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14 Oct 2019 10:35:51

CLE: G.Dieng, K.Bates-Diop, 2 2nd round picks

MIN: B.Knight, A.Zizic

14 Oct 2019 10:51:13
The Cavs would need a 1st to take on Dieng.

14 Oct 2019 10:29:15
Warriors: Love, Okogie, 2nd Wolves


Wolves: Russell, Delly (exp)


Cavaliers: Dieng, Bates-Diop, Teague (exp), 1st from Wolves, 2nd from Wolves

14 Oct 2019 10:49:37
Pretty solid trade.

14 Oct 2019 08:05:40
Pelicans x Minnesota

Minnesota gets
Derrick favors, Josh hart, Darius miller and Etwaun moore
lakers 2021 first top 8 protected conveys unprotected in 2022
Lakers 2024 unprotected first
cleveland 2020 first (top 10 protected conveys 2021 and 2022 second rounders)
new orleans 2020 and 2022 unprotected firsts
3 second rounder from 2020 draft (washington, new orleans and milwaukee)
and washington 2022 second rounder

New orleans gets KAT and Gourgie dieng
Waive dieng, williams and jackson sign with crawford and melo

After the trade pelicans roster is the future

Kat, hayes, okafor
Zion, melli
Melo, İngram,
Holiday, reddick
Ball, crawford, walker

İ would invest 2024 first and second also if wolves do not accept the offer.

14 Oct 2019 09:28:40
Not bad. It feels like a lot, but that might be fairly close to what it would take.

14 Oct 2019 09:54:27
I would like this to happen.

That NO team would be awesome.

08 Oct 2019 01:29:20
Wolves get Paul, Roberson, Nader
***I think Paul to Minnesota should be a match made in heaven. They jettison Wiggins and bring in a point who could get more out of Towns. If he doesn't work out, he's still on a shorter deal than Wiggins.

Magic get Teague
***Fultz insurance. He can play off the ball a bit. He could start. He could come off the bench. He's also expiring.

Thunder get Wiggins, Fournier, Okogie
***Hand the keys to SGA! This brings in a little bit of everything. Plus maybe Wiggins thrives with lower expectations. Fournier can shoot and Okogie could be a nice young asset. Bring back Felton.

SGA, Schroeder, Felton
Ferguson, Okogie, Diallo
Wiggins, Fournier, Burton
Gallinari, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel, Patton

08 Oct 2019 11:16:24
The price isn’t bad (though MIN probably likes Okogie more than anyone else does), but as I mentioned earlier, MIN had no interest in Chris Paul and his alpha-personality on KAT’s team. Paul demanded shot from James Harden, one of the most efficient players in the NBA! MIN won’t risk another Jimmy Butler situation that alienates KAT, so I think Chris Paul is the least likely player in the NBA to wind up in MIN.

06 Oct 2019 23:06:39
Minnesota Trade Wiggins for Russel in Warriors plus 2-3 furture 1'st

07 Oct 2019 01:50:34
Wiggins has negative value and Russell has positive value. Why are the warriors giving up picks?

06 Oct 2019 22:41:48
Toronto Trade Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby For Wiggins in Minnesota

08 Oct 2019 11:18:48
Again, Wiggins is negative value.

I know Canadians loved Maple Jordan when he entered the NBA, but I feel like Wiggins lack of success may have soured them on him, especially when they have their own players that won them a title.

05 Oct 2019 09:30:19
Minnesota x Detroit

Culver, okogie, dieng, teague, 2020 first, 2020 second and phila's 2022 second rounders


Blake griffin and reggie jackson

Rosters are here

Rose, teague
Culver, svi
Okogie, brown
morris, sekou
Drummond, maker


05 Oct 2019 09:55:55
1. The Wolves are not win-now. In fact, they didn’t re-sign any of their vets (Taj Gibson, Anthony Tolliver, Saric (traded for a better rookie), Tyus Jones, Derrick Rose), and brought in youth that match KAT’s timeline. They have no bench.

2. MIN is not a free agent destination, so giving up last year’s 1st, this year’s 1st, and next year’s 1st to get off Dieng and eventually get cap space is the wrong direction.

MIN will likely spend this season trying to develop their youth, and letting bad deals take a year off. They need to be good in 3-4 years, when Towns has the leverage to ask for a trade - not use up those assets now.

05 Oct 2019 11:06:49
What a wonderful trade idea! Thanks for sharing.

05 Oct 2019 15:57:35
Fredman 🤣.

03 Oct 2019 20:14:10
Hawks - Thunder - Timberwolves

Hawks gets:
Teague (expiring)
Roberson (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Parsons (expiring)
2020 1st Timberwolves (Lottery protected)
2022 1st Timberwolves (Lottery protected)
2022 1st back (from Hawks)

Timberwolves gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
2020 2nd Thunder
2021 2nd Thunder
2022 2nd Hawks

Hawks and Timberwolves make a push for the playoffs while Thunder rebuilds with picks.

03 Oct 2019 22:10:54
Why are Hawks giving up 2022 picks for expiring contracts on players that they will probably not resign? That is just dumb. Leave ATL out of this and just send Teague to OKC.

04 Oct 2019 03:44:32
Horribly bad for the Wolves.

1. After the Jimmy Butler locker room fiasco, they would not risk a sour Chris Paul - a guy that demanded shots from James Harden.

2. The Wolves are not win-now. In fact, they didn’t re-sign any of their vets, and brought in youth. They have no bench.

3. MIN is not a free agent destination, so giving up picks to clear bad contracts and eventually get cap space is the wrong direction.

MIN will likely spend this season trying to develop their youth, and letting bad deals take a year off. They need to be good in 3-4 years, when Towns has the leverage to ask for a trade - not use up those assets now.

04 Oct 2019 23:09:21
How is this getting up voted. It’s bad for everyone except OKC.

28 Sep 2019 11:29:10
Heat - Thunder - Timberwolves

Heat gets:
2020 2nd rd pick Thunder
2021 2nd rd pick Timberwolves

Thunder gets:
2025 1st rd pick Heat (Lottery protected)

Timberwolves gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Dragic (expiring)
Leonard (expiring)

28 Sep 2019 13:40:00
Miami has repeatedly stated that they want OKC to return their 1st rounders in any Chris Paul trade. I doubt they would all of a sudden be willing to give OKC another one of their firsts in a Chris Paul trade.

28 Sep 2019 14:49:15
In this trade they don’t give up Winslow and save 5 million in salary. That’s why they give up the extra first.

28 Sep 2019 18:02:55
Miami doesn't really care about that. They are operating with leverage as there are no other "buyers" for Chris Paul. "Here is the price we are willing to pay. Take it or keep a soon-to-be disgruntled Chris Paul. " says the Godfather Pat Riley.

28 Sep 2019 09:34:01
Thunder - Timberwolves - Warriors

Thunder gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Wolves Top 10 protected)
2021 2nd rd pick (Wolves)
2022 2nd rd pick (Wolves)

Timberwolves gets:

Warriors gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

26 Sep 2019 21:29:42
Heat / Timberwolves / Thunder

Miami Gets

Chris Paul
T. Ferguson
D. Bazley
M. Muscala (Expiring)
2021 MIAMI 1st
2021 OKC 2nd
2023 MIAMI 1st
2024 OKC 2nd
2026 OKC 2nd

Minnesota Gets

Gallinari (Expiring)
Roberson (Expiring)
33 Million Plus (Expiring)
2020 Nuggets 1st

Oklahoma City Gets

Wiggins from Timberwolves
Dragic from Heat
Johnson from Heat
Winslow from Heat
Waiters from Heat

26 Sep 2019 23:24:56
Haha why should OKC give up 3 1st Rounders to get worse players? Wiggins contract is worse than CP3 so it isn't even a salary dump.
That's just horrible.

27 Sep 2019 02:40:37
So OKC trades away Grant, Westbrook and George and only walk away with 3 firsts and some draft swaps that probably won't happen. LOL!

27 Sep 2019 20:15:07
That trade is by far the craziest I’ve seen yet no way in hell would okc give up all them picks

27 Sep 2019 21:55:20
Miami wants Paul. No way okc makes Miami better when they have two of Miami's first round picks. Okc wants Miami to be in the lottery.

26 Sep 2019 15:55:07
The Blazers get Covington

The Wolves get Hood and Little.

26 Sep 2019 17:44:11
+Portland's 2020 first?

27 Sep 2019 06:47:02
Even with the POR 1st in the 20’s, this seems light, Little was the #25 pick.

Most of the contenders in the West need a SF, and they would love a 1st team, All ” NBA defender who doesn’t need the ball to help offensively. I feel if POR made this offer, several teams would trump it.

27 Sep 2019 15:24:29
I just don't see a huge gap between Hood (and Bazemore) to Covington. Definitely not effectively two firsts.

Also, does adding Covington move Portland in the order of the west at all? I don't see him putting them over the top. If he doesn't, then he's not worth that much. Portland has to retain as many assets as possible to go after a star.

27 Sep 2019 16:13:57
I think you’re overrating Hood and Bazemore. They’re decent, but neither is more than a low end starter. Covington is a top 3 perimeter defender, a good shooter, and does all the little things. He’d be a great fit. The Blazers need some defenders. Bazemore might be the only plus perimeter defender they have and he doesn’t have the body to deal with Lebron, Kawhi and etc.

27 Sep 2019 17:23:40
Top 3 perimeter defender? He was voted the 7th best defensive forward in the NBA last year. Good, but not Kawhi, Giannis, or Draymond level "my defense changes the entire game" level good.

He's also a good shooter. But again, it's not like he's Klay out there. He's a 37% 3 point shooter. He's slightly above average.

Covington is an average starter. Heck, maybe a below average starter. NBA. com had a list of the best SFs, and he didn't crack the top 15. Sure, an upgrade over Hood and Bazemore. ESPN ranked him juuuuuust slightly better than Evan Fourier. Worse than Otto Porter, Gallinari, Joe Harris, and PJ Tucker.

Does moving from a bottom 10 starting SF to a bottom 15 change the dynamic of the team whatsoever? Does it warrant trading two firsts for him?

If you have the stars to win it all, he might be worth it as a final piece. But for a team that still needs one more star level player, he's not.

27 Sep 2019 19:40:28
I wouldn’t move two 1sts for him, but Hood and a 1st sure. He’s better than given credit for and I think there’s something to him fitting almost perfectly next to Dame and CJ. You’d also have enough to make a bigger move. I also think taking a flier on a guy like Roberson would be an interesting move. They really need a big wing defender. On paper that defense looks terrible.

27 Sep 2019 23:20:09
Granted, he was hurt last year, but Covington was named first team All Defense for 2017-18.

Over the last three years, only Rudy Gobert has a higher DRPM.

You are greatly under-estimating Covington.

28 Sep 2019 03:37:52
Then where do you place him overall amount SFs Shrink? Experts rank him outside the top half of starters. He’s a good defender, but you don’t build a game plan around his defense like you do Gobert or Leonard.

He’s a really nice role player, definitely. But two firsts means star to me. Anything less is a mistake.

25 Sep 2019 19:11:05
The Thunder get Wiggins, Teague, Dieng, Bates Diop, and a lottery protected 2020 1sts that converts to two 2nds after two years.

The Wolves get Paul, Gallinari, and Roberson.

25 Sep 2019 22:04:32
After the Jimmy Butler locker room, I think Chris Paul is the last player in the NBA that MIN would subject KAT to.

Word here from a local sportswriter is that Rosas feels he has to make up for what Towns had to face with Jimmy, and they won’t bring in “another alpha, ” as they make this KAT’s team. It’s probably true too, because even though Rosas is a star-hunter like Morey, he made no effort whatsoever to try to get Paul or Westbrook.

26 Sep 2019 02:36:05
Agree with Shrink. Paul's inability to work with star players is starting to be "habitual". Why put KAT through that again?

25 Sep 2019 01:09:59

MEM: G.Dieng, K.Bates-Diop & 1st round pick with protection (maybe another 2nd round pick for taking extra year of Dieng)

MIN: A.Iguodala & D.Melton

MIN get a locker room leader to help develop their guys for this year and they swap Diop for Melton too so that they get some point guard depth.

25 Sep 2019 13:27:30
I like this one. I think Covington and Iggy would be great for Culver and possibly Wiggins.

25 Sep 2019 14:48:10
I like the KBD-Melton swap for both teams.

MIN isn’t a free agent destination, so they are more likely to find talent with picks than cap space. That means they can’t give up picks to move Dieng’s second year.

Iguodala is a good fit for several desperate contenders who lack a starting swingman. They can find a better fit than MIN.

25 Sep 2019 19:20:15
I don’t think you could get much more than that for Iggy. We’re talking about an injury prone guy that might only have a year left before retiring.

24 Sep 2019 21:08:22
Thunder - Timberwolves - Warriors

Thunder gets:
2022 1st Timberwolves (Top 10 protected)

Timberwolves gets:
Noel (expiring)

Warriors gets:
Muscala (expiring)
2020 1st Timberwolves (Top 7 protected)
2020 2nd rd pick (Thunder)

24 Sep 2019 23:16:30
TWolves overpaying for Russell.

25 Sep 2019 01:28:57
They get out of Diengs contract and add Noel as a rim protector. Therefore they have to give up two firsts.

25 Sep 2019 11:30:28
Noel could say no he has a no trade clause.

25 Sep 2019 13:28:35
Why would noel say no to going to a better team?

25 Sep 2019 14:54:14
MIN IN: Russell, Noel, Evans
MIN OUT: Covington, Dieng, 2 1sts

First, I may be in the minority, but I don’t believe Russell is a better player than Covington, and he’s certainly more worriesome when you consider his max deal, vs RoCo’s $12 mil for three years,

MIN is not a free agent destination, so they shouldn’t use picks to clear cap space. Dieng may also be good salary matching next year as an expiring.

Noah doesn’t want to come to MIN because Ryan Saunders wants to play 1 Center, 1 Ball handler, 3 Wings, Towns is ridiculously healthy, and they used free agency to add more centers, Noah needs to showcase himself for his next deal, and he won’t get the minutes in MIN.

25 Sep 2019 17:45:38
Rkenne The better team isn't a contender they would be an early playoff exit if they made it so they aren't much better. And if he accepts a trade he gives up OKC's early bird rights which would allow them to sign him to a bigger contract so he could also be losing money unless OKC tells him they aren't resigning him if he stays in that scenario he might would leave cause the bird rights wouldn't matter.

24 Sep 2019 15:48:49
Heat - Thunder - Timberwolves

Heat gets:
Muscala (expiring)
2023 1st rd pick back (via Thunder)
2020 2nd rd pick (Thunder)

Thunder gets:
2021 1st rd pick (lottery protected) (Timberwolves)

Timberwolves gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Dragic (expiring)

24 Sep 2019 16:40:29
this is one of the few trades by a OKC fan that I can actually get behind. Especially if the Twolves pick turns into 2 second rounders if the pick doesn't convey because twolves have a fair amount of expiring deals before 2021 and could end up back in the lottery.

24 Sep 2019 19:05:23
If you are going to over pay someone I rather pay cp3 then wiggens. Wiggens is a poor man's Carmelo Anthony.

24 Sep 2019 20:06:51
There's probably a good argument between Wiggins and Paul, but I'd take Wiggins way over Paul. Paul seems like a bit of a locker room cancer (especially as his play deteriorates), he's much older, and he makes more.

Wiggins won't ever be a superstar, but if you can make him your third or fourth best player and get a strong personality to lead the team, I think he can become a pretty strong starter. I guess Butler was a strong personality, but he's not much of a leader.

24 Sep 2019 20:26:25
Shizzee must be the only Knick fan that I know who is down on Melo. LOL!

23 Sep 2019 23:08:33
The Suns get KAT and Russell

The Warriors get Rubio, Saric, Covington and the Suns 2022 1st top 10 protected

The Timberwolves get Ayton, Oubre, Okobo, the 2020 Suns 1st unprotected and the Suns 2022 1st top 5 protected.

24 Sep 2019 02:41:43
Who gets the Suns 2022 pick?

24 Sep 2019 03:23:30
Phoenix doesn't want Russell. They've been adamant about that since free aganecy.

24 Sep 2019 07:33:43
Not bad, but still feels like not enough for Minnesota. Maybe shift the third 1st rounder to them? Feels like a bug drop from KAT to Ayton AND Covington to Oubre. Feels like the Warriors might still be willing to trade 1 starter for three (even without the pick) .

24 Sep 2019 09:16:33
Fredman 22 to Warriors and 24 to Minnesota. My bad.

Skills, Russell, Booker and Towns are all friends. Bringing in all 3 could help you keep them all long term.

Flhoops, yeah, I was playing with the picks a lot when thinking it up. You may be right or maybe, you could throw in an Okobo to GS and then move the 1st over or throw in a pick swap or something.

23 Sep 2019 11:29:34
Pacers - Thunder - Timberwolves

Pacers gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Muscala (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Sabonis (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (lottery protected)

Timberwolves gets:

Pacers starting lineup:

23 Sep 2019 13:25:51
Minnesota passes. Diengs deal will be valuable as an expiring next season when their is a treasure trove of FAs to sign.

23 Sep 2019 13:57:50
i would like to see the combo Sabonis-Turnerthis season, before we trade Sabonis.

23 Sep 2019 14:09:45
Another reason it would help to write the IN/ OUT for each team would be so that you could tell which team is giving up a 1st round pick.

I assume it’s IND, and they say no. Using assets to clear cap space has less value to teams that aren’t free agent destinations. I doubt MIN trades Covington, who is KAT’s buddy, and critical to both their offense and defense. However, if they do, they will use that value for youth and picks, not to clean up their books.

23 Sep 2019 14:57:47
I meant, I assume it’s IND, and “MIN” says no.

23 Sep 2019 17:06:40
It’s from the Wolves.

23 Sep 2019 19:02:45
Then Minny definately says No.

18 Sep 2019 09:03:27
Chris Paul and M. Muscala

Serge Ibaka and G. Dieng plus 1st picks from Toronto and Minnesota (lottery protected)

Andrew Wiggins and N. Noel

Minny: Paul-Okogie-Culver-Covington-Towns 6thman:Teague

Toronto: Lowry-Powell-Wiggins-Siakam-Gasol 6thman: VanVleet

OKC: SGA-Fegurson-Gallinari-Ibaka-Adams 6thman: Schroeder

18 Sep 2019 11:09:35

18 Sep 2019 12:49:01
Also, the Ibaka+first can probably get you Derozen back in Toronto.

18 Sep 2019 13:48:59
There is no way they are trading for DeRozan back though. All the reasons that they traded him in the first place still apply. (Choking in the playoffs) besides, that'd be an even bigger slap in the face than trading him in the first place.

18 Sep 2019 20:14:13
I disagree with everything you said Chuigi. The reason they traded him was to get a top 10 player in the league. If they could get him back for cheap (Ibaka and a first) and stay competitive in the east, they'd do it.

And taking him back to a place he loved isn't a slap in the face. I guess if they said to him "well, we lost Leonard, so you're better than nothing" it would be. But if handled right, it would be a pretty easy transition.

18 Sep 2019 23:06:28
Totally fair. I agree he could understand, maybe even be cool with it. I just think there is a good chance there are still some hard feelings between him and the organization. Obviously this is just my opinion and I you understand that it is probably a little biased.

19 Sep 2019 02:37:21
Take out the 1st from TOR and i think it could work. Noel and Wiggins for just ibaka is more fair than Ibaka and a 1st. Any situation OKC can get a 1st while moving Paul would be a win and they bring back Ibaka for a homecoming. The only reason i don't say take out the 1st from minny too is because they get out of Wiggins, and also Dieng if it was just Wiggins they don't include a 1st.

19 Sep 2019 02:54:03
Plus, throw in that the man (Lebron) that kept beating Derozen is no longer in the East helps in bringing Derozen back to Toronto.

19 Sep 2019 06:43:58
After the damage Jimmy Butler’s meltdown did to KAT, I think that there is no chance they would trade for Chris Paul. They want KAT to be the alpha player. After the way Paul demanded the ball from even James freakin’ Harden, I don’t think they’d risk alienating Towns by putting CP3 anywhere near the Wolves.

18 Sep 2019 03:19:18

MIL: K.Lowry, S.Napier

gain the PG of the team that eliminated them. Provide vet leadership and experience to this rising team. If doesn't work, it opens ample amount of money


TOR: A.Wiggins, G.Hill, T.Graham 1st round pick MIN, 1st round pick MIL
- maybe start rebuilding


MIN: E.Bledsoe, E.Ilyasova, N.Powell
- get players that could help them now and get rid of Wiggins


18 Sep 2019 15:33:55
Milwaukee would pass!

18 Sep 2019 17:56:09
Torque- bledsoe is not going to ever start on a championship team.

29 Sep 2019 22:45:03
Tor in: Wiggins, Hill, Graham, two first rounders
Tor out: Lowry, Powell
I think the Raptors are getting a bit too much.
Also, why would Milwaukee ever do this?

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