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11 Jun 2024 22:24:40
1) Was-Spurs:
Spurs: #2
Was: #4+#8

Atl:K Johnson+Z Collins+ 1rnd pick Hawks 25-27+swap hawks 26+ 1rnd pick Bos 28

SF:Z Risacher
PG:T Young

12 Jun 2024 00:47:00
The Spurs don't own Boston's 2028 pick, they have protected swap rights which may not convey.

13 Jun 2024 16:13:30
I feel like there's a somewhat decent chance Risacher drops to 4, is there that much of a gap between 2 and 4 to warrant also giving up 8, which could be someone like Reed SHeppard / Castle?

14 Jun 2024 10:44:25
So 3 people disagree that the Spurs don't own Boston's 2028 1st. Just look it up?

14 Jun 2024 15:13:41
@ Nightcap
Some people like to disagree on people on this site (not me)

The Boston pick is a swap indeed (that could convey in a second rounnder or not convey at all)

So i change the offer to the 2028 spurs pick (or Boston swap)

05 Jun 2024 02:01:52
Cleveland gets: Deni Avdija, Bilal Coulibaly, Johnny Davis and the 2nd pick
Washington gets: Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen

Cleveland gets better fitting pieces.
Washington bolsters their roster with two all-star caliber players.

05 Jun 2024 22:12:45
Not sure I could hate this more for Washington. What’s the point of adding those two without a superstar to play with them?

05 Jun 2024 23:50:18
Don't see Washington doing that.

02 Jun 2024 13:38:12

OKC get Kyle Kuzma, pick 26
- Kuzma is a good fit with this young Thunder team. He adds size and rebounding which they lack

Pg Shai
Sg Dort
Sf Williams
Pf Kuzma
Ce Chet

WAS get Josh Giddey, Kenrich Williams, Ousmane Dieng & pick 12
- Washington could be a good destination for Giddey. They move up also in the draft

Pg Giddey
Sg Poole
Sf Avdija
Pf Williams
Ce Pick

05 Jun 2024 00:04:27
Deing and 12 pick is major over pay for Kuzma.

02 Jun 2024 09:01:37
LAL need to win now. Kyrie is better as Donovan Mitchell.

Think when DAL gets the ring, Kyrie could stay but I think he would also love to finally join Lakers for a last run. DAL may be THE team of the next years. But Lakers are the Lakers.

For LA and DAL and Kyrie it could be a win-win-win.

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL 1st, Russell, Hachimura, Reaves, Vanderbilt

DAL build a core to compete the next five years with great defense and Luca : )

ATL Reaves, Green, 1st LAL
DAL Murray

WIZ Russell, 1st DAL
DAL Avdija
NET Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Bridges
NOL Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Ingram

DAL signs Melton MLE

Lively, Gafford
Washington, Hahimura
Avdija, Jones
Doncic, Hary
Murray, Melton

02 Jun 2024 10:17:32
Lakers say hell yes.

03 Jun 2024 17:55:24
Reaves won't get you Murray. We already have Bogdanavic why add Reaves? They are both over paid bench players.

01 Jun 2024 18:34:32
Wolves: Kuzma+ 2#+1rnd pick Was 26 (or swap phoenix)


01 Jun 2024 23:20:15
Personally I wouldn't want KAT on my team at all with the money he's owed, much less having to give up assets for him. Washington is the kind of organization that I could see doing it though.

02 Jun 2024 01:34:07
I'd rather this be a 3 team trade with the #2 pick going elsewhere and the Wolves getting players and future draft picks (to offset the ones from the Gobert trade) coming back.

30 May 2024 08:35:54
An opportunistic Mavs GM could Kyrie send to Lakers in the summer - since he may have the higher value. You could ask the desperated Lakers for a lot. : ) I like that idea. ; )

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Murray, Hunter, Russell, Hachimura
ATL Reaves, Hood-Schifino, Green, Propser, Vanderbit, 1st LAL

Mavs win 2024 and 2025 again : )

Lively - Gafford
Washington, Hachimura
Hunter, Jones
Luca, Hardy
Murray, Russell

30 May 2024 17:47:03
The value is bad for Atlanta. That said, I wouldn't trade Kyrie if I'm the Mavs. He's way too important for them.

31 May 2024 11:55:19
I agree terrible for Atlanta.

31 May 2024 12:27:00
So after Kyrie helped Luka to be with his first finals appearance, you will trade him. Lmao.

31 Mar 2024 23:48:22

Celtics trade: Payton Pritchard, Jordan Walsh, #30, #48

Celtics receive: Alex Caruso, Ty Jerome (TPE)

Cavaliers trade: Georges Niang, Ty Jerome, Craig Porter Jr., #25, 2025 2nd, MIL 2025 2nd, DEN 2027 2nd

Cavaliers receive: Mo Wagner, Shake Milton, Ben Sheppard, #42, MIL 2027 2nd

Bucks trade: Pat Connaughton, MarJon Beauchamp, Chris Livingston, #26, #35

Bucks receive: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Knicks trade: Mitchell Robinson, #42, MIL 2025 1st, BKN 2025 2nd

Knicks receive: Dorian Finney-Smith, Jarace Walker (TPE), Dru Smith

76ers trade: Paul Reed, #15, MIL 2027 2nd

76ers receive: Payton Pritchard (TPE), Pat Connaughton, #48

Heat trade: Dru Smith, Orlando Robinson, LAL 2026 2nd

Heat receive: Paul Reed, Seth Curry

Pacers trade: Jarace Walker, Ben Sheppard, 2025 2nd, UTA 2027 2nd

Pacers receive: Chris Boucher, Orlando Robinson, Jordan Walsh, #26, ORL 2025 2nd

Magic trade: Mo Wagner, Joe Ingles, Jett Howard, Caleb Houstan, #21, #45, DEN 2025 1st, 2025 2nd

Magic receive: Mitchell Robinson, Georges Niang, Craig Porter Jr., #30, BKN 2025 2nd

Bulls trade: Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso

Bulls receive: Ben Sheppard, Jalen McDaniels, MIL 2025 1st

Hawks trade: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Hawks receive: Lonzo Ball (TPE), Jett Howard, #21, IND 2025 2nd

Nets trade: Dorian Finney-Smith

Nets receive: Joe Ingles, #15, DEN 2027 2nd, UTA 2027 2nd

Raptors trade: Chris Boucher, Jalen McDaniels

Raptors receive: Caleb Houstan, MarJon Beauchamp, #25, CLE 2025 2nd

Hornets trade: Cody Martin, Seth Curry

Hornets receive: Landry Shamet, #26

Wizards trade: Landry Shamet

Wizards receive: Cody Martin, #45, LAL 2026 2nd

Pistons trade: Shake Milton

Pistons receive: Jalen McDaniels, Chris Livingston #35, MIL 2025 2nd

Thoughts? Who says no?

01 Apr 2024 13:22:04
Why would the pacers do this?

09 Apr 2024 03:00:39
to be honest, they don't have a good reason to. But for 1 team out of 15, it'd be pretty easy to transfer another first to them or something.

17 Apr 2024 22:41:18
Hell no as a Magic fan.

16 Mar 2024 16:27:16
Spurs - Mavs

Spurs get Kyrie Irving


Mavs get 7th pick in 2024, Devontae Graham & Keldon Johnson


09 Mar 2024 09:25:40
Dal:M Bridges+ Reaves+Vincent

Lakers:K Irving+Hardaway

Nets:Russell+ 1rnd pick LA 29-31+1rnd pick Dal 31+swap option 25 Dal



Aiming for the 2025 free agency and keep stashing draft picks

09 Mar 2024 23:57:17
Dallas getting too much. Lakers must aim Bridges on that deal.

08 Feb 2024 17:37:29
Respect to Nico Harrison!

DAL Gafford > Holmes, 2x2nd

DAL P.J.Washington > Williams, 1st

Looks like they got the max. out of their assets.

08 Feb 2024 18:58:48
And still not close to being a title contender.

Just curious what is Dallas defensive ranking?

10 Feb 2024 04:08:53
They did not get the max from their assets, they've been awful managing them.

10 Feb 2024 21:34:35
what do you talking about? ; )

10 Feb 2024 22:35:19
Dallas only has one real asset, Luka. They should trade him for everything they can get and reset. One superstar isn't worth having if you can't build around him.

11 Feb 2024 09:44:12

Washington and Gaffort trades are - bulls eye - see

11 Feb 2024 16:02:20
Let`s me sind my crying and whining preview!

12 Feb 2024 00:01:03
What I'm talking about is that very valuable pick swap they gave up for Grant Williams only to ship him out plus others assets for a comparable player. Also the handling of Brunson and Porzingis was terrible. Dallas is better now, but their asset management has been awful.

14 Feb 2024 09:52:43
However "the internet" knows about the very valuable picks is the first question. How you want to improve without investing picks ins trades is the second.
However Doncic will decide in 2028 to stay or leave will be the only question to answer finallly the value of future picks. I see them winning and looking for another big trade, iinvesting everything in a all star wing to finally have a strong team. Look and whine. ;)

14 Feb 2024 12:46:43
What are you talking about? The value of the picks later is irrelevant, it's their value now that matters.

07 Feb 2024 03:18:56

Sacramento receives: Shamet, Wright, Grimes

New York receives: Huerter, Mitchell

Washington receives: Fournier, Flynn, 2 future 2nds from New York

07 Feb 2024 08:54:59
Why would sacramento do this?

07 Feb 2024 15:42:50
More guards is the last thing the Kings need.

07 Feb 2024 19:06:34
Wright and Shamet are essentially expiring unless the Kings want to keep their bird rights. For this season they would just need to produce more than Davion Mitchell, which is not difficult. Grimes would be a more defensive minded replacement for Huerter. Without Huerter's contract on the books for next season, they may have a better chance of re-signing Monk in the offseason.

08 Feb 2024 19:01:16
The issue with resigning Monk is nothing to do with cap space. It has to do with Bird Rights on a two-year deal which Capps the Kings offer at around $17 mil per year.

05 Feb 2024 07:46:35
Orlando - Washington

Orlando get Tyus Jones & Daniel Gafford

Washington get Markelle Fultz, Wendell Carter & 2 2nd round picks

29 Jan 2024 15:24:27

CHA get Zach Lavine
- adds a star via trade when no one is signing via Fa

Pg Ball
Sg Lavine
Sf Miller
Pf Washington
Ce Williams

CHI get Dejounte Murray & Kyle Lowry
- adds a floor general who adds defense and a vet presence reuniting with Demar

Pg Murray
Sg White
Sf Derozan
Pf Williams
Ce Vucevic

ATL get Miles Bridges, Jevon Carter, 1st round pick MIA via CHA & 2nd round pick from CHI

Pg Young
Sg Bogdanovic
Sf Bey
Pf Bridges/Johnson
Ce Capela

29 Jan 2024 14:12:26

DAL get Bridges & Martin

Pg Irving/Exum
Sg Doncic/Hardaway/Hardy
Sf Jones/Martin
Pf Bridges/Williams
Ce Lively/Powell/Kleber

CHA get Holmes, Green & 1st round pick & 2 2nd round picks

Pg Ball/Smith/Lowry
Sg Miller/Bouknight
Sf Hayward/Green
Pf Washington/Thor
Ce Williams/Richards/Holmes

28 Jan 2024 08:56:13
Magic/Wizards/Spurs Trade Deadline Moves

Magic receive Tyus Jones & Corey Kispert & Doug McDermott

Wizards receive Markelle Fultz 2025 1st (Nuggets) Top 5 Protected

Spurs receive Gary Harris 2024 2nd (Magic) 30-42 Protected

Second Trade

Grizzlies receive Chuma Okeke (TPE)

Magic receive 2026 2nd (Clippers) & Cash Considerations

29 Jan 2024 03:06:32
Orlando says hell no to both these ideas.

24 Jan 2024 15:28:32

DAL get Miles Bridges, Gordon Hayward & Malachi Flynn + 2nd from NYK

Pg Irving/Exum/Flynn
Sg Doncic/Hardy
Sf Hayward/Jones Jr
Pf Bridges/Powell
Ce Lively/Kleber

CHA get Richaun Holmes, Grant Williams, Evan Fournier & 1st round pick NYK & DAL

Pg Ball/Lowry
Sg Miller/Bouknight
Sf Williams/Fournier
Pf Washington/Martin
Ce Williams/Richards/Holmes

NYK get Tim Hardaway Jr & Josh Green

Pg Brunson/Grimes
Sg Hardaway/Hart/Green
Sf Anunoby/Divincenzo
Pf Randle/Achiuwa
Ce Robinson/Hartenstein

15 Jan 2024 10:10:57

CHA get Zach Lavine

Pg Ball/Rozier
Sg Lavine/Bouknight
Sf Miller/Martin
Pf Washington/Thor
Ce Williams/Richards

CHI get Gordon Hayward (exp) & Miles Bridges & 2 2nd round picks

Pg White/Dosunmu/Carter
Sg Derozan/Caruso
Sf Hayward/Williams/Terry
Pf Bridges/Craig
Ce Vucevic/Drummond

If it's true that others view Zach's contract is bad that Chicago needs to stick a first with it, a trade with a team that has no star signing could work. Bulls add 2 good rotational pieces that could fit better

12 Jan 2024 19:18:10
Warriors - gafford & kuzma

Wizards - wiggins, kuminga & 1st

12 Jan 2024 15:01:52
Spurs - Hornets - 76ers

Spurs get Terry Rozier, Marcus Morris (buyout), KJ Martin, 1st round pick Sixers

Rozier - Jones
Vassell - Champagnie
Sochan - Branham
Collins - Martin
Wembanyama - Birch

Hornets get Keldon Johnson, Devonte Graham, Doug McDermott & Danuel House

Ball - Graham - Smith
Miller - Bouknight - House
Johnson - McDermott - Martin
Bridges - Washington
Williams - Richards - Thor

76ers get Gordon Hayward & 2nd round pick from Spurs

Maxey - Beverley
Melton - Oubre - Springer
Batum - Hayward
Harris - Covington
Embiid - Reed - Bamba

10 Jan 2024 14:05:12

CLE: Keldon Johnson + Tyus Jones + 2 1st round picks from SAS

Jones - Levert - Porter Jr
Mitchell - Strus -
Johnson - Okoro
Mobley - Niang
Allen - Wade - Thompson

SAS: Darius Garland + 2nd round pick WAS

Garland - Tre Jones
Vassell - Champagnie
Sochan - McDermott
Collins - Branham
Wembanyama - Birch

WAS: Devonte Graham + 1st round pick SAS

Poole - Graham - Wright
Davis - Kispert - Shamet
Avdija - Coulibaly
Kuzma - Gallinari
Gafford - Muscala

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