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11 Oct 2019 11:37:17

SAC receives: Whiteside, Little

POR receives: Dedmon, Ariza, multiple 2nd's

Has to wait until players signed this offseason can be traded - but POR will have a transition at Center late in the season anyway, with Nurkic coming back. Ariza would help their weakness at SF this season (basically on a 1 yr deal) and Dedmon is solid + more willing to accept a backup role than Whiteside (expiring). SAC gets a chance to see if Whiteside would work there and gets a good fit in Little. SAC has a lot of 2nd rounders to spare.


SAC receives: Adams, Ferguson
OKC receives: Bogdanovic, Dedmon, Swanigan (waived)

Once OKC figures out how to dump CP3, SGA + Bogdanovic would make a great backcourt combination. Even if Bogdanovic is not quite young enough, a starting opportunity should increase his value as an asset. OKC gets under tax line. SAC improves their starting lineup, and Ferguson is interesting too. Both are on two year contracts, like a lot of SAC's non-core players. Adams would set monster screens for Fox, and I think Bagley will improve his shooting enough so that spacing will not be a big issue.

I think going into the season with Dedmon / Giles / Holmes is still a great scenario - I just think they are in a good position to pivot and react at the Center position as the season goes on. I love having Bogdanovic as a sixth man, but he deserves more minutes at SG. Paying him the contract $ he will demand next offseason looks a little different if he is a SF half the time, not being fully utilized to his strengths as a playmaker. If he would accept a 4yr/$52m extension (most the Kings can offer as an extension), the Kings should do it.

11 Oct 2019 12:04:48
Dedmon was brought into Sacramento to be a stretch 5 in order to open up the lane for Fox and Bagley. Neither Whiteside nor Adams currently have that ability. Additionally, Dedmond can run with the Kings new up tempo offense, that Adams can't do and Whiteside does less than Dedmond does. So basically, the Kings would not be interested in these trades as they are constructed.

I also get the Bogdanovich dilemna. I just think there will be better options latter in the year when the injury bug bites some teams.

11 Oct 2019 12:48:05
The Portland trade was more about Little + Whiteside's expiring contract.

With Adams, the fit isn't perfect, but it seems like a safe option. Better options might come up, but I have a hard time seeing it backfire. He just seems like such a professional, similar to Barnes.

11 Oct 2019 16:53:17
Adams is a just a poor fit for what Sacramento is doing. I like what he would bring on the defensive end of the court, but he takes away too much from the offensive end to really justify the move. Especially if I have to give up Bogdan as well.

08 Oct 2019 10:09:00
The Blazers get Al Horford & Abdel Nader

Damian Lillard/Simons
CJ McCollum/Trent/Nader
Kent Bazemore/Little/Hezonja
Al Horford/Tolliver/Gasol
Zach Collins/Varejao/Nurkic

The Thunder get Hassan Whiteside (exp) & 1st round pick Portland

The Sixers get Danilo Gallinari, Rodney Hood & 2nd round pick Portland

Ben Simmons/Burke/Milton
Josh Richardson/Hood/Smith
Danilo Gallinari/Thybulle/Korkmaz
Tobias Harris/Scott/Ennis
Joel Embiid/Oquinn/Bolden

08 Oct 2019 11:07:47
I like it. I don’t have a lot of faith in Whiteside in a contract year - he may be too selfish for POR. I wish they could address their hole at SF, but this deal still helps. Gallo seems like a better fit for PHI, and they can bring him back. OKC just wants a pick.

Very nice.

08 Oct 2019 13:50:09
Gallo is a better fit for Philly than Horford? Not a chance
Horford signed as a Free agent, this deal couldn't happen until December, if I'm not mistaken.

08 Oct 2019 15:18:17
I'd love to get Horford. Him and Nurkic together would be fun. Great defenders, great passers.

Seems like a bad move for Phili though, just simply a big downgrade in talent.

06 Oct 2019 18:11:08
Bucks/Blazers/Hawks/Pistons 4 Teams Deal February 8 Trade Deadline

Bucks Trade Brooks Lopez Wesley Matthews 2020 second round pick 2021 second round pick

Pistons Trade Blake Griffin Luke Kennard

Hawks Trade Chandler Persons 2022 first round pick.via Thunder

Blazers Trade Zach Collins Hassan Whiteside

Bucks receive Hassan Whiteside Luke Kennard

Blazers receive Blake Griffin

Hawks receive Zach Collins Brooks Lopez

Pistons receive Wesley Matthews Chandler Persons 2020 first round pick.via Blazers 2022 first round pick.via Thunder 2020 second round pick.via Bucks 2021 second round pick.via Bucks

06 Oct 2019 18:54:24
So are the Blazers trading their 2020 1st?

06 Oct 2019 19:01:04
BrookLopez+Matthews+2SecondRounders for Whiteside+Kennard?

06 Oct 2019 19:08:13
Yes they’re.

06 Oct 2019 21:27:48
Bucks doesn’t have first round picks to give up to unload.

06 Oct 2019 13:34:33
Trade deadline deal

Thunder - Trail Blazers

Thunder gets:
Whiteside (buyout)
2020 1st rd pick (Lottery protected)
2022 2nd rd pick

Trail Blazers gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Roberson (expiring)
Noel (expiring)

06 Oct 2019 16:06:59
Thunder not getting enough for Gallo.

06 Oct 2019 03:01:01
Blazers/Pistons/Hawks Trade Deadline February 8

Blazers Trade Hassan Whiteside Zach Collins 2020 first round pick

Hawks Trade Chandler Persons 2020 first round pick

Pistons Trade Blake Griffin

Hawks receive Hassan Whiteside

Pistons receive Chandler Persons Zach Collins 2020 first round pick (Top 10 protected).via Hawks 2020 first round pick.via Blazers

Blazers receive Blake Griffin

06 Oct 2019 13:07:48

06 Oct 2019 13:59:11
Why are the Hawks trading a first to swap Parsons for Whiteside? What’s the logic there?

06 Oct 2019 17:46:27
Because pistons going to also ask hawks to unload first round pick to take Chandler Persons Expiring contract.

07 Oct 2019 02:25:14
But that makes no sense. Atlanta is trading an expiring contract for a bigger expiring contract. And that costs them a first? Absolutely no sense whatsoever.

05 Oct 2019 20:15:44
Trade deadline

Portland trades Bazemore+Little
Sacramento trades Ariza+Bjelica.

06 Oct 2019 02:48:07
Blazers is not doing this deal.

05 Oct 2019 18:54:32
76'ers Trade Ben Simmons for
CJ McCollum in Portland

05 Oct 2019 19:08:41
Simmons is worth a lot more.

05 Oct 2019 19:21:22
It’s interesting and I could see both teams thinking about it. They both fit better with the other team, there’s been talk of
Simmons and Embiid not loving each other, and Simmons gives Portland a longer window. I think the 6ers end up turning it down, but it’s one of the more interesting 1 for 1 swaps in the league imo.

06 Oct 2019 14:03:39
McCollum was just ranked the 13th most impactful player for this year. He might be the most undervalued player in the NBA. The idea that Simmons is “worth a lot more” seems wrong.

I think both teams could use the spacing that McCollum brings. I also just don’t see Portland making any 1 for 1 trade for stars. It doesn’t change their outlook for the season. They need to add talent, not swap talent.

04 Oct 2019 07:16:01
Portland: B Griffin

Boston: Nurkic

Detroit:Bazemore+ J Brown+1rnd pick Portland

04 Oct 2019 15:31:08
Seems like if that's the asking price, that Portland could get Griffin without giving up Nurkic (who to me has considerably more value than Brown when healthy) . Selling low on Nurkic and relying on Whiteside is a bad long term move.

Something like Whiteside, Simons, Little, and 1-2 firsts for Griffin, Morris, and Frazier. Seems like similar value to Detroit.

04 Oct 2019 16:42:29
gasupo the season is about to start Detroit is not trading Griffin.

04 Oct 2019 17:29:37
Shizzee: I would assume this is a post-Dec 15th deal, not today. I don't think any team is making a team changing trade the week before camp.

05 Oct 2019 02:23:57
Yeah Boston shouldn't be in this trade. Griffin to Portland only sense only if they keep their core.

02 Oct 2019 18:18:35
Magic/Portland January 15

Magic Trade Aaron Gordon

Portland Trade Kent Bazemore Zach Collins 2020 first round pick & 2022 first round pick

Magic receive Expiring Contract & Rookie Contract + two drafts picks

Portland receive Soild Power Forward

02 Oct 2019 18:54:00
zach collins = gordon.

02 Oct 2019 20:55:43
Seems like a lot for Gordon. I'd hope for something more like Whiteside, Little, Trent (or Skal), two firsts for Gordon and Fournier.

02 Oct 2019 22:42:32
Magic doesn’t want to take Hassan Whiteside Contract.

03 Oct 2019 00:01:33
Whiteside is expiring. My idea actually cuts Orlando’s payroll by over 5 million.

03 Oct 2019 00:31:33
Think about it Magic rather taking Bazemore Contract and Magic already has a Centers Mo Bama and Vucevic it’s no reason to take Whiteside Contract Magic want Expiring Contract to come off they book and Young Power Forward Like Zach Collins and Drafts Picks.

26 Sep 2019 15:55:07
The Blazers get Covington

The Wolves get Hood and Little.

26 Sep 2019 17:44:11
+Portland's 2020 first?

27 Sep 2019 06:47:02
Even with the POR 1st in the 20’s, this seems light, Little was the #25 pick.

Most of the contenders in the West need a SF, and they would love a 1st team, All ” NBA defender who doesn’t need the ball to help offensively. I feel if POR made this offer, several teams would trump it.

27 Sep 2019 15:24:29
I just don't see a huge gap between Hood (and Bazemore) to Covington. Definitely not effectively two firsts.

Also, does adding Covington move Portland in the order of the west at all? I don't see him putting them over the top. If he doesn't, then he's not worth that much. Portland has to retain as many assets as possible to go after a star.

27 Sep 2019 16:13:57
I think you’re overrating Hood and Bazemore. They’re decent, but neither is more than a low end starter. Covington is a top 3 perimeter defender, a good shooter, and does all the little things. He’d be a great fit. The Blazers need some defenders. Bazemore might be the only plus perimeter defender they have and he doesn’t have the body to deal with Lebron, Kawhi and etc.

27 Sep 2019 17:23:40
Top 3 perimeter defender? He was voted the 7th best defensive forward in the NBA last year. Good, but not Kawhi, Giannis, or Draymond level "my defense changes the entire game" level good.

He's also a good shooter. But again, it's not like he's Klay out there. He's a 37% 3 point shooter. He's slightly above average.

Covington is an average starter. Heck, maybe a below average starter. NBA. com had a list of the best SFs, and he didn't crack the top 15. Sure, an upgrade over Hood and Bazemore. ESPN ranked him juuuuuust slightly better than Evan Fourier. Worse than Otto Porter, Gallinari, Joe Harris, and PJ Tucker.

Does moving from a bottom 10 starting SF to a bottom 15 change the dynamic of the team whatsoever? Does it warrant trading two firsts for him?

If you have the stars to win it all, he might be worth it as a final piece. But for a team that still needs one more star level player, he's not.

27 Sep 2019 19:40:28
I wouldn’t move two 1sts for him, but Hood and a 1st sure. He’s better than given credit for and I think there’s something to him fitting almost perfectly next to Dame and CJ. You’d also have enough to make a bigger move. I also think taking a flier on a guy like Roberson would be an interesting move. They really need a big wing defender. On paper that defense looks terrible.

27 Sep 2019 23:20:09
Granted, he was hurt last year, but Covington was named first team All Defense for 2017-18.

Over the last three years, only Rudy Gobert has a higher DRPM.

You are greatly under-estimating Covington.

28 Sep 2019 03:37:52
Then where do you place him overall amount SFs Shrink? Experts rank him outside the top half of starters. He’s a good defender, but you don’t build a game plan around his defense like you do Gobert or Leonard.

He’s a really nice role player, definitely. But two firsts means star to me. Anything less is a mistake.

26 Sep 2019 09:32:02
Spurs: Nurkic+Bazemore

Portl: LMA+Bellinelli

The spurs get a great asset in Nurkic and the West is open this year, so Portland would have a great hance winning it all with a big three and a good bench.

C: Whiteside/ Collins/Gasol
SF:R hood/Little/Hezonja
Pg:Lillard/McCollum/Perrantes or caupain

26 Sep 2019 11:08:19
They need Bazemore and Nurkic’s defense to much to do this.

26 Sep 2019 12:19:38
But what team could stop this offense?

26 Sep 2019 12:46:06
Clippers, Gasupo.

26 Sep 2019 14:02:22
That offense plays to the Lakers strengths. The Clippers would be fine. The Jazz would make them work. The bucks would be fine. Philly might smother them. Hood is a complete enigma and LMA wouldn’t get a ton of touches.

26 Sep 2019 16:47:16
I think I'd only do this if they could then swing a trade for another big time guy. Maybe Whiteside, Simons, Little, and a first for Griffin and filler.

Overall, I trust Whiteside to be the fill in for Nurkic during the regular season, but I don't at all trust him to be the full time permanent starter.

A starting lineup of Lillard, McCollum, Hood, Griffin, and Aldridge would be scary offensively. And they'd have enough defense to get by.

24 Sep 2019 11:19:22
If Nurkic looks good near the deadline

The Blazers get Roberson and Gallo

The Thunder get Whiteside(buy out), Little, and a lottery protected 1st.

24 Sep 2019 15:53:18
Why is Portland giving up Little to take on Roberson and his additional salary? Thunder get Little OR draft pick, not both.

If Thunder is determined to get a young talent and a pick, send them Skal Labrissiere instead of Little.

24 Sep 2019 16:47:33
The only way I'd do this is if Roberson looks like an all NBA defender again. If he's less than that, Portland is giving up too much.

Even then, this really cuts their options to pull off a trade for a big time guy (I don't think Gallo is a big time pickup) . A Bazemore and a first for Gallo swap makes more sense to me.

24 Sep 2019 09:50:42

OKC get Derozan

SAS get Gallinari, Ferguson, Whiteside, Bazemore (exp), Little, MIA 1st round pick & POR 1st round pick

POR get Aldridge & Gay

24 Sep 2019 11:17:37
Why would OKC trade for Derozan?

23 Sep 2019 02:21:21
Portland Trade Kent Bazemore Rodney Hood 2020 first round pick & 2022 first round pick

Spurs Trade DeMar DeRozan

January 15 Or February 8

23 Sep 2019 05:12:13
Think POR need more of a role player than a ball dominant one.

23 Sep 2019 12:00:26
POR might ask or make an offer for Aldridge first i think.

23 Sep 2019 13:58:33
I would ike to see LMA in Portland again.

23 Sep 2019 18:29:47
Swap Hood for Whiteside and add in Aldridge and Little (maybe Simons too? ) .

16 Sep 2019 23:36:54
OKC POR DAL at trade deadline only if DAL is in playoff contention which is possible if Porzingis is healthy, and Nurkic comes back and is playing well

OKC get Lee (exp), Powell (exp), POR 2020 1st.
DAL get Whiteside (exp)
POR get Gallinari (exp)

It is just a movement of expiring contracts to fill team needs.

DAL get a C to pair with Porzingis
POR need a 3rd scorer for playoffs Gallinari would be a great 3rd option for them.
OKC needs rebuilding assets POR give up a late 1st to add a valuable playoff piece OKC adds that to the DEN 1st to maybe move up in draft to go with their pick if it is high enough for them to keep which is likely.

17 Sep 2019 01:36:27
I forgot to put POR is also saving bout 5 mil in salary by making this trade.

17 Sep 2019 01:57:22
Not sure why Portland is adding a pick, but Dallas isn't including a pick. Portland and OKC are trading the more talented players.

17 Sep 2019 04:09:44
Dwight Powell? Need to take him out, he got a 4 year contract extension and has more trade value than that.

17 Sep 2019 09:27:00
Powell got approx. 20 ppg and 10 Rebounds a game after the all star games and everybody calls him and improved defender.

It seems there are some frustrated haters out there, they think Mavs players have no value.

To be honest, I wouldn`t take Whiteside. He is not the guy to plan with and to rent him for a year makes no sense, when you built a new team chemistry.

Wait for the season ; )

17 Sep 2019 14:45:37
Mavs players have value. But most are just worth 2nd round picks. Besides Doncic and Porzingis, no GM is calling Dallas saying "You got to trade me Player X".

17 Sep 2019 17:56:06
15 and 7, not exactly 20 and 10. Also, I'm not sure his trade value went through the roof because of 24 games. He needs to play that good for a full season before he's looked at as even a solid starter.

18 Sep 2019 01:01:50
24 games where Powell was a teams only option at big. Numbers will probably diminish next to another big (like Porzingis) .

16 Sep 2019 14:22:03
Spurs - Thunder - Trail Blazers

Spurs gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Noel (expiring)

Thunder gets:
Whiteside (expiring)

Trail Blazers gets:

16 Sep 2019 15:34:56
I wouldn't give up Collins for Aldridge. Rather do a first or Little.

Also, why would the Spurs do this?

16 Sep 2019 19:59:53
Aldrige doesn't want to play center and Paul will limit Murray/ White/ Walker/ Forbes on Dan Antonio.

13 Sep 2019 20:31:04
Portland Detroit (midseason)

Portland gets
-Blake Griffin
-tim frazier

Detroit gets
-2020 1st

Midseason, Detroit realises its salary is too high for where the team can go and dumps Griffin for salary relief and a couple young assets. Portland fully commits to the dame cj era and has no cap space forever, but by adding Griffin puts the blazers in serious contention as the front runner for the next few years.

08 Sep 2019 12:52:03

Aaron Gordon, Melvin Frazier


Kent Bazemore, Anfernee Simons

Portland wouldn't have to use Zach Collins at the 4. Plus Gordon doesn't need to ball in his hands and is a versatile defender.

Orlando gets backcourt depth and upside with Simons in case Fultz experiment doesn't come to fruition. Bazemore's expiring also offers cap relief.

Portland gets best player, Orlando gets better balance and cap flexibility.

08 Sep 2019 13:46:07
Not enough from pirtland.

08 Sep 2019 14:16:20
You’d need to add a first and probably more.

08 Sep 2019 15:18:10
Aaron gordon is not worth what you are asking for. not only that . portland would hang up the phone laughing at you. besides we got Collins who is on the rise. another dumb fan that doesn't know basketball having a wet dream.

08 Sep 2019 15:52:00
and something that we don't need from Orlando.

08 Sep 2019 17:12:36
David Cone, really? Gordon is a 24 year old borderline allstar that can defend, pass and score off ball. He’s also locked up for 3 more years on a team friendly deal and plays a position that position of need. Not to mention that he has the size and athleticism to guard guys like Lebron and Kawhi. If 5 years from now Simons was half as good as Gordon, the Blazers would be thrilled and you’d still have to make a choice between him and McCollum. Bazemore is just a solid role player.

08 Sep 2019 18:14:47
Portland values Simons incredibly high right now. I think maybe something like Little and a first probably makes more sense. I don’t think they’d include more if they had to include Simons.

09 Sep 2019 15:56:39
That said, Davidcone is ridiculous. Gordon is exactly what Portland needs. Collins isn't doing what Gordon can do. Heck, they'd probably make a great pair at 4 and 5. And the offer isn't ridiculous (unless you want Simons, Collins, and a first for Gordon) .

10 Sep 2019 17:36:22
What are you talking about BMiller? Gordon scored more point on the set of Uncle Drew than he has in the NBA.

13 Sep 2019 20:17:11
Gordon already looks as if he's close to his peak. He's a good player and I think he would be a good fit on Portland but I think Portland is too in love with Simons to give him up for a guy who is not going to make the team significantly better this season.

01 Sep 2019 17:37:20
Cavs and trail blazers

Cavs get: Whiteside and two first round picks

Trail blazers get: Kevin love and two second round pics

01 Sep 2019 19:52:24
you cav fans are so desperate to trade Love after you gave him a overpriced contract at his age and injury history. your stuck with love unless you guys kick in 1st round picks to get rid of his contract. portland didn't trade for whiteside so we can get a has been like Love . please think about your trades before you post them cav fans. that way no one will laugh at you guys.

01 Sep 2019 19:54:43
what are you smoking in Cleveland.

01 Sep 2019 20:01:54
here cav fan . a counter offer . we take love and 2 unprotected 1st round pics and we send Whiteside and 2nd round picks. that seems fair.

01 Sep 2019 21:43:53
Love averaged 17 and 11 last year at the age of 30. Being called a has been isn’t exactly true.

It’s too much for Love, but Cleveland isn’t going to be giving up picks to unload him.

02 Sep 2019 01:35:24
he sucks. always hurt or depressed acts like a lil girl on defense . the only way he will be traded is if Cleveland throws in 1st rounders. so cleveland is stuck with him . which is fine they are the idiots that signed him.

02 Sep 2019 13:35:47
Bmiller- in 40 games right? Guy hasn't been healthy since traded from minny.

02 Sep 2019 15:25:32
In the 4 years before last year, he averaged 68 games a year in Cleveland. Not the best in the world, but not -that- bad.

02 Sep 2019 23:35:09
Bmiller - how many playoff games? Guy can't be on the court when it counts.

03 Sep 2019 22:33:27
Outside of when Olynyk pulled his shoulder out of socket, Love has only missed 1 playoff game off of the top of my head.

30 Aug 2019 12:41:38
Trade deadline when the Whiteside experience have failed.

Thunder gets:
Whiteside (expiring)
Bazemore (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (lottery protected)
2022 2nd rd pick
2024 2nd rd pick

Trail Blazers gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Roberson (expiring)
Noel (expiring)

Thunder get under the luxury tax and some late picks. By moving Schroeder contract they can go after some restricted free agents next summer.

Trail Blazers gets better starters in Noel (if Nurkic is still out), Gallinari and Roberson. Schroeder will fill the need of bench scoring when Lillard and McCollum sit.

30 Aug 2019 15:02:28
Portland won't give up their cap space next summer to take on Schroeder (and give up picks in the process) .

If Whiteside is a complete disaster, I'd start Collins over Noel. Noel just seems like a guy that if you're starting, you're not going to be successful.

Bazemore and Hood are better than Roberson until proven otherwise.

Simons will be given every chance possible to be the third guard. Portland won't mess with his development by bringing in Schroeder.

Schroeder isn't exactly someone that endeared himself to Portland during the playoffs. I can't see him fitting into Portland's lockerroom.

30 Aug 2019 15:03:36
Maybe something like this:

Two second rounders


Roberson (who I think has no value at this time)

30 Aug 2019 19:01:45
Portland is not going to make a trade like this . this trade is a joke.

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