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14 Oct 2019 08:05:40
Pelicans x Minnesota

Minnesota gets
Derrick favors, Josh hart, Darius miller and Etwaun moore
lakers 2021 first top 8 protected conveys unprotected in 2022
Lakers 2024 unprotected first
cleveland 2020 first (top 10 protected conveys 2021 and 2022 second rounders)
new orleans 2020 and 2022 unprotected firsts
3 second rounder from 2020 draft (washington, new orleans and milwaukee)
and washington 2022 second rounder

New orleans gets KAT and Gourgie dieng
Waive dieng, williams and jackson sign with crawford and melo

After the trade pelicans roster is the future

Kat, hayes, okafor
Zion, melli
Melo, İngram,
Holiday, reddick
Ball, crawford, walker

İ would invest 2024 first and second also if wolves do not accept the offer.

14 Oct 2019 09:28:40
Not bad. It feels like a lot, but that might be fairly close to what it would take.

14 Oct 2019 09:54:27
I would like this to happen.

That NO team would be awesome.

09 Oct 2019 19:38:50
Thunder - Wizards

Thunder gets:
Mahinmi (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (top 7 protected)
2022 1st rd pick (lottery protected)

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

10 Oct 2019 05:03:58
I like this trade I’d go for that when does John walls contract expire?

09 Oct 2019 11:24:24
Wizards: Culver, Wiggins, Napier, 2 1st round picks


Wolves: Beal, Ish Smith


07 Oct 2019 14:24:52
1) Washington-spurs
Was: LMA+ P Mills

Spurs: J Wall+ 1rnd pick Was+ 1rnd pick Was 2022 (lottery protected)

2) spurs-Tor

tor: Derozan
spurs: Ibaka+ Anunoby+ 1rnd pick tor 2021

07 Oct 2019 16:24:48
Thats laughable. Why would Popovi h take Wall and his ridiculous contract?
In my mind, there would have to be multiple unprotected picks and not a non-protected pick.
I love how everyone says that the Celtics need to add first round picks to trade Hayward. Yet you want to trade Wall for something good AND a protected pick, when his contract is far worse than Haywards. At least Hayward will be playing while Wall is out the entire season.

07 Oct 2019 16:33:12
Boston shouldn't trade Hayward for picks, the guy still has value.

Two picks for a bad contract isn't a bad deal and the Spurs can take it, if they go in rebuilt mode. and Wall is only 29, He can sit out this year, play next year and getting traded in 2021.

07 Oct 2019 17:17:51
Guys that shouldn't be traded this year: Hayward, Wall, Nurkic.

Never sell at the absolute lowest value.

07 Oct 2019 20:40:09
Never sell? Depends on what you got coming in to fill their cap space.

Was the price "low" on AD when NO traded him with Zion inbound?

07 Oct 2019 22:04:58
That definitely wasn't AD's absolute lowest value.

To clarify, don't trade guys when their value has cratered or even gone into the negative, when you know it can't go lower and that it more than likely will go up.

08 Oct 2019 18:56:14
In fairness, Hayward’s value was probably higher last year at this time than this year. You don’t really know what their value is going to be in the future. What if Wall isn’t even a starting caliber guy when he comes back? It’s not impossible.

04 Oct 2019 17:15:37
Heat - Thunder - Wizards

Heat gets:

Thunder gets:
Dragic (expiring)
Mahinmi (expiring)
Leonard (expiring)
2025 1st from Heat (Top 7 protected)

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

04 Oct 2019 17:33:16
2045 1st? Only team getting 1st are wiz. Okc will giving minimum of 1st over valuing heat players.

04 Oct 2019 17:40:23
Wizards aren’t getting a first. Instead they get three young players and a veteran PF on an expiring contract. I believe that’s fair for Beal.

04 Oct 2019 19:38:05
Paul+Gallo is not getting the Thunder expiring deals AND a first.

04 Oct 2019 20:30:13
Fredman, that’s your opinion. Let’s see what happens. I post trades that people press the “believable” button on. You post comments that people press “disagree” on.

04 Oct 2019 21:03:47
When the site has a majority of OKC homers on it, the "agree/ disagree" buttons come with a built in bias. But that is just my opinion.

04 Oct 2019 21:12:42
You may get a 1st for Gallo, but I don’t think you can get expirings for Paul.

And OKC doesn’t have real motivation to add assets to get off Paul, even with the picks they got for him him the Westbrook trade,

04 Oct 2019 21:30:46
Agree! Fredman you never posted a trade. Just complaining.

04 Oct 2019 21:39:34
100% agree with Fredman. Gallo has the value of maybe a late first. Paul is negative two firsts or so. This doesn't add up.

04 Oct 2019 22:04:56
Rodman, i do post trades. I just don't waste everyones time with obvious homer trades. At this point of the season, GMs are waiting to see what their rostets can do. I am also follow their lead.

07 Oct 2019 03:43:52
I agree with the gms waiting And if some teams don’t like what they are looking like u r gunna see some things happen that most people thought teams couldn’t get and do.

26 Sep 2019 12:36:43
OKC: J Wall+ 1rnd pick 2020+ 2020 2rnd pick Chicago+ 2023 second round pick Chicago

Was: Gallinari+schroder

OKC keep CP3 this year, his value will be higher next year, so they could trade him in 2020 or go for a buyout if they can't find a tradepartner.

Was retools around Beal

26 Sep 2019 13:14:15
Those need to be 1sts. Wall’s contract is dumb.

26 Sep 2019 15:47:04
You are gambling that Paul can actually stay healthy for a season. Not sure I would put all my eggs in that basket.

26 Sep 2019 21:41:28
OKC still has SGA, so they don't put there eggs in one basket. SGA can make enough minutes, so paul can stay healty

OKC get 3 picks for J Wall, who's still only 29.

25 Sep 2019 13:53:36
Cavs Thunder Houston

Cavs receive

Thunder receive
Nance Jr

Rockets receive
2022 second round pick back from Cavs
2023 second round pick from Thunder

Trade two:
Cavs Wizards

Cavs receive
2020 second round pick from Chi or Memphis
2024 second round pick

Wizards receive

Trade one Thunder get out of Paul's contract and give up expandable players like Adams and Schroeder who they tested the market for this past of season. While they also add expiring contracts and a good young player in Nance Jr.
Houston gets their third star to play with Westbrook and Harden. Love knows how to be the third option on a championship caliber team and the rockets get 2 seconds to their depleted draft stock.

Trade two: I believe this is the best the Wizards could get for Wall and his contract., Two good role players on expiring contracts and a replacement for Wall with Clarkson who could match his offensive production and Thompson would become the best Center they have after this trade.

I already know what people will say. Why bring in 3 guards when you already have Sexton and Garland and it's going to stunt their development. I disagree big time. Sexton and Garland will only learn from Paul, Wall and Schroeder and while Walls out the Cavs could play Paul and Sexton as the starters with Garland and Schroeder as the back ups. Paul could mentor Sexton and Schroeder could do that for Garland while on and off the floor. Then add the leadership of Wall and giving his insight. Then the amount that someone like Garland especially could absorb is maxed out. Frees up space for Porter Jr and Windler behind Osman. Also you have two dominant defensive big men in Capela and Adams starting. This team may not be a top 5 east team this year but next year with the development of the young core and chemistry built up, this is has potential to be a contenting team in the east. Better than what the Cavs could have for the next 4 years.

Cavs depth Chart
Osman/Porter Jr/ Windler

25 Sep 2019 14:11:46
Why would the Cavs do this? They get one player of value in Capela and they give up their best player to get two god awful contracts at pg and they end up with 4 pgs that should be or will want to start next season and 2 starting centers that can’t play another position. You just made a bad team with a ton of long term money on the books. The wall deal in particular is ridiculous. 2 2nds to take on that contract? I’d want 3 1sts to even consider it. Paul isn’t a mentor. By all accounts his teammates don’t like him and he’s hard to play with. Schroeder has been a head case and forced himself off a bad team already. Both guys are going to want out. Delly and Knight are both guys that are just happy to be on nba rosters collecting big checks and both can be mentors. Delly seems like one of the ultimate team guys and Knight has been on record talking about how Sexton and him have similar skill sets and that he can help Sexton develop. By the time Love was back, the locker room seemed to be in a good shape. Not to mention the Cavs would be in the luxury over this nonsensical abomination of a team.

25 Sep 2019 21:42:58
Haha I knew you would love this trade Rkenne. I understand this isn’t believable but I think the Cavs should look at it. The Cavs need more playmakers. I know that Garland could develop into the play maker but he isn’t ready to start and if they have Garland develop with the second unit and have either Sexton Or Schroeder beside him. The pressure wouldn’t be on him to produce and they would let the game come naturally to him. Paul and Schroeder attitude shouldn’t be a problem. Both would be more motivated after this trade to prove everyone wrong. Wall is already motivated with his injury. Capela and Adams are both young and yes centers but defensively they would be able to control the key area themselves. Also any team trying to deal with the size of Capela and Adams would struggle. Having both would mean more rebounds and thus opportunity for the speed of the guards to run the break or pull up from deep. Try contending the size down low then also match the speed of the three guards. Would be difficult to do. Gives the rookies more playing time as well so they could develop. Do they go into luxury yes. But giving time for this team to build chemistry would only help them. Cavs keep all the young developmental pieces in this trade as well. With the draft lottery even being a bottom 3 team doesn’t guarantee a good draft pick as we know so why not go for is and give the fans a reason to be excited except wait another few years and we may be good. I honesty do believe this team could contend next year once Wall returns but got to take a risk in Cleveland for them to have a chance as we know.

25 Sep 2019 22:03:20
If they could keep Love and get Paul, Roberson and Gallinari, then maybe you consider it. Then you flip Sexton for something. Wall is guy who’s game is largely predicated on him being athletic and he blew out his Achilles. He has a 4 year super max contract. It’s easily the worst contract in the league.

26 Sep 2019 02:34:16
Cavs have nothing of value for the Thunder other than picks. Why would the Thunder trade Adams, Paul, Gallinari, etc. For players that are worse than the Thunder's bench players?

26 Sep 2019 11:14:14
Paul and Schroeder both have negative value. A trade that let's you get off of them and isn’t sending out young talent is a win.

25 Sep 2019 14:05:48
Orl: B Beal

was: Bamba+Isaac+Fultz+augustin+ 1rnd pick Orl 2020+ lottery protected 1rnd pick 2022

25 Sep 2019 20:00:29
As a wizards fan that would be great.

25 Sep 2019 09:48:15
Knicks - Thunder - Wizards

Knicks gets:

Thunder gets:
2021 1st rd pick (Mavs via Knicks)
2023 1st rd pick (Mavs via Knicks)

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)
Morris (expiring)
Smith Jr.

25 Sep 2019 13:19:01
I like this for NY and the Thunder, but i can't see Washington doing this.

25 Sep 2019 19:26:16
Trying to figure out why Knicks have to give up 2 draft picks to the Thunder for taking Chris Paul.

24 Sep 2019 20:02:15
Thunder - Wizards

Thunder gets:
Mahinmi (expiring)
Miles (expiring)
Bertans (expiring)
2020 2nd rd pick (Chicago or Memphis)
2022 2nd rd pick (Lakers, Chicago or Detroit)
2023 2nd rd pick

Wizards gets:
Gallinari (expiring)

24 Sep 2019 20:34:04
And this helps Washington how? They should be acquiring assets, not trading them away. That's why I think they should trade Beal.

24 Sep 2019 21:01:14
Washington wants to convince Beal to sign an extension.

24 Sep 2019 13:37:40
Detroit doens`t expect to content but will try a playoff run. Hence they do not have the CAP to extent Drummond by MAX. Since I think Boston will go after Sabonis, since he has all the tools Boston is looking for and Boston can send good 1st picks to Indiana only Mavs have a real need on a classic center. At Mavs everybody, Porzingis, the team and Drummond itself can profit from each other!

- Ibaka
- Justin Jackson
- 1st pick Mavs

- Beal

- Hardaway
- 3x st pick Toronto

- Drummond
- Thomas

Ibaka can help Detoit similar to Drummond but also strech the floor behind the arc! Justion Jackson can create his shoot on the wing.

Wizards will not get much better and Beal will look to win soon! He can try to follow Leonard, a risk but also a chance for him and Toronto.

Mavs get their force in the middle and a young 3&D that can growth behind Iguodala that Mavs get in another trade. The are out of picks for the next years but have the roster to build success!


24 Sep 2019 15:08:09
Doubt that Toronto offers that much for Beal.

Also doubt Hardaway+JustinJackson+DistantFuturePick gets Drummond.

20 Sep 2019 16:21:25
4 Teams Deals Warriors/Wizards/Bucks/Suns January 15

Suns Trade Tyler Johnson Cam Johnson Dario Saric 2020 first round pick.via Bucks

Bucks Trade Eric Bledsoe Khris Middleton DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews

Warriors Trade D'Angelo Russell 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Wizards Trade Bradley Beal

Warriors get Khris Middleton

Suns get Eric Bledsoe

Wizards get Tyler Johnson DJ Wilson Dario Saric Wesley Matthews Cam Johnson 2020 first round pick.via Bucks 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Bucks get D'Angelo Russell Bradley Beal

20 Sep 2019 17:36:09
Since Golden state does own a 2020 first round pick, they cannot trade their 2021 until after the 2020 draft.

Their 2022 pick however, if available to be traded if you want to substitute the picks.

Salaries seem off to me as well. Phoenix is sending out nearly $27 mil in salary, but only taking back $15 mil. How?

20 Sep 2019 17:56:30
Bledsie pack to phoenix after the way he left?

20 Sep 2019 07:49:56
3 Team Deals Warriors/Bucks/Wizards January 15

Warriors Trade D'Angelo Russell 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

Bucks Trade Eric Bledsoe DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews Kris Middleton 2021 first round pick.via Bucks

Wizards Trade Bradley Beal

Warriors get Kris Middleton

Bucks get D'Angelo Russell & Bradley Beal

Wizards get Eric Bledsoe DJ Wilson Wesley Matthews 2021 first round pick.via Bucks & 2021 first round pick.via Warriors

20 Sep 2019 10:31:25
Not terrible. It’d have to be a different Bucks pick though. The Cavs own that one.

20 Sep 2019 11:38:05
Likely no from Wizards, and for sure no from Warriors. Wizards are grtting 2 older players 2 late 1st round picks and 1 younger player who has some potential but i don't think all star potential. Wizards are going to want a better young player and better picks. Warriors are giving up the younger, cheaper, and arguably better or same talent wise player. Why do they have to add a 1st?

20 Sep 2019 12:40:21
The Wizards can get a better offer for Beal
And i doubt GS would make a trade that would make the Bucks the best team in the league.

But it's a nice try and i like this for th Bucks.

18 Sep 2019 10:31:46

MIA: Beal & Paul


WAS: Dragic, Winslow, Ferguson, Leonard, Waiters & 2 2nd round picks from OKC


OKC: Wall, Herro, 1st round pick MIA


18 Sep 2019 12:43:45
Washington tells OKC that they can keep Ferguson and Washington will take Herro.

18 Sep 2019 09:20:27
Denver: B Beal

Detroit: G Harris

Was: Barton+ R Jackson+Bol Bol+ 2 future first round picks Denver (propably 2022 and 2024)+ 1rnd pick Detroit 2020+ nd pick Detroit 2021

C: Jokic/Plumlee
PF: Millsap/ Porter

10 Sep 2019 22:14:58
Oh aeh oh I have a very nice one. Since there a lot rumors Beal will not extend at Wizards and Drummond at Pistons or Pistons may not offer a MAX there is a simple trade proposal and do not put Hardaway in a bad mood all the time! If he stays health he a a very good scrorer that is also willing to defend. He can give Toronto in my proposal 20 points per night!

- Hardaway Jr.

- Ibaka
- 1st by Mavs

- Bryant
- Beal

- Drummond
- J.Jackson

11 Sep 2019 00:09:30
So you honestly think Tim Hardaway Jr, J. Jackson and a 2026 1st rounder will get you Bradley Beal and Thomas Bryant? Come on, dude. Just stop.

As for Hardaway getting 20 pts a night, he is going to have to take 20 shots to get there.

11 Sep 2019 06:43:18
Responding to some rumors Beal is looking to go to Dallas. I proposed that trading when I consider that rumors! Since Beal could be a free agent in 2021 when Dallas will have the CAP for a MAX spot! But maybe Beal is not the first choice in my point of view!

And yes, THJ may take 20 shots and may create 23 ppg by that. Look on the shoots that Westbrook takes!

11 Sep 2019 09:41:38
So this Beal rumor sounds a lot like the Anthony Davis to the Lakers rumors. And look at what New Orleans got in the trade for AD. Your trade proposals aren't even close. Probably will cost Dallas either Doncic or Porzingis to make happen.

11 Sep 2019 16:03:01
And that max slot in 2021 is not a lock either. You are leaving out the salary from their 2020 first round draft pick. $10 mil added to the book if its the #1 pick will take away that max slot.

11 Sep 2019 16:17:58
Where a guy wants to go is almost always irrelevant. Especially a guy like Beal, who is not a superstar. Even Leonard didn't go where he wanted, or George the first time. You still have to provide a reasonable trade package, you're not getting an all star for pennies on the dollar.

10 Sep 2019 19:25:48
Cavs and wizards

Cavs get Bradly Beal

Wizards get Jordan Clarkson Thomson and a first round pick

10 Sep 2019 19:35:46
Are these jokes?

05 Sep 2019 10:27:02

To Was: Roberson + Shroeder + Ferguson + 1st round pick from Clippers + 1st round pick 2020 Den + 1st round pick own (protected)

To Okc: Beal + Thomas



05 Sep 2019 15:53:11
Why is OKC trading their draft capital to get a guy that's worse than the one they just traded?

04 Sep 2019 20:54:28
Cavs - Pelicans

Cavs gets:
Favors (expiring)
Moore (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (get their own pick back)
2020 2nd rd pick (Wizards)
2020 2nd rd pick (Bucks)

Pelicans gets:

04 Sep 2019 22:40:43
Love would be a great fit with NOLA but i think that’s too much for him at this point.

05 Sep 2019 00:20:56
I can’t see the Cavs doing that. They’ll already have more money than they can spend this summer and that pick is going to be two 2nds any way. It’s pretty clear that they won’t read Love without getting assets back.

05 Sep 2019 00:37:32
Actually, I think that its a fair price. It wasnt like that 1st rounder was conveying so basically its Love for 4 seconds and expiring deals.

05 Sep 2019 07:47:25
Favors >>> Love.

05 Sep 2019 12:42:33
Shizzee, Love is a better scorer, shooter, passer and rebounder than Favors. Also, here is a fun stat for you, 2 of the last 3 years, Love has posted a better defensive real plus minus than Favors on significantly worse teams.

Also, in a year where Love was injured, then never really was given a chance to get back in rhythm, and played most of his minutes without anyone on the floor that could get him the ball consistently, his per 36 numbers were 23 14 and 3.

05 Sep 2019 15:54:51
Saying Favors is better than Love is either admitting your complete bias or your complete lack of knowledge about basketball.

05 Sep 2019 19:07:02
Rkenne, I have no respect for player who plays possum on bad teams. Who he is better than depends what his record is.

05 Sep 2019 21:05:10
Was that true when he was on a horrible Minny team and was considered a top 10 player in the league? Or are you making that up shizzee?

06 Sep 2019 11:48:45
Love was the 3rd best player on a championship team. Favors has been the 4th or 5th best player on a 1st or second round out.

06 Sep 2019 12:52:55
Kevin avg 59 games in 11yrs. Only when he was final yr of contract, winning team, and rookie yr he played 70 or more games. That is pathetic without any major injury.

29 Aug 2019 12:39:36
Denver: B Beal

Detroit: G Harris

Utah: Barton

Was: T Snell+ Kennard+ Exum+ T Bradley+ 1rnd pick Denver 2021 and 2023+ 1rnd pick Detroit 2020+ 1rnd pick Utah 2020

29 Aug 2019 13:43:07
Not bad with the value, but Utah probably wouldn’t want to assist Denver in getting them Beal.

30 Aug 2019 12:02:32
Utah has a 2020 first to trade?

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