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15 Oct 2019 23:29:01
Hornets get Schroeder, Nader, Burton
***A backup for Rozier that could also provide a spark. I think Schroeder could also use a change of scenery with so many ball handlers in okc.

Grizz get MKG, Monk, 2020 Denver 1st
***They get another pick and a young asset. If MKG can play, great. If he stinks, cool. $13M expiring.

Thunder get Anderson, Crowder
***I'd like to see OKC see how far they could go in the West. Most of the top teams have reason to underachieve (ex Warriors have Klay hurt, KD gone, Russel to incorporate AND Rockets have to figure out how feed both Harden and Russ and no picks to trade to fill out the bench).

CP3, Graham, FA (Felton?)
SGA, Ferguson, Diallo
Crowder, Anderson, Roberson
Gallo, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel, Patton

(Realistically the backup pg is SGA and graham the third)

14 Oct 2019 10:29:15
Warriors: Love, Okogie, 2nd Wolves


Wolves: Russell, Delly (exp)


Cavaliers: Dieng, Bates-Diop, Teague (exp), 1st from Wolves, 2nd from Wolves

14 Oct 2019 10:49:37
Pretty solid trade.

09 Oct 2019 15:58:08
The Warriors get Ball, Favors, Hart, and the Pelicans' 20 1st lottery protected

The Pelicans get Russell.

09 Oct 2019 18:06:02
Why would Pelicans do that?

09 Oct 2019 18:22:40
Go out and get a 23 year old allstar pg that can shoot?

09 Oct 2019 22:24:00
All star replacement from the weak east, who can’t get to the basket or defend?

I think Russell has a lot to prove before anyone would pay that much. I think the Warriors really gambled on him, rather than lose Durant for nothing.

10 Oct 2019 01:01:34
He’s a subpar defender, but he isn’t awful and given his size and solid athleticism, you would think he’ll continue to get better. The not getting tot he rim is concerning, but he’s a legitimate shooter off the dribble, he can play on and off the ball, he’s a good passer, he’s shown the ability to hit difficult shots, he’s gotten better over time, he’s still only 23 and he’s shown the ability to be the guy on offense on a decent team. I get if you just don’t like him as a player, but that didn’t seem to me like a ridiculous package for him. Ball is a decent player with upside, but he’s a weird fit on that team. Favors seems like a stop gap for Hayes. Hart might be a 3 and d player at some point and if things don’t go well the first doesn’t convey.

10 Oct 2019 14:48:29
Not sure Russell is THAT much better than Ball. A first and 2 other players?

10 Oct 2019 16:26:29
Ball was the 4th best player in a bad team last year. Russell was the best player on a good team. Not to mention Ball hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Not to mention that he’s a guard that can’t shoot in a league where shooting is the most important skill on a team that doesn’t have a plus shooter in their starting line up.

11 Oct 2019 00:30:53
It is a stretch to say Russell was on a good team, at 42-40, playing the bulk of their games against the horrible East.

Also, keep in mind that even the Nets didn’t want to feature him initially. They were forced to after that horrible injury to LeVert, then Dinwiddie went down.

Finally, he did not get better every year. The season before he actually did a little worse. I am suspicious of a player who only succeeded when an entire team was built to help him succeed. He won’t be seeing any other team do that for the rest of his career.

09 Oct 2019 14:14:39
This won't happen, but I thought it was interesting.

Miami gets Paul, Looney, Ferguson, Denver 2020 first
***They get a young guy, a pick, and a serviceable big attached to Paul. They keep Bam, Herro, Winslow. I think that's good enough.

Warriors get Dragic, Olynyk, 2021 Miami first via okc
***I don't think Russel fits and I don't think he stays. Getting a guy like Olynyk who can start at the 5 and shoot is big. Dragic can run the bench. The first is gravy. Could end up being a great pick.

Thunder get Russel and Waiters
***I think Waiters is a big gamble. He could be a ball hog on a bloated deal. Or he could be a sixth man of the year candidate. Russel with SGA could be a good pairing tho. I'd love to see Okc chase a playoff berth.

Russel, Schroeder
SGA, Waiters, Burton
Roberson, Diallo, Nader
Gallinari, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel, Patton

09 Oct 2019 15:32:03
OKC is getting way too much. If they had a standard expiring contract it would make sense, but not with Paul's deal.

Russell might not be a great fit with GS, but this is a massive downgrade in overall talent. And talent wins.

09 Oct 2019 11:29:19
Magic: Russell

Warriors: Vucevic, 2nd rd pick

09 Oct 2019 15:32:57
A direct swap of these two feels like it makes sense. It fits needs on both sides.

09 Oct 2019 16:07:50
I like this for Olrando and Vucevic is a better fit in GS.

08 Oct 2019 11:20:21
Sacramento-Orlando-Golden State

Sacramento get Nikola Vucevic & Alec Burks
Get an all star center that will absolutely fit in with their roster. I'm confused on why they didn't offer him some money this summer

PG Fox-Joseph-Ulis
SG Hield-Burks-Guy
SF Barnes-Bjelica-Williams
PF Bagley-Giles
CE Vucevic-Dedmon-Holmes

Orlando get D'Angelo Russell, Yogi Ferrell & 2nd from Kings
Trade an allstar for an allstar but get what they need the most

PG Russell-Augustin-Ferrell
SG Fournier-Carter-Williams
SF Isaac-Ross-Iwundu
PF Gordon-Aminu-Okeke
CE Bamba-Birch

Golden State get Markelle Fultz, Trevor Ariza, Bogdan Bogdanovic & 2nd from Kings
Ariza will replace Iggy. Bogdanovic is a sharp shooter who can take place of Klay as he heals from injury and while Markelle is a question mark, he could be a bonus if he comes back healthy

PG Curry-Poole-Fultz
SG Bogdanovic-Thompson
SF Ariza-McKinnie-Robinson
PF Green-Paschall-Chriss
CE Looney-WCS-Spellman

08 Oct 2019 15:41:08
Kings would probably pass because of their depth at big man and Bogdan is their primary offense for the 2nd unit. This trade also taxes the wing depth as Bjelica is not a SF. Plus, we are not in the market for helping the Warriors.

06 Oct 2019 23:06:39
Minnesota Trade Wiggins for Russel in Warriors plus 2-3 furture 1'st

07 Oct 2019 01:50:34
Wiggins has negative value and Russell has positive value. Why are the warriors giving up picks?

03 Oct 2019 15:27:28
This could be something that knicks will risk to land AD next yr.

Warriors won more because of their depth star power. Will look to build for the future

Curry McKinnie Smailagic
SmithJr Knox Barrett Morris 2020 2022 NY 1st 2021 2023 DAL 1st

conference finals

Trier 2nd for Poirier Ojeleye

Payton Ellington Bullock 2024 1st
Crowder Iggy Brooks

45 win team in east.

03 Oct 2019 16:51:32
It's not a horrible package for Curry. But there's absolutely no way the Warriors trade Curry when (if healthy) they're still probably the most talented starting lineup in the NBA. You don't throw away chances at championships, and trading Curry removes any chance at one.

03 Oct 2019 17:05:11
The only one I see happening is perhaps the 3rd trade. No way on the other 2.

03 Oct 2019 17:17:28
They are not the best team in the league now with Green Thompson Russell and Curry. Their depth was just as great as their big 3 before durant after Durant. Now older and with injury tested they can't carry the team like last yr. I believe Clippers are that team Nuggets/ Blazers/ Warriors/ Lakers all can leap frog each other. Russell will be trade bait, we can revisit if they are the best.

Russell for Fultz Gordon


03 Oct 2019 22:32:24
I never said they as a team were better than everyone. But they’re right in the picture for a championship for the next few years. I don’t like the idea of throwing that away. It’s hard to build a team that can contend.

03 Oct 2019 03:50:45
How can Iggy ended up in Warriors??

Iguodala to Hawks for Crabbe(exp) or Turner(exp)

Then Hawks buyout Iggy's contract

Then Warriors can sign him again..

03 Oct 2019 14:58:55
Is ATL giving Memphis the draft pick that Memphis wants for trading away Iggy? I don't think so, but that is just me.

02 Oct 2019 22:57:25
-G. Antetokounmpo
-D. Bender
-N. Powell
-TOR 2021 1st
-TOR 2020 2nd
-GSW 2020 2nd
-M. Gasol
-G. Hill
-TOR 2020 1st

03 Oct 2019 01:27:30
If Giannis gets traded, you’re looking at an AD type package this is awful. Toronto is getting way to much.

06 Oct 2019 12:11:41
Yes, but neither GSW nor mil is getting too little. Both of them would probably accept.

06 Oct 2019 16:28:04
I like it lol. I don't think OG and siakim will become players like allstars franchise type.

06 Oct 2019 18:52:35
Thanks sivretsolide. however, i found an error in my trade that's not what rkenne pointed out. raptors would have 3 pgs. maybe lowry for vucevic and fournier?

28 Sep 2019 09:34:01
Thunder - Timberwolves - Warriors

Thunder gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Wolves Top 10 protected)
2021 2nd rd pick (Wolves)
2022 2nd rd pick (Wolves)

Timberwolves gets:

Warriors gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

24 Sep 2019 21:08:22
Thunder - Timberwolves - Warriors

Thunder gets:
2022 1st Timberwolves (Top 10 protected)

Timberwolves gets:
Noel (expiring)

Warriors gets:
Muscala (expiring)
2020 1st Timberwolves (Top 7 protected)
2020 2nd rd pick (Thunder)

24 Sep 2019 23:16:30
TWolves overpaying for Russell.

25 Sep 2019 01:28:57
They get out of Diengs contract and add Noel as a rim protector. Therefore they have to give up two firsts.

25 Sep 2019 11:30:28
Noel could say no he has a no trade clause.

25 Sep 2019 13:28:35
Why would noel say no to going to a better team?

25 Sep 2019 14:54:14
MIN IN: Russell, Noel, Evans
MIN OUT: Covington, Dieng, 2 1sts

First, I may be in the minority, but I don’t believe Russell is a better player than Covington, and he’s certainly more worriesome when you consider his max deal, vs RoCo’s $12 mil for three years,

MIN is not a free agent destination, so they shouldn’t use picks to clear cap space. Dieng may also be good salary matching next year as an expiring.

Noah doesn’t want to come to MIN because Ryan Saunders wants to play 1 Center, 1 Ball handler, 3 Wings, Towns is ridiculously healthy, and they used free agency to add more centers, Noah needs to showcase himself for his next deal, and he won’t get the minutes in MIN.

25 Sep 2019 17:45:38
Rkenne The better team isn't a contender they would be an early playoff exit if they made it so they aren't much better. And if he accepts a trade he gives up OKC's early bird rights which would allow them to sign him to a bigger contract so he could also be losing money unless OKC tells him they aren't resigning him if he stays in that scenario he might would leave cause the bird rights wouldn't matter.

23 Sep 2019 23:08:33
The Suns get KAT and Russell

The Warriors get Rubio, Saric, Covington and the Suns 2022 1st top 10 protected

The Timberwolves get Ayton, Oubre, Okobo, the 2020 Suns 1st unprotected and the Suns 2022 1st top 5 protected.

24 Sep 2019 02:41:43
Who gets the Suns 2022 pick?

24 Sep 2019 03:23:30
Phoenix doesn't want Russell. They've been adamant about that since free aganecy.

24 Sep 2019 07:33:43
Not bad, but still feels like not enough for Minnesota. Maybe shift the third 1st rounder to them? Feels like a bug drop from KAT to Ayton AND Covington to Oubre. Feels like the Warriors might still be willing to trade 1 starter for three (even without the pick) .

24 Sep 2019 09:16:33
Fredman 22 to Warriors and 24 to Minnesota. My bad.

Skills, Russell, Booker and Towns are all friends. Bringing in all 3 could help you keep them all long term.

Flhoops, yeah, I was playing with the picks a lot when thinking it up. You may be right or maybe, you could throw in an Okobo to GS and then move the 1st over or throw in a pick swap or something.

20 Sep 2019 16:21:25
4 Teams Deals Warriors/Wizards/Bucks/Suns January 15

Suns Trade Tyler Johnson Cam Johnson Dario Saric 2020 first round pick.via Bucks

Bucks Trade Eric Bledsoe Khris Middleton DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews

Warriors Trade D'Angelo Russell 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Wizards Trade Bradley Beal

Warriors get Khris Middleton

Suns get Eric Bledsoe

Wizards get Tyler Johnson DJ Wilson Dario Saric Wesley Matthews Cam Johnson 2020 first round pick.via Bucks 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Bucks get D'Angelo Russell Bradley Beal

20 Sep 2019 17:36:09
Since Golden state does own a 2020 first round pick, they cannot trade their 2021 until after the 2020 draft.

Their 2022 pick however, if available to be traded if you want to substitute the picks.

Salaries seem off to me as well. Phoenix is sending out nearly $27 mil in salary, but only taking back $15 mil. How?

20 Sep 2019 17:56:30
Bledsie pack to phoenix after the way he left?

20 Sep 2019 07:49:56
3 Team Deals Warriors/Bucks/Wizards January 15

Warriors Trade D'Angelo Russell 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Bucks Trade Eric Bledsoe DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews Kris Middleton 2021 first round pick.via Bucks

Wizards Trade Bradley Beal

Warriors get Kris Middleton

Bucks get D'Angelo Russell & Bradley Beal

Wizards get Eric Bledsoe DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews 2021 first round pick.via Bucks & 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

20 Sep 2019 10:31:25
Not terrible. It’d have to be a different Bucks pick though. The Cavs own that one.

20 Sep 2019 11:38:05
Likely no from Wizards, and for sure no from Warriors. Wizards are grtting 2 older players 2 late 1st round picks and 1 younger player who has some potential but i don't think all star potential. Wizards are going to want a better young player and better picks. Warriors are giving up the younger, cheaper, and arguably better or same talent wise player. Why do they have to add a 1st?

20 Sep 2019 12:40:21
The Wizards can get a better offer for Beal
And i doubt GS would make a trade that would make the Bucks the best team in the league.

But it's a nice try and i like this for th Bucks.

10 Sep 2019 16:22:53
Raptors are warriors

raptors trade OG and Powell and future draft pick.

and receive D'Angelo Russell.

Raptors would have a successor for lowry and a combo guard starting next to lowry. with freddy off the bench that's 3 good Guards

Warriors would get young 3 and D and an athletic guard off the bench. OG would help them be a great defensive team once again.

Raptors starters.

6th man freddy

10 Sep 2019 17:00:58
The salary doesn’t work and you’re undervaluing russell.

10 Sep 2019 19:36:35
Oh, he know's Russell's value. Why else would he want Russell on his favorite team?

11 Sep 2019 01:22:30
Is he undervaluing Russell or overvaluing OG, Powell + Toronto's 1st rounder.

11 Sep 2019 16:18:35
He always severely overvalues his team's players.

11 Sep 2019 19:11:03
Cant blame him. We all do it to varying degrees.

12 Sep 2019 02:59:07
Why do you value Russell so highly?

He has one season of ineffective counting stats, plays no defense, and is signed to a max deal. I have great concern in a system like the Nets, where injuries forced them to focus their entire offense on him, that he will not be worth close to a max deal.

12 Sep 2019 17:47:06
He had a solid efficiency rating (19 PER), his defensive rating really isn't bad, and he lead a team to the playoffs without much around him.

Maybe he can't be a third wheel, but as a focal point of the offense, he was really good. Last year was also his first full healthy season away from LA.

Also, his max contract is a second contract max, not third. He's making 27 million, not 40+. He's paid like the 14th highest paid guard in the NBA. That's about right. You think there's more than 14 guards in the NBA better than him?

23 Aug 2019 17:54:11
The Pistons get Aaron Gordon, Markelle Fultz, 1st round pick Warriors & 2nd round pick Magic

Reggie Jackson/Rose/Fultz
Luke Kennard/Brown/Thomas
Sekou Doumboya/Snell
Aaron Gordon/Morris
Andre Drummond/Maker/Wood

The Warriors get Blake Griffin

Steph Curry/Poole
Klay Thompson/Burks/Robinson
Draymond Green/McKinnie
Blake Griffin/Paschall/Smailagic
Kevon Looney/Cauley-Stein

The Magic get D'Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell/Augustin/Williams
Evan Fournier/Ross
Jonathan Isaac/Iwundu/Frazier
Al-Farouq Aminu/Okeke
Nikola Vucevic/Bamba/Birch

21 Aug 2019 08:58:12
The Suns get D'Angelo Russell & Aaron Gordon

D'Angelo Russell/Johnson/Okobo
Devin Booker/Melton
Mikal Bridges/Johnson
Aaron Gordon/Kaminsky
DeAndre Ayton/Baynes

The Magic get Ricky Rubio & Ty Jerome

Ricky Rubio/C.Williams/Fultz
Evan Fournier/Jerome/Iwundu
Jonathan Isaac/Ross
Al-Farouq Aminu/Okeke
Nikola Vucevic/Bamba/Birch

The Warriors get Kelly Oubre, Dario Saric & DJ Augustin

Stephen Curry/Augustin/Poole
Klay Thompson/Burks/Robinson
Kelly Oubre/Saric/McKinnie
Draymond Green/Paschall/Smailagic
Kevon Looney/Cauley-Stein

21 Aug 2019 11:05:54
The suns are giving up way to little in both trades imo.

21 Aug 2019 13:26:15
Magic give up Gordon and Augustin for Rubio and Jerome? Uhhhhh, no.

21 Aug 2019 13:29:52
By the way, Melton is no longer with PHX and Johnson is not a PG. Plus, you're giving away 3 Suns starters for 2 guys whose value to any team could go either way. good or otherwise.

21 Aug 2019 13:31:52
CAM Johnson is no PG. My bad if you meant Tyler J.

10 Aug 2019 14:07:16
ORL GSW 2 different trades for Russell to Magic after Dec 15 if Fultz isn't the starter they r hoping he is, and Russell isn't workimg well for GSW. Which trade happens depends on how the Magic are doing.

Trade 1 if Magic aren't playing well and want to take the younger better for the future route

ORL get Russell
GSW get Vucevic

Picks added wherever if needed but seems fair to me as a player swap with nothing else involved. ORL get Russell to be their PG of the future and they go with Bamba over Vucevic. GSW get the C position locked up for multiple years with an all star C to pair with Curry, Thompson, and Green for the next few years.

Trade 2 if Orl is in the playoff race and again Fultz isn't the starter they hope he will be and Russells not working well with GSW.

ORL get Russell
GSW get Bamba, Augustin, Fournier, and a 1st

Again ORL get their starting PG which helps with the playoff push. GSW help their depth which Good depth would have been huge this past post season. They get Bamba to come off the bench this year then start next year when WCS expires. And they get a 1st out of it. Salary works they can use some of the Iguadal trade exception if needed.

Let me know what yall think do tgese trades work for both sides let me know.

10 Aug 2019 22:25:41
Trade 2 only.

10 Aug 2019 22:29:03
Russell Paschall for Gordon Fultz.

09 Aug 2019 17:27:59
Nuggets - Warriors - TWolves - Wizards

Warriors have depth issues. Nuggets need another star. Wizards need to cash in on Beal. TWolves need to mix it up.

Warriors trade D'Angelo Russsll
Warriors receive Gary Harris and Robert Covington

Nuggets trade Gary Harris, Malik Beasley, Michael Porter Jr, and a 2022 First round pick
Nuggets receive Bradley Beal

Wizards Trade Beal, mahinmi
Wizards receive Andrew Wiggins, Malik Beasley, Michael Porter Jr, Gorgui Dieng, 2022 First Round pick via Denver, and 2020 first round pick via Minnesota (Top 5 protected)

TWolves trade Wiggins, Covington, Dieng, 2020 1st
TWolves receive D'angelo Russell and Ian Mahinmi

GS adds solid pieces that are signed long term. Nuggets add a star that could put them over the top. TWolves get a good young pg to pair with towns and free up a lot of cap space for the 2020 offseason. Wizards get 3 young players with potential. Washington might as well roll the dice on Wiggins since they're paying wall already. The TWolves pick will most likely be in the lottery this year.

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