2nd or stretch one and get under the luxury.

3.) 18 Jun 2018 20:43:05
Unloading 15 to 20 million isn't going to be easy right now. A ton of teams want to unload salary and there aren't many teams willing or able to take it on. It's going to cost about as much as or more than the what they're getting back in most of these trades. The Cavs would have to get a ton back in any Lebron s and t that has to match salaries. I'd be happy with any young assets that they could get back because it's not my money, but looking at realistically, it's hard to imagine.



25 May 2018 08:38:01
There is a saying in Europe that Doncic wants to play in the NBA only for a playoff team. So if the Suns choose Ayton, he is not really into playing for SAC or ATL.

That said, he could fall at No4, which Memphis is reported to be willing to trade. In Europe it is also said that Lakers, Bulls, Spurs and Bucks are interested in Doncic.

What trades would you suggest?


1.) 25 May 2018 10:31:02
From what I have heard the Kings aren't interested in Doncic. I find it odd for the potential top pick of the draft to say he wants to play for a playoff team. You rarely have a playoff team drafting in top 5 of lottery. Also not a good look if he is already trying to force a trade. I hear his stock has slipped and he's not real athletic. I can't imagine any logical trade scenarios in a situation like this especially involving an overseas prospect.

2.) 25 May 2018 15:56:12
Doncic has little chance of demanding a trade before his on court performance is viewed. Lots of guys can't jump real high and are great nba players. His athleticism is there he has coordination all over the place. Ayton can't jump either, yet gets credit for moving well. Doncic can step back, crossover, shoot the 3. He's not slow mo like Kyle Anderson either.

3.) 01 Jun 2018 03:32:15
Kobe did it and didn't have three million s year in europe to run too. Doncic has more power than you think. Says he signs in eurooe any team that drafts him loses him for three years and wated a pick. I see him going to memphis.



06 May 2018 23:44:08
What if Lebron decides to join his successor in the NBA, Antetokounmbo, and his good friend Bledsoe?

I know Milwaukee is not a big market for the King like LA, but imagine him and Giannis playing together, plus he stays in the east where he has always been (only Phily could be in the question of his purchase).

The Bucks i think can afford to go over the tax for a couple of years, given their new arena and of course Lebron in this case.

Any thoughts?


1.) 07 May 2018 01:27:33
It'd be interesting, I'd worry about the lack of shooting around Lebron and Giannis. Also, it would have to be a trade since The Bucks have no cap space. What all would the Cavs want? The trade will keep them deep in the luxury, so it would need to be something pretty significant for a tanking team to be willing to pay luxury tax.

2.) 07 May 2018 17:32:50
MIL could make cap room for Lebron if they first talked Miami into accepting Henson, Delly, Snell for Whiteside - which is not impossible - and maybe give up on Wilson for any pick.

3.) 07 May 2018 17:53:21
The cap will be at 100 million next year. The Bucks without Parker have 107 million committed. After your suggested trade they would have about 102 million committed. Wilson would open up 3 more million. That would give Milwaukee 1 millionish to sign Lebron? They would have to gut the roster to open up 35 million.




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24 Feb 2019 00:07:10
@torque Nothing. They take him with the Temple exception they own. Maybe for a top 55 SRP if needed just to be legal.




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01 Feb 2019 20:34:55
@torque Holiday's contract is good and will be looking even better in the years to come when one year older Jimmy Butler will be paid with 35 mil to do less - since you compare contracts. It also ends when he will be 31, so you have him for all his prime. Jrue is a better player than Brogdon and with that you take him without losing Brogdon.

It also doesn't hurt Milwaukee's money to bring back their FAs. Having Bledsoe, Holiday, Middleton, Giannis, Lopez and Brogdon (6th), Wilson (7th) you can afford losing some young assets.




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24 Jan 2019 08:54:42
They will have the same team with last year replacing the peace maker Iggy with the better player Boogie. They will still get the championship. This will help them bring back Klay and KD without having to pay enormous tax.




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21 Jan 2019 16:17:49
Good luck shizee dumping THJ for an expiring without giving away assets. This trade opens just enough money to open a Durant max spot and gives NYK one more FRP. Knicks will be able to do this with their 109 mil:

Ntilkina/ FRP
Lee/ Trier/ Dotson
Durant/ Knox
Porzignis/ SRP
Robinson/ FRP.




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17 Jan 2019 22:22:54
I think it's obvious that there are two trades here because Ariza can be traded combined with another player only after the deadline. It's one trade split in two just for functional reasons.





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