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03 May 2018 08:16:37
If Leonard say he will only play with the Lakers so no other will trade for him. Deng ball and Ingram plus 2 first for Leonard.

Lakers will have about 73 MIL in cap. Sign James and George 30 each. Then rest for Bradley. Use 3 Mil of mle on Noel the other 5 something back up pg Evans will be awesome.


1.) 03 May 2018 08:53:53
I think that's his normal value, he can go cheaper to LA, if he demands a trade to them.



01 May 2018 00:14:26
Lakers Trade Deng and 1st for Melo


1.) 01 May 2018 01:58:36
I could actually see this happening if Melo only stayed for a year to help develop Brandon Ingram and mentor him.

2.) 01 May 2018 03:13:17
Add Kyle Singler.

3.) 01 May 2018 04:06:33
I don't think the Lakers want Melo mentoring Ingram. Deng is much better suited for that.

4.) 01 May 2018 10:12:00
There taking melo 28 mill for one year and getting rid of Deng 2 years 36 MIL. So thunder will save Ten MIL this year and get cavs pick. But will have to pay Deng 18 MIL the next but he might fit better then Melo.



18 Apr 2018 06:18:05
If pelicans well do a cousins sign and trade for Hayward would be killer


1.) 18 Apr 2018 07:51:46
Irving, Brown, Tatum, Horford, Cousins in the East would be unstoppable.

But I don't think either the Pelicans or Boston would agree to this (Boogie's reputation as a chemistry distraction and Hayward is a big contract coming off a gruesome injury)

2.) 18 Apr 2018 14:12:57
I think they may for the reasons you just gave.

Personally, I think that DMC gets a bit of a bad wrap. Yes, he has done some dumb things, but he has looked like a much better version of himself in NO. People grow up, and maybe he's turn the corner. It's also not necessarily fair to kick his butt too hard during his time in Sacramento, that circus organization is a joke.

Yes, Hayward is coming off a major injury, but he is a much more needed fit for the Pels, who already have a dominant big man.

3.) 18 Apr 2018 15:02:47
This would be a great trade for both teams.
I would love to see boogie in Green. He's not a bad guy, he only has a bad reputaton.

4.) 18 Apr 2018 15:17:26
Both players would be great fits for the new teams, but Hayward isn't going anywhere. I think the Pelicans would be smart to do a sign and trade for Cousins, as they've shown they are probably better put together without him. He's still a star, and could be used for a guy or two who would better fit their squad. It could set up a very solid/ rare win-win trade.

5.) 18 Apr 2018 16:37:20
If I’m Boston I wouldn’t do it for two reasons:

The lineup of Irving, brown, Tatum, Hayward, and Horford has a chance to be the best lineup in the nba if brown and Tatum keep improving.

I’d take Hayward’s injury and possible recovery over Cousins. Achilles is the most serious injury in basketball.

(And third, I just wouldn’t want Cousins personality on my team. I think he’s a poor teammate on the court. Neither Sacramento or NO was better with him than without. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot that disagree, but he’s the center version of Melo to me. )

6.) 18 Apr 2018 19:45:31
Hayward is staying in Boston.

with Rozier, Smart, Morris, Theis off the bench is a championship lineup.

7.) 19 Apr 2018 19:59:23
Boogie has been awesome so far here in NOLA. I don't think this deal helps either team.



17 Apr 2018 01:18:21
So Miami can save money trade whiteside for Deng, Lakers 2020 and cavs pick.

Lakers sign James and George.
Plus have kuzma fry Hart to lead the bench


1.) 17 Apr 2018 10:50:53
I like this for Miami, but i can't see Riley trading for picks.

2.) 17 Apr 2018 12:19:06
I assume that's tongue in cheek Gasupo.



09 Apr 2018 05:09:03
Covington Lakers pick own pick saric and fultz for Leonard.

Philly then signs James. Then instead of surrounding James with shooters you surround Simmons with post players and a few shooters. Let LeBron be a post player and defender instead of power point. He have way more points and rebounds with a few less assist. With more rings. They can 4 peat.


1.) 09 Apr 2018 05:23:33
The trade offering is adequate, I still think K. Leonard is in control because of where he will sign his extension with. I think it's L. A. If he goes anywhere.

2.) 09 Apr 2018 08:32:52
James embiid Simmons and Leonard is no fair plus with decent role players.

3.) 09 Apr 2018 12:41:15
Jorga, I don't see the Lakers being willing to trad their young talent for Leonard. They're much better off hoping they can pull atleast George in free agency this year and then Kawhi next year while keeping their young guys. It's the only way they can compete with the Warriors.

4.) 09 Apr 2018 12:52:06
Also, to comment on the trade above. If I'm Philly, I'm not giving up more than FultZ or Covington, Saric plus the Lakers pick and maybe their own pick or some 2nds while adding Bayless. The thought the would be that they could get Lebron as well and some pieces for the bench. If they could have a line up of Simmons, Lebron, Covington, Leonard and Embiid, the Warriors are in trouble. That group can shoot pretty well, destroy you inside, and would be one of the best defensive units ever put together.

5.) 09 Apr 2018 13:17:02
Rkenne_16, I think your answering your own question. That's twice now that you have illuminated the Lakers desire to keep their young players, in your opinion. I typed L. A. So, I guess it means if Kawhi wants to play in L. A. He'll have to wait, so its unlikely he'll be traded. Unless, Spurs really want to get rid of him. Not because other teams have more to offer. Leonard is not going to the east coast. I would almost guarantee it. No one is going to pay his value, for one season only.

6.) 09 Apr 2018 13:43:21
Have you seen media speculation about that? Other than he's from the West Coast? The only thing I've seen is that he wants a bigger shoe deal. I feel like, Boston, Philly, New York, Or even playing with Lebron could up media presence and get him a bigger shoe deal just as much as LA could. Hell even just an being with an organization that let's its players talk to the media would help.

7.) 09 Apr 2018 13:48:56
The same thing was said about Paul George. Teams still lined up to trade for him. After this season, I could see SA going the vindictive route and trading him to anywhere but his preferred destination.

8.) 09 Apr 2018 13:51:08
The issue with the Sixers getting Leonard is it throws yet another major injury risk into the equation. Leonard and Embiid are all but guaranteed to miss 25% or more of the season. Just too unreliable health wise to be involved with heath concerns already on the team. At least my thoughts.

9.) 09 Apr 2018 15:40:56
I know if I wanted a bigger shoe deal, I was injured, and was going to miss the playoffs, a good little rumor would keep my name relevant, and in the media cycle. Couldn't hurt anyway. 1 year rental V. S. Rest of his career is a huge difference in the value Spurs would receieve. Even if the re-sign teams are poorer than those of the rental class. Maybe the Spurs are the most genius media team, and your buying the media hype saying they blackball the media? This thread and many other media sources have been dedicated to this for over a month. Pretty clever I'd say.

10.) 09 Apr 2018 20:56:20
I just don't see this as media coverage that's helping his value. He went from being a quiet guy to a malcontent player that might be soft and still hasn't really show any personality. I'm sure this season is tanking his jersey sales, which probably is a number brought up during negotiations of shoe deals since it gives a monetary expression of popularity.

Being in a system that doesn't come off as inherently boring and robotic and being with a team that gives you more freedom to express yourself could do wonders for viability when in comes to endorsements. Think of how much is profile would be raised if he could bring a title to LA or Boston or winning a title next to Lebron against the Warriors basketball death machine (what they won and he outplayed Lebron and got the Finals MVP) .

The Spurs even with Leonard aren't winning a title soon without a huge move or a ton of luck. Plus, the team has basically been calling him soft. I don't see how you fix it at this point and with the return that the aspire would get for him, it might be best for both parties if they parted ways.

The Spurs could do a minirebuild and revamp for Pop's swansong instead of marching mediocre young players and over the hill veterans to being just good enough to get out of the 1st round or during certain years the 2nd round.

The Spurs could do a lot with an infusion of young talent plus cap space and if they could get Pop to develop that young talent it could give them success even after he retires.

11.) 09 Apr 2018 22:05:44
I think there's more to this story than that, we don't know what it is exactly, and all that has been disseminated is largely conjecture, and circumstantial. Which is usually dead wrong. Or he's simply injured and being careful. I don't see BOS giving up the pieces required to land him, due to their future potential and friendly salaries. Heyward is a better 3 point shooter anyway. BOS can use that right now.

12.) 09 Apr 2018 23:54:44
Jorga, agree that there is a lot of conjecture, but I think Parker's statement passive aggressively calling out Kawhi and Pop saying he's not coming back this year even though it seems like the possibility was/ is still there for him to play is the telling part. Plus the fact that Kawhi is working with his own medical guys in New York despite the Spurs having one of the best medical staffs in the league is the most telling part of where this thing is at. It just seems to be getting worse and both sides seem to be pushing away. I think he's gone. I agree that Boston probably wouldn't go particularly hard after him. Their focus is a dominant big.

13.) 10 Apr 2018 00:08:52
Him not playing is decreasing his value.

14.) 10 Apr 2018 03:40:32
Not playing is not helping, I whole heartedly agree, which is why I believe he is injured, or he believes he's injured. Or was injured, and re-injured, and doesn't want that to happen again. Which could have, and would have made Parker's statement, just a statement of having a similar injury. Which Parker lost his starting job, and is not looking so hot this year from last. Could be getting old, it hits PG's faster than big guys. Getting old that is. Even adding up the months, and not including the re-injury Kawhi had, the time isn't far off of Parker's. Which I think Parker is still recovering. 15 minutes a game says a lot about his recovery from his tendon injury last post season. Based on Parkers sudden decline I might get a second opinion as well. A lot we don't know about is my thought.




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26 Apr 2018 03:57:24
Insert James and George with the Lakers who beating them plus can resign randle or another player




22 Apr 2018 16:18:36
Highly unbelievable but what if George pulled a Durant. Can't beat them join them and signs with the jazz.


1.) 22 Apr 2018 21:47:58
The Jazz would have to clear a ton of cap to make it happen and it will be really expensive to do it last minute.

2.) 23 Apr 2018 01:32:51
Jazz will be terrifying if that happens. George game would fit in perfectly with Rubio, Mitchell and Gobert.

3.) 23 Apr 2018 10:12:21
Joe Ingles is underrated high basketball IQ.



02 Apr 2018 00:23:17
If Lakers land leonard in a trade on draft night, will George and James join


1.) 02 Apr 2018 15:47:29
What would they have to give up to get the Spurs to take Deng in the deal? It feels like they need to give up Ingram, Kuzma, Deng and a future 1st at the minimum.

2.) 02 Apr 2018 20:14:13
If Lakers stretch deng, and announce all free agents they have about 72 MIL to spend. They can give up ball and Ingram have the cap to eat up the rest and still sign both James and George.

3.) 02 Apr 2018 21:03:16
Be great to give up Deng, ball, and Ingram for Leonard some way then have cap to sign George James and Bradley. plus mle for Noel. I'm just not feeling ball. Nothing to do with his dad either. james and George 30 each. Leonard 20 plus like 6 to 8 for the rookie contracts. so 15 to 13 for Bradley still have Kuzma and Hart and Z and Bryant. More like 12 for Bradley.

4.) 03 Apr 2018 07:54:57
James, Leonard, George seems kind of stocked up at one position. Who's playing point? Chalmers?

5.) 03 Apr 2018 18:22:35
Jorga with Lebron, why would you need a traditional pg? He can run the offense and Leonard and George are more than good enough creators to take care of secondary ball handling responsibilities. Has a Lebron team in the past 14 years not basically had him playing point on offense? They all can basically 1 through 4 so on defense it wouldn't be a problem. In fact that kind of length on defense would be a huge advantage against teams like Houston and GS. I don't think it would be a bad idea for them to start those 3 and another 3 and d wing.

6.) 03 Apr 2018 20:02:32
I wasn't forgetting about Lebron, but to say Irving's ball handling, and creativity is not sorely missed in CLE is not being truthful. CP3 has worked out in HOU I'd say, and Harden is no slouch. George, and Leonard have nowhere near those type of creative ball handling skills. Irving is a better ball Handler than Lebron as well. Need some kind of a solid PG who can make a shot when left wide open too. PG, and C are the Holes I see. Could make a case for PF, and C, if LeBron is the point guard, but he really isn't a magnificent 3 point shooter in the PG role off of screens, and picks. Spent 20 mil on Hill. Obviously thought something was needed in CLE. Defensively, sure. Who's the PF, and C?

7.) 04 Apr 2018 01:32:31
Jorga if it happens, in my opinion, you put Lebron at the on defense, but have him play the point on offense. Then you put a 3 and d wing at the point. If the guy has some skills to beat guys off the dribble that would be nice, but it isn't necessary. Center is a harder fix, but you just need a big that can rebound and guard other bigs. Maybe use some of there MLE to get Dwayne Dedmond. We'd have to assume, they would still have one of Ball or Kuzma though. So they could fill the pf or pg spot unless they use them to go out and get a player that might fit more.

As for the Cavs, the offense has been really good since the trade and the pgs playing next to Lebron have been closer to shooting guards than true pgs. Are you telling me George and Kawhi can't create as much as Hill, Calderon and Clarkson? The Cavs have missed that 2nd option when Love has been out, but when Love has been heathy (and IT isn't destroying the team) the Cavs have been putting up huge numbers on offense.

8.) 04 Apr 2018 04:31:47
Leonard can guard any pg in the league.

9.) 04 Apr 2018 06:27:58
Defense, sure. Means I have nothing to say about defense. Big, and athletic. Sounds fine. I'm not an idiot. I do question playmaking, running the point every possession abilities, while keeping turnovers down of those 3 against superior ball handling teams like GS, HOU, TOR, BOS. It's not like I'm saying these guys can't create their own shot, or won't score. If I don't type it in the post I guess it means I'm a moron. Good grief.



29 Mar 2018 22:53:38
Spurs get cavs pick, sun's 2019 top 3 protected, Ingram and Chandler

Suns get Deng and ball

Lakers get Leonard

Lakers sign George, James, Bradley and Noel.kuzma 6th man and can eventually start when James retires.


1.) 31 Mar 2018 14:29:59
spurs would take the nets picks insted of suns 2019 pick if zion williamson is one of top 3 players in 2019 suns 2019 pick is acceptable.

2.) 31 Mar 2018 16:05:22
You realize that the Cavs aren't even involved in this to give up the Nets pick right? The Cavs pick is from the Lakers. So unless the Cavs are like hey how can we help Lebron? Maybe we should just give up the Nets pick without being involved! That doesn't work Mike.

3.) 03 Apr 2018 14:57:29
and maybe it doesn't work also for spurs and spurs would not take cavs pick ingram and chandler and suns pick only for kahwi who are nba champ nba finals mvp three times defensive all team two times all nba and two time dpoy.

4.) 03 Apr 2018 15:00:13
and ingram is not higly talented guy i rather put kyle kuzma to the trade proposal.



26 Mar 2018 08:04:14
Curry career done like Brandon roy lol


1.) 26 Mar 2018 16:09:02
I don't think it's to that leve yet and I don't think the knee injury is a big deal, but if his ankle injuries continue, it's there have to be some worries.

2.) 26 Mar 2018 17:57:03
I think he going to rush back and damage it more.

3.) 27 Mar 2018 13:20:01
Unless another major injury happens for the Warriors (it appears like everyone else will be back for the playoffs) or he is slow to recover and isn't most of the way back by the WCFs, I don't see them risking Curry long term. Plus Roy had some kind of Arthritis in his knees and that was what ended his career.

4.) 28 Mar 2018 14:42:20
B. Roy was a lack of knee cartilage. He had surgery on both knees several times. They were minor surgeries. He had bad knees. Played in pain. Curry it appears has bad ankles. If the ankle caused the knee strain, that would be a guess, but I guarantee GS is concerned, and B. Roy though everyone knew he had problems, after that final cartilage surgery, and not regaining his explosiveness seemed to come on all of the sudden. How much with Curry is public, and how much is not reported is a good question.

5.) 30 Mar 2018 19:36:32
Roy retired cause his leg. So if curry comes back and gets hurt again he will eventually retire because his leg.

6.) 30 Mar 2018 20:24:15
Leg? I don't get it.

7.) 31 Mar 2018 00:03:56
Check this link out about B. Roys rehab specialist probably ruined his career. This has to have been a lawsuit.

B. Roys rehab




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01 May 2018 22:43:33
Love instead of Thompson.




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01 May 2018 10:12:00
There taking melo 28 mill for one year and getting rid of Deng 2 years 36 MIL. So thunder will save Ten MIL this year and get cavs pick. But will have to pay Deng 18 MIL the next but he might fit better then Melo.




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25 Apr 2018 01:28:00
With Ingram Lillard and pg plus more cap Lbj is joining Lakers unless cavs somehow get Leonard. just better opportunity to win for james. So randle got to go or take mle.




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24 Apr 2018 09:45:23
They will have to dump hill and smith. If buy out it still count against cap.




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22 Apr 2018 16:34:13
didn't durant take 26 instead of 36. So cousins George and James can do the same just 25 each. But for this to work Lakers would have to include Ingram to cavs.
Most the contending teams pf are no threat on offense so Melo should be safe. Like raptors Boston Philly golden state and Houston. Just would have trouble guarding Davis so Melo and James can switch positions where James guards him.





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